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Player: Pariba
Join the Brutal Legion! Meet Interesting People... Then Kill Them.
Biographical Data
Real Name: Linden Snook
Known Aliases: -
Gender: F
Species: Hybrid-Clone
Ethnicity: Human
Place of Birth: Sterga's Secret Lab
Base of Operations: Drug Distribution Warehouse, East Briar Institute
Relatives: Snookums, The Snookii
Age: appears 16: less then a month.
Height: 6 Foot
Weight:  ?
Eyes: Olive Green
Hair: White-blonde
Complexion: Tanned
Physical Build: Gangly
Physical Features: -
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 2 Weeks
Citizenship: -
Occupation: Glorified Accountant
Education: Fictious college, East Briar Institute
Marital Status: N/A
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Not Much Yet
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBoxSlim created by @Maekada

Linden Snook

The Tale of a Fictitious Woman.

My name is Linden Snook. I am entirely fictional, created on a whim as a lesson for another woman. My memories are false, and the life I remember having lived, never happened. I am the clone of a clone.

It's an awkward beginning, I admit, But I'm going to try to make the best of things...



Snookums: The Clone

I was supposed to replace her after a mind-wipe.



When I was stuck in the Clone's body.



Sterga: The Science Teacher

The Clone borrowed her lair and cooked me up in a week.


My new body

The Clone decided to have a joke at my expense and leave me as a teenager. More "manageable" that way.



Me and 'Dad'

He hand-tailored me to his own homicidal specifications.

The Hit List:


The Cook

I swear this guy is out to get me.


The Wallaby

Creepy stalking Furball.

  • Favorite Television Show: "Murder, She Wrote" The main character is totally a serial killer- but successfully pins it on some hapless sucker each time. There's a lot to be learned from this show...
  • Favorite Song:
  • Favorite Colour: Clover. Because... it's pretty.
  • Favorite Food:

Discovered by one Python, a reluctant agent of UNTIL, while fighting phantom-like solid memories downtown, Linden has aided him [somewhat] in his investigation of a local Super-villain. Having convinced Python the villain is her father, she is worried he might kill her and that she is trying to live a "normal" life as an ordinary schoolgirl at the East Briar Institute. Their paths have crossed several times.

Shortly after one such meeting Linden was on the city bus heading to her after school job as a glorified accountant. The bus passed two fighting meta-humans, was grabbed, hefted by one and promptly thrown at the other. It missed, hitting a brick wall. Linden woke in the wreck, impaled by a metal handrail. Even so she managed to escape the diesel filled bus, and aided nine surviving passengers. For this she was given a commendation by the mayor.

The commendation would have to wait for two weeks as Linden was "kidnapped" from her hospital bed, by villainous lackeys in a helicopter. They removed a large section of the hospital wall, took her and flew off. Apparently the hospital had been leaving messages on the super-villain's voice mail about her condition, and this practice angered him. During her captivity, Linden was fitted [without her knowing] a tracking chip, identical to the ones the clones have, and a shock collar - used when she got too lippy at the Boss when he blamed her for the destruction of a delivery van, and the compromise of the Westside warehouse, when Snookums took, copied and gave away Linden's files. She snuck out of the hospital room one night with Clone D [the spy] and they went bar hopping for two days.

Eventually Linden was returned, mostly sound, received her commendation, and once more ran into Python, when he investigated the Westside warehouse. He was less then pleased to discover Linden was in charge... but arranged it so as his source she would not be arrested. He and the Boss fought inside the warehouse, destroying most of the crates of drugs within, and eventually caused the entire building to collapse. The Boss left, having received a... rather embarrassing telephone call from his girlfriend. Linden, watching the fight got rather high off the airborne drug residue and Python took her to the city hospital for detox and overnight observation. There UNTIL wiped her laptop and cellphone, and Python stole her flash-drive of incriminating files. Linden, eventually discovering the loss wrote and hand-delivered a report to the Boss' penthouse describing the situation.

Currently Linden is being followed by UNTIL agent Fernando, who is simply supposed to keep an eye on her, and call in should the Super-villain appear and make any threatening overtures.

Recently she visited the cheap theater in Westside and watched a Slasher film. During which she was met and attacked by several Maniac gang members. Stealing one of their knives, Linden killed three of them, but was shot by a fourth- who killed another thug. The fifth member of the group she gave the knife and he was arrested at the scene. Linden, injured, fled and is wanted by city police for questioning as the only witness, her identity unknown.

Linden has a small lair hidden under the East Briar Institute grounds. Originally some sort of storage room in the Utility tunnels, she's turned it into a safe [if damp] hiding spot complete with TV, Armchair, work-desk, teapot/hotplate and her own small arsenal. This lair has been borrowed several times by hiding clones.

Notes to self.

  • The Cook. stuck in quiet room.
  • The Wallaby. burnt warehouse.
  • The massacre. bank. chase. Death. Clone reprisal.
  • In tank. body stealing: island fun. Stuck on roof. stuck in school.
  • New body. Sterga. New job: same as Old job. New school. warehouse prank.
  • The bus incident. Files stolen. Kidnapping[Mooks]. Van stolen. At fort with D.
  • Returned. Python. Sniper. Second Kidnapping[Vigilantes]. Arrest at mall. Until Vacation.
  • Destruction of Until Building. Third kidnapping[Viper]. Captivity: hostage for good behavior...
  • Freedom from viper prison. World domination. Bug bites.
  • Hiding in cellar with Snookums, Python & Ethan.
  • ?
  • ?
  • Invited to Japan with Python for Xmas. Touristy things!
  • Returned to EBI from UNTIL custody. Shoots Snookums for "going weird". Is found and retrived by Brother Iggy- shoots him.
  • Spends 3 weeks in EBI Quiet Room having Justin Bieber music piped in. Is now washing dishes in the kitchen.


"Get. Out. Of. My. Kitchen." -Chevalier, EBI Chef
"I do believe your sister is on smoochie date." -Han HalfFace
"I take it you are the reason our guitarist jock is missing?" "Heh. I'll let you wonder" -Han & Linden Snerks. "Come on, why you denying it, he's good for you, and you good for him, the Good Boy Scout and the Bad Girl, you balance each other out." -Han, on boyfriends.
"I forgot your name, but you're cool with me." -The Doctor, in a burning warehouse.
Is currently frowning a bit confused.. Hidden under those goggles. She -does- look familiar.. "...Tofu girl?" -Mantle
"...We do know you're there, you know. Glenn can smell you." "Yesss. Glenn sssniffsss Linden out. Linden sssmellsss like sssweaty hay and regret." -She-Nightbringer & Glenn
He looks at Linden's hand for a moment. Quite a contrast from having weapons drawn at him, then simply shakes it. "K's friends are my friends. He doesn't owe you money, does he?" -The Doctor

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Saturday Night
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Tragic Truth