Blue Bruiser, Dennis Kereden

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He's just that BLUE!

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The Blue Bruiser
Player: @Doctor_Awesome
The Blue Bruiser & UN - FINAL.jpg
"I'll show you a heart that puts volcano cores to shame!"
Biographical Data
Real Name: Dennis Kereden
Known Aliases: Big Blue. Blue.
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth:  ??
Base of Operations: New York U.N. embassy, Millennium City UNTIL Headquarters, U.N. embassy Dubai, U.N embassy France, U.N. embassy Italy.
Relatives:  ??
Age:  ??
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 651lb
Eyes: Green
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Complexion: Somewhat tanned
Physical Build: Bodybuilder Extreme
Physical Features: Cleft chin, Older features
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public knowledge to Police Forces cross world
Years Active: 48
Citizenship: World Citizen
Occupation: U.N. security council "Frontliner of Freedom"
Education: College
Marital Status:  ??
Known Powers and Abilities
Super Durability, Super Strength
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Kendrium laced super suit.
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Birth of the Second Blue Bruiser

As the story goes, The Original Blue Bruiser was declared dead on December 12th, 1992. Between that time and January 1st, 1993, a man by the name of Dennis Kereden, (said formally to be a "hero" known as the BackAlley Bouncer) took up the mantle of The Blue Bruiser at the United Nation's New York HQ, hailing from Brooklyn and before that, Alberta, Canada. Tracking down the last pair of tights the original Blue Bruiser had worn, Dennis Kereden enshrined the original Blue Bruiser's efforts for peace and freedom, however flawed, by creating a sort of legacy.

As John McTavior before him, Dennis Kereden's past is shrouded in mystery. What is known is thst he shares many of the traits of the original Blue Bruiser, and obviously some different. For one, Dennis Kereden, the second Blue Bruiser is much larger and confrontational at times. Although subtle differences linger, the approache to Justice is one and the same.

No matter how he got here, here he is! The Current Blue Bruiser, mystery to the world! And defender of the EARTH!

He stands vigilant, and extremely hostile to all EVIL-DOER kind!

He is...



Dennis Kereden's Traits

Quite the Anger

One way Blue differs from the orginal is his anger issues. Now while this is all fine and dandy when aimed at the correct villainious evil-doers, sometimes it's not always so correctly aimed at those who choose to openly mock Blue about his size, hair, or anything personal.

Loves Justice!

On the UPSIDE... Blue Bruiser has an unbreakable morale code, much like the first! Unbreakable! Stealing is bad, in all forms, don't break the law, yadda yadda yadda. This will NEVER change, due to Blue's commitment to uphold the legacy of those that bear the title... THE BLUE BRUISER!

"Need a hand?"

Blue loves to help those that can't help themselves. He sees fraility as a sign of others needing him, something he likes. Blue has a massive spot in his heart for feeling needed. As a protector, as a friend, or as a conponent of justice. Blue strives with all his heart to contribute as much as possible, so that soon some will come to rely on him, and need his abilities.

Go around? No! Go THROUGH!

Blue tackles problems head on. And people. And tanks. And even walls. EXACTLY like the Blue Bruiser before him, Blue won't think twice about running headlong into battle, brunting the full power of a frontal assault if need be.


The Blue Bruiser, in his own right, is a brawler. Every Blue Bruiser for that fact, is and will be a fist thrower. It comes with the title. It's come to be standard knowledge of the Blue Bruiser's physical prowess - but with each new face taking up the mantle, something new comes into play.

Extreme Physical Strength!

Dennis Kereden differs from the Original Blue Bruiser a touch here. He's physically larger, stronger, but much slower. The full brunt of this Blue's strength could and would have put the original's to shame. This came with the sacrifice of speed on ground.

Extreme Physical Fortitude!

What can I say? Hit Blue. Hit him hard, hit him lots. Keep hitting him with a car. A truck. A meteor. Four meteors. Yeah, It'll hurt. But he'll get up. This is his main weapon going for him and his crusade of justice. Blue gets beaten up... ALOT.

Blue's skeleton structure is very dense and odd by human standards. His bones splinter in layers during his massive fights, which is to say they have an immediate defence to breaking. To represent the increased density of his larger skeleton, his weight is much more of a man similar to his size.


