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Player: Pariba
Chillin' like a Villain!
Biographical Data
Real Name: Linden Kingswood
Known Aliases: "Greta Snook" "Greta Lindalen" "Laurel Haven" "Snookums Brutality" "Sassotron 9000" "Sinsonte Azul"
Gender: Female
Species: Hybrid-Clone
Ethnicity: Human
Place of Birth: Sterga's Secret Lab, Detroit
Base of Operations: Drug Distribution Warehouse, East Briar Institute
Relatives: Snookums, The Snookii Kevin, Priest
Age: Appears 18/ 6 Years
Height: Six Foot Two
Weight: 204 Lbs.
Eyes: Olive Green
Hair: White-blonde, Waist Length
Complexion: Tanned
Physical Build: Slender, Athletic
Physical Features: No Scars, No Tattoos. Vegetarian.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 7 years
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Glorified Accountant, Student, UNTIL Agent
Education: Fictious college, East Briar Institute
Marital Status: Taken ❤
Known Powers and Abilities
Minor Super-Strength, Medium Super-Speed, Stealth, Regeneration, Minor Flight.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
A lair, some guns, pre-programmed skills and a lot of Nanomachines, Son.
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBoxSlim created by @Maekada

Linden Snook

The Tale of a Fictitious Woman.

My name is Linden Snook. I am entirely fictional, created on a whim as a lesson for another woman. My memories are false, and the life I remember having lived, never happened. I am the clone of a clone.

It's an awkward beginning, I admit, But I'm going to try to make the best of things...


★ Snookums: The Clone ★

I was supposed to replace her after a mind-wipe. That didn't work out too well as we shared her body for a while. A lot of people wanted to purge my personality implant but she went and made me my own body. Then she went kind of crazy... then un-crazy. In the years since then we've gotten along much better. I babysit her kids now and then, she's helped me out of a couple jams. She did mind control me once to bring her beer, but she's promised not to do it again. We have a psychic link; she's one of the few people I can use telepathy on.


★ Me ★

When I was stuck in the Clone's body. There was a bit of cosmetic alteration involved. After we were separated she went and turned herself into a ginger, just for fun. She did keep the blonde hair and the rest on me, and declared me a 'half sister' to the rest of the clones.


★ Sterga: The Science Teacher ★

Sterga was one of the science teachers at East Briar for a while. I heard like fourth hand there was some story about her being a reformed villain in hiding, I have no idea if that's true. The Clone borrowed one of her lairs and cooked me up in a week. She was kinda bitchy and snark ass but she did me a solid in letting me get made so I can't complain too much. She disappeared on Mars back in '13. No one ever found out what happened. I blame the aliens.


★ My New Body ★

The Clone decided to have a joke at my expense and leave me as a teenager. More "manageable" that way. You can guess how well that turned out. I admit it did turn out to be a useful asset, hardly anyone wants to punch a teenage girl in the face. So I joined the gymnastics team and the cheer squad at school. You can make some 'homicidal cheerleader' jokes now, I won't mind. I mean, I did build a garotte into one of my Pompoms.


★ The Cook ★

For the longest time this guy was out to get me. Pretty sure he still doesn't trust me, then again he seems to trust very few people so I guess it works out. He's a blue ribbon trained French chef, and my god can he cook. He's also a expert swordsman and is pretty sharp with a gun. There's some crazy stories about what he did before he ended up at the school, we're pretty sure he was some sort of spy. He just says he's "retired", so make of that what you will. I keep calling him "Cook" just because it annoys him. He's kicked my ass a couple times for it.


★ The Monk ★

Brother Ignatius is the truant officer at the school, as well as keeping up the non-denominational chapel there. Rumor has it he's a vampire. But he's more spry and with-it then he lets on. I shot the guy once and he got right back up, so there are definitely powers there. What exactly they are is still a mystery.


