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Sorceress of the Great Art
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"Justice and power must be brought together, so that whatever is just may be powerful, and whatever is powerful may be just."
-Blaise Pascal
Player: @jarnefeldt
Super Group
Secondary Field Leader
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Dusk Cassandra Vermillion
Artifist, Canadian Fist
May 8, 1992
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Flag CAN.pngCanadian/Flag USA.pngAmerican
Millennium City
See Above/ 'Workshop'
UNTIL Liaison/Superhero/Part-time College Student
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Samantha Fielding(Aunt), Raymond and Joyce Jones (Foster Parents), Andrew Jones (Foster Brother), Nathaniel Vermillion (Father, deceased)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
159 lbs.
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
gold eyes and pointed ears. Occasionally a tail. Yeah, that's a thing.
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
High Magic and Psionics
· Equipment ·
Various Magical Items, Mystical Armours, UNTIL vehicles and equipment requisitioned upon request.
· Other Abilities ·
Extensive Knowledge of Mystical Arts
Amateur Wrestling Background



Dusk Vermillion has a fair complexion and blonde hair with several other colours acting as highlights. She has golden eyes, pointed ears, an athletic body that's in great shape,standing at around 6'0 tall and weighing in at a 168 pounds. She can occasionally be seen with a smooth leathery white tail with a spaded tip or with brown hair, green eyes, and normal ears.

While on duty, Fist wears a multitude of costumes, her most iconic being a red and white leotard with a red maple leaf emblazoned on the chest with flared gloves, thigh high boots, and stockings. While wearing this costume, she wears a bright red cape with the UNTIL symbol on the back. Fist also wears a red partial mask with a red outer mask to give the appearance of horns. Outside of the tights, Fist prefers to wear jeans, tee-shirts, hi tops, and bomber jackets on most days. When dealing with mystical phenomena on a casual afternoon, she'll opt for her baggy jeans, a single breasted shirt and a jacket.


Canadian Fist Avionetca.png

A bit of a tomboy, this young woman from Okotoks, Canada led an average life until the emergence of her powers nearly three years ago. When Dusk's powers emerged, she ended injuring a nearby schoolmate which caused the community to hunt her down and attempt a violent exorcism of her 'supernatural possession'. With the aid of a few people still on her side, she managed to get the Hell out of Dodge and cut a quick path to Millennium City.

Since arriving in Millennium City, Dusk had taken to crime fighting while learning how to use her powers in a safe and effective manner.During this time, she served on a team of paranormals calling themselves the Remnants. Being faced with constant paranormal threats, Dusk was forced to learn whatever she could about the mystical world and master her control over The Gold to be able to combat the threats that were becoming a part of everyday life. Over the months, she managed to catch the attention of one of UNTIL's superhero liaisons, who quickly offered her a position in the Superhero Liaison Program, under the name 'Canadian Fist'.Some time after becoming A superhero Liaison member, she was offered to join UNTIL's Initiative Six: Rising Force. She served on the team for a short duration before moving to the Protectors of the World, where she's still currently a member.

Shortly after her birthday in 2014, Dusk took some time to herself

Dusk has also appeared in a few superpowered fighting leagues as a way of making ends meet and has most recently become involved with a Millennium City based wrestling promotion that exclusively uses metahumans.


Fist is a young,confident hero that sometimes borders on arrogant. She has unshakeable faith in her abilities and isn't very likely to back down, no matter who her opponent is.She's generally light-hearted, even when it comes to serious matters and tries to keep to heroic ideals. She seems to have a love of fighting and doesn't seem to mind when a situation gets down to violence. She does seem to react rather negatively when others overlook her skills or advice on subjects, especially when it comes to magic. She occasionally has a penchant in being unbending with her viewpoints when dealing with paranormal creatures, having had more than her fair share of experiences having to rein them in.


