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((MetaCorp is a criminal research organization created by @generalfreedom to be used in various story arcs. Send a mail in game if you're interested in using them or adding something to this page.))

Superpowered solutions for the average human.
Dr. Christopher Arkus, Founder of MetaCorp
Leader(s): Dr. Arkus, Director Voss.
Base of Operations: MetaCorp's headquarters is located on an electronically cloaked research platform in the Atlantic Ocean.
Concept: Evil Science Organization
Founded: 2003
Website: Click Here
Members: Dr. Arkus, Dr. Schwarzman, Director Voss, Jak Kranston, Mr. Krawls, KillCommand.
MetaCorp's goals are to understand the metahuman condition and empower humans to level the playing field. And make some decent money along the way.

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- New Vigil Investigates MetaCorp (Completed)


MetaCorp was founded only ten years ago by a man named Dr. Christopher Arkus, a man very interested in the metahuman condition and Nathan Voss, a man on a mission to even the odds between humans and metahumans in case something happens in the future. These two have worked hard on making MetaCorp into a powerful research group with several wealthy backers. Though things haven't always gone well for the group they have developed quickly and have a handful of labs, most of which are located in Millennium City, which affords them a lot of access to new and budding metahumans.

They have recently developed a device that allows them to remove powers from metahumans and give them to others as well as give them more stable ways to augment the abilities of others. Though they're still working out a few bugs, this is very promising for their future.


Though MetaCorp is backed by and employs many that hold extremist views, they themselves are not inherently anti-meta. They're main goal is to give humans the means to defend themselves in case there's another dangerous surge in metahumans that would make them obsolete, followed closely by raking in the profits that come with the dangerous research they're involved in. Certain members, such as Dr. Arkus, see the company as their best opportunity to understand the metahuman phenomenon and will gladly take the funding from shady and unsavory sources if it will further their goals.

The locations of their facilities are kept a closely guarded secret and their security teams undergo extreme mental conditioning to keep them both loyal and easy to control. Their scientists undergo a less severe and more subtle version of this, as well. Though they are usually cautious with the way they find subjects, using discrete messages sent to people involved in medical testing and similar tactics, they have shown that they aren't above snatching people off the street if they can get away with it.

Important Members

-Director Voss: Nathan Voss, despite looking like a man in his early thirties, has been active since the early '60s. Though he doesn't generally get involved directly it's possible he's been involved in several very ugly incidents involving metahumans and anti-meta riots. He's quietly guided the hands of politicians and pundits alike to cause the kind of trouble he wants.

Right now he's only watching and waiting, but he has a larger goal in mind than starting a few squabbles and stirring the pot. And he has plenty of time.

-Dr. Christopher Arkus: Dr. Arkus is someone that made very few ripples in his life. A brilliant man, he has worked for several research companies that deal with metahumans, most notably NuGene, and has been part of many anti-meta organizations despite never showing any of the sentiments you would expect. It's believed by New Vigil that he was part of these organizations mostly as a way to find supporters and followers for his current project, the mysterious MetaCorp.

His true goals are currently unknown but he is involved in dangerous metahuman research and has developed a way to steal powers from others and transfer them. He is currently in jail and seems to have no intention of giving information on MetaCorp to the police. He likely won't be in for long with the kind of resources and 'friends' he has.

-Mr. Krawls: Mr. Krawls is a recruiter for MetaCorp, picking out likely candidates from among the less savory members of society to act as MetaCorp's brainwashed guards and soldiers.

It's not known if he received his powers from somewhere besides MetaCorp itself and it's possible he's a mutant or metahuman.

-Dr. Schwarzman: A clone of notorious German scientist KM Schwarzman (Dr. Munich). Dr. Schwarzman was created by MetaCorp when they found the original unwilling to be uprooted from his cushy spot in a DC museum. His clone shows a love for genetic tampering that borders on unnerving and he fits in well with the rest of the researchers at MetaCorp.

Schwarzman's clone suffers from various genetic defects that leave him weak and sickly. Without his armor and respirator, he can barely move.

-Jak Kranston: Jak Kranston is loser. Or at least, he was. After MetaCorp picked him up he became their greatest experiment and greatest failure. He had a massive amount of potential for them to exploit, a variable power mutation that was latent in his DNA. He could have become anything with the right coaxing. While they gained a lot of knowledge from him something unexpected happened. He started collapsing at a rapid rate and destabilized. He destroyed a lab in the process and killed several scientists.

Oddly enough, he returned, reforming himself into a solid state with all the combined knowledge of the men and women that had died in the accident. One that was a bit upset and extremely powerful. They quickly soothed the returned being by offering him a position of power in exchange for his cooperation. He's now more than a lab rat, enjoying a position as high level researcher... One that MetaCorp is too afraid to let go of.

-KillCommand: MetaCorp has access to a dangerous AI program that defends their sensitive information. It's an entity called KillCommand that's highly capable of destroying intruders as well as hacking into remote locations to steal information and perform other operations for the company.


MetaCorp has several large labs as well as a few smaller research facilities located mostly in Millennium City and on the east coast. They're largest facility is their HQ, which is located in the Atlantic Ocean and cloaked by electronic means and shielded from visual from distances.

They have many wealthy and anonymous backers, both private citizens and organizations that gives them a lot to play around with. Their own research and innovations has also given them a decent income. Each of their facilities is staffed by a security force of brainwashed guards wielding advanced weaponry and they have access to better trained agents capable of undertaking more sensitive missions.

Notable Enemies

-New Vigil: New Vigil is responsible for the shutdown of MetaCorp's largest Millennium City lab, one of their smaller facilities and the arrest of Dr. Arkus and Schwarzman. Obviously, they are not well liked by MetaCorp.