Blue has several weaknesses, some are more noticable then others. Unlike the Blue Bruiser before him, Dennis Kereden does not have the gift of speed. Our current Blue Bruiser is actually quite slow. Blue has trouble fighting any battle that he cannot set to his own pace of rugged, unstopping, and slow.

Blue also has trouble putting his hands on faster or smaller opponents. He tends to miss quite a bit versus these speedy enemies since typically he is more concerned on hitting as hard as he can and not about hitting his mark.


The Blood Bruiser!

A mysterious man, just as the Blue Bruiser, he's been around since before the fall of the first Blue Bruiser. Since then, he's largely been an enigma, in and out of jails for petty crimes revolving around use of unarmed violence. His favorite target to tango with was the first Blue Bruiser, but waves off the second as little more then a copycat with boots too big to fill.

Black Omen!

World cursing time traveler, this ex-hero was known as Doctor Awesome, who left earth on a rogue timestream to decern the depths of reality and space. He's returned a changed man, orbiting the earth in his secretive satilite with nothing but destruction on his mind. Most people have no idea who Black Omen is, where his base lies, and what his true goals are.

Or... if he's really dead, the second time around.

RP Hooks!

  • The Current Blue Bruiser loves to hear about his deceased friend, the original Blue Bruiser's, exploits.
  • Blue is a high ranking Agent in UNTIL and an UN endorsed Hero as the Blue Bruiser title carries.
  • Blue had worked a little on his anger issues and came to find an activity he cares for, mediating conflict. Having a conflict with a fellow hero? Call up the Blue Bruiser and he'll gladly refferee.
  • Blue, as his namesake, enjoys imparting knowledge of Martial Arts. Blue's fighting style is sometimes summed up as "SMASH AND STOMP", but Blue is an accomplished Judo Dan and Hook Boxer. Need a hand with a solid punch or heavy throwing power? Ask Blue!
  • Blue gets in many legal battles and employs a shady character as his lawyer. Blackie, the ex-arms dealer Man-Shark is a Landshark in a black suit. He can sniff a drop of blood in a olympic size pool and all loopholes in every legal document in existance.

Who is Blue to you?

Who is Blue Bruiser to you? Feel free to share your character's thoughts on that angry blue guy's tight prancing ways.

"Blue Bruiser? He's a straight-up cape complete with flair, crazy costumes, and guts bigger than Texas. If there's anyone I'd want clearing out the scum of Millenium City, it's my chum, Blue Bruiser!" - Eric Deringer

"Blue is stronger than me, tougher than me, and purer in his dedication to his ideals than me. Blue Bruiser was one of a handful of folks who first welcomed me to Millennium City when I returned here two years ago. For that reason, and for the fact that he champions many of the virtues I hold important, I'll always honor Blue and extend the hand of friendship to my "chum". Even though he occasionally makes me want to throttle him." - Thundrax

"Blue Bruiser? Who the hell is-...Ohh! You mean that muscle-bound meathead that drinks more orange soda than a bunch of geeks playing dungeons and dragons? He's alright, I guess." - Lightwave

"Big B is a good man. Friendly, loyal, and dedicated. A real family-values kinda guy. Like the sort of guy you'd except to see on re-runs of Cheers, except he can throw trucks. And yeah, hes a little too straight-laced and likes to holler about 'freedom' and 'justice', and his 'stache is pretty ridiculous, but.....where was I going with this?" - Nightwave

"I think that he is the oddest hero that I've met so far because he's just so random and wild! He has a very good heart though and I don't think there are many other heroes with greater integrity. He is a real hero!" - Spirit/Winterstar

"His Glory doth shine through his grandeur and selfless endeavour. His zeal doth burn in his deeds and his spakings. His head doth beat many a face of injustice and villainy. He is a pillar, not merely of Freedom and Justice, but of unshaking belief in what is Right!" - Chivalry

"Blue is quite simply a BOSS. He eats supervillains and shits Justice-O's. Sometimes he gets a little... Okay not a little, a LOT Over enthusiastic, and he LOVES to monologue, but goddamn if it doesn't get results." - Silver Eagle

"Generally a decent bloke, experienced and level-headed. The Blue Bruiser puts forward a good example to the wider Cape community. The hamminess is part o' the charm." - Leonard Castellar


New Blue's Main Theme - Street Fighter EX 2 + : White Field

Dennis Kereden's favorite song - Cannonball - Supertramp

If Blue was real...

He'd be ex-wrestler and congressman Jesse Ventura.