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Player: @Tesahli
Ashanti Stance.jpg
Character Build
Class Focus: Tank
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arms
Biographical Data
Real Name: Ashanti Kapur
Known Aliases: Spots
Gender: Female
Species: Human Mutant
Ethnicity: Indian
Place of Birth: Des Moines, Iowa
Base of Operations: Millenium City
Relatives: Indira Kapur (Mother), Dhiraj Kapur (Father), Raul Kapur (Brother)
Age: 24
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120 lbs
Eyes: Heterochromatic (Green/Blue)
Hair: Auburn
Complexion: N/A
Physical Build: Athletic Runner
Physical Features: Full coat of fur, claws, fangs, tail
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Neutral Good

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Identity: Public
Years Active: 6
Citizenship: Natural US Citizen
Occupation: Courier
Education: High School Graduate
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Super Speed and Heightened Senses
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Listed in "Equipment"
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Born in Des Moines Iowa, Ashanti's mutation showed only months after birth. Though a mutant, she was raised normally by her parents, though the children in the school weren't always so kind. She quickly learned how to fight in self-defense, and later discovered her love of running. She was removed from the track team however when her superhuman speed began to develop. Moving to Millenium City after graduating from High School, she registered with PRIMUS, but found that having super powers doesn't automatically make you a super hero, and quickly found herself out of her league. She quit her work with PRIMUS after the Qularr invasion and after a short unemployment, began working as a courier for a start-up company called "Eagle Express". She rarely fights except out of self-defense, preferring non-combat roles.


Ashanti is a feline mutant.

  • Full coat of fur - Ashanti has a short coat of fur across her entire body. Her belly, neck, and thighs are a bone-white, while the rest is an amber yellow, bearing spots of the cheetah.
  • Long Partially Prehensile tail - Ashanti has a long partially prehensile tail, covered in the same fur pattern and color as the rest of her body. It helps her keep balance when running.
  • Heterochromatic - Ashanti's eyes are heterochromatic, one is blue and one is green, both are able to reflect light at the level of a feline.
  • Feline Ears - Ashanti has two pivoting feline ears towards the top of her head, she's able to move them independently to locate sounds, and can hear at the level of a feline.
  • Sharp fangs and claws - Ashanti has fanged teeth and claws on each of her feet and hands, unlike a cat these are not retractable.


  • Superhuman Speed - Ashanti can move at top speeds of around 180 mph, though she prefers a slower pace.
  • Superhuman Agility - Ashanti can react at superhuman speeds.
  • Superhuman Endurance - Ashanti could run for days if she didn't need to stop to eat and sleep.
  • Heightened Senses - Ashanti can hear, see, and smell like a cat.

Ashanti in her Eagle Express uniform


  • Average Constitution - Though hard to hit, Ashanti is basically a normal human and can get hurt like anyone else.
  • Powerful appetite - Ashanti's body requires an unusually high calorie diet to run at the speeds she does. She has to eat a lot to keep her endurance up.


  • Martial Artist - Ashanti is an experienced martial artist, focusing on single hit take-downs that utilize her speed and momentum while running.
  • Parkour - Ashanti is able to navigate urban environments through acrobatic movements to utilize shortcuts.


  • Wears clothes that fit her love of running, usually of tight material that leave the legs uncovered. However, since childhood, she prefers to wear nothing when she runs, finding that clothes can get ripped, get in the way, or be uncomfortable at the speeds she moves at, and that her fur gives her modesty enough. Despite her parent's constant urging, no one could ever break her of the habit, and to their consternation she does so today.
  • When working for Eagle Express, she wears a spandex one-piece similar to a gymnast's leotard and has a large courier's backpack on.
  • Rarely wears shoes, preferring to run barefoot. Due to this, the bottoms of her feet are extremely tough.