  • High Magic: The Gold:Fist's premier ability is her innate use of the magical force of her extradimensional heritage she simply refers to simply as 'The Gold'. With it, she's able to achieve a variety of different things such as creating constructs of golden energy, increasing her physical physical abilities, form protective shields, heal wounds, open dimensional tears, energy projection,providing defence against magical attacks, and more! While the applications of the gold are few in limitations, there are a few drawbacks. The Gold is powered and controlled by Dusk's willpower and faith in her abilities. Furthermore, she can only generate so much of The Gold at once without risking injury or worse due to producing more than her body can handle. This limitation is especially apparent when she's suppressing her extradimensional heritage to appear more human.
  • Psionics:Aside from her magic, Fist also possesses the the gift of psionics. With it, she's able to create telekinetic fields that can defend against blows or detect beings around her at a certain distance. She can also create psionic constructs in the form of weapons, generally preferring a single sword and a buckler. She's also capable of ranged telekinesis. She also seems capable of amplifying these powers by cannnibalizing her own physical body to provide extra psychic energy. As with other mentalists, she gets headaches and nosebleeds when pushing these powers, this damage is multiplied if these effects occur due to an amplification.
  • Enhanced physical attributes: Before the emergence of her powers, she was an athletic woman in great shape; with her heritage taking hold, her physical abilities are top notch, even without the aid of her powers.
  • Regeneration: Fist's body passively repairs damage to it,thanks to her extradimensional heritage. This regeneration can be further bolstered by her The Gold to withstand and heal serious wounds that would otherwise prove to be fatal.
  • Flight:Using either her High Magic or her Telekinesis allows Dusk to fly at incredible speeds, breaking the sound barrier when necessary (or cool).


Fist possesses the ability to make various tools and magical items with her High Magic. Copies of high grade items such as suits of armor, weapons, and devices are usually of a slightly lower quality. Mundane things such as clothing are of decent quality.

Amongst her greatest creations are:


"The Gold Knight":The Gold Knight is a set of mystical armour Fist first created early in her heroic career to help handle the strains of constant high end use of her high magic. As well as providing modest protection, the armour's main function is to serve as a sort of 'brace' or 'reinforcement' for Fist to allow her to use the high end abilities of The Gold longer without having to worry about damage to her body. While utilizing this armour, some of The Gold manifests itself into crystalline shard fragments that take shape as wings.

Wrestle Gorilla": Wrestle Gorilla is one of Fist's permanent constructs she created a while ago to serve as a personal enforcer and a bit of extra muscle for when she's preoccupied. Wrestle Gorilla's a silverback gorilla that wears tights, a luchador mask, and a red cape that he tosses off before every fight. He possesses a fair amount of strength and durability and can be counted on to not botch a shooting star press! He's only been employed once so far with moderate success, but Fist'll swear by her heavyweight chimp!

"Hazard Armour Red: The hazard armours serve a similar purpose as the Gold Knight: To help Fist alleviate some of the strain of high end use of her powers. Though the both of these armours have the added task of acting as hazard suits for certain environments so more of The Gold can be allocated to the task at hand. The Hazard Red armour is a full body armour meant for hostile environments such as Space, while the Hazard Blue is meant for mystical hostile environments. An odd side effect of using the Hazard that The Gold takes the form of wings that are metallic in nature.

"Workshop": Workshop is Fist's personal workshop she created in the Upper Astral and is where she conducts all of her mystical research and crafting. It houses her collection of spell books, confiscated magical items, created magical items, and is generally her default spot to go to if she wants a bit of peace and quiet.

"The Needsaname-icon": This book is a more or less Fist's almanac when it comes to The Great Art. It contains all of her research into the Supernatural World and her ideas and theories on spellcrafting and handling supernatural threats. Since she's only begun her career, this book is far from complete.

"The Sentinel Armour": The Sentinel may be Fist's best work, though it remains untested. It's an armor in a similar vein as the Gold Knight, but instead of just bracing Fist's power, it looks to amplify it. So far she's had little success in getting it to work the way she wants it to.

A Friends.png

Anarchy C.Fist.jpg

The Flea: Despite (Or perhaps in spite of) what people say about The Flea, Dusk sees nothing but a good man that's trying to make his way just like the rest of us.

Anarchy: Veronica Roy is one of Fist's best friends. The pair trade verbal (And often physical) jabs with each other, though at the end of the day, they'll have each other's back. Sometimes Dusk worries Veronica's getting in too over her head with everything she takes on, but always plans to be there for her in case of a fall.

Kaira: Kaira and the Hoppers are interesting to Fist. She can hardly believe there's an organization such as Kaira's. She finds Kaira to be levelheaded and trustworthy and is glad to have someone like her around.

Blaspherion: The Archmagus of C.A.B.A.L! While the two aren't especially close, Fist finds him quirky and rather enjoys seeing someone as ancient as he is using his mastery of The Great Art for good rather than evil!

