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And for my dreams I'll pay dearly, forfeit my rights to see clearly.
Player: @Kliffoth
Real Name Warren Knox
Known Aliases: Knox
Species: Metahuman
DOB: June 20, 1984
Height: 5ft 10in
Weight: 240lbs
Eye Color: N/A
Hair Color: Blond
Citizenship: U.S.
Place of Birth: Massachusetts
Base of Operations M.C.
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Undisclosed
Powers: Durability, athletics, super strength...And then he transforms.
Abilities: Extreme sensory adaptations, aether/energy siphon
Equipment: Nothing of note.


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  • Voice: Generally very raspy, gravely, as vestigial bits of hard tissue from his transformations impede his throat. To no ill effect, mind you; it just sounds unsettling as Hell.
  • Skin: Somewhat rugged and leathery. It's as though a thin layer of freshly grown skin is stretched over decades of scar tissue. At many points, it looks as though gold-hued chitin--for lack of a better word--is attempting to push to the surface.
  • Face: Empty eye sockets. Heavy scarring, and those who have witnessed the transforming process might understand why.
  • Transformation: The outer skin layers are literally ripped apart as chitin-esque material pushes through at an explosive growth rate. In spite of repeat off-hand remarks as to being rock- or crustacean-like, neither are appropriate descriptors as to the resulting gold-hued behemoth. The base level transformation is comprised of linking plates of armor; the texture might be that of chitin, but cursory analysis would not reveal anything resembling that natural polymer molecule chain. Further debunking that physiology, is evidence of something closer to mammalian musculature still being present as the means of movement. The one possible exception to the latter are the mandibles located at either side of the "mouth."


As with most mutant cases, life started simple for Knox. He was barely a teenager; concerns were low, ambitions high. But over the period of a particular month he began to experience recurring nightmares, topics of which he couldn't quite understand. Until at last one day he woke, living the very things that had been confined within those abstract visions. His entire body was altered to fit the design of something built to a purpose, but he had no time to wonder why, forced from his home and whatever life he'd had ahead of him.

Over time Knox would manage to revert the changes into his more human appearance, never able to complete a full repression of the other form. Forced to bear the permanent disfigurement, he went into hiding. It wasn't difficult to blend in with the impoverished backdrop of various city slums. But he was compelled to keep moving nonetheless.

Thus began a vagrant lifestyle, pock-marked by vigilantism and the occasional assist in matters beyond street-level concerns.

  • The Prometheus Union

Much later, he finally found a temporary home among Gabe's metahuman group. The period of note was during the rise of the Meta-Hunters, robotic constructs of the P.U.R.G.E. organization. He was a regular participant in the fight against these idealists, however he disappeared for months following the reveal of a "cure" for the meta affliction. The summer of 2013 marks his most recent return.

Powers, Skills, & Abilities

  • When transformed -
  • Physical: Super strength, resilience and recuperation to damage. His body is plated with a regenerative chiton-esque material. Outstanding athletics.
  • Non-physical: Siphoning of aether/energy, even entropic remains, limited capacity of his assimilation thereof; more often used to debilitate stronger foes. There's some lead-up, however. An assessment of the energies at work, before "digging in." More often than not, the drain is used to speed along regeneration, but may be repurposed to other ends.
  • Sense adaptation: Heightened senses and perception, still lacking physical eyes. Passively, he can 'see' the world as interpreted by pinging sound and changes in air pressure density. An extrasensory nervous system can reveal far more: thermal, chemical, bioelectric, etc.
  • Abstract sense: Still developing, after all this time. Strong empathic surges often set off what he'd describe as a fulmination of color and shape, for example. While he can at times push his extrasensory nerves to achieve similar effect, often to reveal evasive speech as lie or half-truth, the passive form can catch Knox off-guard.
  • In normal form -

Knox retains some of the traits from his transformation, particularly in physical strength and athletics; physical 'toughness' is above average as well. The passive form of sight is, quite fortunately, a constant. He can push some of the other sensory nerves into focus, but not without a good deal of effort. Essence drain and related abilities are almost entirely suppressed. Accelerated recuperation from damage is present, but not nearly at the level of his transformed state; general resistance to disease, toxins, and so forth is well above average.

  • Skills: Mechanically knowledgeable, competent enough in most cases to reverse engineer at the mechanical level; most of his experience here has been put to use in eniterly aesthetic fabrication. Heightened senses have developed an investigative instinct, whether through interrogation or tracking; the latter easily more effective in his transformed state. While he received some training in martial arts, he's more of a brawler, an instinctive fighter that borrows heavily from his enhanced perception. Off-grid survival, from an impromptu crash-course in his history.


While not defenseless in his normal form, Knox is certainly an easier target; a well-coordinated attack could overwhelm him. In his transformed state, striking at distance would be the most viable option, provided that distance could be maintained. And while not usually susceptible to mind games, playing on Knox's general inability to fit in with normal society could be used to one's advantage. Presently, he can not communicate by conventional means while transformed, limited to a one-way conversation with anyone short of a talented telepath.