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Player: @redaqua
Facial profile
Class Focus: Ranged DPS, Gadgeteer/Power Armor
Power Level: 15
Research & Development: Science/Inventions
Personal Data
Real Name: Khaarshfashst
Known Aliases: Basilisk
Species: Earth reptoid
Ethnicity: Leader caste
Age: 38
Height: 5'8
Weight: Unspecified
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: N/A
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Anti-Villain
Place of Birth: A colony 100 miles below Inner Asia
Base of Operations: Millennium City, USA
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Psychic shapeshifting
Known Abilities
Jet pack flight, multiple beam weapons, laser sword
An array of weapons and tools from the much more advanced reptoid race.
Member of the Ministry of Order

Basilisk is a Champions Online character of redaqua based on popular conspiracy theories of subterranean reptiloids.


Long before human's genetic ancestors first ambled onto two legs, the Draco have been Earth's primary sentient species. Living mostly underground, they considered humans little more than apes. When humans began developing civilization, the Draco placed a few subtle manipulations that would keep them merely on the Earth's crust, and went about their business underground.

Under the Earth are thousands upon thousands of miles of underground cities, passageways, and transportation tunnels. Khaarshfashst was born in one of these cities. Unlike most of his kind, he was less dismissive of humanity. He found them intriguing, these pink monkeys who built giant towers from metal and stone. Khaarshfashst also couldn't help but note human diversity. Lacking the kind of social controls the draco had, humans were capable both of great nobility and tremendous suffering.

Khaarshfashst feared the latter. Humans were now toying with nuclear power, something destructive enough to potentially ruin the whole Earth. The draco dismissed this, still seeing humans as mere primitives stabbing each other with pointy sticks, no threat to their world below. Khaarshfashst, however, saw a real and genuine threat to Earth, home to both species.

In defiance of his leaders, Khaarshfashst ascended to the surface, took the more pronounceable name Basilisk - the name of a creature in the mythologies of both species - and set out to pacify the evil powers who would do harm to the home of both.


Basilisk may be less arrogant than most of his kind, but he still holds the general view that the draco are the native terrans and humans are squatters at best. Nevertheless, Basilisk sees the potential in humanity and generally treats them with respect, if aloofness. He generally speaks plainly and to the point. Basilisk has studied humanity and is mostly familiar with their customs, but is still guilty of the occasional faux-pas.


Actual Appearance

Basilisk resembles most of his species, with three yellow eyes, sleek horns on the head, a tail, and three-fingered hands. He usually wears a blue and red utility suit.

Shapeshifting Appearance

In social or sensitive situations, Basilisk usually assumes the form of a brown haired human in dressy casual attire. More on this later.


Basilisk has no powers beyond those inherent in his species.

Psychic Shapeshifting

Basilisk is not capable of shapeshifting proper, but rather can project a psychic signal with a general suggestion like "You see an attractive man." Most human brains receive this signal subconsciously and interpret it appropriately. It is effective with almost all humans. Some superhumans of particularly strong mind (Ego 80+) can see through this projection ((RP only)).


All of Basilisks abilities derive from draco technologies and his proficiency with them.

Jet Pack Flight

Laser Pistol

Laser Sword


The Ministry of Order

Cited Conspiracy Lore