★ The Wallaby ★

Creepy stalking Furball. I swear this guy- he's delusional or something and is firmly convinced I am the root of all evil. He jumps out from the weirdest places and that's like, it. We scuffle a bit, I cuss him out and he runs off cackling to do it again a couple weeks later. I think he needs to find a better hobby. I ain't crazy! I have proof that the LindenMonster is EVIL! Behold: Juryrig creates a time machine in 2016, Linden travels to Vibora Bay, then the Titanic sinks! She caused it to happen! She caused the worst movie in all of mankind to be made! It was BORING and because of her all the men in the world were forced to go see it! E V I L!! THE TRUTH MUST BE TOLD! LET ME GO, SHE MUST BE STo...


★ The Priest ★

And then I got Adopted. Actually he adopted all the clones, and I'm technically listed as one, so I got included. Virth is cool. He's an alien from the Maffei galaxy and we've had our ups and downs since the paperwork got signed but it's worked out overall. He married the Gymnastics teacher from the school, Rachel, I've known her for years. They met during Parent-teacher night, they're super cute together. I babysit his kids, he's given me a room in his house for that "normal family" feel. He's teaching me how to play the piano. I owe Virth a couple really big favours.


★ The Warlock ★

He's a vampiric warlock in exile from Fae. He used to work for a Viking emperor over there but they had something of a falling out. He's on Earth now to get his shit together, I met him at the Gothbar and let him have Safehouse3 to live in. As a reformed villain, he usually gives sound advice about what not to do. Cool guy. FAAAABULOUS hair. I have total hair envy. Also his daughter Beatrix is adorable! He got a job at the school as the music teacher. Amazing violinist.


★ The Boyfriend ★

Kevin Kingswood is a twin, has a brother named Keith. He's from a small town in Alaska and was part of a plot to combine the DNA of an entire superteam into two people. It's kind of hush-hush. He's teaching me guitar. We've been dating since he moved to Detroit. Things happened, we made a few possibly bad decisions in there. He asked me to marry him September '18. ...I said yes. It's been a year now, and the clones have only just realized why we have matching rings!

Favorite Television Show: "Murder, She Wrote" The main character is totally a serial killer- but successfully pins it on some hapless sucker each time. There's a lot to be learned from this show...
Favorite Song: "Sinnerman" Nina Simone- She has this amazingly powerful voice and her lyrics are just spot on. I am so sad that I was made too late to see her in concert.
Favorite Colour: Clover. Because... it's pretty, smells nice and makes an attractive arrangement, even if it is a common weed.
Favorite Food: Carrot Fritters with Cilantro and Lime. I might be a vegetarian, that doesn't mean I can't have delicious meals!

Discovered by one Python, a reluctant agent of UNTIL, while fighting phantom-like solid memories downtown, Linden has aided him [somewhat] in his investigation of a local Super-villain. Having convinced Python the villain was her father, she was worried he might kill her and that she is trying to live a "normal" life as an ordinary girl. Their paths have crossed several times.

Shortly after one such meeting Linden was on the city bus heading to her after school job as a glorified accountant. The bus passed two fighting meta-humans, was grabbed, hefted by one and promptly thrown at the other. It missed, hitting a brick wall. Linden woke in the wreck, impaled by a metal handrail. Even so she managed to escape the diesel filled bus, and aided nine surviving passengers. For this she was given a commendation by the mayor.

The commendation would have to wait for two weeks as Linden was "kidnapped" from her hospital bed, by villainous lackeys in a helicopter. They removed a large section of the hospital wall, took her and flew off. Apparently the hospital had been leaving messages on the super-villain's voice mail about her condition, and this practice angered him. During her captivity, Linden was fitted [without her knowing] a tracking chip, identical to the ones the clones have, and a shock collar -used when she got too lippy at the Boss when he blamed her for the destruction of a delivery van, and the compromise of the Westside warehouse, when Snookums took, copied and gave away Linden's files. She spent some time with Clone D there enjoying the local culture of UNTILblankblackstrip.png.

