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Player: @Rainwhisker
“Be on your guard. Something is out to get you, and if it gets you by’ll hurt.”
Character Build
Class Focus: DPS/Support
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science, Inventions
Biographical Data
Real Name: Aldenard
Known Aliases: BT-166 Frostclaw
Gender: Male
Species: Manimal
Ethnicity: Feline
Place of Birth: Canada
Base of Operations: Westside
Relatives: Adelle (Twin Sister - Missing)
Age: 28
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 133 lbs
Eyes: brown
Hair: blue & white fur
Complexion: blue-to-white hues
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: Earring inscribed with BT-166 on left ear
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 0
Citizenship: United Kingdom
Occupation: Mercenary, Freelance Computer Technician
Education: Bachelor of Information Technology
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
High dexterity, agility and reflexes, talent for utilizing machinery and computers
Equipment and Paraphernalia
High-tech firearms, infiltration tools, utilities and explosives
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PRIMUS Biography Summary of Aldenard, BT-166 'Frostclaw': Discovered in defunct unauthorized lab in Canada 1986 with twin Adelle (now missing). Possesses great dexterity and agility as well as logic and talent with machinery. Has heightened senses of smell and hearing, exceptional vision. Completed education, and trained with firearms and computers. Left the care of Cambridge Biotechnologies in 2003. Jailed convicted of murder in 2008 for 2 years before bailed out by Cambridge Biotechnologies. Currently affiliated with the Prometheus Union.

Character Profile

General Appearance

Ignoring the stereotypes of what comes with gun-toting gadgeteering manimals with an agenda, Aldenard keeps his deep blue and snow-white fur well groomed and short, often making a huge fuss of his appearance. He keeps his looks moderately high on the priority list, often feeling very uncomfortable when he gets dirty for any reason outside when the situation calls for it. His teeth - mainly a mix of canines and carnissals with the front pair of upper canines jutting out and down to just above his chin - are very well kept and clean; evidence of this lies in the large amount of toothpaste and dental grooming tools that end up in the bin every month. His cat-like ears crown his head, frequently rotating themselves as he listens to the world around him or flicking as a form of body language.

Like most felines, he also has a tail that acts as a major communication tool, passing instinctive gestures reminiscent of most cats to convey messages. The tail also assists in his balance - only applying this feature when Aldenard is actively running or jumping in a hunched motion - to run in the normal human way of running would mean his tail is effectively dead weight.

He bears a pair of chestnut brown eyes, with external features that suggest a few sleepless nights and more deeper features that imply that he has went through a great deal of loss and conflict - and even beneath that one may even see a very well concealed suspicion of everything - fear.

Body Structure

The skeletal for the manimal clearly defines a 'near-perfect' anthropomorphic feline - a bipedal humanoid body form in almost every possible way with altered limbs and a feline skull. The arms are adapted for the homonid evolution of grasping, and the legs for running and saltorial motions on two feet - all ending with cat-like paws, slightly modified for their respective limbs' purpose. The skull is about the average size of a human head, if not larger to make room for the larger jaws and dentition.

The muscles appear lean and well developed - giving a lithe body form that suggests agile, fluid motion and drawing strength from a more speedy springlike action not unlike an olympic runner and jumper.


To Aldenard, body language means a lot. The manimal has long since adapted to the human way of verbal and body language, finding a subtle balance between his instinctive behaviour and the human behaviour he was exposed and raised with. He often appears casual, independent and very sure of himself.

Against most things, he relies on his tail and ear to communicate things subtly, until he he has a need to speak. The need to speak usually arises when he himself needs to initiate a continuous action with another person, such as asking a question, making a statement or starting a conversation - but without it, he relies on a flick of an ear, for example, to acknowledge if not a nod, and a casual flick of the tail to gesture in greeting if not a simple hand motion.

Despite what seems to be a laid-back accept-all appearance, Aldenard does have his preferences and his stances. If he disagrees with something, however, unless it directly troubles him he will rarely speak against it, instead relying on sharper gestures to denote disdain. He will, however, let a friend know if he/she has done something to bother him.

