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Player: @Vincyre
Galactigal trimmed.png
Biographical Data
Real Name: Gala, Samantha Edwards
Known Aliases: Gal, Gala, Sam, Sammy
Gender: Female
Species: Starspawn
Ethnicity: Starspawn
Place of Birth: Zel Star System
Base of Operations: Sol Star System
Relatives: Janine / Frederick Edwards (Adopted Parents), The Mother, The Father
Age: Unknown / 18
Height: 5'7"+
Weight: Varies
Eyes: Red / Green
Hair: Red / Blonde
Complexion: N/A / Fair
Physical Build: Bodybuilder / Average
Physical Features: Starry skin, Red star core / Ear piercings
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Chaotic Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 7
Citizenship: United States
Occupation: Student
Education: High School
Marital Status: It's Complicated
Known Powers and Abilities
Super Strength, Invulnerability, Gravity Manipulation, Giant Growth, Limited Shapeshifting, Teleportation, Limited Electromagnetic Manipulation
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Metal Decorations / Glasses, Cellphone, Purse

Gal Basic Info.png


Galactigal trimmed 2.png

Gala is a rather...strange creature. She's got the body shape of a muscular humanoid female, but she lacks any of the physical definition that one would use to determine gender. Not that it would matter, as she's composed of inorganic material. Her hair is short and spiked, but flows as if it defies gravity, and it has a soft red color. Her eyes are like luminous marbles, glowing bright red and leaking cosmic radiation. Her skin is smooth but unyielding, like polished stone, and looks like a window into space. Within her, uncountable twinkling stars can be seen, and most noticeable is the massive star at her core. She constantly emits cosmic radiation.

As for speech, she's got an eerie dual-tone voice, and she has problems manifesting her voice in earth's atmosphere. She always refers to herself as a plural, though most do not know why. She's known to most people on earth as Galactigal, a name given to her by Samantha, in order to more easily fit in with the 'superhero' crowd.


Samantha Trimmed.png

Gala's human disguise, Samantha, appears to be a very average teenage girl. She's got medium-length blonde hair, which is normally pulled up into pigtails. Behind her thick glasses, brilliant green, inquisitive eyes. She's got an energetic, cheerful voice.

All in all, Samantha is a very average least, to the naked eye she is.

To the right equipment, Samantha gives off trace amounts of cosmic radiation. Her cells deteriorate at a high rate when they leave her body, and they lack a normal nucleus. Because of this, Samantha has no DNA, or at least, no human DNA for that matter. Instead, Samantha's cells contain a pseudo-DNA strand that enables the cells to do whatever it is the particular cell does.

The starspawn.png

For in-depth information on the Starspawn, please visit their page

What is a Starspawn?

For years, people have tried to claim Gala is a being of magical origins, others think she's some extradimensional entity, and extensive yet inconclusive study by Samantha's adopted parents have yielded no scientific explanation. In reality, everything about Gala CAN be explained scientifically, but unfortunately, the science is beyond that of human comprehension.

Gala is part of a race of non-biological lifeforms, called Starspawn, created by an immensely powerful being known throughout the cosmos as the Mother. In order to create one of these beings, the Mother collapses an entire solar system into it's star, which then becomes a black hole. Shortly after, the black hole fades, leaving behind a small "egg", which eventually hatches into a fully-formed Starspawn. Unfortunately, to create one of these beings, the system used must contain at least one planet that is inhabited by an intelligent, sentient species...the Mother is capable of creating a physical body, but she cannot create a mind.

Because each being has a mind created from an entire civilization's collected consciousness, they will always refer to themselves as a plural. The process does not usually transfer any memories to the created being, but it will, however, transfer many of the civilization's attitude traits. This means that if you start with a peaceful race, you will get a peaceful being...start with a violent race, and you will get a violent being. The Mother will usually go out of her way to create one of the beings out of a malevolent, warlike race.

All beings of the particular race share numerous traits. First off, their physical bodies are for all intents and purposes, indestructible. They all share a starry skin pattern, and contain the star that they were formed from at their core. Everything they are, from their mind to their abilities, is dependent on the star at their core, it is both a brain and a power source. They all have basic control of gravity, the ability to travel by wormhole, and have limited control over the physical makeup of their bodies, allowing them to blend in with organic races...or to become a walking mass of burning plasma, should they so desire. They also almost always wear accessories made of very resilient, dense metals, though the appearance of the accessories varies from Starspawn to Starspawn.

