American Muscle

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American Muscle
Player: @Toasterjoe212779
"Alright, let's get this over with. I've got a ballet recital to get to."
Character Build
Class Focus: Tank
Power Level: 16(Moving up the ranks)
Research & Development: 'Merican research
Biographical Data
Real Name: James Washington
Known Aliases: Muscles, Daddy
Gender: Male
Species: Meta-Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Washington, DC
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: Alana(Daughter)
Age: 26
Height: 6'7
Weight: 280lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Complexion: Slightly tanned
Physical Build: Muscular
Physical Features: Bulging muscles, White on white teeth
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Neutral

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: 6
Citizenship: ...Really? Take a guess.
Occupation: Government Sanctioned Super Hero
Education: K-12
Marital Status: Single (Not ready to mingle)
Known Powers and Abilities
Super strength and Super toughness
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Mega-Foam bracers
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American Muscle, or James Washington, was born to a patriotic and conservative family in Washington, DC. His parents gave him everything he wanted, and he was able to breeze through life without a care. However, once he hit the age of 20, his Meta-Human abilities began to surface, and he gained strength and durability beyond his wildest dreams. He began to use his abilities in order to show off and attract all the ladies, as most young adults would do in the situation. One night, all of his gallivanting paid off and he made the sweet snookums with a woman by the name of Amber Baker. Unfortunately, she became pregnant.(I guess his strength ain't the only thing that's super) Once Amber gave birth, she fled and left the child with James, forcing him to care for his new baby girl alone. His parents had disowned him for having a child with a woman as floosy as Amber, and he had nowhere to turn. He had no job or any friends that would do any more than let him stay at their he did what he could, he struck a deal with the government. He would become a superhero...a government sanctioned superhero, and play by their rules in exchange for a place to stay and an income that would allow him to support his daughter, who he named Alana.

#1 Dad

James worked for the United States government, and still does in order to support his little girl. Alana, who has shown no signs of having any superpowers as of yet, is cared for better than any girl could ask for. James works to be a shining example of the perfect dad and beats criminals into the ground in order to feed and protect his baby girl. There are few villains who have found out James' identity, and those who have, and have tried to go after Alana, have faced some serious consequences.


James, out of costume, appears to be an extremely physically fit, generally handsome young man. He wears T-shirts and jeans almost exclusively, and always sports his no-rimmed glasses. In costume however, he wears his T-shirt that signifies who he is, and a small eye-mask.

James is generally a very kind and outgoing person. He is the kind of person who would pick up a piece of litter when the person walking in front of them drops it on the ground. Since he is a father, and is used to dealing with immaturity and setting an example for a child, he is a very censored person when it comes to his words and actions. Being a Hero, American Muscle is a good natured man who always follows the law.

His interests include working out, playing old school video games, fighting crime and spending time with Alana. There's also his love of 90's music as well as classical orchestra.


Super Strength

As the name implies, American Muscle is in fact all muscle. He can lift enormous amounts of weight and punch through steel. His strength is scaled to his general level of righteous fury, and his limits have yet to be discovered.

Super Toughness

James has extremely tough skin and bones far denser than a normal human's. Most bullets bounce off without a scratch, and knives have proven virtually useless. He's survived being crushed under collapsed buildings, being hit with missiles, and much more.

Invincibility Frame

Playing a lot of videogames in his youth, James calls this ability his invincibility frame. He is able to channel a special energy which causes his body to become virtually indestructible for a few seconds. This ability needs time to charge however, so he uses it sparingly, as it is one of his most useful assets in battle.


In his High School, James had been captain of the wrestling team, and knows many holds, throws and submission maneuvers as a result. This, combined with his Super Strength, allows him to neutralize foes without harming them (much), which is his preferred method of doing his job.

Parental Temperament

James has always been a calm and collected person, but with the experience of raising a child, he has become extremely patient and doesn't anger very quickly. This may seem irrelevant to a combat situation, but it is a huge advantage when dealing with easily riled up opponents, as his calmness allows for more focus.



Although American Muscle's identity is somewhat easy to uncover, considering the internet and all it's resources, he continues to wear a pair of tinted glasses to protect his identity. They don't improve his eyesight, but are made out of a special material designed to remove all glare from his view, effectively rendering flash-bangs and reflective blinding useless.

