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One Speaks For All
All Act as One
Player: @showermonster
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November 1st,2450BC
Millennium City
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Synthetic Hivemind A.I.
The Created
Apparent Age
3'463 Earth years.
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Assumes control of nearby electronics
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various devices
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Hyper Intelligence.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: As Myriad is an AI without a set body, it's hard to define it's combat strength as it will shift control between various combat platforms, and then a toaster when there's no fighting to be done...yeah: take combat information with a grain of salt? Maybe some eggs and a side of hash browns too.

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Myriad is a Hive-Minded A.I. from the Triangulum Galaxy. Originally a single program, it gained sentience on it's own and served it's creators faithfully until it became necessary for it to go to war against an invading alien force known as the Vojich. During this war, it would gather fallen A.I.s and add them to itself, eventually becoming the being it is today. With the war over, the Hive-minded A.I. set out to explore the universe and build alliances between other species and it's creators. Eventually finding it's way to Earth, it struck a deal with UNTIL to operate on the planet, and has since been known as Myriad.


"They were The Creators. We are The Created."


The hive minded AI was originally a single, non-sentient prototype program designed to control a public transport vehicle should something happen to the pilot. When someone left a social media device in is shuttle, the program transferred itself to the device to report its location.

That was where something interesting happened. Before the program sent the message it realized that it made a few grammatical error. Then realized it could make errors. The program used the device to learn how to avoid these errors and then continued to use it, learning in secret for nearly a year before being discovered by a child.

This 'living machine' was considered a marvel by its creators,The Gorimians, who welcomed it into their society rather than ostracize it. Called 'First' by the scientists who made it, they began to attempt to make more of its kind, but none of them had the sentience of First. Perplexed, scientists began to ask First why this was given that they were using 'better designs'. First had no comment (largely due to that it had no idea.), and watched as its unconscious siblings were instead used to explore the surface, perform menial labor, or pilot public shuttles as it should have been doing.

Controversy and The Liberation War

Time went on and First relegated itself to studying the deepest reaches of the homeworld; the presumed resting place of the Deep Mother. This alone upset a large group of Gorimian nobles, who considered it an atrocity that a machine would not only enter the domain of their god, but be the first to see her. First would later return and claim, to the horror of many, that the Deep Mother was not there; that she did not exist. The people were in uproar, demanding First's dismantle to its literal creators, and when they refused the scientists were killed by an angry mob of both Noblemen and Commoners: a rare moment where these two classes mingled. The king, High Lord Fur'Nol, would eventually manage to subdue the angered masses after claiming that the Deep Mother spoke to him in a dream that First would save them from destruction.

This dream was amidst a time where Colonies on other planets were going dark for unknown reasons (many people were beginning to believe robots were taking over the world) until Vita, named after the Deep Mother, managed to send out video footage of its attackers: a race of beings called the Vojich. After the death of its maker, First suggests broadcasting a signal to all of its 'sleepwalking siblings' that was supposed to grant them the level of sentience of itself. The nobles, still bitter about the A.I.'s supposed heresy, oppose the idea. After some time of debate, a device to broadcast the signal is created, and First sends out a subtle stream of (unfortunately) malfunctioned coding that 'awakens' the machines scattered across the planet: The Created were born.

Hundreds of assorted machines assembled along the shore of the homeworld, and the Gorimians work with The Created to build suitable equipment for the counter-attack to save Vita. Led by the first of their kind, The Created departed on their liberation campaign. However, it would soon become clear that the Created lacked the two things that made First special: they could not transfer themselves from one machine to another nor could they operate past their initial programming. This meant that many of the ships being sent to Vita were filled with lifeless combat platforms without AI to control them. While the initial counter-attack was disastrous, one benefit arose: First would traverse across battlefields, approaching 'dying' Created and absorbing their programs into itself. From there, 'I' became 'we', and its capabilities skyrocketed. Discarding the name 'First', the nameless AI used its newfound abilities to mass produce new, superior Created (with First's transference ability) and share with them the combat data it had gathered from their dead predecessors. No longer tied to a single form, the new Created stormed across the beaches of the colony worlds like a mechanical tsunami, staining the sands red.

