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The Storm Racer
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"Anger is like a storm rising up from the bottom of your consciousness. When you feel it coming, turn your focus to your breath."
-Thich Nhat Hanh
Player: @jarnefeldt
Super Group
Member/Stick in the mud
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Alexis Talia Monroe
Blue Cyclone, Calamity Five
February 5, 1997
Mumbai, India
Flag USA.pngAmerican
Millennium City
None specified/ The Arcade-O-Rama
College Student/Superhero
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Cody Monroe(Father), May Whitefield(Sister
Physical Traits
Cartier Industries
Calamity Series
Apparent Age
113 lbs.
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
Soft blue eyes, long brown hair, and skin that occasionally makes her look like a blueberry.
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Elemental control, superhuman endurance, and superspeed.
· Equipment ·
· Other Abilities ·
Proficiency with firearms


Blue Cyclone's an angry short young woman only coming up to 5'5. She has a fair complexion, blue eyes, and long hair that's brown and black in colouration.


Blue Cyclone is an artificially created metahuman created by Cartier Industries, an international corporation dabbling in genetics, chemicals, and arms dealing.She was made using the genetic material taken from the unborn child of a metahuman known as Tempest (the Second). She was recovered from one of their labs by Cody Monroe and a group of mercenaries while on a mission to find and rescue Tempest, who had been abducted by Cartier Industries. Unwilling to leave the child behind in such a place, he took her as his own and returned home to raise her as his own.

She lived a relatively quiet and undisturbed life with Mister Monroe. He always made sure she was never left wanting, even with how busy he was with activities such as running his company and continuing his search for the abducted metahuman he had been initially looking for. This quiet life came to an abrupt halt during a camping trip out in British Columbia. Due to improper food storage, a black bear had been attracted to her camp. The bear made a move towards her and in a moment of panic, Blue manifested a powerful gust of wind to send the bear twenty yards out from her camp.

Since that time, Alexis took to honing and developing her abilities and would make her debut as Blue Freedom four years after the incident. Since emerging as Blue Freedom, Alexis has fought against monsters and criminals of all sort with a fierce determination and an unyielding rage that she seeks to harness for the better good.


Alexis seems to have issues expressing her feelings with only one constantly expressed: Her anger. Even when at ease. Whether on the comms or confronting a villain, she's quick to anger and slow to let go of that anger. She has taken to bottling that anger and keeping a cool demeanor in front of teammates, though it still seeps through from time to time. On the field, she generally tries to direct this anger towards her foes and prefers to use methods such as fear and intimidation to deal with situations. She doesn't take too well to criticism of her methods, especially in front of vic--villains.


-Weather Control: Alexis is able to affect the weather on small and large scales. This mostly seems to be limited to wind, rain, snow, thunderstorms and things of that nature. She once tried to make it rain frogs on Proud Patriot's abode, to no avail.

-Energy Projection: On a personal level, Blue is able to create and project wind, electricity, and ice. She has excellent control over her wind and electricity projections, but her ice projections are rather limited and uncontrolled at times, depending on distance and amount projected. The potency of her winds and lightning seem to increase when she's truly angered.

-Superspeed: With her control of her powers growing, Alexis is able to move at superhuman speeds! She has no difficulty avoiding automatic fire at point blank range. The magnitude of this superspeed increases dramatically when she's taken on her energy form.

-Teleportation: For covering large distances in a short period of time, or just to move almost instantaneously between short distances, Alexis can convert her body into electricity and move from one point to another in a flash of lightning. Speaking of....

-Energy Form: Alexis is able to take on and sustain an energy form that drastically increases the potency of her electrical attacks and her speed. She's only been able to reliably harness the form's abilities when truly angered. Currently, she's working on trying to find a way to harness this power more reliably.


-Blue, the Tactician?:Despite being a midget ball of rage, Blue has an analytical mind and is often able to analyze a situation and judge how to best use her powers or direct the efforts of those around her to accomplish her task.

-Agile: Blue is rather agile, having a keen interest in gymnastics at a young age. Coupled with her superhuman speed, she's quite agile while in a fight, frustratingly so for her opponents.


-Brat: Very few people seem to be able to stand Blue's antisocial attitude and behaviour, making working with her strenuous at times.

-Still a 19 year old girl: Though she may be fast and does possess abilities to better protect herself from things that'd kill a regular person, she's still only an 113 pounds girl, and can still be put down with sufficient force. Like a couple of baseball bats. Or bullets, should they be able to tag her,

Friends, Allies and Aquaintances

(To be filled in later.)


-Hates bears with a passion.

-Doesn't believe in magic, and think anyone who does is stupid.

-She has multitudes of Miss Servo and Danger Deer posters covering her walls.

