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The Vivacious
Not-So-Delicate Flower
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Super Group
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Real Name
Voreen Treinel-Skolina-Fresden-Noth
Amaranth (PotW code name)
Millennium City
Prologue (Space Vehicle)
Adventurer, Explorer
Legal Status
No Criminal Background
Marital Status
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Physical Traits
Apparent Age
35 Earth Years
Body Type
Varies, usually Green
Varies, usualy Green
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Powers & Abilities
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Heightened Metabolism, Plant Absorption, Prylenish Inherent Abilities
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The Prologue (Space Vehicle)
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Voreen is capable of looking however she wishes to look. Usually when she's doing the whole hero thing she appears as a humanoid woman roughly 6 feet tall with green skin and hair with matching eyes. She has a red form-fitting combat out fit with vines wrapped around her forearms. She can however alter her form at will.

English is not her first language and while she speaks it fluently her accent tends to come off with a rather over-deliberate pronunciation far less likely to use expressions comfortably, less use of contractions. All and all, she sounds kind of foreign.


Voreen is a kind hearted soul most of the time, though she does not shy away from combat. She is outgoing though with English as a non-native tongue she can be a little slower at getting ideas across, though her command of the speech has gotten rather well over time.

Voreen is rather open with her thoughts and can even come off as a tad boisterous at times, but all and all she's a kind soul who's just trying to make a positive impact on a planet she now calls her home.



Voreen was born on a planet known as Sha-Prylen. It's a word of botanoid aliens who can grow themselves into any shape they wish. Usually this process takes days. For Voreen it is mere moments, she was born a mutant, her metabolism was on overdrive and she was capable of even absorbing plant-matter and incorporating it into her biomass to aid in the recovery of any beating she had taken. The later ability had caused a fair portion of the population to regard her with some fear, but her dedication in fighting for what's right generally kept her viewed in a positive light.

That all changed when the Hzeel invaded. The Hzeel were an expansionistic race of short blue-skinned aliens. They struck Sha-Prylen hard, penetrating all its defenses. Voreen fought for the defense of her planet but in the end was bested, captured, and shipped off as a scientific curiosity, a mutant Prylenish, for later dissection and analysis. Voreen never reached her destination, she was able to escape her imprisonment, sieze control of the ship, without any idea of how to read the navigation however she soon found herself lost in space. Without a hope, her salvation came in the form of a Malvan, a man known as Ikellos the quaint. He found her in that Hijacked Hzeel ship near out of fuel, he took her in, and she served him as a slave.

Malvan slavery was not entirely bad. It is a society where all worldly needs are fulfilled by robots of marvelous technology. In fact many aliens willingly become Malvan slaves for a life of luxury in Malva. Voreen was among those slaves, as a shape-shifting alien she was an amusement used for show, much like the Rion'esh. However she showed skilled in combat, which caused her to be loaned off to Tatykles on a few occasions for Gladiator shows in the Forum Malvanum, located on the earth's moon.. In time she learned of earth from terrestrial gladiators who graced the halls.

Eventually she left Ikellos's service, on quite good terms. He left her with a ship that was of sufficiently low enough technology to not displease the Phazor. And she headed off to Earth to try to forge her own path again. She has spent time fighting crime along side Human mutants and has come to call this world home.



  • Fast Shape Shifting: Prylenish can grow into new forms over the course of several days. Voreen is a Prylenish, she can grow into a new form rather quickly. This allows her to quickly assume a wide variety of forms and disguises on the fly. She can also lash out with tendrils formed from her biomass for ranged combat. She generally uses such things to try to get her opponent into punching range.
  • Really Strong: Voreen is one strong plant, she is easily brick levels strength. Her primary means of attack generally consists of punching things.
  • Reconstruction: This green alien can use her ability to manipulate her own body into new shapes to heal herself. It functions best when she consciously directs it, allowing her to quickly seal up and regrow tissue over wounds. This doesn't undo any moisture loss however she might get from bleeding from such wounds before she repairs them. If unconscious her body will slowly rebuild itself if it has water and sunlight.
  • Floral Bio-absorption: Voreen as part of her mutant powers can absorb living vegetable matter. On her home world it was a horrifying ability in a world populated by sentient plants. Against mammals she is far less fearsome, though in a highly plant-filled environment she can replace biomass really easily by absorbing nearby plant life.
  • Prylenish Inherent Abilities: As a Prylenish alien she has a few perks. She is a plant and can derive sustenance from sunlight and water, this process tends to be too slow for her metabolic demands requiring her to supplement it with sugar. As a consequence she likes sweet drinks. As a plant her vital anatomy is far less vital. This can lead mammals who thought they have killed her to leave her seemingly dead body where it is for it to gradually recover. She has plant empathy, allowing her to inherently be aware of the general state of any plant life nearby.


  • Water Dependant: Voreen has a higher water intake than the native mammals of earth. Attacks and abilities that desiccate their victim are super effective on her.
  • Difficult to Treat: As an alien, Voreen has an anatomy that is rather, well, alien to terrestrial medics. If she's requires medical attention it can be rather hard to treat her.
  • High Octane Metabolism: Voreen's mutant abilities have a high metabolic tax. If she takes it easy and naps often in the sun she can conserve energy and not have to supplement, but combat and other high energy activities will blow through her energy reserves rather fast, forcing Voreen to dump more energy in her system in the form of sugar or absorbed plant matter, or get very tired and eventually pass out.

Comments & Opinions

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"Can't say I've taken the time to know Voreen past her combat specs. Her powers and levelheadedness make her handy in a fight and that outfit makes her easy on the eyes. You'll get no complaints from me on either front." - All-Star

"Voreen's been a valuable asset to the Protectors. She has a lot of talent and knows how to best utilize her powers in a variety of situations. She's friendly, cooperative and one hell of a pilot. Her understanding of Earth can be downright charming... well, most of the time, at least." - Sparrowhawk

"If there's one person I don't mind having my back when things are tough? Its Voreen. She's sweet, amazing with her fists on the field and knows a lot about plants. I do want to challenge her to an arm wrestling match sometime!" - Cosmic Glory

"Voreen is both a powerhouse and someone who you'd love to talk to just for her unique insight on the world in general due to her not being born of this world. As such, she's a great person to have around for anything." - Razira

"She's alright, I guess. Though there are times she totally throws me for a loop with some of the things she says, and that's saying something." - Artifist

"I can't really imagine a scenario where I'd bet against Voreen. Mostly because it would take a lot to bring her down, but also because I'd be afraid of her finding out." - The Peacemaker

"Us women of alternate skintones have to stick together, amirite?" - Imp

"I want her to teach me everything about her tech!" - Keioseth II

"I've always wondered... If Voreen absorbs weed plants, would she get high? You know, dagga, I'm not talking random garden weeds. I mean, there's nothing in the law against cannabis absorption, right?" - Jinn

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