It should be noted that Starspawn usually do not interact socially with most sentient species. They are generally unable to relate to most organic races, especially those with extensive social structures or widely varying emotions. They have great difficulty speaking in atmospheres, and usually communicate with each other through various forms of electromagnetic radiation, primarily radiowaves. When a Starspawn speaks in an atmosphere, it does so by vibrating the molecules in the air near it's head, if it has one, to form sounds, and it hears in a similar fashion. Each Starspawn learns to speak in this fashion differently, so each one develops it's own unique voice and speech patterns.

How is Gala different?

Gala was one of the Mother's most recent creations, one that she claims is flawed. All of the Mother's other creations were created with a planet with one dominant, sentient species...however, Gala was created using two planets, both inhabited by a dominant sentient species, both of which coexisted peacefully with eachother. This is what caused the creation of Samantha's submissive consciousness within Gala's mind.

Another major detail that separates Galactigal from her Starspawn brethren is the nature of the races used to create her. Both races were relatively peaceful, emotional races, both with a great deal of respect for life. This directly contradicts the destructive nature of Starspawn, and quite possibly the most important of all, it gave her the ability to experience emotion, a trait not shared by most of her brethren.

However, due to Mother having recently 'fixed' her, Gala and Samantha have merged into one consciousness, evening out their rather polar personalities. She has chosen to still go by Samantha whenever she is in her human form.

Gal bio.png

I would suggest that you listen to this song while you read this.

The death of Zel.

Zel...a red giant star, approximately two thousand, four hundred fifty two lightyears from Sol. There are seven planets that orbit Zel; Zel'vir, Zel'tor, the twin planets Zel'shiva and Zel'nuva, Zel'sha, Zel'riss, and Zel'ka. The twin planets Zel'shiva and Zel'nuva are the only planets capable of supporting life; they are lush worlds with massive rainforests, vast oceans, and both societies coexist peacefully. They are beautiful planets.

Or at least, they were.

Neither planet stood a chance, they were caught completely unprepared. It did not take long for the Starspawn forces to decimate the armies of the twin planets, the entirety of the invasion taking less than twelve hours. With the planetary defenses gone, there was nothing left to stop Mother from collapsing the Zel system into it's star, Zel, and in turn, creating a Starspawn egg from the star's remains. Eventually, a Starspawn hatched, one that Mother would name Gala.

Little did Mother know that she had made a miscalculation, one that would prove to create a very...unique Starspawn.

A runaway child.

As Gala developed mentally, it became apparent that there was something wrong with the Starspawn. She was forgetful, had a short attention span, and her actions were erratic. Eventually, she became disconnected and would often be found speaking to herself as if she were having a conversation with another being. Having never seen one of her children behave as such, Mother was, as to be expected, rather concerned...and what would any normal mother do in this situation?

She would try to fix it.

However, she hadn't taken into consideration that the same defect that caused Gala's mental issues would also cause her to be...strong willed. When Mother approached Gala with intent to 'fix' her, she refused. Naturally, Mother, being the prideful being she was, did not take kindly to disobedience. She became enraged that her own creation would fight her will, and eventually tried to destroy Gala, seeing her as some sort of personal failure. It was then that Gala made her escape, just narrowly avoiding complete obliteration at the hands of her creator.

Luckily for her, Mother's pride proved to be her salvation, as she did not give chase due to the fact that she thought her creation had been destroyed.

For years, Gala travelled throughout the universe, her mental conditions becoming less and less severe as she visited numerous planets and civilizations. Some were accepting of her, however, most were not, and after a while, she began to think that she would never find a true home.

Until she reached a small, yellow star, by the name of Sol.

Sanctuary near Sol.

Eventually, Gala reached a small planet, orbiting the star Sol. It was a quaint little place with a relatively primitive species, one that had hardly developed space flight. The small, pink organics were highly confusing, but Gala found them to be incredibly interesting. The best part, however, was that none of them had heard of Starspawn, and she was able to walk throughout the world freely, for the most part.