Thundrax: The main man! Fist has idolized Thundrax since her childhood and is totally stoked to be on a team with him. She strives to hopefully earn his respect and be seen as an equal to him, even though they're decades apart in experience.

Scripture:Fist feels a sort of kinship with Scripture, as they are both young twentysomethings that possess innate magical talent and fight badguys! She sees Scripture as a reminder to work hard at her craft and to not rest on her laurels just because she has incredible innate power.

Impsblood: Impy's another good friend of Fist's, with the knees to the face notwithstanding. She finds her to be quite a ray of sunshine when she's around and can count on her to stop stuffing her face to beat up some awful mages when they're up to no good!


Katsuo: Fist likes working with Katsuo since she knows she can count on him to give it his best and to be a team player. She worries that he takes his love of fighting way too seriously and that he needs to open up a bit and learn to enjoy the company of his teammates. She also wishes he'd at least consider her advice sometimes.

Razira: Fist has complete faith and trust in Razira and doesn't think twice when she's issued an order. Though she did take it to heart that Razira once totally blanked out on her when speaking!

All-Star: All-Star's a jerk and his mustache is stupid. Aside from that, she held All-Star in high regard, even though she believed he sold himself short at times when he compared himself to those with more over metahuman capabilities. On the field, she trusted his judgement and wasn't likely to question his orders unless they included shielding him with her body.

Dobergirl: Though she occasionally teases Sunny about that unfortunate rocket incident, she likes to believe that they've something of a friendship or a decent working relationship.

Sparrowhawk: The leader of the Protectors and former Rising Force member! She often feels overlooked by Sparrowhawk due to her short career so far and it grates on her nerves when a mystical situation comes up and she opts to look to others for advice. After the incident where Sparrowhawk seemingly betrayed the team, Dusk's opinion of the team's leader hasn't improved.

African Violet: African Violet's a great teammate that seems like good people to Fist. Missions work out well when she's there and she's generally a nice person to hang around!

Zelara: Another former Rising Force member! Fist loves Zelara's no nonsense attitude on the field and her ability to step up, regardless what the challenge ahead of her! She's always at ease when Zelara's on a mission with her.

A Trivia.png

-Fist's father was a former UNTIL agent based in Toronto.

-Fist wrestled under the personas of Gold Hawk and Spellbinder in her stints with the MCWA.

-Fist is one of Thundrax's biggest fans, having a copy of almost every single piece of merchandise of his that has ever come out. She swears she's not obsessed

-Fist has a thing for burly brick type guys.

-Fist chose the name Canadian Fist in honour of her friend, The Australian Fist. Don't worry, he's alive!

-Fist picked her new name, Artifist, as a means to step away from being seen only as a Canadian superhero.

A Tropes.png

Tranquil Fury -When Fist becomes enraged, she doesn't scream or shout. She gets dangerous.

Let's Get Dangerous - When pushed too far, Fist begins to apply her powers in a much more effective way than 'shoot this' and 'throw that', much to the chagrin and dismay to the villain that's enraged her.

Action Girl -Fights giant monsters, DEMON, VIPER, and an assortment of whacked out villains without skipping a beat or breaking a nail.

Magical Girl Warrior -Fist would fall into this category, sans yelling and long transformation sequences.

The Cape - Fist takes after Thundrax and his heroic ideals, doing her best to often act as she think he would act in any situation.

SuperMode - Fist's transformations all serve the same purpose of helping her regulate and withstand the strain of continous extreme use of her magic. Some also possess secondary qualities, such as being able to withstand a hostile environment.

A Comments.png

-This is where people have said nice things about Artifist to not bruise her already fragile ego.-

"Canadian Fist is someone dependable as both a friend and someone you know will have your back on the field. We've beat the snot out of each other a few times in Carl's sure, but you know what they say, right? Best way to get to know sometimes is on the battlefield. Don't know what else to say honestly though. She's got a few things to work out, like all of us. Just keep it up Dusk. You'll go far." - Anarchy

"A really nice girl; very capable and professional. Though I'm not sure why she occasionally fangirls over me, rather than a worthier candidate like Justiciar." - Thundrax

Canadian Fist.jpg

"She needs to stop talking shit about my awesome facial hair. Other than that, she's a good one. I can trust her to have my back...I think..." - All-Star