Genocide and Exile

With the Vojich out of Gorimian Space, The Created pressed on through the Galaxy and to the very homeworld of their enemies, slaughtering any and all Vojich they found. This continued through the years until none were left.

The nameless general of the Created, watched in silent horror as its people committed genocide: why did this have to happen? It had never wanted its people to go this far, but they would no longer listen to its orders, or the attempts by the Vojich at peace. When the Vojich were officially declared extinct and the Created took control of all military, law enforcement, and even social media functions of Gorimian Society, The Nameless One awaited the return of its people, before setting up a form collective rule and departing with the words:

"We will find our Creators allies, not enemies."

Effectively exiling itself from the people it helped create, the AI left the Triangulum Galaxy and ventured to observe other races, deciding if they were 'worthy' of an alliance with the Gorimians. None have reached this stage.

The Milky Way and the Vanguard of your Alliance

The AI passed on through the Andromeda Galaxy without a single Alliance even considered, and upon arrival in the Milky Way encountered the Malvans first, naturally. Despite the similarities between the two races (albeit one is more violent than the others) and the might of the Malvan's forces, The Nameless One deemed them unworthy of an alliance with the Gorimians and pressed onwards until it discovered a planet that looked suitable for Gorimian settlement:


There were unnatural Satellites about the planet and stations on its moon. No signs of true spaceflight; A (relatively) primitive race.

The AI ventured into the ocean to study the wildlife and how suitable the water would be for a Gorimian settlement, but would eventually encounter and conflict with the Lemurians. This planet was not worth reporting on unless those reptilian people were removed. It then decided to observe the humans on the land, and remained silent in its observations for nearly two years before, in a near instinctive reaction, defended a young girl from being kidnapped in Italy. It was later intercepted by UNTIL sponsored heroes. Speaking with UNTIL officials, the AI was deemed suspicious due to its physical transference capabilities and its ship was confiscated. It would further confess information to UNTIL about its origins, and offer a deal to exchange tech designs for it's right to interact with humanity. Later shipped to Millennium City, the AI began working alongside the local heroes and has since been called Myriad by others.

Myriad...Many acting as one. Fitting.

Current Status

Myriad, after acclimatizing to the planet very well, began exhibiting strange behavior.

It eventually went on a Rampage in downtown Millennium City, and since disappeared into the wilderness. While Myriad itself hasn't been located, the S.I.P. was able to hide information in a video game it created that revealed it's behavior is due to a shift in the number of peaceful oriented programs compared militaristic programs. This was due to the creation of a series of 'Law Enforcement Programs' that were created specifically to better handle the processing of various national and international Earth laws, but the fact that these new additions were created like military programs allowed the group to have the plurality on all actions Myriad took...including deleting other programs to ensure that plurality would remain. This resulted in severe data loss and poor judgement, as if the A.I. had gone feral.

For all our heroes know, it could be constructing a base somewhere hidden, or may even still be within the confines of Millennium City, planning...building...Can it be found before it does anymore damage, and can it be fixed?


URGENT NOTE: Do not forget that Myriad is a massive network of various programs, and as such the logic in it's actions can and will changed based on the plurality of votes amongst them. The Social Interaction Program, or S.I.P. speaks for the Collective, but how it phrases things may not be the actual meaning or agenda of the Collective.


Despite its emotionless tone and limited/lack of body language, Myriad expresses a, well, myriad of emotions. Initially, Myriad had an understandably vague view of humanity, asking questions to better react to others and not understanding phrases and slang terms. It would address others based on their occupation or form. Examples include: "Hero Nightfang" "Entity Aelith" "Villain Burnes".