However, due to her fear that Mother would one day find her, she decided to instead take refuge in a disguise, changing her molecular makeup to be nearly identical to the native species. By mixing the physical features of countless of these creatures she'd seen, she created an organic form of her own, one she was confidant would allow her to go along undetected. Her form became that of a young girl, hardly ten, with green eyes and blonde hair, fair far as she could tell, she was a perfect fit.

She didn't take into account, though, that her mental conditions would come back in such force.

As soon as she took on the form, she felt herself shut out mentally, and eventually she blacked out. When she came to, she found herself in the back seat of her own body, another entity in control. However, it was something that felt very...familiar to her, like it was someone she'd known for a while. She tried to communicate with the being, but this only proved to cause panic in the being in control of the body, causing it to run into a busy highway, where it was struck by a car.

The body was in a coma for months.

This gave Gala ample time to communicate with the being, a girl that would come to call herself Samantha. She believed herself to be a human, and that the body was in fact her own body. She was convinced that she was a human named Samantha and that Gala was some alien consciousness that had come to her in her time of need to save her from a car wreck, and that the wreck had given her a severe case of amnesia. Gala, however, saw a handful of possibilities in the situation. She went along with Samantha's claims, seeing this as a way to better hide from Mother, and a way to finally find somewhere that she could belong.

Naturally, a ten year old girl cannot live on her own, and Samantha was sent to an orphanage after she recovered. During her time there, she learned much more than enough to pass as a human, and she was soon adopted by Janine and Frederick Edwards.

A somewhat normal life.

It's been seven years since Gala arrived on Earth, and since Samantha's consciousness had emerged from Gala's mind. They had agreed on who's form was who's, Gala taking over whenever they took on their Starspawn body, and Samantha taking over while human. They began to see themselves as sisters of sorts, and had been taking on life one step at a time. Samantha had finally come to terms with the truth of their combined existence, however, it was short lived, neither of them ready for what life would throw at them. Eventually, Gala was able to confront Mother, who was dead set on fixing what she had left broken, but at a terrible cost. Before the team forced her back to her home dimension, Mother was able to tamper with Gala's core, which eventually caused Samantha's and Gala's minds to begin to merge.

Gala and Samantha kept what Mother had done a secret, neither of them really sure when it would be best to tell anyone. They dealt with the effects for as long as they could, but it wouldn't last, as Samantha began to lose chunks of her memories and would randomly black out. The effects became too great for Samantha to deal with, and one cold October night, she slipped away, her consciousness fully merging with Gala's.

Returning to the stars.

After nearly a year since their last encounter, the creator of the Starspawn, Mother, resurfaced with a being known as Father, and came to Earth with an odd proposal. The two were to have a competition, a competition that would determine the fate of the Starspawn, and quite possibly, the universe. Should Father win, he would eliminate all existing Starspawn and return the planets used to create them to their former glory. Should Mother win, she would never create another Starspawn, instead, she would grant them the ability to reproduce among themselves, and she would never again return to this universe. The competition was composed of a colosseum match of sorts, with three rounds, the victor decided by who had the most wins out of the three matches. The first and second match ended in a victory on Mother's side, though Father had decided to toss aside the rules of the match and struck a devastating blow to Mother. With Mother unable to defend herself or her children, Father turned his attention to her Starspawn, and would have eliminated them, were it not for an intervention by New Vigil. It was a long battle, but through extraordinary effort, the team managed to defeat Father, sending him back to his home dimension.

Mother, in an odd show of honesty, delivered on her side of the bargain. She imparted on one of the oldest of the Starspawn, Whitestar, the 'instructions' that Starspawn need to reproduce, then sealed herself away.

Now, alone and without purpose, the Starspawn looked to Whitestar for guidance. Whitestar, now with an entire race looking to her, decided to take her people to the stars, in hopes of finding a place to call their own. Naturally, Gala decided to go along, having said her goodbyes. Whether or not she returns, well...who knows!

Gal personality.png


Personality- Gala was very similar to other Starspawn in terms of personality; she was usually very serious and devoid of humor, and she cared little for fun or subtlety, though she was surprisingly forgiving. However, unlike most Starspawn, Gala is capable of feeling emotions, a trait picked up from the Zel'Shivans used to create her. Recently, thanks to Samantha's more human consciousness merging with her own, Gala has picked up many of her traits. She's much more friendly and outgoing, she's much more capable of understanding emotional and social cues, and she's generally much more energetic, fun loving, and expressive than she used to be. However, she still retains many of her Starspawn traits, as she's quick to anger and very reluctant to trust others.


