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Shadowrunner is an innuendo for handler, operator, or otherwise member of the Shadow Network, a Coalition of like-minded Street-and-National-Level heroes who communicate and operate through a network of hidden media. Sometimes this Network will become hijacked by the evil forces of Dr. Von Dread and his VIPER entourage known as Requiem's Decree. This Network currently consists of...

Ghost Hound - The largest, most well known Hi-Tech PMC on the Face of the Planet.

Valkyrie Foundation - An Organization for Children and Adults with "Special Needs"

Shades of Tiamat - A Black Ops "Suit and SWAT"-style division of PRIMUS

The Ministry of Order - Mutants and other Heroes with a global agenda for change.

The KitoJigen - A Corporation devoted to research and developement of new tools for all Heroes.

Project Horizon - A Division of UNITY, lead by Spectre

The Storm Radio - A Millennium City Local Radio Station that broadcasts from the ACI building.

United Justice Coalition - A former Law Enforcement Agency branch of UNITY, adhering to a larger union of 'The Champions'.