Eventually Linden was returned, mostly sound, received her commendation, and once more ran into Python, when he investigated the Westside warehouse. He was less then pleased to discover Linden was in charge... but arranged it so as his source she would not be arrested. He and the Boss fought inside the warehouse, destroying most of the crates of drugs within, and eventually caused the entire building to collapse. The Boss left, having received a... rather embarrassing telephone call from his girlfriend. Linden, watching the fight got rather high off the airborne drug residue and Python took her to the city hospital for detox and overnight observation. There UNTIL wiped her laptop and cellphone, and Python stole her flash-drive of incriminating files.UNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.png?

Linden remained in UNTIL Custody for just over a year, in a witness protection program. After that time she was returned and enrolled in the East Briar Institute of Higher Learning, a school for young metas.
UNTILblankblackstrip.png that they and then UNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.png Between the agents of UNTILblankblackstrip.png When she then UNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.png Thirty seven times faster then the current UNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngAllegedly they took UNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.png It was an unpardonable sin that he UNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.png in the case of John Doe. They needed to begin the UNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.png. UNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.png while he UNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngfor a total of seventy three dollars. After that UNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.png Currently enrolled under UNTILblankblackstrip.png the control of one Major Tom, head of Project: Ground Control. Linden is now UNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.png.

Linden recently took a year off of school for personal reasons, and tried several eclectic jobs. She repainted an unused oilrig off the coast of Africa in UNTILblankblackstrip.png, as an advisor to Sigmund, an emperor in a subdomain of Fae. She provided information on the political and UNTILblankblackstrip.png structures currently on Earth, and a back ground in UNTILblankblackstrip.png and UNTILblankblackstrip.png.
In the spring of 2019 she was hired to negotiate on behalf of Malva with the Roin'ish, successfully completing her mission of stopping a localized revolution of Edomic cultists and UNTILblankblackstrip.png. She returned after a month in space with a commendation from the Malvan Phazor himself.
Currently she attends classes at a local college, her major has not yet been decided upon.

Linden has a small lair hidden under the East Briar Institute grounds. Originally some sort of storage room in the Utility tunnels dating back to when the city was being rebuilt, she's turned it into a safe [if somewhat damp] hiding spot complete with TV, Armchair, work-desk, teapot/hotplate and her own small arsenal locked in a gun-safe. This lair has been borrowed several times by hiding clones. School security knows the location and installed video cameras in the tunnels nearby, figuring she wouldn't be the only person sneaking around down there. Nighthawk has slipped in a few times, much to her annoyance.

Linden's Gun-safe contains her preferred weapons, their ammunition, cleaning supplies, her body armour and other adventuring gear. As such they include:
Blaser R93 Tactical: This is her beloved "Black Betty" sniper rifle. She's modded it up some. Betty plays it's own 'theme song', the Leadbelly, RamJam & Tom Jones versions.
Heckler & Koch G36: A good all-around weapon.
SIG Sauer P320: Her go-to pistol.
Mauser 1918 T-Gewehr: It's an anti-tank rifle from WW1. It works on Elephants, it also works on Power armour and superhuman Bricks.
ADS Amphibious Rifle: Not something she uses regularly but feels the need to own. It has a compressed-air powered grenade launcher under the barrel.
Bowie-style Knife: Large, with a thigh-sheathe.
She also keeps a supply of odds-and-ends in an old VIPER backpack. They may include:
Flash bangs, Assorted grenades, A lighter, Lockpicks, A folding knife or two, Leatherman pocket tool, Piano wire, Several basic First Aid kits and a Ceramic knife.
Malvan Ray Pistol: For her assistance to the Malvan people Linden was allowed to keep the "Not very good" pistol she was given as a side arm. Of course by Earth Standards its a Very Good gun!

She also has access to an unused oil rig off of UNTILblankblackstrip.png, bought at an asset auction in 2016 from the UNTILblankblackstrip.png company. It has been stripped of it's equipment save the bare minimum furniture and a small gasoline powered generator. It stands atop a dry test well. There is a helipad on the roof and a small boat for emergency use. Linden occasionally visits there to meditate and whale-watch.

