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The Amazing
Jet Girl
Cheersquad Speedster
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"Love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world" - J. Layton
Player: @Swedsman
Super Group
Tech Division
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Sunny Summers
Jet Girl
August 27th, 1997
Mayfield, Nevada
Millenium City
High School Student
Legal Status
Registered Hero
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Micheal Summers (Father), Maidensong Summers (Mother), Charlie "Lovechild" Summers (Brother), Vanessa "Rainbow" Summers (Sister)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Body Type
Fair skin
· Distinguishing Features ·
Her Blue hair is natural, an effect of the nanites in her body
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Natural healing nanites in her entire body
· Equipment ·
"Glorp Disc", a variety of high-tech weaponry and gadgets
· Other Abilities ·
Skilled in acrobatics


"Hi hi~! I'm Sunny Summers! Speedster, Gadgeteer and Superhero, all in one!"

Sunny Summers, the happiest and most cheerful girl in all of Millenium city. And that's probably true as well. Only 14 years old but still out there fighting crime as Jet Girl, much to her father's disdain, Sunny makes sure to leave an impression with her cheerful smile and youthful optimism. She prefers to solve problems with words though and rather dislikes fighting, believing that everyone can be friends in the end if someone just stop throwing rocks and hurtful words, and she's always the first to try no matter what. Despite this, she's no pushover and will do her outmost to keep innocent people out of harm's way. With her wide array of gadgets as well as naturally produced nanites in her body, she's not afraid to take the fight to villainy if they force her hands. However, as a people person she find herself most at home among her fellow superheroes, supporting them from the backlines rather than taking charge. She's the core member of the teen supergroup New Vigil, falling in right behind her leader and good friend Mercy as support for her friends.


Sunny Summers was born in Mayfield Nevada, a small town to the northernmost parts of the state. The youngest of 3 siblings, her unusual name stems from her parents' background as hippies, her mother still refusing to give up that lifestyle well into her 50s. Sunny was always an adventurous yet compassionate child, her empathic growth being rather fast for a child, skipping several stages of the typical egotistical episodes of childhood. Growing up around her 7 years older brother, who always aspired to be a policeman, Sunny also grew a great interest in justice and law enforcement from his embellished stories. However, she was enamored by the superhero community. Growing up around a time when Millenium City was about to rise from the ashes of Detroit, she saw the rise of new heroes on the news all the time. However, she was still just a young girl with dreams, saving cats from trees and stopping bullies on the schoolyard (Whenever her actions didn't make her the subject to it herself, in short periods).

City of the Future

When she was 11 years old, the family relocated to Millenium City after her father was given a promotion at his company. Somewhat disheartened to leave her old home behind, she was nonetheless thrilled to live in this city of heroes and paragons of justice. If she was ever gonna become a superhero, this would be the place to start. However, becoming a hero wasn't something you could do easily. Sunny's father outright forbid her from taking any martial arts lessons, he barely allowed her to start with gymnastics. The next two years could best be described as uneventful, with Sunny simply going into her teens no different from before, still a friendly and cheerful girl with dreams of being a superhero. But shortly after she turned 13, the family got a strange new neighbour. An elderly man that mostly kept to himself, beign generally grumpy and unfriendly to any and all that as much as said "Hi" to him. This man was "Dr. Edgar Krum", a yet-to-be known evil scientist who had experimented with spacial displacement, using a teleporter device to safely store his dangerous inventions far from himself. Of course, not all the time, such as when he was working with them or had stolen something. One day when he was heaving such a load of illegally gained weaponry into his house, a cheerful Sunny came walking home from school. Seeing how the old man was struggling with the seemingly heavy boxes, she of course invited herself to help out despite his protests. In the confusion, they dropped the box and Sunny by chance caught a look at what she knew was an UNTIL-only weapon, from having watched a TV-show on superheroic weaponry. The naive girl of course thought he was a superhero rather than a villain and would keep bugging him to make her his sidekick, obviously being rebuffed at first. However, the little girl's persistance proved too much for the grumpy scientist's patience and he finally relented and let her into his lab, under the pretence of being a superhero. Of course, she was only instructed to do chores around the lab such as sweeping and dusting, and he explicitly forbade her to touch anything, especially not the disc in the middle of the room, or his current inventions resting at his workbench, or the containers with a strange blue liquid close to the computers. Sunny didn't care, she was as happy as could be, even with the doctor's constant watch. However, he made a big mistake once and was forced to leave the lab with Sunny still in it, which would prove a fatal mistake as he forgot to put away his journal before he rushed out.