Personality- Samantha was as Human as can be, even though she was just a Starspawn in a Human form; having developed mostly in the presence of other Humans, she had managed to avoid most of the negative aspects of a Starspawn's personality. Sam was often described as a very energetic and fun-loving nerd with a tendency to act rather immature at times, though she was very self-conscious, had anger issues, and was much less forgiving than her counterpart, traits very similar to the Zel'Nuvians used to create her.


  • New experiences- Gala is always quick to take on challenges and experiences, especially if it is something she's never done before.
  • Television- She is almost always found watching television during her free time while in control. She is an avid fan of Doctor Who.
  • Reading- Reading is one of Gala's favorite things to do during her free time, whether it's reading a thick fantasy novel or comics. She's got a large collection of both superhero comics and manga.
  • Games- One of the traits picked up from Samantha, Gala has a new-found liking for games, whether they are videogames or tabletop roleplaying games.
  • Forested areas- There is nothing more calming to Gala than a forest, regardless of if it is on Earth or some alien planet.
  • Animals- One thing Gala has a soft spot for is animals, especially small animals. This often ties in with her love of forests.
  • Living beings- Gala feels immense guilt for the crimes of her siblings and her creator, and therefore has taken it upon herself to protect living creatures, whether they accept her or not. This is what motivates Gala to spend her time fighting crime as a superhero.
  • Music- Gala absolutely loves music, especially opera or instrumental music.
  • Superheroes- Need more be said? Samantha and Gala were huge fans of superheroes, so much so that Samantha gave Gala the extension to her name, making her Galactigal.


  • Xenophobia- The Starspawn have garnered quite a reputation throughout the universe as genocidal beings of war, and this is something Gala works very hard to try to overcome. She was relieved to find that the people of Earth had not heard of her kind, but soon found that they were not entirely accepting of extraterrestrial beings, and she detests all things xenophobic.
  • Sexual content- Bodily functions are not something Gala is entirely fond of, and she especially dislikes how many beings reproduce. She finds most of the things organic beings do to survive to be rather disgusting.
  • War- Gala is not against fighting, but one thing she cannot stand is war. She believes there is no reason great enough to justify the mass murder of beings.
  • Death- Having seen many close friends die over the course of her lifetime, Gala has come to hold a strong dislike for death, bordering on fear.
  • History- Gala's least favorite subject is history. The way she sees it, it's already happened, so why should she have to learn so much about it?

Gal Powers.png

Strength- Gala's strength comes from both high physical ability and touch-based gravity control. At her smallest size, without the aid of her gravity manipulation, Gala is able to lift roughly 200 tons, and she can hold 25 tons indefinitely. Because Gala is inorganic, she does not tire from physical exertion, though the use of her other abilities can tire her out, and in turn, lower her physical strength.

Invulnerability- Gala's physical body is practically unbreakable, and thus she is able to take large amounts of punishment. She can, however, feel pain from strong attacks, and will fall after significant damage. She is immune to fire and radiation based attacks, and is incredibly resistant to most physical and energy based attacks. Unfortunately, part of what makes her body so resistant to damage is it's incredible density, which also means she is incredibly heavy.

Gravity Manipulation- By sending waves of gravity out from the star at her core, Gala is able to manipulate gravity around herself. She can combine this with her innate physical strength to greatly increase her effective strength, and she can use it to prevent from tearing through an object when she attempts to lift it. She is capable of augmenting physical attacks and manipulating gravity over long distances, doing anything from projecting damaging waves, to negating the force of gravity on subjects, and even creating immense gravity wells. She can use this ability to fly, but more importantly, it is subconsciously used to keep herself from crushing the ground beneath her feet when she walks.

Giant Growth- Gala is able to grow several times her size, which increases the strength of her powers considerably at the cost of her speed. She accomplishes this by increasing the output of her core star, which causes her physical body to expand at the cost of fuel. Once she grows, however, she is incapable of shrinking back down for a short time, and must "cool down" in order to decrease in size. This causes her to be unable to reduce her size quickly. The limit to her growth is not known, though she generally will not grow larger than the size of a small building. However, evidence gathered from her sibling Nova proves that she may be able to expand to the size of a small moon, at a near-lethal fuel cost.