Safe House #3

Linden keeps several safe-houses in MC, in the poorer areas near Dearborn.

★ #5 Was destroyed during a purple chicken rampage in early 2017.
★ #1 Was still used by VIPER until recently, then she had eight Snookums clones go in and “clean up the place” on the condition they could live there. [For a small rental fee.]
★ #2 And #4 locations are as yet unknown to anyone save Linden herself.
★ #3 Was given to her friend Michel, his daughter baby Beatrix and their bodyguard Rictor. Michel is a demi-vampire from a subdomain of Fae, a warlock and a musician. He currently teaches music at the East Briar Institute. The nearby Neighbours became curious as to why he suddenly moved in, Linden gave the excuse that Michel is her older brother, recently returned from Europe. As their both blond and he has a interestingly foreign accent, it isn't questioned. Neither are the odd weapons and armour he occasionally brings home.

Safe house #3 is a two storied building, the residence on top, and once, a store below. Michel and Rictor have fixed the problem roofing, and have turned the first floor into an arts studio, for Michel's music and Rictor's painting. Being a safe house there is a hidden doorway into the city storm sewers, and another as a false wall leading to the back alley in the rear.

Created by a VIPER offshoot Linden is the clone of a clone, created to be an assassination model and the leader's pet enforcer. Things fell through and instead, she was made in an illegal lab in a week's time. Left at a teenage stage make her more tractable- it had the opposite effect and the leader dissatisfied had her become an accountant to a small drug-running ring to put her to "some use". She soon realized that she didn't have the motivation to lead a villain group, and most mooks had a very short career before death, or a long prison term, and that did not seem like a good lifestyle choice. Approached by UNTIL to give evidence, she started her rough and rather rocky road to becoming an actual hero. Her on-off relationship with UNTIL is ongoing and she is currently a consultant for them working under "Project: Ground Control".

Recently Linden was assigned as a trainee to the notable hero group "Protectors of the World". While she has not agreed with all of their in the field judgement calls she seems to appreciate the experience. She seems to be benefitting from this association, as not only has she become more diligent in her work, but her grades at university have improved. As a side note her behaviour toward others has improved: she is more open in social situations then ever before.

RossoWinch Fab Four Commission.png

Linden is a clone, based off a previously successful VIPER design then heavily modified: Resilient, strong, fast, adaptive. Her powers are not flashy and she has no real special effect associated in using them. She still retains the false memories implanted by her conditioning.
★ She has fast regeneration: makes her difficult to kill, she can survive injuries and accidents that would kill normal people and possibly cripple most Metas. Given enough time she can regenerate a lost limb. Her estimated lifespan is four hundred years if something she can't readily regenerate from doesn't kill her before then.
★ She has mild super-strength: not enough to pick up a car, but can easily Frisbee a manhole cover. It seems to top out at roughly twelve thousand pounds.
★ She has moderate super-speed: while faster then any Olympic runner, she is in no way a speedster. She can move and react incredibly swiftly, occasionally able to dodge the proverbial speeding bullet. She can produce a short-duration burst of speed- but only for short periods, a few minutes at most. Capable of running long distances with ease, she considers a 40-mile run one direction "good exercise".
★ She contains an active nanomachine colony that is built to adapt to her needs. It can produce interlocking armour over her skin, reinforce her bones, seal her in completely to protect against gas attacks or survive the pressures of underseas. It also provides active camouflage utilizing holographic overlays that interfere with her infra red and UV signatures. While not foolproof it allows her to be very sneaky. It also contains an internal communications unit, a selection of combat stim packs and a short range sensor array. The nanites can also be used to conceal small objects inside her body but Linden prefers not to do that as "It's disgusting."
★ As a side effect of her nanomachines Linden was programmed in vitro with numerous combat options making her dangerous in both close and ranged combat situations. She was also given a selection of commonly used languages she can speak and understand.
★ Linden has been designated as "psi capable" but as yet only been able to telepathically communicate with much stronger Psi-talents.
★ She has also recently manifested a flight ability but its speed and duration limits are not yet known. She's been having trouble controlling it, much to her embarrassment.