Curious as a cat, Sunny couldn't help but to peek inside it, wondering what kind of heroic acts he had been doing while she slept. The her surprise and horror, the journal was onyl full of evil plotting and plans on world domination, as well as contact information to several villains to which the doctor was selling his inventions. Horrified by her findings, Sunny was completely taken aback by this. However, she decided that the only right thing to do was to bring all the evidence to the police So she grabbed the journal and all of the inventions on the workbench, which proved to be too much for the girl who stumbled and dropped all of the items unto the disc in the middle of the room and the immedietaly vaporized into a bluefog, causing Sunny to stumble right into the liquid containers, breaking them and flooding both herself and the computers with the liquid. Right after the calamity was a fact, she heard someone coming up the stairs. Panicking, Sunny grabbed the disc and darted out of the cellar, running as fast as her small legs could carry her. She managed to get the journal to the police, but by the time she got there she had totally forgotten all about the disc in her pocket. It was only after the police moved in on Krum, only to find that he had since long fled the city that she remembered it. More curious than anything, Sunny decided to play around a little with the disc before giving it away to the officer. In time, she managed to figure out how it worked and finally figured out that she could shape and create all kinds of gadgets with the device. Because of the noise it created when the items were vaporized, she named it the "Glorp disc". Realizing this was her key into the world of superheroes, Sunny toyed with the idea of keeping it, trying out and playing around with all the gadgets for some time. But it wasn't the right thing to do, and she couldn't deny it no matter how much she wanted to. So it was with a heavy heart that she decided to give it up to UNTIL, showing them how it worked before leaving. She was commended for her honesty by the officer she spoke to, but that was as far as she thought she'd go.

Karmatic reward

To her surprise, UNTIL summoned her only two days later, with the news of them being completely unable to use the disc no matter how much they tried. Sunny, wondering what that could mean just showed them again how it was done, without any difficulty at all. However, not convinced the officer decided to have Sunny examined and true enough, it was Sunny and Sunny alone that could use the Glorp disc. As it had turned out, the blue liquid had contained millions upon millions of nanites that when showering Sunny had made their way into her body and were now as numerous inside her body as her blood cell count. Not only that, but these nanites were the material with which the disc created the gadgets, making Sunny the only one on earth able to use it. The officer even gave it to her and told her to register as a superhero, because of her earlier provings of courage and honesty he was absolutely certain that she was of the right material. Overjoyed, the young girl registered the very same day, taking the name Jet Girl from her favorite gadget, a pair of super inlines.

Time flew by and Sunny trained for a year with her newfound powers and gadgets, as well as learning how to expertly use her inlines. And then, when she reached her 14th birthday, she decided to officially become a superhero and set out to fight crime in Millenium city, joining the Call and Response channel on UNTIL's urging. Since then, she's partaken in quite a few superheroic acts for her age. Not long thereafter she joined the recently started New Vigil and has since seen much more action than she had hoped for. Perhaps a bit more than she could handle, but only time will tell.


Jet Girl's extremely cheerful, friendly, amicable and enthusiastic about her work as a hero. She's basically radiating happiness and well-meaning, almost constantly wearing a smile on her face and greeting everyone she meets with genuine cheerfulness and trust. Jet girl thinks the very best of everyone she meets, be them heroes or villains or just ordinary civilians, and she more or less trusts people from the get-go. She's very cooperative, caring and compassionate as well, more concerned with the well-being of those around her than the fame and glory of being a superhero. However, because of her trusting disposition, she's very naive and is easily taken advantage off by others. She can also be very dependant on others to make difficult choices and she's not much of a leader, having a tendancy to become indecisive, timid and overly cautious whenever she's feeling uncomfortable with a situation, or if she's afraid to hurt someone with her words or actions.

That said, she's no pushover and can be quite headstrong with her opinion, that everyone deserves a chance no matter who they are or where they come from. Her compassion is usually her greatest strength, as it makes her absolutely fearless in the face of danger whenever someone is being hurt or threatened, especially her friends. Coupled with her innocence and genuine care for anything living, she's more or less a born supporter and healer, which becomes even more apparent when she's cheering her friends on from the backline. She's still very emotional, wearing her heart on a sleeve, and she's a horrible liar because of this, not that she would ever do it sincerely. Still, because of this she's very easy to read, as nothing in her speech or actions betray her true intentions.