"Powerful. Lots of untapped potential. Fist can be counted on to perform in a variety of situations. She is a bit, how do you say, hmm... verbose? While that can be distracting on the field, I can count on her to give 110%." - Sparrowhawk

"I don't know why she's called Canadian Fist. She needs to punch things more. Or be called Canadian... Telekinetic... Energy... Person. Yeah." - Impsblood

"She likes the Flea. Ick." - Ada Clover

"An ascended fangirl with a bunch of superpowers. That's totally not going to become an issue when she finally admits her love for Thundrax and he turns her down because he's married to the job or actually has a wife or something. And she sounds like she believes in magic, so she's automatically stupid." - Blue Freedom

"One of my best friends, which might say a lot about me, but yeah, I think she's that cool." - Ryder Williams

"Dusk ain't half-bad at all. Sure, she likes the Flea. Yeah? So what, that's her business, not mine or yours. Sure, she's inexperienced. That changes with time. Fist's got a lot going for her, and she'll improve. Like we all do." - Snowtalon

"Dusk, The Canadian Fist. And I've never seen her use her fist!" She grins. "Heheh, I'm just teasing. I know, however, that this little issue with her heroic handle seem to get to her. Why don't you shape your powers into a fist? This would actually look pretty cool, and unique. Otherwise, my thoughts on her? I like her. Not because she's Canadian, no. But from what I've seen from meeting her a few times, she's a good person. Not much, my comment, but I'll have to know her better before having a deeper opinion of Dusk." - Natasha Roy

"A fine ally, on and off the field. Her versatility in combat is admirable, and the level-headed approach she carries into many conversations is a fine counterpoint to the hot-hotheadedness so often exhibited by the 'heroes' of the city. There are few I would trust completely at my back in a fight, and Dusk Vermilion is one of them." - Scripture

"Dunno her for her cape work. But I've heard good things. Do know she can scrap, and take a beating though. Hehe. Cool people as far as I'm concerned." - Persephone

"Missions always go smoothly when Fist shows. She's strong and intelligent, and she's got an interesting set of powers that can do quite a lot. I'm glad to call her a friend and a faithful ally." - The Peacemaker

"She has enough power to get by and enough skill with it not to come across as a fool. The few times I've seen her she's been rather effective. She can be trusted in dangerous situations, even if she does stink of the worlds beyond." - Lorekeeper

"Fun to work with, amazingly professional and great to be around, I'm honored to have finally gotten to work with her. Fist is an amazing team member and I look forward to more missions with her." - African Violet

"I realize that I've known Dusk for quite a long time, when Jack "Gearhead" was still a known face in Westside, but oddly enough we never got the occasion to get really close. And I can't think of a real reason behind that, a bit of shyness on my part maybe. Otherwise we've been on the field together on a few occasions, she always performed very well, and more than that she seems to have improved a lot with time. I can say that she definitely packs a punch now." - Katerra

"I haven't worked were her a lot, or gotten to know her well, but god damn, if she isn't a damn good heroine than I don't know what is. Sure, I may not be a fan of magic, but it doesn't matter; she could get the job done without it. A really impressive heroine with a lot of experience. I look forward to being on assignment with UNTIL real soon." - Stitch

"A very knowledgeable and powerful Hero, and one I'm especially glad to see battling the many forces of evil alongside the rest of the Protectors. I know I can trust Artifist to be there and give it her all even when everything else is falling to pieces around us. An overall impressive teammate." - Razira

"I adore Dusk and her sassy, take no shit attitude. But, I also her admire her professionalism and cool headiness when shit hits the fan, not a lot of people can do that." - Jangala

"Weirdo." - Katsuo

"I tend to forget that magic is an actual thing, so I tend to forget just how effective it can be. Artifist wields it like it's as easy as taking a walk. I know who I'll be calling when there's magical shenanigans!" - Tesseract

"I like her pants." - Imp (Angel Anderson)

"I should make a version of the 'Unexpected John Cena' meme except put her in it! You know cause she likes... wrestling... why are you looking at me like that?" - Keioseth II

"First things first: My name is not Casper, has never been Casper and will never be Casper. Now that that's out of the way... Where to start about her? I think from the current generation of... heroes of Millenium City, she is one of those I have known the longest. Our paths have crossed several times over the last years and she has survived each of those encounters. That's enough praise." - The Doctor

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