Linden is a little too tall for a girl by most people's standards, weighs a little too much to swim well, and is quite vain about her hair. She's mouthy, has no tolerance for bullshit, a bad habit of spying on people she knows through her spotting scope, claims to be a lesbian and is a vegetarian. Her nanite colony makes her visible on metal detectors and magnetic powers can be used against her very effectively. She has no resistance to magic and only a basic understanding of how to protect herself from it. She's very sensitive to being called a clone, and given her purpose in creation has no problems hurting people. Technically classified as a sociopath, she regularly has therapy for anger and trust issues as well as behavior modification: her emotions are "optional" at best. She has managed to remove the worst of her negative programming but she's never going to be the nicest person around.

Linden is an intelligent girl, designed to adapt- but she knows there will be people out there that are smarter, faster, better tacticians, effective combatants or anything else that the situation calls for. Her preferred role is perhaps best described as "Tactical Ranged": she's good in a close up fight, hand to hand or with a knife. But she likes to be above the fighting with a clear view of the area. As such she can provide intel, spot for hidden enemies, give cover fire or remove a target at quite some distance. Her stealth ability can conceal her from all but the most in-depth scans. Her weapon of choice is a modified sniper rifle capable of using different loads of ammunition but she owns a selection of other guns and will equip what is appropriate.

Linden works part time at the "Strawberry Fields" Animal Shelter, located near Dearborn. She is taking college classes at the East Briar Institute, and is on their Varsity Cheer squad. She maintains an active interest in dance and gymnastics and practices at a local gym.


