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Player: @team4#7866
Dragonfly portrait jpg 0201.jpg
"To protect the life, the magic and the love is my duty."
Character Build
Class Focus: Radiant
Power Level: 25
Research & Development: Mistycism
Biographical Data
Real Name: Twisted
Known Aliases: Youkai
Gender: Female
Species: Fairy
Ethnicity: She looks like an elvish fairy.
Place of Birth: No one kwos yet, she was adopted
Base of Operations: She lives in MC downtown, with her parents.
Relatives: Her adoptive parents, David Simmons and Adalene le Fleur Simmons.
Age: 17 years
Height: 4'6"
Weight: 85 lbs.
Eyes: Lit green
Hair: Blonde
Complexion: Pale skin, cute antenaes, greenish blue and pink butterfly wings.
Physical Build: Skinny
Physical Features: absolutely no marks or scars on her skin.
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Chaotic Evil

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Identity: Public
Years Active: 1
Citizenship: Millenium City
Occupation: Hero
Education: Highschool
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Dragonfly has, mostly, 'health powers'. They can be used both to heal or harm.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Dragonfly doesn't use technology.
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Short Info

Img 1.1 - Samsara & Twisted: two sides of Dragonfly.

Who is Samsara?
Samsara Le Fleur Simmons was left at the door of her parents as a baby, with a strange note containing her name and the recommendation to feed her with much love, so she would become who was meant to be, in a balanced way. Once a teen, she discovered herself a fairy, like the stories. During this period she also discovered her other secret ...

Who is Twisted?
Samsara has another side of herself, another ego, that she considers "her evil side": where Samsara is made only of calm, kindness and lightness, this other girl is completely made of passion, curiosity and enthusiasm for all sorts of risky and strange things. She called this other self "Twisted". Twisted did not like this name at first, but ended up clinging to it, for the irony of seeing the meaning of her own name in the world around.

Who is Dragonfly?
Dragonfly is the resulting mix of the two egos of Samsara. At the same time a dedicated healer and a ferocious fighter, Dragonfly has a keen instinct for peace and war.

What Really Matters

It is very simple: superheroes are always fighting the most powerful and dangerous fights. They stand in the frontline against the most powerful and vicious villains, armies, giant robots, monsters, evil deities and so forth.

This means one simple thing: superheroes get hurt. They get hurt really bad.

Yes, they get hurt. If they did not, if they could not, they would not be heroes.

But they do get hurt and, sometimes, yes, even superheroes die.

So, if superheroes get hurt and die to protect the people, the question is: who will protect the superheroes?

This is one of my duties. I am a healer fairy, and a superhero myself. I do protect regular people from bad guys sometimes, but, most of the time? Most of the time I am protecting superheroes while they protect everyone else. I heal them, in the middle of the battle, so they can keep fighting for you.

I know it sounds like I am trying to say that I am incredibly powerful. It is - definetely - not the case. Well, not yet. I am still very young but I know that eventually, I will be powerful enough to make a huge difference and, when this time comes, I will be already an experienced veteram in combat.

This is it: I am Dragonfly, and saving superheroes is part of who I am.


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