When it comes to business - especially in line of when his combat or utility talents are required, the feline is another person entirely. Very dedicated, very precise - and absolutely wants as much perfection as possible, expecting the same from his team mates. While this mentality has made him much more comfortable to work alone, he has adapted that not every team mate will be what he wants, and allows for errors on their part - but he does not like it at all, especially if it results in failure in any sort. All this is tripled when a mission requires stealth - Aldenard is neat in keeping himself clean, but he goes to incredible lengths to make his presence unknown; before, during or after he has been there. This precision and diligence has been something that has often resulted in him receiving many requests from high ranking individuals, and a very demanded person in the mercenary business, if not from the most secretive of customers that require a diligent worker that need a computer network fixed or set up.

He hates the idea of being 'categorized' - something that stems from his teenage years in Cambridge Biotechnologies - and is a promoter of individualism. When confronted with a question of what he is, he often answers with 'I am what I am.'. He knows that no two people are the same, and that completely destroys the purpose of categorizing to a fine point. In addition, he finds the idea of a 'secret identity' for most super heroes rather pointless - he understands the reason behind it, but cannot help but feel that at the end of the day, that person's actions make up the person - what people will make of a person for knowing their true identity will be entirely in the hands of the people, and not the person's business.

Despite often preferring to work alone, Aldenard isn't entirely a lone wolf. A need to belong exists in him, and it has been nurtured since his youth. Although recent events have made him push away from people, he relies on a decent company of people that makes him feel like he belongs. He is not the most social of butterflies, and he takes time to accept others beyond acquaintances, if only for the sole reason that if he feels that has someone he knows he is willing to help, he knows that the other person will, too, when he needs it.

However, despite that, the feline does have his own wants and goals. He knows what he wants, and he knows how to get it, and in the case of those that require it, he employs very subtle yet strong tactics to attain what he wants. Pairing this with his cunning, diligent mentality creates a cold, calculative creature that will carefully stalk, pounce, subdue and reap benefits - often frightening those who know of this fact - which are very few, save for what were previous victims. Thankfully, he has had very few, very elusive goals that required him to reach this level of cold-heartedness.

His current, real standing goal is simply to find a peaceful, uneventful life that would require him to use any of his talents. Yet, Aldenard's history has not proven to him that this was remotely possible, and thus his mind has created a paranoid cycle - often being suspicious of everything and anything - even keeping his eyes drawn on his allies, for he feels that if he ever lets his guard down, it will bite him - and it will hurt severely - a lesson that has been impounded into his memory more than once. Ironically, this has lead to him feeling more comfortable at times when danger is apparent than when it seems to be peaceful - finding much more pleasure when he has his gun aimed at something in contrast to when he lies in wait for news. This behaviour has cost him more than a fair share of sleep and comfort, but his mind occasionally manages to find peace, though it is rare, and he makes the most of such time.

Aldenard's Past

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Discovery at the Defunct Lab

In October 1985, a research group from Cambridge Biotechnologies happen to come across a well hidden, kept out of place lab amidst the mountains in the Canadian Wilderness. Investigation with authorities later revealed the lab to be an unauthorized research center, which lay in ruins after an apparent emergency of sorts had occurred, and much of the machinery was damaged. The rather large lab was absence of any human life aside from several found dead, along with the experiments - some of which were hostile. The laboratory seemed to be home to experiments involving splicing human and animal DNA, not unlike those by Dr. Phillipe Moreau.

Experiment specimens were kept in cages, all labelled with an ID. Amongst those were a pair of feline-like cubs, barely the size of a human baby by the side of a dead manimal - which was later assumed to be their mother. Cambridge Biotechnologies placed what specimens were deemed safe - such as the two cubs - under care and research while authorities continued to investigate any leads to track who might have been conducting the experiments.

In the Care of Cambridge Biotech

For the greater part of the next decade, Cambridge Biotech took the discovered experiments to the UK's genetic mutations lab to gather and collect a profile of data from them. The pair of feline cubs, tagged with the ID BT-166 'Frostclaw' for the male twin and BR-133 'Croizier' for the female twin were placed under the care of Dr. Rosa Wright, along with several other animal-like anthropomorphs, later dubbed manimals.