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"Get. Out. Of. My. Kitchen." -Chevalier, EBI Chef
-Reaches his hands up and around behind his back.- "Sup with you Blonde Terror?" -John
"I do believe your sister is on smoochie date." -Han HalfFace
"I take it you are the reason our guitarist jock is missing?" "Heh. I'll let you wonder" -Han & Linden
-Snerks.- "Come on, why you denying it, he's good for you, and you good for him, the Good Boy Scout and the Bad Girl, you balance each other out." -Han, on relationships.
"I forgot your name, but you're cool with me." -The Doctor, in a burning warehouse.
Is currently frowning a bit confused.. Hidden under those goggles. She -does- look familiar... "...Tofu girl?" -Mantle
"I knew you had them, and where you kept the various other "Tools" Of death. Hidden in the Woman's locker room and shower, Fourth Panel down from the north end of the room, 7 Panels in from the east end. Stick a screw driver down, POP goes the weasel." -La Puma, EBI Gym Instructor
"Adorable aunt Leelee" -Icarus
"What do you mean she's not a sociopath?" "No she's worse, she's a sadist, she doesn't hurt people as she doesn't know better out of lack of empathy she LOVES to hurt people, screw them over." "And who the fuck are you?" -Kevin & Michel on Linden's habits.
"Never let her pressure you into sex, that's the job of the man." -Chevalier, on Linden's BF
"...We do know you're there, you know. Glenn can smell you." "Yesss. Glenn sssniffsss Linden out. Linden sssmellsss like sssweaty hay and regret." -She-Nightbringer & Glenn
He looks at Linden's hand for a moment. Quite a contrast from having weapons drawn at him, then simply shakes it. "K's friends are my friends. He doesn't owe you money, does he?" -The Doctor
"She shot her intended in the nuts: "NO ONE MAKES AN HONEST WOMAN OUT OF ME!" -Chevalier
"All with in healthy parameters for a pregnant Stream Line Model Snooks?" -Icarus
"Yeah it is kind of funny what a crazy bitch you are." *Both honest, and teasing a friend at once, sticking a tongue out* -Han
UNTILblankblackstrip.pngUNTILblankblackstrip.png -UNTILblankblackstrip.png
"I'm trying to give you enough benefit of the doubt, you won't go around offing students or staff, so it's not going to hurt anyone here." -Priest
Linden kinda looks like a hippie kid that gets home-schooled. Not an insult, just an impression. -Captain Sockpuppet
"Day dream of being a tentacle monster molesting women to your heart's content, Linden, I don't judge." -Pooter, on Amosa, Ninadeles & hentai.
-She leans back in the car seat grumbling a moment.- "The next time something like this happens, do I have permission to, like, superpunch them in the 'nads?" "Yes." "Noted, thank you." -Linden & Priest, on VIPER agents.
"You know how you are like 1-A's "True" Little sister, and the herd are more like "Half daughters?" "Kinda had that impression, yeah" *Not that she's likely to admit to least to anyone else* -Priest & Linden, on "sisters"
"They are speaking in hushed tones in the corner." "Two... I think... Human girls." "They look busy. Probably won't notice us." "Definitely a nightclub...I think they are doing something inappropriate." -Creed & Firefox
"Oh fuck you." *Linden looked at Kevin* "I am not a ninja. Pirates are cool, yesterday was pirate day. And that's the stupidest thing ever. Ninjas are supposed to be sneaky. Sitting in a bush making dumbass cat noises is not in any way, "sneaky"." *She makes little finger quotes.* "If you don't want to know the answer to your questions honestly, don't ask me them." -Linden & Kevin, on Ninjas.
"...Did... you? ...Are you? Really you?" *The clone looks startled- genuinely startled.* "BUT YOU LIKE GIRLS!!" -Clone B-792F
"Don't know why, but anime makes ninjas say "Nin nin", is the universal noise of light hearted ninjas... Lin Lin, NIN NIN FOR US." -Kevin, on Linden's new job.
I think the lady next to me is Slender Man in disguise. I don't trust her. I'M WATCHING YOU FIEND! -Old Man Bobb
-laughs- "You did both a wonderful and terrible thing all in the same moment. Congratulations." -Razira, on babysitting and making soup for triplets.
Don't lie... Sinsonte Azul was cloned from a half eaten ham sandwich and a Piffle eyelash. -CLAWSOME
"Linden is having shennanagins!" I prefer Pizza Hut. ;) -Piffle & Joanie Canuck
"I forced a vegan to add a modest level of meat to their diet, least I can do is let them get their fun out of it, before I bippity boppity boo them back." -Maria
"They're suppose to throw out unruly drunks and spazzes too, so how are you still here?" *Holds up coke can* "I ain't drunk yet." -Iron Dragon & Linden
Hmm let me Guess? Frank Castle is her Patronus? -Midnight
"Yeah, funny.... you used to be way cooler when you were still a girl." -Iron Dragon
Setting her drink down, empty. "Seems we lost the sheep. I blame you, Hedgehog Boy." -Maria