-Her father owns a company that deals in weapons and defensive technologies, which is where she pilfers the equipment she uses.

Comments on the Raging Ex-Midget

-What people think about Millennium City's angriest teen?-

"The girl has a lot of potential that I'm hoping I can be there to watch her reach in the future. I have some strange sense of obligation when it comes to her well-being and success. I guess I've taken it upon myself to be a big sister figure to her, even if she doesn't agree. That's just how I view it. She has her quirks she needs to work out, but she is someone I can trust to have my back, and I know she knows that is a returned sentiment. If you do end up hearing or reading this somewhere, Blue, know that I'm always here for whatever you need. You need to take some time to be a teenage girl sometime though. I will get a smile from you. One day." - Anarchy


"An obnoxious thorn in my side in dire need of extraction." - Kid Destroyer

"I know Blue can be a little... difficult sometimes. And cold. But even so, I believe in her, she's a really good person deep down, she just gotta have to show it a little more often. But no matter what, she'll always be a good friend to me." - Jet Girl

"I worry about her. She's angry all the time and... well, there's more to it than that. As a member of my team I want to help her out and for her to be able to get along with the others.." - Charity Corren

"It's like God planted a flaming bag of dog poop on humanity's porch." - All-Star

"She is one of the...single grumpiest people we know. Her combat skill is...excellent, but she's got skills of a rock. And that is...something, coming" / "I may have been kind of mean with her, but she needs to stop being so mean to me first! She's always commenting on how I'm out of shape or useless, though pretty often it's both! Why is she so grumpy!?" - Galactigal/Samantha, respectively

"I think everyone is wrong about Blue. She cares for people in her own way, I believe. She certainly doesn't come across as angry to me. Though, I'm really quite glad I've gotten to know her. She accepts me without fail, and doesn't judge either. She also listens to what I have to say, and for that, I truly do believe I have fallen for her." - Bee

"Even if she's as sunny as the Great British summertime, her methods tend to follow common sense. Not entirely sure what all the fuss is about." - Black Ice

"Horrible child. She needs discipline. Maybe medication." - Violet Mask

"I thought Oompa Loompas were supposed to be jolly. I haven't seen one jaunty dance or heard one whimsical song out of her." - Nightfang

"Blue Freedom is more than just an angered teen. My judgement towards her was at first clouded because of her total disbelief and denial of magic's existance, which thusly means my existance as a whole shouldn't be there, as I'm part Fae. This hurts me more than you can imagine, Blue. But I've overlooked that and, through somebody that's shown me the situation under a different angle, I'll try my best to support." - Natasha Roy

"Hey Blue! I owe you some cookies! Sowwy for not bwinging some by. I wuv your costume!" - Chocolate Chip Chelsea

"I've very rarely seen the girl exhibit something that -wasn't- anger in one form or another. She needs somewhere to channel that anger, rather than lashing out at the world with it." - Scripture

"People think she's angry all the time, but I think she just might be frustrated. I know she looks out for us and maybe it's the responsibility she's taken on that makes her temper short." - Heartbeat

"Their tendency towards violent outbursts is mildly troublesome. Likely stems from self-consciousness in regards to her height (or lack thereof). We do not see why, however." - Myriad

"She's meeeeeeean! I think she's part badger or snake or something. Maybe she's so mean because everyone hates her? But they probably wouldn't if she wasn't so mean." - Impsblood

"Blue needs more friends. Or someone to punch. She's pretty nice, once you actually get to talking to her though."- Prankenstein

"Why is she SO MEAN? She always is rolling her eyes at me like I'm dumb or something!" - Lash

"She's not as bad as people make her out to be." - Stegoboy

"When it comes to powerhouses I'd trust with my life, the list is incredibly short but she's at the top." - Cobalt Crush

"She's got a lot to learn, but I think she'll get there. I know what the Storm can do to a person's psyche; people need to realize she's actually ahead in the game." - Thundrax

"She is a force to be reckoned with and fierce in a fight. I do not envy the criminals she encounters." - Cait Sith

"She seems to have a lot of control with abilities that could honestly be really devastating otherwise." - Tesseract

"Her social skills... well, they do leave something to be desired. I believe that maybe much of that anger could be just a front, a means to protect herself from others perhaps? I'd like the chance to get to know her better, and see if maybe that is the case." - Faith

"She reminds me of myself when I was younger. That's not really a good thing but... well, she's young, she's learning, and she's got a chip on her shoulder. With time, it'll get smaller." - The Peacemaker

"Provided she can brush the chip off her shoulder, Blue Cyclone already has the makings of a top notch operative. Pointed in the right direction, her powers are devastating. She may not be the one at the podium for Protectors' press conferences anytime soon, but she's as responsible for a safer world as any of us, and knows the score when the chips are down." - Captain Adamant