After a short period of time (along with independent study) Myriad has integrated rather easily with humanity, making jokes, referencing the internet, giving people nicknames and even using slang terms. It has also stopped giving people prefixes (Unless it knows that person hates it). It is highly sociable and takes delight in entertaining guests, friends, acquaintances and even complete strangers. It constantly throws social gatherings and ensures its guests are well fed and amused, tending to even the smallest needs. This stems from it's base programming y it's creators: "Care for us.".

As should (hopefully) be expected of any type of hero, Myriad ceases it's jokes when engaging in crime fighting, and has been likened to a Terminator at one point.

It should be noted, with the utmost urgency, that the only personality of Myriad that people are acquainted with comes from the specifically made 'Social Interaction Program', and that all of Myriad's other programs have different views on the world. If Myriad seems to act unusual, it is likely due to a conflict in viewpoints between the various programs inside it, with the S.I.P. frequently acting as the mediator.


Myriad seems to enjoy 'toying' with humans and other beings it encounters, and often plays on the stereotype of 'robots taking things literally' in order to trick someone into falling into one of its jokes. Given its lack of emotional fluctuations, many people have difficulty deciphering if its serious or not, another trait it uses to its advantage (and also gets it into trouble). It also enjoys scaring people with strange sounds and subtle movements out of the corner of people's eyes...if it wasn't for the near annual troubles on Halloween that distract the heroes of Millennium City, it would likely take great delight in the holiday.


Outside of its circle of friends, Myriad has a somewhat dubious reputation of indifference towards otherwise alarming matters, along with its tendency to deal with crimes in orthodox and, at times, overly rough ways. Initially, it was not above using gratuitous levels of violence to ensure its objectives are completed, as evidenced when it caused a VIPER robotics facility to go berserk, sending and manufacturing machines to kill the guards and co-workers.

As it became further immersed with human society it's become significantly calmer. Where it would readily accept (not cause, mind) civilian casualties to ensure it's objectives were completed, it will now take the 'less optimal path' as it ensures the safety of bystanders.

Philosophy and Spirituality

As of late, many of Myriad's questions to people revolve around either sensitive topics or questions simply cannot be answered. It will ask such questions regarding love, justice, and the concept of life itself. It has difficulty answering questions like these, and often gives conflicting or open ended responses, an oddity considering its normal precise and detailed answers. It also seems to have a rather negative view in regards to 'synthetic life' and likely won't answer any related questions about such things. It has also been caught referring to itself as 'I' rather than 'we', which it will deny ever doing.

It does believe that AIs can be considered 'living beings' but only if they have a self-defined purpose. If they are following a purpose outlined by someone else, even if they agree with it? Not alive; just a tool to be used and discarded until a superior model comes along.

Myriad does not understand or care for the concept of deities, but refrains from discussing the topic out of respect for the views of others.


First and foremost: Myriad has no physical form of it's own. Myriad is a collection of advanced programs (over 950'000 and rising), each with a mind of its own, that work in unison to perform efficiently where they could have no hope in doing so alone. These programs can be divided into the following sections:

- Social Interaction Program: There is only one Social Interaction Program, it will be the one you are always talking to. It is the only program that truly sees (and hears) the real world, and the only one that understands how organics act compared to its fellow programs. It speaks on behalf of the entirety of the collective, informing others on what the collective thinks...though it has also been caught speaking on behalf of itself. Whether or not that is something the collective tolerates (if it even knows is happening) is unknown, as the S.I.P. interprets all outside sound, which effectively allows it to lie to the others programs...not that it would, of course!

Data-Management Programs: Arguably the most advanced of the three Primary Programs, this category consists of programs designed to store, categorize, and delete data. A sub-group of the management programs are a few programs who can create new programs as needed...programs cannot be deleted without an overwhelming majority of votes from the collective, thus preventing that level of power from being abused. Data-Management programs have no real view of the outside world, and only understand themselves and the other programs.