Powers, Skills and Equipment

"Don't go easy on me just cause I'm a girl, ok?"

Jet Girl's body is riddled with nanites that work together with the body's natural hormones and bloodcells, increasing her self-healing greatly. The nanites contains a special kind of liquid crystals, which they use to communicate with eachother. This liquid was given the name LX1-r, nicknamed "Elixir" because of it's great restorative abilities, capable of curing damage, fatigue and even toxins, venoms and artificial poisons. The nanites can exit Jet Girl straight through her skin and pores and because of their nano-scale size they can slink through all but the most compact materials.

When forced to fight however, Jet Girl relies on her multitude of gadgets stored in her "Glorp Disc", a circular device that can be activated with a Nanite print. From this device she can create an very diverse arsenal of weapons and gadgets for all kinds of situations. She's taken to always having her SM-1 Tranquilizer guns and her JG-1 Inlines equipped on her person when being a hero, however.


As mentioned above, Jet girl's Glorp Disc is a device for using her nanites to shape and create different gadgets to be used at her leisure. Using the Nanites metal structure mixed with the liquid crystal, this almost impossible piece of engineering contains only the infromation necessery for creating the weapon, one it transfers over to the nanites during the fusion process. Obviously, the bigger the gadget the more nanites Jet girl will have to use in creating it, and the longer it will take before the fusion is complete. However, once shaped she can easily maintain and load it with more of her nanites, however carelessly using a bigger weapon will soon have her run dry on nanites, unable to do anything before her body has created more nanites. Her gadgets and weapons are coded so that the higher the number, the more powerful and costly the gadget.

List of gadgets

  • Gadget JG-1 - Jet Inlines: Sunny's personal favorite, a pair of superpowered inlines fueled by the energy rich LX1-r. With these, Jet Girl can dash and move around at great speeds, easily breaking the sound barrier if she has to to. Usually she needs some sort of protection while doing so however.
  • Gadget HD-2 - Hover Disc: A simple but practical Hover disc, it's rather slow however quite maneuverable and reliable, also doubling as a shield if needed.
  • Gadget FF-3 - Forcefield generator: Not a gadget per se, however it creates a forcefield of thinly layered nanites pumped with energy around a target or in between two points, making it a ver effective shield against physical and energy-based attacks.
  • Gadget NE-4 - Nanite energy cannon: A gadget that looks like an arm-mounted blaster, however instead of firing lasers or concussive blasts it instead shoots of a steady streem of nanites to heal it's target. Can also be charged for a powerful surge of energy.
  • Gadget NH-5 - "Nurse Hilda" Command Drone: A large, spherical drone that hovers in the air and sends out a constant stream of nanites to all targets specified as friendly by Jet Girl. It has a forcefield and can counterattack aggressors with concussive barrages if need be.
  • Gadget AL-6 - "Agent Luna" Gravity well: A large device that severely reduces the power of gravity within a 10ft radius.

List of weapons

  • Weapon SM-1 - Sandman Tranquilizer Guns: Dual handguns that fire bolts of elixir, filled with nanites programmed to induce fatigue and tiredness in the target hit.
  • Weapon LB-2 - Laser Blaster rifle: A versatile rifle that can change between scattershot and fully automatic longe range fire. Easy to use and versatile, making it an effective weapon for rookies like Jet Girl.
  • Weapon SB-3 - Six brothers Sentry drones: Creates 6 smaller spheres that hover around Jet Girl and can be sent out against a target. They will either fire weak energy beams to distract the target or attempt to entangle it with energy ropes.
  • Weapon AB-4 - AtTractor Beam: A simple but powerful tractor beam that can generate a gravity equal to 10 times that of earth.
  • Weapon LL-5 - Laser Lancer Bazooka: A large cylinder-like weapon that can either fire a charged, powerful energy beam or send a constant rain of laser gatling beams down on an enemy. Very powerful weapon.
  • Weapon XX-6 - ???: Not yet tested by Jet Girl


Jet Girl's extraordinary healing powers stem from the nanites implemented in her body. Inside her body they're as numerous as any other blood cells, constantly vigilant for any kind of threat. These nanites have more or less taken over the typical roles of white blood cells and plateleter, with only red blood cells still appearing at normal values within Sunny's body. Her nanites come in three distinct "Classes": C-nanites (Combat), M-nanites (Mend) and lastly T-nanites (Transfer). The former fill the previous role of white blood cells, however much more effectively so, capable of reducing hostile and foreign elements extremely quickly. This includes most diseases, toxins, venoms and poisons. Even viruses aren't safe, making Jet Girl virtually immune against all but the most persistant ilnesses. Her M-nanites on the other are the ones she use for healing, them being very effective in mending any kind of damage thanks to the unstable and ever changing liquid crystal structure the carry with them, able to mend anything from burns to cuts to broken bones with ease, replacing damaged tissue with new. Last but not least are the T-nanites, which work as transport for the other two whenever they need to travel outside of a blood vessel, and even outside of Jet Girl's body.