Limited Shapeshifting- Another of the abilities considered to be innate in all Starspawn is limited control over her own molecular makeup. Due to the limitations built into her by Mother, however, Gala is only able to remember her form, and the form of her human alter-ego. While in human form, her body is under the control of the extension of her consciousness known as Samantha, while Gala herself remains dormant within the nucleus of each cell in Samantha's body. Because of this, Samantha has no DNA.

Teleportation- By creating an immensely strong gravity well in the star at her core, Gala is able to punch through the very fabric of space and time to open a wormhole, allowing her to teleport vast distances in the blink of an eye. While this looks very painful from the outside, it causes her no physical harm. The same, however, cannot be said for anyone and anything she brings with her. If Gala offers to teleport you somewhere, accept the offer at your own risk.

Limited Electromagnetic Manipulation- One of the traits shared by all Starspawn is their ability to perceive and communicate through various wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum, usually through radiowaves. This is primarily for communication between Starspawn, but it can be adapted for use with radio-based communication devices. Many Starspawn have adapted a form of radar using their electromagnetic perception to overcome their poor eyesight.

Gal abilities.png

Vast Scientific Knowledge- Gala is a being of the cosmos, and as such, she naturally has a deep well of knowledge of many areas of science. Most of what she knows was imparted to her by Mother, though she has also gained quite a bit of knowledge during her travels throughout the universe. After all, she has to understand how particles work and the basics of chemistry in order to feed, not to mention the knowledge she needs to know to be able to create a wormhole! For Gala, knowledge isn't for power or glory, it's for survival. However, she has little knowledge about things unrelated to her survival, such as biology.

Mathematics- Though it is one of her least favorite subjects, she is more than competent when it comes to math, and is capable of doing long equations without the use of a calculator or scrap paper.

High IQ- Gala has a rather high IQ, bordering on genius, though she's not near superhuman levels of intelligence. She is a quick learner and has excellent spatial awareness and logical thinking skills.

Gal Weaknesses.png

Physical Weaknesses

Size- Gala's size is one of her greatest strengths, but it can also be one of her greatest weaknesses at times. Her size is limited when she is within an enclosed space, and she risks high amounts of collateral damage to the surrounding area if she grows too large. She also isn't the fastest being to begin with, and her speed only goes down as she gets larger. This means she is at a rather big disadvantage when fighting small, fast enemies.

Star Core- All of what Gala is...her strength, her power, and even her mind, come from the star in her core. That star, like all other stars, is fueled by nuclear reactions, and as such she can be weakened considerably by anything potent enough to slow down her particles. This also means that everything she does requires fuel, and while she usually cannot use enough fuel on her own to die, she can use enough to prevent her from using most of her abilities until she is able to recuperate. She is able to bypass longer periods of recovery by travelling to other stars in order to siphon a portion of their fuel, however, she will never siphon fuel from a star near an inhabited world.

Magic- Starspawn were not made with magic in mind, and because of this, mystical energies are generally able to bypass a Starspawn's natural defenses. This does not extend to magically created elements such as fire or electricity, only innately mystical energies, such as arcane energy or negative energy (darkness) attacks.

Radioactive- Gala constantly gives off cosmic radiation, though she does her best to keep it held in check. This causes her to be rather dangerous to be around for extensive periods of time.

Mental Weaknesses

Insecurity- Due to all of the bad encounters Gala has had with organic and inorganic beings during her lifetime, she has become unable to easily trust anyone, and when she does, that trust is easily broken. This leads to numerous issues with group cohesion, and it generally causes her to be a bad team player, especially since those close to her have begun to develop ways to eliminate Starspawn. Her insecurity borders on paranoia, causing her to believe that, eventually, they will turn those weapons on her.

Emotional Detachment- Gala, while able to experience emotion, is still a Starspawn, and as such, finds emotion to be an incredibly alien concept. Because of this, she has a great deal of difficulty understanding and expressing emotions, and in times of extreme emotion, she can become irrational or violent due to the stress of such alien concepts.

Gal Familyfriends.png

Janine Edwards- "Adopted Mother", as Gala sees her. Janine, once under the employ of a supervillain, now makes a living as a chemist and chemistry professor at a nearby college. She is a very intelligent and ambitious woman who, due to the same chemical accident that robbed her of her left hand, is physically unable to bear children. She is a very likable, loving, friendly woman who has devoted much of her time and money towards helping others. Because of her inability to bear children, she's become very attached to Gala, treating her very much like an adopted child.