Mega-Foam Bracers

American Muscle wears a pair of Mega-foam Bracers designed by the U.S government in order to stop potentially fatal projectiles, such as Questionite tipped bullets and magically enhanced swords and knives. Mega-foam is an extremely rare substance that is soft and squishy when applied with small amounts of force at a time. If something such as a bullet were to hit the material however, it hardens at an extremely fast rate and is virtually unbreakable. Why doesn't James just wear an entire suit made with the stuff? It's extremely rare and hard to get a hold of.


Originally a normal device used to check on his daughter, James' Smartphone is now new and improved. Outfitted with bio-scanning technology and an over-the-top "Flash" function, which is used to temporarily blind enemies, his Smartphone is now a very useful piece of equipment.


The Law

James is unable to break the law under any circumstance. Doing so would terminate his contract, and thus cut off his income. He needs the money in order to keep living his comfortable lifestyle with Alana, so he refuses to break the law, period. All bets are off if his daughter is in the mix.

Can't Swim

Having such a dense bone structure and having no swimming lessons ever means James is unable to swim. In fact, he sinks like a rock. This is a huge weakness, considering most of the planet is covered in oceans.


Being a father first, Superhero second, James will not do anything that would put his daughter in danger. Although targeting Alana is just a bad move for villains from the get-go, considering how huge of an ass-whoopin' they'd get if he foiled their plans, it's still extremely crippling. James would do anything to keep his baby safe, and that's exploitable. (You'd have to be a complete prick to go so far as to attack his daughter though)


Forever alone.


  • Whistlin' Dixie: Dixandra Johnson's superhuman ability to whistle at ear splitting frequencies emerged when she was but a teenager. This, combined with her masterful martial arts skills made her a formidable opponent. She used her abilities to help people, save lives, and all that heroing nonsense under the name of Whistlin' Dixie. Her competitive nature and borderline inhumane methods of dispatching criminals, however, put her at odds with American Muscle. The two have butt heads many times in the past, and still do.
  • Happy Jack: Jackson Maine is a misguided vigilante working in Westside, who uses excessive force and endangers the lives of civilians in order to dish out "Justice". Jack and Muscle have faced off once or twice, Muscle always being the victor of course. Jack just doesn't seem to want to stay in prison though, and keeps escaping and performing the same acts of injustice, excessive violence, and sometimes public indecency.
  • Nefarious: Nelson Klum always had a high IQ and relatively good understanding of how the world worked. Working at a radioactivity research department, he was accidentally(?) exposed to the radiation and was gifted with an extraordinarily high IQ as well as incredible speed and stamina. He has used these abilities to gain considerable wealth through thievery, and is a rather...nefarious criminal.

Fun Facts

  • James is completely disgusted with burping, it's to the point where he has to leave the room.
  • James owns a small white chihuahua named "Precious", which he utterly despises. He bought it for Alana, and still can't figure out why the damn thing won't stop shivering.
  • James likes bacon a lot. Like, a lot.
  • James attends 99.999% of Alana's ballet recitals. He missed one due to being out fighting crime, and she simply will not let him forget about it.
  • James hates cats, end of discussion.
  • James loves the Sherlock Holmes books, open for discussion.
  • James is obsessed with Professional wrestling, and often employs new moves he sees out in the field for fun.
  • James spoke in a deep gravely voice when he first started working as a hero, but decided it didn't really add anything to the effect and stopped about a week in.
  • James refuses to date, claiming the only woman he needs in his life is his daughter. This has confused many people, considering his youth and general behavior with women. Alana has actually asked him why she doesn't have a mommy like on the television. Right after being asked the question, he banned Alana from watching T.V without him present.
  • James has instructed Alana to turn on their security system whenever he isn't at home. It consists of alarms, six deadbolt locks, and a few DNA recognition lasers provided by the U.S Government. Thanks Uncle Sam!

RP Hooks

Government Sanctioned

Being a government sanctioned hero, American Muscle could be known by UNTIL agents and U.S government employees.


Due to a bystander filming one of his many heroic battles with evil, with impressive camera work, American Muscle is a bit Internet famous. The video titled "American badass" currently has two million views on Youtube.

Dumb Artwork


Out Looking for Crime - Age, Regret, Reward - Phoenix Wright: AA

Battle Theme - Investigation~Cornered, Phoenix Wright: AA

Main Theme - The Steel Samurai, Phoenix Wright: AA

Victory Tune - Real American

Epic Victory Theme(Reserved for amazingly awesome wins) - Kingdom Hearts- Hikari Kingdom Orchestra