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Dawn of...
Zee the Zombie
Living Dead Girl
Just Zee
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Zeeva Lanem
Deadgirl, Zee, Zombiegirl, Hipster Zombie
October 8, 1988
Rochester, Minnesota
Millennium City, Michigan
Millennium City, Michigan
Auction Hunter, Mooch
Legal Status
Misdemeanors for trespassing, loitering
Marital Status
Dating (Jack Tinder)
· Known Relatives ·
Herbert and Miriam (Father and Mother), Adir (brother)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Body Type
Brown with grey streaks
Filmy brown
Deathly pale
· Distinguishing Features ·
Pale, filmed over eyes, musty scent
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Unnatural levels of strength, resilience, pain tolerance. Regeneration, sharp claws, sticky acidic spit, enhanced sense of smell and hearing.
· Equipment ·
· Other Abilities ·
Excellent freeloader, blogger


Zee's limbs are much too long for her body and she has long claws on the ends of her fingers. Her skin is pale and thin and her eyes are filmed over. The thick framed glasses she wears don't help her vision too much. She is usually seen wearing a beret and/or a short, black dyed alpaca hair scarf.


Seeing a falling meteorite while out driving with your boyfriend? Cool. Actually finding the meteorite in a field? Even cooler! Breathing in a gas from the meteorite that puts you in a state of undeath? Not so cool.

After coming into contact with an unknown gas, Zeeva Lanem found herself becoming weaker and weaker until she finally passed away... only to rise from her grave a week later with no sign of decay (but a nice musty smell that's a bit hard to shake). After hooking back up with her old boyfriend Jack Tinder (who is still trying to get used to the change) and trying to put her life back together she was pulled into the Qulaar invasion and ended up handling herself well due to her undead strength and ferocity.

After that, hey, it's only logical to fight crime! It's not like you're going to have a normal life anyway, right?


Zee is fun and very upbeat for being dead. She treats most things like they're a big joke and almost constantly has a little grin on her face. Death doesn't seem to phase her much usually and she doesn't seemed overly concerned for her own well being. She dislikes most mainstream Hollywood movies, big budget games and doesn't own a TV.


-Zoooooombie!: Zee is much stronger than someone bearing her thin frame should be, capable of lifting almost two tons. She doesn't respond to pain at all and it's difficult to actually stop her once she gets moving. Unlike most movie zombies, a headshot won't kill her... but it will put her down for a while. Zee regenerates her tissues at a slow, but steady rate that leaves her looking mostly unhorrible. Or at least unhorrible enough to let her pass in society without drawing too much attention.

Her senses of hearing and smell are exceptional and her fingers end in long claws. She can use these claws and her strength to scale most objects with ease. Zee can also form a sticky, slightly acidic bile in her stomach that she can vomit up on enemies. This spit is awfully disgusting.


-Zombie!!!: It's tough being dead. Despite behaving like a normal human, normal people that discover what Zee is often react poorly. If she's 'injured' there's little modern medicine can do for her and most animals instinctively dislike her. Her eyesight, poor even before she became a zombie, is pretty weak.

-Apathetic: Being dead already, Zee sees no rush in getting things done. She can take a long time to take action in some situations and her disregard for her own well being can be dangerous. This disregard sometimes extends to teammates as well, as her view on being alive and dead is somewhat... odd.

Friends, Allies and Aquaintances

-Riptide- Zee has met Riptide a few times and the two get along well. She thinks the whole alien fish thing is pretty boss.

-Counterstrike: Sounds like a video game but is actually just a guy that shoots bad guys and doesn't afraid of nothing. Her classic video game references were mostly lost on him.

-All-Star: Zee likes All Star. Even if he does often like to point out how dead she is. And refuses to hit on her like all the other girls. Sure she's already got a boyfriend but sometimes a zombie girl likes to get some harmless flirting.


-She's not a hipster, guys. She just appreciates the classics and listens to bands you've never heard of. The scarf and beret are just cool, man.

-Is free of visible decay on the outside but on the inside... she's a mess. She doesn't really use her organs for much except producting disgusting bile.

-Zee's undeath is not mystically induced. It's mostly an odd, unexplainable scientific phenomenon caused by the meteor gas she accidently inhaled. Luckily, she is not contagious or varoacious.

Comments on Zee

-What people think about the zombie hipster.-

"Zee's great. She's gross, but she's great. I mean, she's really gross. Extremely gross. But still great. But gross." - All-Star

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