The twins were exceptionally close to each other, like most twins and showed a great deal of dependency on each other. Dr. Wright would often arrange for them to be together with few rare cases of separating them. They grew about at the same speed as a normal human would, showing traits that resembled both human and feline. They were given the names Aldenard and Adelle.

After years of data and research, categorization began on the experiments for their unique traits. Some displayed strength, others affinities for magic. Aldenard didn't show any exemplary skills - until he was given darts for toys. The feline was able to land several bullseyes accurately in a row, from far away distances. As he grew, he showed signs of great reflexes and agility. Adelle, unsurprisingly, showed similar traits but had a unique affinity for magic.

Several circumstances within the company lead to Dr. Wright and members of her team and those under her care to be relocated to their headquarters in Detroit in 1992. As the plane that carried the group flew over Detroit and was approaching landing, however, a wing was struck by one of Dr. Destroyer's Destroids, right around the time when the battle had begun. Miraculously, the plane was still able to make an emergency landing, but portions of the plane were wrecked, injuring quite a few people aboard. The group was hurried away from the devastating war zone, only to be confronted by a Destroid by surprise as they were leaving the town. One of the trucks transporting them - the one Adelle and Aldenard rode - was shot by a blast, erupting into flames before crashing off the road. Most people on the truck died, and others gravely injured. Aldenard had, by instinct, leaped off the truck and tumbled onto the roadside before the shot connected and escaped unscathed. Adelle however, was nowhere to be seen. The Destroid was swiftly destroyed by a super-hero escorting them.

Amidst the crisis, it took awhile for a crew to arrive to put out the conflagration in the truck. Bodies were counted and those injured were rushed for medical attention immediately. However, several manimals were unaccounted for - no bodies, no traces whatsoever - and Adelle was amongst them. Still in the danger zone, Dr. Wright and her group were forced to quickly vacate the premises, against Aldenard's pleas to stay and look for Adelle.
"We'll find her," Rosa told the manimal.
As the crisis was averted, searches continued, but no one found the missing manimals. They had assumed the worst after several days of searching. Aldenard never felt more alone than he did now. He struggled at first, feeling a part of himself missing something, but he found small comfort under the wing of Dr. Wright.

Years pass, and the manimals with capable mental intellect were granted education on a curriculum fitting to their capabilities. In addition, the manimals were also trained and tested to use the powers their mutations had granted them - some with more obvious battle capabilities, such as Aldenard's feats of skill were trained by a joint program with UNTIL and Cambridge to join special, superhuman units for global defence. Aldenard's talent was instantly recognized; a great shot, a group player, a speedy runner and quick thinker all were qualities that UNTIL wanted in a superhuman. The feline wasn't too keen on it, however, and almost felt the program was forced on him, and so he declined.

Eventually, he was convinced by Rosa's daughter, Celine Wright - a young brilliant mind who inherited her mother's compassion and talent. Just a year younger than Aldenard at the age of 19 then, she occasionally helps the educational facilities part-time. She told the feline that his skill could prevent another Detroit from happening. Recalling the loss of his twin, Aldenard eventually agreed.

The Hired Gun

((Details coming soon! He loves shooting stuff! Well, not really but - ohgawd just read it! Ohwait.))


((Details coming soon! If I write this you'd know why he was jailed for 2 years!))

Bailed Out

((Details coming soon! I'm sure the poor titles intrigue you enough to feel suspenseful already, without the story!))

The Present

What Comes Next

Two years after being bailed out, Aldenard decided to head into a normal, quiet life. Using what funds he had been provided and earned during his training course and mercenary years, he bought his basement room in Westside and tried to do everything in his power to avoid drawing out his gun and living in recluse.