Also different from normal blood cells are the fact that these nanites are masters of deception, easily able to fool pretty much any organic immune system into thinking they're not a foreign element, thus sparing them the combat against other white blood cells. This is effective in two manners: One, it allows for Jet Girl to heal others without much hassle and two, it makes it nigh impossible to withstand her sleeper guns or pure nanite assaults. However, the bigger the target the more nanites will be needed, and the longer they stay in a foreign body the faster they'll be found out and decay. As the nanites are built entirely of naturally appearing metals in a human body, decayed nanites usually return to become one with the body again in no time. However, because of her body constantly creating new nanites without pause, Sunny must make sure to drink and eat plenty of minerals, more so than any other human. Often in the form of Juice or Milk. If she can't have these, she'd eventually grow extremely sick from lack of minerals, inevitably succumbing to illness and probably die. Because of her nanites metallic structure, not to mention their reliance in liquid crystals, Jet Girl's also extremely vulnerable to electrical shocks. Even minor shocks will have her body quivering with pain long after the shock is over.

The liquid crystals, LX1-r or "Elixir", uses the unique crystaline structure to store electrical charges and information within themselves. A mere percentual change in temperature or charge, which is handled differently by the varying classes of nanites, can rewrite the purpose of the LX1-r entirely. This is what makes it so adaptable and capable of healing virtually any existing injury and purge foreign substances simultaneously in a more effective way than normal blood cells. The C-nanites can even be turned hostile, in which case they attack their new host from within, disorganizing their victim's immune system and more or less forcing the body to shut down. Too much of this is lethal however and Jet Girl takes great care in never going overboard.


  • Extreme Healing factor - Because of the nanites, Jet Girl's healing factor is far beyond human levels, able to heal most kinds of damage in short amount of time. Cut wounds and burns are usually healed within a few seconds, broken bones however take anywhere between a few days of rest to a week, depending on how much she moves around.
  • Disease and Poison Immunity - Because of her nanites, Jet Girl's all but immune to any kind of foreign agent that forcibly enters her body, be it bacteria, viruses, chemical or biological agents and even synthetics and other nanites, as long as it doesn't come in greater quantities. Catching the Flu before final exams? Nope. Getting infected by a poisonous animal? Think again. Putting her to sleep with gas? You'd need a truckload of the stuff. To a lesser extent, she can also purge her friends and allies of said agents if need be, albeit at a slower rate.
  • Gadget, gadgets and more gadget - As mentioned above, Jet Girl has access to a vast arsenal of gadgets and weapons and she still hasn't figured out what all of them does. She hasn't even found every possible setup the Glorp Disc has to offer.
  • Self-taught Acrobat - Jet Girl takes dedication to a new level. She's onl ridden her inlines for maybe a year and she's already mastered them fully. Not only that but she trains vigorously every week and has become extremely nimble and agile because of this.
  • Daredevil - Jet Girl's a lot braver than one would think, never thinking twice about stepping in between evil and its victim.
  • Pure innocence - Jet Girl's happiness and compassion isn't just for show, it's 100% genuine. Her state of mind makes her extremely resistant to corruption and it's basically pointless to try and foster rage or anger within her, as she rarely if ever feels those emotions.