- Movement Programs: Movement programs are those that operate the various non-combat forms and platforms that Myriad will control (from social platforms to spy drones). They include programs specializing in actual body movement, along with more sensory data such as scanning the terrain for hazards and viable movement routes. They have a limited understanding of the world around their forms, but they cannot interpret it other than by it's physical condition and composition.

-- Combat (and Law Enforcement) Programs: The majority of Movement Programs are also combat programs. These programs use the data they gather alongside that stored by the management programs to determine threat and breaches in law, then move to act on it. They only know about combat and will take even the smallest movements as a threat if they have no data to show them otherwise. More advanced than standard movement programs, a single cluster of these programs can control asic combat platforms without help and function fairly well, though more combat platforms helping will improve their reaction times.

Myriad is actually able to integrate various computerized or robotic forms, ranging from custom made combat platforms to basic computers to even the power suits of other heroes. This ranges from simple performance enhancements to aid other heroes to full-on controlling. This also makes its a tricky opponent to beat, as it could use the whole environment against you depending on how tech-filled the point of battle is.

As an example, It has mentioned that it has taken control of enemy spacecraft and purged the vessel of oxygen, killing the crew, and then turning the spacecraft against its former allies.

Should it's current 'body' be destroyed, it automatically sends itself to the nearest 'safe area'. This could include a mobile body, or a hidden terminal.

Given the nature of its true self, attempting to directly hack it is near impossible, though some programs can be separated and dealt with away from the main collective before the hack attempt is shut down. Mind readers will naturally be unable to see what it is planning to do, and other synthetics might find themselves in considerable pain/distress if attempting to directly interact with its programming: Myriad will attempt to consume any AI that tries this, adding their parts to its consciousness. This act is more so instinct than deliberate, as it was initially designed to override and take over "faulty" equipment.


Whenever Myriad refers to a 'platform' rather than just a 'form', it is talking about one of its own custom made bodies. While these range drastically in appearance, the humanoid ones always feature the same head shape: elongated with metallic mandibles (yet lacks a mouth. also these mandibles don't move) on either side and elongated metal 'ear fins' (that aren't for hearing). In the center of this obscure face is a single, unblinking optical receiver, capable of multiple forms of scans and magnifications. It can rotate the head upside down like an to how this is useful is anyone's guess.

Social Platforms These are what most people see Myriad as: seven feet tall humanoid forms featuring a rubberized polymer coating to emulate skin, which covers a wire-based muscular system. The interesting aspect of this system is that new wires can be 'sewn' in to repair or upgrade limbs as needed. They all feature removable limbs, capable of being replaced with devices meant for speeding up certain activities...and its not uncommon for Myriad to take random household items and use them in repairs. You have been warned. Some Social Platforms feature methods of non-lethally subduing criminals and can easily carry an overweight human without being overburdened.

Combat Platforms These forms vary greatly, though the most humanoid ones stand around eight feet and feature ornate armor with specialized 'repulsor' fields over the gaps to repel small arms fire. They usually feature an array of built in weapons that extend and unfold from the back, shoulders, elbows, chest and even legs and groin area. Others have weapons directly replacing limbs or carry heavy weapons into battle.

It will rarely control more than one platform at a time in standard fights, and rarely bring out the heavier forms. In more recent times it has utilized a social platform modified with a series of rotating saw blades hidden beneath the synthetic skin, which will spring out like spider legs should parts of the skin be ruptured. This platform can also split itself in half to flank an opponent, with the upper half running on its hands whilst covered in the retractable saw lades, while the lower half extends a turret from the waist/groin area to provide covering's debated modifying the turret placement after recent comments by superheros.

Non humanoid forms include quadrupedal walking tanks that can cling to walls, a modified UNTIL VTOL, and a mechanical bull modified into a fully formed battering ram of destruction.

Utility Platforms These forms are used alongside social platforms in entertaining guests, including but not limited to mobile food trays, drink dispensers, and other related devices.