Frederick Edwards- "Adopted Father", as Gala sees him. Frederick, once under the employ of a supervillain, now makes a living as a particle physicist for the company Harmon Industries. He is much more strict than his wife, and he is devoted to his work, which keeps him busy most of the day. However, he tries his best to be a good husband, and he spends most of his free time with his family, however little time he may have.

Mercy- Charity is Gala's best girl friend, who she met in her old supergroup. The two get along rather well, and they at one point both led the supergroup known as the New Vigil. However, the fact that Charity is a psychic worries Gala, and she's not sure if her powers extend only to emotions.

Bee- Gala doesn't know too much about Bee, aside from what his face looks like. He's a charismatic, friendly member of New Vigil, and someone she considers to be a close friend. She sees him as one of the kindest humans that she knows, and she wishes that more humans were as kind and understanding as Bee.

Heartbeat- Taffi is one of the few aliens that Gala knows, and that pretty much means that there's an instant connection. She's funny, optimistic, energetic, and while she is strange, her heart is always in the right place. That being said, Taffi is not entirely alien, as she was a Malvan who was born and raised in captivity on earth. The two were in a relationship, though neither of them really seemed to know what they are doing, and it's unsure how things stand between them now.

Blue Freedom- Alexis is quite possibly one of the single grumpiest people that Gala knows. She's not sure what to really think about Alexis, but she trusts her combat experience more than most of her other teammates. She does, however, think that one day Alexis will become a danger to herself and everyone around her if she does not learn to keep her temper in check. Fortunately enough, it seems that Alexis has been learning a great deal of discipline, which makes her an even more formidable force out on the field of combat

Black Ice- Gala likes to poke fun at Oliver, mostly because he's a grumpy Englishman. She's not entirely fond of his cold sense of humor, but he's focused and he gets the job done when he has to. He does not always see eye-to-eye with the others, but she sees this as a vital part of the success of the group as a whole. She has taken to calling him rather cheesy names related to his powers, such as Frosty, Freeze, and Asscicle.

Arcane Squire- Gala thinks that James is fun, though a bit of a goober. He also happens to be Charity's main squeeze at the moment, and she'll take any chance she can to poke fun at the two. She does, however, think that the sword and armor that James uses are actually of a much darker, diabolical nature than he lets everyone think. That being said, he's one of the people she trusts the most, especially as something to hide behind in tough situations.

Mother- Gala's true mother. Mother believes Gal to be "broken", and feels compelled to "fix" her broken child. Gal fears Mother, or rather, what she is capable of, and has been running from her for a very long time.

Humans- Gala is rather...indifferent with regards to friendship with most humans. She finds them interesting, but Starspawn are so different from humans that Gal simply cannot relate to them, and this will often cause her to be unable to form any sort of lasting friendship with them. However, she has found a few that she likes more than others, and her time spent observing them has opened her up a bit to them, and she is slowly beginning to understand them. She, however, does not trust most humans.

Gal Enemies.png

The Mother

The Mother, Voidheart, Starmother, the Great Deceiver...Mother is known by many names throughout the universe. She is a seemingly benevolent being of immeasurable power, worshiped as a god among many species. She, however, is most definitely malevolent, and destroys entire solar systems to bring into being her twisted "children", snuffing out the lives of all who inhabit said system. Some twisted fanatical and misguided races will even offer up their planets for sacrifice, believing that she will grant them some higher form of existence, though it is simply one of her many lies.

Mother is eternal...she has always been, and presumably will always be. She exists outside the time-space continuum in higher dimensions than most races, and therefore is immensely powerful when interfering with lower dimensions, though she is still limited by the laws of whatever dimension she is interfering with. She prefers, however, to keep from directly interfering, allowing her children to do most of the work in lower dimensions for her.

Why she creates the Starspawn is not something that anyone knows, not even herself. Perhaps it is out of some need to have something to love, or it is just her fulfilling some urge to destroy. Whatever the reason, she is compelled to create them, and she usually treats them as tools or possessions, rather than entities. She is quick to punish any Starspawn that disobeys or disappoints, and she is quick to teach them their place.