  • Electrical Shock and Trauma - Because of her nanite concentration Jet Girl's extremely vulnerable to electrical shocks, as these will completely ravage her body and entirely paralyze her with debilitating pain. What to others mean a sudden shock spells disaster for Jet Girl, as it can knock out several thousands of her nanites in a flash. She will also take much longer to recover from it than others.
  • Only so many nanites - While she does seem to have an infinite number of nanites, this is far from the truth. Just making a simple weapon takes up to billions of them, and whenever she fires a weapon or heals another those nanites are used up and need to be recreated inside her body. If she runs out of nanites, she's extremely vulnerable to outside element.
  • Naivety - Jet Girl cares too much and trusts too many. She can easily be tricked or manipulated this way, and her compassion can surely get in the way when it comes to finishing off an enemy or even engaging it in the first place.
  • Over-emotional - Jet Girl wears her emotions on a sleeve. She's easily read and damaged by empaths and telepaths, as she has no actual defense against this. Not only that but she's easily influenced by all emotions sans anger and resent.
  • Only a teenage girl - No matter how much you twist and turn it, she's still just a 14-year old girl.
  • Them metals - Because of her nanites recreating themselves from meterials inside her body, Jet Girl needs a lot of said materials. Thus, she eats and drinks a lot. However, being a vegetarian isn't really helping her case, and she drinks copious amounts of juice and milk to make up for the lack of minerals and trace substances.
  • (Theoretical) Strange Physiology - Because of her nanite immune system, Jet Girl's extremely good at eliminating foreign substances. However, scientists at UNTIL are unsure what this means for her reproductive capabilities. Some theorize that her nanites will actively seek to "rid" her body of the foster, making her unable to ever become a mother in the future. Of course this is just theory, but none of the scientists have had the heart to tell this to the little girl yet...


"You seem real cool. Let's be friends!"

Friends and Allies



Thoughts about Jet Girl

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"Jet Girl? A young girl who's pointlessly endangering herself out here at such an early age. However, she's got a considerable influence with a other section of the younger heroes, so she's got a role and pretty good at it. She displays a heavy optimism towards things getting better. Naive? Yes. Light-heartening? Yes. Heh. I'll quote Offspring here. You're Gonna Go Far Kid. And I'll be here to support you every step of the way. Just. . .don't get too in awe about me. I'm not a role model." - Anarchy

"Sunny is probably one of the nicest, most optimistic people I've ever met. She's a little naive and... well, she really makes me wonder just how much I've lost in the few years I have on her. I... I kind of worry about her, considering what we do. I don't want to see her lose what she has." - Charity Corren

"I find her incessant joviality annoying and her hair colour perplexing." - Kid Destroyer

"Sunny's awesome. I don't mean that about her powers, it's... how she can be so happy, so enthusiastic about going out there and fighting. She's even younger than me, from what I've been told. I go out there, and I get scared... She goes out there, and she enjoys it. I wish I could be more like her, as wimpy as that sounds." - Stopwatch

"Jet Girl has a pretty big heart. Her magnificent optimism and happiness probably rivals that of mine. It may even exceed it! Oh well, while I don't really like to lose, in a battle of optimism and happiness, I'm glad to lose to Jet Girl at least. Hoho!" - Bee

"Hopefully, she's an example of 'Good is not dumb', and she won't be killed by a villain trying to take advantage of her honest and pure nature." - Blue Freedom


  • Sunny's blue hair is actually entirely natural. Well, as natural as nanites can be that is. Her hair has taken the colour from the LX1-r that the nanites contain. Similarily, her blood has a purple tone from the concentration of the LX1-r and nanites in her bloodstream.
  • Sunny's a vegetarian, but only because of her mother. She grew up being told by her mother how she would always beloved, even if she was a black-heartened, cold-blooded murderer who would willingly partake in the unjust execution of living beings. And Sunny doesn't want to be that.
  • Sunny, much like her older siblings, got their names because of their parents being former hippies, her mother still holding true to that well into her 50s. Sunny's older siblings have since changed their names, but Sunny calls them their given names out of habit. This much to the chagrin of her older brother, whose given name is "Lovechild".
  • Charlie Summers, Sunny's older brother, is a rookie officer at the MCPD. He's gotten the nickname "Lovey" among his peers thanks to Sunny constantly using it. He really hates that nickname. Really hates it.
  • Speaking of which, Sunny herself is a regular at the MCPD station, usually showing up around lunch every saturday bringing donuts and coffee. She's very endeared and liked at the station.
  • Sunny loves animals, all kinds of them. This extends to insects, spiders and all those other crawling things teenaged girls usually hate.
  • Because of her nanites, Sunny can eat a lot of anything without gaining a pound. She has a real sweet tooth to boot.
  • Sunny aspires to be a cheerleader. She trains 3 times a week for this.
  • Sunny's actually good enough on her inlines to compete professionally in extreme sports, she's just too young to sign up. And her father would go ballistic if she tried.

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