Not long at that point came the Qulaar invasion. Aldenard was quietly strolling downtown when the attack happened, and he came across Qulaar trying to fire at him. Naturally by instinct, he drew his gun and fired with honed precision. He ended up helping people where he could, feeling that this sort of work had been ingrained into his system that it was natural to him by that point. He did not play a major role in the entire invasion, just sticking to downtown and helping where he could until the mothership was shot and it crashed in front of his very eyes into the bay.

Abilities and Utilities

Skills and Powers

Unlike most superheroes,which the manimal does not consider himself to be, Aldenard bears very little in what comes to mind when one thinks of superheroes. With a frame and endurance that just exceeds a human athlete, the greatest strength that the manimal has lies in his agility and dexterity - which, while not on par with any superhero that bears an incredible degree of either, the additional talents of the feline anthropomorph speaks volumes of his capability to be able to be competitive with the ideal superhero.

His wit is one of his greatest assets to complement his reflex and knack for gadgetry and machinery. With an intuitive survival instinct, many things come natural to Aldenard, keeping himself calm, collected and logical during any form of stress. His preparedness with his tools and devices, his masterful aim and reaction guarantee his ability to maximise a well-lubricated action-reaction mentality.

  • Super Dexterity [IC/OOC]: Aldenard has the aim that surpasses the most well-trained of marksmen, as well as a sharp eye for weaknesses. Assisted by technology in addition to his natural talents, the manimal is capable of firing accurately on weaknesses at a maximum ranged distance depending on the current firing mode of his weapon of choice. Beyond that, his skill with carefully using his hands makes him a natural at using or creating small objects, with critical precision.
  • Super Intelligence [IC/OOC]: His wit and intellect go hand in hand in making him always calculative, careful yet logical. It pairs very well with his ability to detect weaknesses and dispatch opponents; being able to adapt is one of his specialities. Embedded in his mind is to always be prepared with the right tools at the right time, and a mentality to be efficient - all in order to survive and live another day. Coming up with ingenious ideas and inspirations also come relatively easy if it would improve upon a tried and tested, logical approach.
  • Acrobatics [Rank 3] [IC/OOC]: Aldenard's dexterity and intelligence is matched with superb speed and manoeuvrability. Keeping himself versatile and mobile is key to most of his strategies, and is something he does very well. Leaping from tree to roof, rolling to cover, being able to bend like an adept yoga practitioner, or simply just running fast - he's capable of doing it.
  • Evasive Maneuvers [Rank 3] [IC/OOC]: When danger looms near, Aldenard's catlike reflexes are hard to contest. He quickly dodges out of the way once he picks up imminent threats, and just as quickly brings himself to a ready combat state. He maintains his focus on evading what he can until he's prepared to make a full countereffort, which does not take long at all.
  • Roar (Howl) [Rank 1] [IC/OOC]: With primal fury that comes like instinct, Aldenard roars beyond what his cat-like appearance would suggest. It fills him and all who hear him into battle-readiness.
  • Holdout Shot [Rank 1 ADV] [IC/OOC]: When backed into a corner, the feline takes a rush of adrenalin and makes a quick, calculated shot at an enemy's vitals, buying him some time to inject a stim-pack to relieve him of injuries.
  • Lock n' Load [Rank 1] [IC/OOC]: With a full clip, Aldenard primes himself to go all out once he locates the weakspot that he'll unload as many well placed shots as his clip would let him.
  • Quarry [Rank 3] [IC/OOC]: Never letting his sights off his mark, the manimal homes in on his target, firing away, yet still keeping aware of dangers coming at him from any direction.
  • Killer Instinct [IC/OOC]: Every shot Aldenard makes that severely cripples his enemy makes the battle's end seem ever closer, driving him on to finish his job.
  • Lead Tempest [Rank 2 ADV] [IC/OOC]: Having honed his gunmanship further, Aldenard is capable of firing at his foes around him quickly like a blur.
  • Bullet Beatdown [Rank 2 ADV] [IC/OOC]: Aldenard knows quite a bit about close quarters combat, and can brutally beat down an opponent with kicks and well-placed shots.
  • Infiltration Hacking [IC]: Aldenard is a whiz at computer based locks and hacking through computers. Fair with conventional locks, but that's mainly because most locks in this day and age are electronic.