"...I haven't had anything more then bacon in a year and a half." *Says thoughtfully, into the glass.* "It's better, you don't need to take on the carnivore diet, but add some you know, trust me it's for the best." -Linden & Maria, on her diet.
"And none of it will make it sick, and you are denying yourself meat, eat meat, you ninny." -Maria the Wizard, on Linden's diet, again.
"MY wife was part of women's lib movement, when it started, in the forties... That being said... be decent kids and fuck in your own bed rooms." Gets the cold hose... OUT OUT WITH YOU! -Old Man Shield
"Linden: Sure I'll help you with your kung-fu issue." Starts filling people with lead. DAKKADAKKADAKKKA! "...Wasn't that what you meant?" "Wait, you expected me to PUNCH them??" -Zinc Raven & Linden
"Unaware of the fact some sort of invisible robot snake is eating his gun." -An NPC
"Don't mind him, he's a bitch, cause he thinks it's a stand in for a personality." -Maria
No chill only kill. -Rose
Then turns to look at Linden, and the sliding ID. "Ya know ya told me what age ya -weren't- when ya first started ordering yur Roy Rogers." "...I got a new id. I wanna see if it passes muster" -Kick Start & Linden
The blank, somewhat foggy goggles of the mask bore at her for a moment, "Ah, so you are an expert on the 'Horned People's' mating rituals?" "I am a cheerleader, so yes. yes I am." "Wait . . . are all Leader's of cheer. . . experts upon the 'horned people's' mating rituals? Fascinating." "Most of them, yes. Getting people horny is a side effect." Garrick hands linden the metaphorical shovel with which to dig this pit. -Krieg II, Linden & Garrick
"...Which one was that doing a moonwalk, Skeletor" "That's Linden. You can tell because she's cooler than the rest" "She's also smaller and works with us sometimes. And fucks that trans girl, Nebraska" -Nightbringer, Crack & The DnD Group.
No Linden... You're Bad. *Motions shame shame* Depends who you ask, really. -FANTASTIC FRANK & Toxbox
"Oh. Well. Good. I was kinda worried you was in jail or somethin, Blue." *She grins* "I'd totes bust you out though." "If I was in jail, Linden, you would do well not to let me out." -Linden & Blue Pheasant
-Shakes Lindens hand ...and gets pale- -Scandal
"Also who's the giant kid with the dreadlocks?" -Witchery Way
"I'm totes six, and want a beer." *Winks.* To the blonde. "You look like you're sixteen." *Looks down the bar* "Awesome, thanks!" -Linden & Jessica Price
"So long as she isn't doing something we're going to have to clean up..." "It's Linden. ...So one of you should look out a window." -Wildeye & Blue Pheasant
"I like this Linden chica." She laughs into her bottle. -African Violet
"I think it's a little early to say no one likes you, Linden." -Tesseract
"Why are "asshole" and "supervillain" almost always in the same sentence? I know it's like a trope, but for once I wanna meet some guy that's like.... robbing Fort Knox to buy off a convent's mortgage or something." -Linden
"...You think I'd get in trouble if I invited the clones to wrassle each other in like a pit of mud? Cause I bet they'd do it." "Alright, I was joking before, now I really want to yeet you down the hall for that one, not even joking." -Linden & Devai
Devai turning to the crowd, and nodding. "This is Linden, one of my friend's earth side. She is the Sassotron 9000." "Hey sup?" "She never means anything personal by it." -Devai & Linden at the Lunar Games.
Murdering People for Fun & Profit -UNTILblankblackstrip.png
All women are "off". That's one of the things that makes them interesting. -Super Intendent
-Stares at Linden- "I got that. Excuse me if I DO NOT shake hands. I know enough to have trouble sleeping from shaking hers..." *As soon as it's polite, Linden retrieves her hand* "I'm not THAT bad.... am I?" -Still stares at Linden- "You are pretty bad. Really." *Linden gives her a slow smile and looks oddly amused.* -Scandal & Linden
"Because me and him are brothers, and I dunno maybe you have a thing for cheetah people and you haven't come to terms with it yet." -Wildeye
"Luckily I regenerate! I can put anything in my mouth, and not die! ...That sounded better in my head." "...Linden, you're making this too easy for me." -Linden & Wildeye
"I held a door open for this chick and she told me I was a chauvinist cis male and told me where to go and how to get there, for havingsuch sexist attitudes. I aaaaaalmost let the spell slip and turned into a chick in front of her, just for the look on her face. But I'm also fairly sure all my clothes would have fallen off too so I didn't." "...I dunno. Usually doesn't happen to me. Most people say thanks. I think you found the rare cartoon strawman" -Linden & Wildeye
"...You both have made a powerful enemy today!" "But we know where you sleep." "And I know where you sleep." -Wildeye & Linden, on practical jokes.

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Saturday Night

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Tragic Truth


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