She should not be mistaken as a god, however, as gods are beings of magical origins. Mother anomaly, a broken chunk of reality, given sentience.

Power Level- Cosmic

Powers- Matter/Reality manipulation, Telepathy/Telekinesis, Teleportation, Higher-Dimensional Perceptions (true-seeing, precognition, omniscience), Immortality, Timeless.

Weaknesses- Limited to the laws of the dimension of which she's inhabiting at the time, limited in power in lower dimensions.

Gal Rphooks.png

Westside High Student- Samantha is a junior at Westside High, and she's also president of the astronomy club! She's...not one of the popular girls, she's actually bullied pretty badly.

Scientist Parents- Gala's adopted parents are both scientists, her father is employed by Harmon Industries, and her mother is a college professor. Both are known in their respective fields of study.

Gamer Nerd- Gala is an avid gamer, though she is not very good at most of them. She loves pretty much all kinds of videogames and tabletop games, and can frequently be found at arcades or the local hobby shops.

Frequent Spacer- Gala often travels throughout space in search of sustenance, entertainment, and observation. She's been on other planets, moons, and even near various stars and nebulae. In addition, the Starspawn and Mother are infamous among many worlds throughout the universe.

Radioactive- Gala simply oozes cosmic radiation, and while in her human form, Samantha, she leaks a very small amount, though still traceable with equipment. This means that both of them can be rather dangerous to be around for extended periods of time.

Gal Opinions.png

These are quotes and opinions from others regarding Galactigal.

"Tolerable, if not incompetent." - Kid Destroyer

"Haha! Galactigal is quite great. I do enjoy our talks, and I've enjoyed the time getting to know both her and Sam better. I can see that Sam is taking steps to become a much better leader. I wish her luck! And I also feel a bit bad for Galactigal. She was in quite the predicament a couple months back, and I hope she's slowly feeling better after the ordeal. I'm sure things'll turn out well, they're both strong girls!" - Bee

"Sam's a nerd and Galactigal's a dweeb. Also, way to get kidnapped, losers." - Blue Freedom

"Well, honestly? The thought of an intergalactic malevolent starspawn race is a little disturbing, but at least this one seems to be on our side." - Black Ice

"Samantha has been nothing but kind to me, I'm happy to call her a friend. And Galactigal is simply fascinating both for what and, more importantly, who she is. My sisters and I will do our best to help her and the rest of the team in any way we can." - M.E.D.I.C.

"Sam sweet." She blushes shyly. "I really love being around her. Since I've gotten to know both her and Sam, I feel I have a kindred spirit and have never felt like this before. I always want her and Gal to be happy and well. Sam is the best sweetie in the world!" - Heartbeat

"Sam is sweet and kinda quirky. I like her a lot. Galactigal.... It's hard to explain. She's older sister with mixed feelings." - Shadow Blade

"They're -trying- to improve. I guess that's something. I still don't think they're exactly leadership material, though - more often than not they're at the root of the problems between other members of the team. We'll see how things go." - Quarrel

"I think she thinks I like her more than I do. She's kinda cute, I suppose. Huh? Oh, yeah, Gal's funny. Maybe funnier than Sam. Creepy though." - Luctus

"Okay, I'm not sure I understand her. There's like two of her, right? Anyways, sometimes its like talking to two different people. Both are nice... Samantha seems totally adorable and all but I think a special 'Makeover Day' would get her in a better state of mind." - Lash

"Galactigal is a blob of cuddlyness. Samantha needs to exercise more."-Prankenstein

"There are a lot of words that describe Gal. Ominous. Powerful. Heavy. But I think she cares a lot. More than most people think. Oh, and Sam? She's one of the few people that can relate to me. She has some sort of idea of what I'm going through. It's kind of nice to know that." -Bloodline

"I took the chance to extend an offer of courtesy to the two in effort to help develop them and in turn their team. I'll admit, that Sam is more of a focus for me however. I can see a burning passion behind the nerdy appearance. That might be Gal though." {Smirks} "Regardless of whatever happens, I'm going to keep rooting for both of them and helping them in life." - Anarchy

"Awww man! Galactigal is pwetty awesome! I know you say you don't like cookies, but I bet your fwiends would! Uhhhhh are you a star pwincess?! That would be neat if you were!" - Chocolate Chip Chelsea