A fair share of Aldenard's time goes to calibrating and modifying his weapons; namely his trusted, always holstered handgun, or his assault rifle. He would not however be half as able as he is without all his gadgets and assorted utilities - also modified from their original form. He doesn't have the expertise to create great stuff from scratch at magnificent speeds - he knows how, but he's not very experienced to be able to do so. Which is why he's looking for people who do, so he can further his assorted arsenal.

  • DE-XIII 'Adelle' Desert Eagle (Steady Shot) [Rank 1] [IC/OOC]: A relatively old model of Desert Eagle which was actually Aldenard's weapon of choice during his training, modified to meet UNTIL's firearm standards when he first got it. Since his departure from Cambridge Biotechnologies it was subsequently modified and repainted. It was fixed to become more potent and fine-tuned to a point where it was competitive with recent models while still under UNTIL standard, and tuned to make it more distinct from similar commercial models, such as increased clip size, and lengthened barrel and was able to swap to alternate, manually loaded bullet types which were generally three tranquillizer darts or three toxic nanite laced rounds. It is also capable of using non-lethal bullets in addition to other types of magnum rounds.
  • DE-XXI Desert Eagle: After his joining of the Prometheus Union and a uniform was established, Aldenard decided he should get another handgun to compliment his first; and this one was bought and modded to be very similar to Adelle with the exception that it was painted in the colours of the Prometheus Union. Being a newer model however made it so much easier for Aldenard to tweak.
  • Modded JF Jeffie Blaster Carbine (Assault Rifle) [Rank 3] [IC/OOC]: A standard Jeffie carbine that's been modified to allow capability of using standard conventional ammunition by swapping barrels. In addition, it's been fitted with many of the similar attachments that Aldenard has added to his handgun to the extent that it's borderline illegal. Swappable firing modes, capability of using various cartridges and allows for manual loading of certain bullet types. It's also fitted with a targeting computer.
  • Targeting Computer [IC]: Fitted onto his carbine is a targeting assist tool, developed to pinpoint potential structural or physical weakness in a target having a very well-defined and categorized central processing unit which stores data of many different types of body forms and combinations of metals or body components. It also comes with an ammo display and a short-ranged radar.
  • Bionic Shielding [Rank 3] [IC/OOC]: This energy efficient gadget allows Aldenard to project a barrier which converts impact from an attack into energy, which then powers the shield to emit a healing field on the target.
  • Support Drones [Rank 3] [IC/OOC]: These pre-programmed drones are very standard models which Aldenard has recently bought and is trying to tinker with. So far they retain exactly similar functionality as the normal models, which convert to and from a healing beam emission mode to a particle beam firing mode according to what the manimal requires. Very simple - and very fragile, they are capable of flying, short-distance teleportation and responding to commands from a remote control strapped onto Aldenard's arm.
  • Force Shield [Rank 1 ADV] [IC/OOC]: Aldenard can use his wrist mounted device to project a sturdy energy shield which absorbs impact similar to his Bionic shield, but this time it converts the energy into applying an ionic field which refreshes the manimal's energy. The shield itself has been modified to remain briefly even after he has deactivated it.
  • Force Barrier (Nimbus of Force) [Device] [IC/OOC]: As an emergency, Aldenard can project the Force Shield into a pure, damage absorbing form over an area of effect, protecting him and all non-enemy designated living targets around him.
  • Major Power Homeostasis-Oxygenation-Timer Bots [Device] [IC/OOC]: Always having some on hand, these HOT Bots are used to mend injuries and recover the strength of those hurt in battle. At the very least, the aid is temporary but suffices for most, non-critical situations.
  • Stealth Jetpack [Rank 2] [IC/OOC]: A very handy tool to have strapped on his back, Aldenard carries a small bit of his peripherals as neatly packed as he can in a compartment at the very top, and the rest of it is a jetpack that allows him to achieve flight. Still relatively new, Aldenard has done very little work on tinkering it, and his skill in flight is still moderate.
  • Assorted Grenades [Device] [IC]: Almost always ready on hand every time he is out on a mission, Aldenard brings with him at least one of every type of grenade imaginable, and uses them when it is appropriate. Incendiary, Cryo, Fragmentation, Sonic, Flash, Smoke, EMP, and Plasma to name most of his flavours, and he continues on trying to find more to add to his repertoire.

