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The Otherworldly
Greymist Wanderer
Greymist, blue armor.
Super Group
Triskellion Dynamics
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Virgil Landekl
October 19th, 1987 (approx.)
Bittersting Village, Vareka Homeworld
Vareka (registered visitor)
No permanent residence
The Wanderer
Explorer, Adventurer.
Legal Status
Wanted on several planets (including her own) and in several systems for space piracy, rebellion, refusal to pay docking fees, refusal to submit to contraband searches and various other offenses. No criminal record on Earth.
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Horan and Destil (Father and Mother), Dorn, Quol and Alsti (Brothers)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Body Type
Light Blue
· Distinguishing Features ·
Solid black eyes, blue skin
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
· Equipment ·
Disruptor blade, small spaceship, armored bodysuit with forcefield capability, laser pistol, various alien knick knacks collected around the galaxy.
· Other Abilities ·
Skilled swordswoman, experienced hand to hand fighter and markswoman, self taught spaceship pilot, navigator and engineer, eidetic memory and extensive knowledge of aliens and other planets.


Virgil is a tall, athletic woman with light blue skin, red hair and large, reflective solid black eyes. When not wearing her armor she wears cheap, preworn clothing.


Long ago Vareka was a planet ravaged by war. Technology had grown too fast and gotten out of hand, leading to strife between several factions. At the end of the long, brutal conflict... everyone just wanted to forget. The once thriving people turned back to old ways and old superstitions, locking away a large portion of the tech from before the war. They were content to live on their small planet, not even wondering what lay past the 'Greymist' barrier that hung over the planets.

Most were content, anyway. Virgil Landekl, a bright and curious young woman was fascinated that her people used to make it beyond this barrier and visit worlds beyond. Against the laws of her people and at great personal risk, she explored outside the small community she lived in and found relics. Not just relics... but a whole ship. Not a working one of course but that could be changed. This secret was not well kept, however and she soon had like minded allies that wanted to see the small, personal craft completed.

Not all the attention she gathered was positive though. Work had to be sped up as the authorities caught wind of this activity and her initial flight was forced early... and unsuccessful. Though she nearly died, she built a kind of following. They called her the Greymist Wanderer for her eagerness to seek what lay beyond the clouds encircling the planet. The ship was rebuilt and once again only a step ahead of the authroities she was able to break free of the mist and head out into the worlds beyond...


A backwards, conservative world. According to Virgil it is boring, rainy and ruled by superstition and outdated religion. It apparently has diverse wildlife, large stretches of swampland and rainforests. There is only one people and one government on Vareka and it is a small world, only about a third the size of Earth but brimming with natural resources. It once boasted a rather impressive level of technology but this has since been destroyed, forgotten or locked away.

Virgil's trip through the Greymist Barrier around the planet has had consequences however. Unknown to her, Vareka is currently going through a bloody civil war with the populace spurred on by pro-technology seperatists and fueled by growing discontent with the way the government and clergy keep and use Vareka's old technology for themselves.


Virgil is incredibly calm and serene. Nothing seems to phase her and she takes even the most uncomfortable situations in stride. She rarely has anything bad to say about anyone and though she frequently gives out compliments, her smooth and quiet tone rarely makes it seem like she's sucking up angling for attention. Underneath this calm though she has a love for adventure, excitement and exploration. Since leaving her home at the age of sixteen she was visited several planets, taken up numerous causes and befriended many people.

She, like most Varekian's, is very sexually free. She enjoys beauty in all people, races and genders and has been rather active since leaving her home planet. She enjoys pleasant company, but refuses to get too attached to any one person due to her wanderlust.


-Alien Mindset: Virgil is calm and collected even in situations that would send others into a full blown panic or violent rage. She seems to experience emotions in a much different way than most humans, making her hard to read at times. Her senses are very sharp and she has near total recall of events she's witnessed.

-Alien Knowledge: Virgil has visited many planets, met many people and seen many wonderous things. Her eidetic memory allows her to put this knowledge to good use.

-Combat Training: Taught by space pirates and law enforcement throughout the galaxy, Virgil is rather skilled with her favored energy blade or other sword like weapons. She has also picked up a good deal of experience in hand to hand combat and is a decent markswoman, though she is most comfortable with a 'blade'. Her style is rather unique and made up of various other styles and disciplines.

-Space Ship Knowledge: Though originally taught by faulty holograms and through forbidden tomes, Virgil has picked up a lot of knowlege on the subject of space ships over the years. She is able to repair, maintain and improve even complex space going vessels. She is a skilled pilot and navigator and though she doesn't personally have weapons on her own craft, she knows the ins and outs of ship to ship combat.