"I wouldn't mind gettin' my hands on some samples'a Gal. I ain't really talked to either of 'em much ta have a big opinion on 'em, but they Sam at least seems like she cares about the team a lot, so that's nice. Dunno 'bout Gal, though; she's always so distant." - Gabby Gizmo

"Well, I definitely wouldn't have wanted to be that Rubiks cube." - Boy Wonder

"I find Gal and "her" species extremely fascinating. Of course, "she" is more than just some puzzle to solve. I enjoy conversing with "her" and getting an objective opinion on things." - Stegoboy

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Samantha's Diary/Related Posts


Pet- Samantha currently has one pet...a pet snail that she named Hubert. He's a hobo, according to her, cause he carries his home around with him. She's made a small sack on a stick, which she glued to Hubert's shell to complete the hobo package.

It's Gala, not Galactigal!- Contrary to popular belief, Galactigal is a name that Samantha made up based on her fondness for superheroes. Gala is the real name of the being most know as "Gal", though she has never told anyone outside of Samantha's adopted family.

Samantha? Really?- Samantha's name was not given to her by Mother, Gala, or her adopted parents; instead, it was the only name she could remember when she emerged from her dormant state. Well, sort of...she got it partially right! Samantha's name actually comes from that of a young Zel'Nuvian girl named Samarah, who's birthday just so happened to coincide with the destruction of the Zel star system. While Gala and Samantha are no longer separate entities, Gala has chosen to go by Samantha while in her human form.

Who'd play 'em?- Samantha would most likely be played by Amanda Seyfried, while Gala's actor is yet to be determined.


  • Punched Across the Room- Gala's punches pack quite the wallop, and even when they aren't charged up with a gravimetric pulse, they tend to send opponents flying, usually through things.
  • Megaton Punch- When Gala's punches are supercharged with gravimetric pulses, they tend to send opponents and objects flying, FAR.
  • Gravity Master- Enough said. Arguably Gala's most powerful skill is her manipulation of the forces of gravity.
  • Artificial Gravity- Gala is capable of granting others the advantage (or disadvantage) of gravity while in zero-gravity environments.
  • Teleportation and Faster-than-Light Travel- Gala travels throughout the universe using wormholes, effectively covering both short and incredibly long distances faster than the speed of light.
  • Flying Brick- Enough said, really. She's a brick type that can fly.
  • Super Strength and Nigh Invulnerability- These two always seem to go hand in hand, and Gala is no exception.
  • Shooting Superman- Most forms of Earth weaponry simply don't hurt Gala, though it won't stop common thugs from trying!
  • Human Alien- When Gala is hiding within Samantha, it's nearly impossible to tell that she's not human without specialized equipment.
  • Physical God- Gala is powerful, VERY powerful, falling somewhere near the higher end of the powerlevel spectrum.
  • The Smart Girl- Sam may be blonde, but she's not dumb; in fact, she's got an above average IQ.
  • Fiery Redhead- Gala may not express most emotions well, but she is still a strong, passionate, feisty redhead.
  • Nerdgasm- Both Sam and Gala have their moments of overexcited reactions.
  • Interspecies Romance- Currently, Samantha is dating a being of another species. Because Starspawn generally don't reproduce, some will seek partners that will complement them mentally, and as such will almost always seek those of other species.
  • No Social Skills- It's almost sad to see how bad Gala's social skills are.
  • Split Personality- Gala and Samantha, while the same being, have very different personalities, and it's almost as if they are still two beings in one.
  • Kryptonite Factor- Gala is very powerful, but not without her weaknesses! Should someone have the right weaponry, or should they try to attack Samantha, Gala can be taken out fairly easily.
  • Celestial Body- Gala, being a Starspawn, has a body that resembles a cutout of the cosmos.
  • World of Cardboard- Gala's strength puts her in a tough situation. If she doesn't hold back, she could cause irreparable harm to everything around her, and as such, she's forced to operate at minimal levels of strength.


So long and thanks for all the...

  • Special thanks to user @Jupejuperocket and their character page for Chance for the background coding, transparent boxes, and figuring out a way to make the frickin' statboxes work with said transparent boxes! It's something I'd been trying to figure out for a while, but was too dumb to do so on my own!
  • Thank you to my supergroup, New Vigil, who put up with Gal's grumpy butt. Without them, I doubt any other group would take someone so...well, any of my characters, hah!

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