Ashanti almost always has a messenger bag on, containing some or all of these things:

  • Combat Gloves - Given to her by Azunai, they're fingerless navy blue gloves with protective plating, made out of titanium with a thin coat of neutronium on the knuckles. These allow her to throw devastating punches at super speeds without injuring her hands.
  • Protective Vest - Given to her by the hero Counterstrike, it's an extremely light weight flak-jacket which gives her some amount of protection against small-arms fire.
  • Energy Bars - Running takes a lot of energy and she doesn't always have time to stop and eat. Energy bars help her keep her energy up without having to stop for long.
  • Water Bottle - Should be self-explanatory.
  • Smart Phone - Both for personal and business use, she receives jobs from Eagle Express through it.
  • Headphones - She uses the Smart Phone as a MP3 player and often listens to music while running.
  • CRP Comm - A communicator to a hero-chat channel, she mostly uses it to get advisories on dangerous areas before she has to run through them.
  • Spare outfit - She's ran afoul of "No shirt, no shoes, no service" more than a few times.
  • Goggles - WWII Pilot style goggles Ashanti got off of eBay. Good for keeping the bugs out of the eyes while running.
  • Wire Belt - Given to her by Counterstrike, it's a light-weight mil-surp nylon belt with 4 spools attached to it containing wires of different types: Spidersilk, Conductive Alloy, Kendrium Alloy, and braided Nano-Carbonfiber. The lines all have their own strengths and weaknesses, and can handle from 500 lbs to 2,000 lbs of load. Ashanti uses them to tie people up, grapple up buildings, and a variety of uses, though she's still getting used to using them in combat.

Personal History

Early Years

Born a normal baby girl in Des Moines, Iowa, her only unusual trait was her heterochromatic eyes, the doctors referred to it as a mutation; they didn't know the extent to that they were right. By 3 months old, Ashanti was growing in a short downy coat of fur along with her head of hair. By a year old, she had a short tail and other feline traits. Her parents were confused, but eventually accepted her for what she was, treating her as they would a normal child. Her class mates however, didn't always react the same, while some found her coat of fur and abilities to be wonderful, others took it as an opportunity to single her out, bullying her in the school yard. Ashanti quickly learned how to fight, and developed a tom-boyish nature.

In Junior High, she was urged to join the track team. She discovered a love for running and won a number of competitions, however, as she began to hit puberty, her powers began to develop, she found it easier to go faster and faster until by the time she was in High School she was able to pace cars in the street. It was decided this was hardly fair for the other children and, though she fought to stay on the team, she found herself removed from competitions. She was allowed to show up to events, though not run formally, and slowly developed into an unofficial mascot for the team. Outside of school, she spent a lot of her time running the long flat rural roads outside of Des Moines, becoming known for running dozens of miles a day.

Ashanti's apartment building in Chinatown

Millenium City

Ashanti graduated High School, while her parents wanted her to continue on to college, she knew she'd never end up as a business woman or accountant. She'd heard a lot about Millenium City, a place where people like her were practically normal, and where someone with her abilities could find work. She decided to move out of her parent's house and live there, moving in to a small studio apartment on the West Side near China Town. She registered as a metahuman with PRIMUS and was given duties to patrol West Side. She quickly felt overwhelmed, realizing that just having super powers didn't make you a super-hero. She didn't have the dedication to the job that others had, nor the experience, the technology, or the powers that made one invulnerable. She was just a kid from Iowa who could run fast and fight fairly well. She trained her martial arts abilities with instructors in PRIMUS to best utilize her speed, but all she really wanted to do was run.

The Qularr Invasion

When the Qularr invaded, PRIMUS sent her and a group of other super heroes as responders. Ashanti was nearly killed again and again, she realized just how out of her league she was, she spent most of the time running and hiding from enemies, finding her limited martial arts abilities not extremely useful against the extraterrestrial bio-machines. After the invasion was over, she was severely reprimanded for her poor performance, and she left her work at PRIMUS, despondent and rejected.

Eagle Express

Now unemployed, Ashanti started having trouble paying her rent, and started to feel disconnected from the city. She had to keep borrowing money from her parents, and her parents were starting to get more and more insistent about her moving back to Iowa. While looking online, she found a job position for couriers at a small start-up company called "Eagle Express". The company was looking for super-powered individuals willing to do courier work within Millenium City. Excited about the prospect of a job that pays her to run around the city, she applied the same day. The CEO was positively relieved to have such an applicant, they had been having trouble finding just about any metahuman who'd rather deliver packages than be out fighting crime. When she explained her past and interests, she was quickly hired and given a stable salary and contract.

Prometheus Union

Having received a mysterious letter one day, Ashanti showed up to a meeting of fledgling mutants who would become The Prometheus Union. Making friends, she decided to stick around, getting useful resources and backing from the group as well. She keeps a second apartment in the Prometheus Union's tower, and goes there to use the gym and training facilities. Since her joining the Union has been trying to get her back into the life of super-heroism with mixed success.