-Adapted Languages: Greymist has a symbiotic parasite grafted to her brain that acts as a translator. This 'bug' allows her learn languages much faster than she would be able to normally. It only has limited memory however and can't keep more than three or four languages stored at a time. She must actively work to learn the language herself to retain it.


-Disruptor Blade: This device looks much like a traditional laser sword, but the blade is made to pass through living creatures. It temporarily disrupts electrical signals and other biological functions to cause intense pain and confusion. The blade can also be switched on the fly to a more solid state, allowing it to be used as a more regular sword. In solid state, it gives off little heat compared to most energy blades but has a high cutting power.

-Laser Pistol: A modified laser pistol with three settings that give it a lot of versatility in short range combat. It can fire a standard beam, a more powerful charged shot or a rapid fire spray of energy bolts.

-Augmented Suit: Virgil's full armored suit slightly increases her strength, reflexes and speed while also providing enhanced protection both in the form of alien polymers and projected hard light fields. She's cautious about using this because it would be nearly impossible to fix on Earth without some serious modifications.

-Wanderer (Varekian light transport): This ship was found partially intact in a hidden vault on Vareka. Through a lot of hard work and with support from pro-technology activists, Virgil managed to get it up and running and off her homeworld. She has modified it several times since leaving and though it has no weapons, it's sturdy, fast and efficient.

-Strider (Jetbike): A fairly common flying vehicle. It features limited storage space, is capable of ground and flight mode, features some short range sensors and can be called to its rider.


-Only Hum... er, Varekian: Without her equipment, Virgil isn't much stronger or tougher than a regular human. Despite her skills and knowledge, there are no superhuman powers for this alien, despite what some might think due to movies and video games.

-Alien Biology: Despite appearing mostly human, Virgil's body works differently. She has odd organ placement and redundant organ systems that most human or terrestrial medics wouldn't recognize and her body will not accept human blood or tissue. Certain chemicals and compounds found commonly on Earth are either poisonous or had an adverse effect on her body and she's not entirely sure what all she can and can't process.

Important NPCs

-Ackirkchka (Aki): A long time traveling companion. She is a shy insectoid woman that spends most of her time on the ship. Despite her quiet and unassuming attitude, Aki can be quite fierce when it comes to protecting her friends and has the strength and toughness to back it up. She is also a skilled medic and cook.

Friends, Allies and Aquaintances

-All-Star: A close friend and occasional lover, Virgil enjoys his love for life and dedication to his job.

-Riptide: Fellow alien visitors! Virgil appreciates knowing someone like Riptide who is familiar with the great expanses of spaaaaace.

-Sidra Izarre: Grey enjoys Sidra's calm and soothing demeanor. She also finds her quite attractive.

-Adriana Seymour: Virgil sees Adriana as someone she has to share All Stars affection with. She is not exactly certain how she feels about the woman.

-Aelith: Though she's only met the Earthbound angel once Virgil finds her quite fascinating.

-Zelara: A fellow blue alien and lover of technological things. Virgil thinks her blush is adorable.

-Melova: A cute little green alien that's been hanging around Virgil ever since she helped her fight off an alien bounty hunter. She has grown to enjoy her company a great deal!


-Black Sails: Grey was recently attacked by a Prylaxi (A nasty, flexible green alien wearing exploding armor) that was aligned with an organization known as the Black Sails Mercenary Company. They are lead by a Zorathan named Kricstil and operate from their flagship - the Ezak Pash. Kricstil is a tall and whipthin alien with maggot-white skin crisscrossed with faded scars, has six arms and wears a rather formal looking blue uniform coat that hangs down to just below his knees.

After a bit of brainstorming, Grey remember an incident in particular where she not only stopped the Black Sails from recovering loot they were hired to acquire, but also killed quite a few of them in the process. It's possible they're either out for revenge or they were hired to bring her. Dead or (preferably) alive.


-Dresses in cheap clothing because she has little real money. She is trading some of the bits of art and the more harmless devices she's found during her travels for spending money and has received a few donations from friends.

-She often seems detached and unusual because of her odd emotional responses. Some people find that and her large, dark eyes somewhat disturbing.

-Chocolate has an intoxicating effect on Virgil. She tends to become quite friendly and flirty and the feeling it gives her is quite pleasurable.

Comments on the Greymist Wanderer

-What people think about the strange visitor-

"Virgil's fun, laid-back and easy to understand. I don't wanna brag or anything but we totally made out. Like, a bunch of times. It was pretty hot. Like her. Who I made out with. Was I going somewhere with this?" - All-Star

"Virgil is a very interesting woman to have conversations with. She has done a lot while she has been traveling through space and has acquired very many stories as well. She also has a very calm and soothing voice which has put me to sleep more times than I can count!" - Melova

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