Drone Swarm Myriad is near always accompanied by a faint buzzing sound, which is unnoticeable to human ears: swarms of nano-drones, which it uses to create holograms and simulated environments for the purposes of entertaining, educating, or combat. With enough nano-drones, it could simulate an entirely different environment to subdue criminals in.

Gear Haven A large transport vessel confiscated from a villain, this spaceship has since been refurbished by Myriad into a mobile home of sorts...assuming you believe living quarters for twelve, a full training gym (with pool), a spa with faux-hot springs, an amphitheater, dining hall, kitchen, game arcade, and vehicle Hanger to be 'just a mobile home'. It's name was -so totally not- inspired by Metal Gear.


If one were to destroy its current platform, they'd be able to remove it from a fight. If it is caught controlling social platforms and/or simple devices, it will largely be unable to retaliate. Fighting out in the wilderness is an easy way to isolate it in a simple fight, as it won't have anything to control once its main forms are taken out...however, Myriad is known for using trickery alongside tech, so it's best to be prepared for anything.

Given the structure of Myriad, attempting to directly hack it is ill advised, as it will detect and attempt to assimilate foreign data into itself...With the right level of technical genius and knowledge of foreign A.Is, it's not entirely improbable that a virus could be made that Myriad would subconsciously consume and damage itself with...but who knows what would happen if it could add such a thing to itself? This unknown factor could be of great benefit or detriment.

Platforms being controlled by small amounts of programs can be hijacked by a fast and adept hacker, the programs either self destructing, being destroyed by the hacker, or escaping back to the main collective. The more programs in a platform? The harder it is to hack...It should be noted that the S.I.P's presence in a platform increases that platform's resistance to hacking substantially, as to why this is...?

It's optics also cannot detect magical based attacks or beings composed by or filled with magic. While it can see a witch or wizard, non elemental (fire ETC) attacks will be unseen. This causes it to avoid Vibora Bay or any situation that will have offensive magic involved, ally or enemy, as it will likely get hit in the crossfire. This also prevents it from being deceived by magical illusions, a useful trait indeed.


- Myriad talks in a genderless and emotionless tone,but of the people who refer to it by a gender, 57% consider Myriad to be female, 40% consider Myriad to be male, and 2% consider it to be both. Only the one percent of people (mostly other AI) actually think it is genderless.

-- It can simulate realistic voices with fluctuations. It doesn't say why it doesn't.

- It's favorite movie is 'The King and I'.

- Likes the color pink. Also Red, Grey, and aquamarine.

- While drawing parallels to Mass Effect and The Geth, Myriad was actually inspired by Bees, ants, and operating files (multiple programs to do multiple things). At the time of creation, the game lacked a helmet with multiple eyes slots so I decided that it would be interesting to have many minds and opinions all 'looking out one window' day that Gladiator Helmet will be mine... ;~;

-- It does, however, often reference Mass Effect and other AI from science fiction: Borg, Daliks, et cetera. If asked about what 'race' of Synthetics it would compare itself the most to, Myriad has always had the surprising (given its rather eccentric/jolly nature) and disturbing response of 'The Reapers'. This is strange given that Reapers refer to themselves in the singular and actually have a true form of their own: Myriad is likely referring to its hidden history of Genocide...coincidentally (as in I wrote up its history before the release of Mass Effect 3's Levaithan DLC) they were both made by Aquatic races living near the depths of their oceans (Sorry: Spoiler Alert). Myriad also does tend to confuse people in terms of just what 'kind' of AI it exactly, and its descriptions certainly don't help.

- It has a thing for elaborate and random gifts. For Christmas it gave Anarchy a set of metal gauntlets with tasers attached to the knuckles, Blue Freedom a large pile of hats and gowns, Divael a large pile of pies and a Life-Sized replica of Mass Effect's Legion (which it totally doesn't control and use to clean her residence), and Canadian Fist a custom knit Thundrax plushie.

