Sidra Izarre

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Sidra Izarre
Player: @Mickenzy
Character Build
Class Focus: Healing
Power Level: 40
Research & Development:
Biographical Data
Real Name: Sidra Izarre
Known Aliases: none
Gender: Female
Species: Ruonahn
Ethnicity: "Caucasian"
Place of Birth: Ruonah
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: none living
Age: 64 Solar years, 29 relative years
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140 lbs
Eyes: luminescent blue
Hair: white w/ blue highlights
Complexion: very fair
Physical Build: athletic
Physical Features: softly glowing eyes
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Lawful Good

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Identity: known
Years Active: 3
Citizenship: permanent residency in the US
Occupation: employed by the Prometheus Union
Education: standard Ruonahn education, full priestess training, UNTIL acclimitization
Marital Status: single
Known Powers and Abilities
healing, shielding, energy projection
Equipment and Paraphernalia
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Sidra Izarre is an extraterrestrial battle-priestess and member of the The Prometheus Union.


Sidra borders on being taller than average with a build that is somewhere between slender and athletic. Her pigmentation is quite fair with white hair, pale skin, and light blue eyes that glow faintly. When not wearing her armor she tries to adopt Earth fashions most of the time, preferring lighter and softer colors. She does still dress in the colors of her Order some of the time; white, deep blue, and light blue.


Sidra is generally an empathetic and selfless individual, but tends towards a more stoic demeanor. Possessing courage and a strong sense of duty, she's prepared to jump to another's aid.


Sidra was born and raised on the planet Ruonah, though she was one of a slowly growing percentage of the population that was born a mutant. Possessing coloration that is slightly different than majority of the people in her region, she was unfortunately a target of discrimination and bigotry on different ends of the scale. Since individuals who were born with her characteristics were known to have abilities beyond those of the rest of the population, some people in her community placed unreasonable expectation upon her to essentially fix all their troubles. They believed she could do things like help the crops grow and even control the weather. On the other end of the scale, there were those that looked down on mutants like her for being outside of tradition and she was seen as an impurity.

Tired of the treatment she was receiving at the hands of her community, she eventually left to go and serve at the Citadel - the major center of her city's worship of the goddess, Ouehlyn. Her abilities were welcomed into the Wakeangel Order of the clergy with open arms and she was finally accepted as an equal person.

For years she lived in the Citadel, living her life as a priestess of her Order. She rarely left the city except once or twice to accompany trade envoys and serve as a diplomat to the tribes with whom they maintained an economy. Peace was not to last, however, as her planet became the target of a neighboring race known as the Garrecks - a warlike race that has endangered themselves by depleting their own planet. There was a terrorist attack made on the Citadel that resulted in many innocent deaths of worshippers and clergy alike. Before long the two planets were at war with each other and the Wakeangel Order was deployed to assist the Ruonahn soldiers.

During one particular battle above the planet, a Garreck missile ended up passing through a Ruonahn gate relay that had been damaged in the fighting. The scrambled coordinates sent the projectile towards Earth, and without stopping to consider the risks, Sidra followed to try and intercept the missile before it could bring harm and destruction to a planet that wasn't even involved in their war. Fortunately, she was successful and sacrificed her ship to the projectile. Her escape pod crashlanded in Millennium City where she was met by local heroes. After some difficulties with communication, she was directed to UNTIL so that she could be outfitted with a translator and assisted in acclimatizing to Earth as she now found herself stranded.

While in UNTIL's custody, Sidra began to learn about the culture and language of the planet and was eventually permitted to leave the UNTIL building for exploration of Millennium City so long as she was accompanied by a chaperone to watch over her.

Towards the end of her stay under UNTIL custody, she was dismayed to learn that UNTIL had confiscated her escape pod and discovered a stowaway that had been clinging to the hull. The stowaway was an Ixian, a biomechanical mercenary race that was being employed by the Garrecks in the war with Ruonah, capable of folding and contorting themselves to fit nearly anywhere and some of them possessing energy manipulation abilities. The Ixian broke out of UNTIL containment and killed three officers before escaping. Being the only one on the planet with some familiarity of the race, Sidra was dispatched along with her chaperones to stop the Ixian, who had made a beeline for the city museum where a Lemurian powersource was on exhibit. Unfortunately it turned out that this particular Ixian did have abilities and used the electricity around them to subdue both Sidra and her allies before making its escape with the powersource. Eventually, when Sidra and other members of the Prometheus Union tracked the Ixian down to a hydroelectric dam, it was discovered that the other alien had been using the power sources as energy to facilitate giving birth to the six young with which she was pregnant. Unfortunately, in a colossal misunderstanding, one the Ixian's offspring were killed when the team tried to capture her and things quickly snowballed until the Ixian escaped. Over two years later, the Ixian is still at large, although Sidra has continued making efforts to track it down.