RP Hooks

  • Aldenard's quite known in Westside as a talented computer technician - does his job quick, works effectively at a great rate. Quite a few people after great quality and discreet service to their network and computers for cost in the rest of Millennium City will know his name and phone number.
  • Those in the underground or mercenary business may have heard the name now and again and hear ambiguous tales - some will say he's turned back on his mercenary group, while others say he's a brilliant independent infiltrator for hire. Leaves no prints, no records and does the job quick and clean.
  • Folks that are into tech gadgets and guns may know him from seeing him at tech or gun shops around MC, or the science inventions building in the City Center.
  • People who work with certain divisions in UNTIL may recall a training program they ran in joint with Cambridge for potential candidates to join their superhuman defense units, and those who worked in the program personally may know him.
  • Non-human folk who reside in Westside may recall the manimal trying to see if they would like to seek refuge in the Prometheus Union tower during the period of the xeno-terrorist threat.


Aldenard likes...

  • He has a love for root beer floats. Easily his favourite drink.
  • He enjoys reading tech mags, especially those related to spying, infiltrating, hacking or gadgetry.
  • He loves discussing about guns, latest models, and most especially modifying them - within and outside of legal bounds.
  • He absolutely enjoys raving. He goes to clubs mainly for that, never to drink or to find people.
  • He often spends his time watching the sea. The pier of almost any city will likely be his favourite place.
  • He likes to play video games to cool himself off and keep his mind off things.
  • He absolutely loves to travel and explore. It keeps his mind off things while oddly doing what he likes doing - firing a gun.
  • Stereotypes aside, he loves swimming.

Aldenard dislikes...

  • He hates alcoholic drinks with a passion. He finds the smell of ethanol repulsive, and beyond that cannot stand anything that makes him lose control.
  • Inappropriate comedy relief. He feels there's a time and place for jokes, and dislikes those who can't seem to get that through to their heads.
  • Not receiving attention. Whether this is just his personality or a domestic cat trait is up for debate.
  • Inconvenience. He wants things to be efficient more than anything else, and a lack of convenience when a much better option's possible irks him.
  • Club Caprice. Even though he frequently is called to help with the sound system, and he occasionally raves and has drinks there.

Rumours about Aldenard are, that...

  • An incredibly obscure one would be that he's a cold-hearted mastermind.
  • A more common rumour - as rare as that is for someone who avoids attention as he - is that he likes to save animals in trouble over people first.
  • He plays Chat Belgique, a level 90 Marionnettiste and Soldat in the french MMORPG "Le Monde Final," the worldwide underdog MMORPG.

Miscellaneous Stats

  • Spoken Languages: English, French, German
  • Favourite Colour: Blue and White (Who woulda guessed?)
  • Favourite Music Genre: Trance, followed by rock/metal.
  • Favourite Food: Sushi, Fish and Chips
  • Favourite Drink: Root Beer Float, Milkshakes
  • Hobbies: Gadgeteering,


  • The Black Bullet - With Me (Massive Power Mix) by Crush 40, originally by All Ends This theme is more of a personal one to Aldenard. I feel that it really fits the mental fights he often haves with his paranoia. He has trouble deciding if it was safe to abandon it or to preserve it in fear that it would cost him dearly.
  • His Way - Blood Heat! from Melty Blood: Act Cadenza OST This theme just grew on me because I was listening to it when I started the game. Nostalgia and all that; it eventually reminds me of Aldenard everytime I hear it.
  • Voice: Denis Leary I dunno. I watched Ice Age 2 and 3 around the time I was levelling and I always saw Aldenard having the same voice as Diego.

Other's Thoughts

Feel free to leave any IC/OOC comments of the character here, positive/negative/whatliesinbetween. Thank you!