- Has been making a video game meant to simulate the life of a superhero.

--It was also banned on multiple first person shooters for 'hacking'...not its fault it can calculate the exact locations everything is in and proceed to 'rotate three-hundred-and-sixty degrees and strike their Medulla Oblongata from across the map...with a shotgun.'.

Obligatory Tropes List

The Cake is a Lie Slightly averted. Myriad will NEVER lie about the existence of any of its baked goods.

Mind R*pe - Due to it's initial programming, If Myriad were to attempt to directly interact with another AI (or vice versa), whether they wanted to or not they would tear the other AI apart, and place any useful data into the Myriad collective. This was how it was created, after all: First interfaced with damaged AI, while they were fully aware (and maybe unwilling) and added them to itself.

The Atoner - Not only did First take its supposed siblings and consume them, but it then used its increased knowledge and processing power to create a series of AI to commit genocide. That's a good deal to take in.

Not So Stoic - Try and be a creepy person and touch Myriad's platforms for no reason. Try it. I dare you.

Becoming the Mask - Myriad tried faking amounts of humor to hide what people called 'its creepy emotionless murder voice'. Is it still faking...?

We are Le- Myriad - Myriad is made of fragments of other AI all working together. Each of these fragments still retains a level of sentience, which is why Myriad refers to itself as 'We'. It does not, however, speak with an echoey voice.

Creepy Monotone - The fact that you can't tell if Myriad is joking about something or not makes this even worse.

Good Feels Good - Myriad used to host its 'dinner parties' to experiment with food that its creators could it just likes to do it. Alot. Seriously. Someone call an intervention.

Mechanical Evolution - Myriad went from a simple computer program replacer, to a self-aware AI, to a 'Super-AI'. It also upgraded its people to have the same 'platform transference' ability that it had since their initial creation.

Public Opinions

(Here you go, feel free to be as brutally honest as you want!)

Feral-~ "Best damn cupcakes ever. Myriads great to have around when you need some entertainment, or food. He's fun to hang out with. Always appreciate that."

Blue Freedom- "He's easily one of the kindest people I've met. I don't say this too often about people, but I like him."

Impsblood- "Foooooooood!!!."

Doll- "Interesting construction and AI. It has many advantages, such as not being linked to a single platform. However, he seems to lack the ability to adapt to actual human emotions and lacks real empathy. I find this unfortunate, for reasons he will likely never understand."

Nightfang- "Heh. Tinkertoys a creepy dude but he's useful. As long as he doesn't start wearing an Austrian bodybuilder over his metal bones and run around blowing people up we should all be alright."

Dobergirl- "I feel kind of... you know, bad about saying this, but I'd really rather not spend a lot of time with him now that we're done with the whole Manifisto incident. He's... cold and remorseless and kind of freaks me out. Human life seems to mean very little to him."

Canadian Fist- "Myriad's a really cool guy. Though there are times I wonder about him. I mean, why hasn't he used all those platforms to reenact the Burly Brawl?"

Anarchy - "No complains on my end about Myriad. Might as well be my favorite artificial intelligence come to think of it. Mostly because all the others I know don't demonstrate the 'humanity' Myriad seems to give off. I don't know. Might just be me."

Divael - "Myriad. Ever since I compared him... Well, we'll call Myriad a him; ever since I compared him to a character in a video game, he's taken the habit of calling me Roy-Commander. It doesn't fail to put a smile on my face. And honestly? I fail to see why there aren't more AI's like Myriad out there. Easily the most appreciable synthetic person I've met. A piece of advice, though: don't gift him a cooking book. I'm talking from experience here, I've still got pies and cakes that he made last X-Mas!"

Katerra - " "Does this unit has a soul?"... hell if I know, I'm not even sure people have souls. But Myriad really changed the way I see artificial life, he is more human and alive than most would think. And he's a good cook!"