Ruonah (which roughly translates to 'pearl' or other white gemstone) is primarily a sandy, desert planet with two moons and little in the way of water outside of scattered glacial lakes and underground sources. The nights are longer than the days, reaching extreme temperatures of hot during the day and cold at night. During the daylight hours, the sky is a light lilac purple while at night it becomes deep violet.

There are multiple large cities all over the planet with the people living in each differing slightly by region. Sidra herself is from a city closer to the planet's southern pole. Her city is almost exclusively carved from a white stone-like substance that looks somewhat like alabaster; tall spires and buildings with strange and ornate openings in their structure to allow the wind and sands to blow through with less resistance. The architecture often creates musical sounds when the wind passes through it.

Ruonahn diet consists almost exclusively of root vegetations with fish caught from the glacial lakes being a luxury food often only eaten by the upper class. The planet's climate does not lend itself well to wildlife, of which there is very little beyond insects and small to medium mammals. Despite that, Ruonah is quite rich in mineral resources, including a substance that can be mined and then recycled as a renewable source of energy. It is largely due to the resources of the planet that the Garrecks have made war against the Ruonahns.

The metabolism of Sidra's people is incredibly efficient, to an uncanny degree. Ruonahns have no need of restroom facilities like humans; instead their bodies are able to almost completely break down what is consumed and the waste is released in gas form via respiration through the skin. They have not evolved beyond a human-like physiology yet, but do typically possess a comparatively sensitive hearing.

The primary religion of Ruonah is the worship of a goddess named Ouehlyn, with worshippers often engaging in prayer through song or meditation. The being actually exists as a powerful entity linked to the planet and all Ruonahns. In fact, it's because of Ouehlyn that the population has recently begun to mutate, genes forming that link the people more closely with her and allow them to channel some of her power.

The culture of Ruonah varies by region, but in what passes for Sidra's country there is emphasis placed on biological and agricultural sciences, literature, and tradition. While the world is technologically advanced, they do not utilize much in the way of AI's due to a belief that sticking to traditional methods of production and occupation is better for the population. Most of their advances are to do with agriculture, medicine, and travel. Because of their genetic makeup and their link to Ouehlyn, they also tend to be a very spiritual people who value honor to a degree. In addition, Ruonahns tend to display very little in the way of modesty regarding things such as sex and nudity. This is not to say that they are exhibitionist, but things of that nature are simply considered a natural way of life and a non-issue. The most common form of polite greeting is to offer both hands palms-up at about waist level, accompanied by a bowing of the head.

Ruonahns mate for life, an empathic bond being formed between a pair of individuals once certain conditions have been met. It would seem that this bond can be created even between a Ruonahn and members of some other races, although with a little less potency for the latter. The bond is normally so strong that if one of the pair should die, it is rare that the other does not pass on as well. Ruonahn fertility rates are relatively low, and they don't usually bear more than one child at a time. The typical gestation period ranges from 5 to 6 months. Courting often incorporates offerings of homemade food and what humans would regard as kisses, which are regarded as being symbolic of gifting water to the other person at risk to oneself, whether from dehydration or freezing from exposure.

Ruonahns that live outside of the city-countries are considered part of the tribes. The large tribes are generally sedentary, usually settled closer to the glacial lakes wherever they may be found. They are relatively primative compared to their urban kin, but there is a strong economy between the two in the form of barter and trade. The jewelry and fish in particular are valued by the city-based people. In exchange, the tribes are supplied with medicines, textiles, and various other supplies.

Occasions that are often celebrated or observed by Sidra's people include harvests (of which there are two each year), plantings (of which there are also two), funerals, what passes for weddings, and births. These celebrations are often carried out with feasts, large gatherings, and singing.

Fashion in Sidra's region tends to lean towards neutral colors in light, breathable fabrics in the form of robes or loose-fitting clothing. When outdoors, Ruonahns are typically covered from head to toe due to the harsh climate and their typically fair complexions.

Ruonahn language is composed largely of words containing rounded vowel sounds.


Sidra is a very effective healer, able to mend almost any injury from aches and pains to mortal wounds. The only limitation is that she must make physical contact with the person. In addition to healing, she is able to shield herself or others, though she is not nearly as good at that and it is a struggle for her to maintain more than one shield at a time. Most often she will only shield one individual, having to prioritize. When she is not busy healing or shielding others, she is able to project energy beams at foes with varying widths and sizes. In general, her powers manifest as a bright bluish-white light.


Sidra possesses little in the way of equipment beyond the armor she brought with her from Ruonah.


Sidra is closest to her colleagues in the Prometheus Union, particularly Azunai and Manny.


Interestin' girl. Seems well grounded an' she's got a good head on her shoulders. - General Freedom

She has pretty, pretty eyes. Like little shiny marbles. - Impsblood

She is a lovely woman. Hearing about her culture and world was quite fascinating. - Greymist Wanderer

Theme Song

Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits