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Silver medal T.png
The Undead Undead Hunter
Nightfang on patrol.
Super Group
Siren Squad
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Lucinda Rolanie
Phillis, Fakepire, Fangipoo
August 2, 1979
Rolanie Lab, South Africa
American/South African
Millennium City
Millennium City
B Movie TV Show Host, Vampire Hunter, Private Detective
Legal Status
No criminal record
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Carlo and Belis Rolanie (Parents, Both Deceased) Victor Rolanie (Grandfather, Deceased)
Physical Traits
Magpie Vampire (Artificial)
Apparent Age
Body Type
Green (Occasionally Red)
· Distinguishing Features ·
Pale skin, red eyes, retractable fangs
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Increased physical attributes, enhanced speed, mesmerizing gaze, minor regeneration, able to become mist.
· Equipment ·
Custom .50 pistols.
· Other Abilities ·
Skilled acrobat and markswoman. Experienced with detective work, lockpicking, infiltration and electronic security measures.


Lucinda is exceptionally pale with red hair, green eyes and smooth skin. Her fangs are retractable, helping her maintain a civilian ID. When on patrol during the day she usually wears a full body suit in black and purple with mirrored eye lenses to block the sunlight.


Lucinda Rolanie was a normal girl with a father and grandfather that just happened to be mad scientists. While she was a child, she recieved routine injections of a special shot that was actually a serum for creating artificial vampirism. She began showing signs of devoloping vampiric attributes around the time she was ten and began needing blood to survive, but the process seemed to be something of a failure in the eyes of the mads conducting the experiments, as they expected much more. They didn't let this setback slow them down and continued their experiments on the girl, hoping to achieve their desired result of the perfect vampire.

Years later a supposedly accidental explosion put an end to their tests and their lives and left Lucinda without a family. She was forced to leave the confines of the family lab and come to the city just as the serum fully began changing her, transforming her into a vampire-like creature. She soon found a job as the host of a local late night B-movie show (Terror Night, now called Terror Night with Lucinda the Blood Mistress), which was the perfect cover as she began her search for the truth about what had happened.

After years of investigating she began to learn more and more about herself, learning she was created through the use of Magpie vampire material. This research, while apparently useful to the family, was considered to be in pretty poor taste. They were responsible for the destruction of the lab. She began a crusade against the group, culminating in the destruction of several key labs with the help of her team (Siren Squad) and the killing of their head scientist. From this incident she gained an insight into the formula used to create her... and the evils that the Magpie's had been committing with it.

She has dedicated herself to stopping them and finding a way to regain her humanity, one piece at a time.


Nightfang doesn't take a lot of things seriously and is hard to rattle. She's sarcastic and enjoys getting under peoples skin when she's bored and talks constantly during combat. She hates having others involved in her personal business and is very secretive about her personal life.

Despite her sarcastic attitude, when it's time to face a threat Nightfang can be very focused and driven. Even in dangerous situations she remains eerily calm and unfazed.

Powers and abilities

-Child of the Night: Nightfang is a vampirelike being with all around increased physical attributes that make her superior to a normal human. Her senses are also much sharper than a humans and she can see easily in the dark as if it were dim light. On top of these abilities she also has a mesmerizing gaze that can control weak willed beings and is able to become mist and regenerate from wounds at an enhanced rate.

Being a vampire she is also rather difficult to truly kill with conventional damage. To be truly killed she would have to suffer a full decapitation or have her body be completely destroyed.

-Shooter: Nightfang has grown into a skilled markswoman in her short time as a hero, using her bodies "natural" abilities to aid her. If she were to somehow lose her powers, her aim and ability with firearms would still be fairly impressive. She is also skilled in maintaining conventional firearms.

-Sneaky: Fang is also rather skilled in the arts of stealth and lockpicking, both of which she's been learning since she was a child. These skills serve her very well in her vampire hunter 'profession'.


-Vampiric Weaknesses: For the most part Nightfang lacks many vampiric weaknesses. However, she still needs blood to survive and due to her connection to the Magpie family has an aversion to silver, which can weaken her powers and her ability to heal. Sunlight does not burn her, but it does have a tendency to make her feel sick and dizzy.


-Utility Belt: Nightfang carries several useful pieces of equipment on her including glass cutters, lock picking tools, small blasting charges and several vials and bombs containing useful things. These vials often carry anti-vampire weaponry like stink bombs, holy water, powdered silver and other toxins.

-Pistols:Her most important piece of gear is likely her dual pistols which are modified to fire both lethal and non-lethal ammunition. They are custom .50 caliber handguns with heavy frames and expanded clips.

-Hidden Arm Blade: Concealed in her right arm bracer is short blade made of blessed silver. It's heavily inscribed with religious symbols and a passage in Latin reading "Peace I leave with you; my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be fearful."

Important NPCs

-Father Erving Karol: Father Karol was first introduced to the supernatural as a young priest. A woman coming in for confession admitted she was a vampire and that she had done horrible things. She was recently turned and the guilt was weighing on her heavily. Badly shaken by her admissions but not quite sure if he could believe her, he followed her himself and ended up witnessing an attack. He confronted the woman and she begged him to end her misery... something he did after a agonizing over it. From that moment on his life became about hunting. He gathered books on the subject, some conventional... some a little less so. He encountered some surprisingly helpful people during his research that kept him moving in the right direction and helped him build resources for hunting.

He has slain many supernaturals. Vampires, werewolves, even a few demons. His early career was plagued by missteps and mistakes, times where he barely escaped alive. But he learned and built up a lot of experience from these mistakes and has become quite capable in all his years. His meeting with Nightfang was an accident. The young vampire was injured badly in a fight with her own kind and a well meaning hunter she had saved during the incident brought her to Karol for help. Curious about her goals, he decided not to kill her after learning what she was. Impressed and a little disturbed by her zeal, Karol agreed to help the artificial vampire in her crusade against her own 'family' and has been providing her with weapons and advice ever since.

Though initially wary of Nightfang and worried about her falling to evil urges he has grown fond of the younger woman, seeing her as more than a protege, almost a daughter.

Siren Squad Membership

Nightfang has been part of the Siren Squad for a bit now. Despite her usual attitude and all her jokes she feels she is very close to them. This is what she thinks of these people!

-Blue Hour: "Ellizon! Despite being as tall as two people stacked on top of each other she is absolutely adorable. Her ability to throw heavy things is a constant inspiration to us all."

-Lightwave: "Terrible pervert, friend, light source. She needs to lay off the tanning or she's going to end up looking like a leather purse with legs and arms."

-Nightwave: "The bosslady. A little pushy and a little uptight but she has great hair."

-Magnet Maiden: "Our dear Newbie, er... former newbie. It's not her powers or her skills that make her a staple of the team, but her sparkling wit and lovely (dare I say) magnetic personality."

-Arcane Arrow: "Magician, archer, wearer of snappy goggles. Beyond the fact that she's a magical girl I don't know a lot about her."

-Psyche: "The actual newbie! I like her, and I'm not just saying that because she's a fan. Well, okay, that's most of the reason."

-Judge Di: "Judge Di... just... just no. The only person that challenges Maxi for the title of best hair on the Siren Squad."


-Magpie Family: A vampire family that her father and grandfather stole genetic material from and used in experimentation. They hate Nightfang on principle and killing her would be a great moral victory for the family.


-Has recently tasted human blood again after years of denying herself. She is very worried she will become a monster if the hunger gets out of control.

-Her nickname, Phillis, was given to her by Lion Heart when she made a point of refusing to reveal her real name. Her usually cool demeanor sometimes breaks when people call her by this nickname.

-Is being hunted by the Magpie Family, who sees her as an abomination. Other vampires can also sense something is wrong with her and many dislike her instinctively.

-Rarely answers in absolutes. Often saying she's 'alivish' 'okayish' or similar variations when people ask how she's doing.

-Story Arcs: - It Wants Our Blood!!! (Completed)

Comments, Thoughts, Rude Remarks about Nightfang

-What other heroes think of the motormouth gunpire.-

She's witty, deadly, useful in a fight, has a great bod, doesn't spend all her time brooding and doesn't sparkle: She's my kind of vampire, is what I'm trying to say - Avro

Lucy is great, she's funny, she can always make me laugh. I know I can count on her. I wish I could do more to help her. - Blue Hour

She can laugh at the most horrible things and still be sane. I like that. - Proud Patriot

"Fatfang's fat and annoying and if she calls me a blueberry again I'm burying her and her house in twelve tonnes of snow, Proud Patriot be damned." - Blue Freedom

"I love Lucy. Only as a friend, though - I'm not really into the biters." - Psyche

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