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Super Group
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Real Name
Lyman de Wit
January 14th
Halifax, Nova Scotia
USA, Canada
Millennium City
Millennium City
Pawn Shop Clerk
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Marital Status
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Physical Traits
Apparent Age
125 lbs.
Body Type
Slim, Muscular
Blue, Glowing White
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Glowing eyes
Powers & Abilities
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Super Physique, Celestial Fire, Regeneration, Flight, Limited Empathy
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Trivia, Puns


Lyman is the son of a museum curator and an archaeologist. His family moved very often, and Lyman spent as much time reading tomes and exploring tombs with his family as he spent in school reading children's books and exploring playgrounds. He always had a knack for learning, and it didn't surprise his family when he turned out to be a history buff.

Lyman suffered from intense migraines sporadically during his childhood. It took him, the doctors, and his family around 10 years to figure out the trigger. His migraines always occurred on days of natural disasters. The ringing in his ears he always heard was not normal. He was hearing the suffering of people around him. They also figured out, after some broken furniture and bones, that he became physically stronger as the noises got louder.

Lyman's family was killed in a plane crash on their way to a secluded dig site in Greece. Lyman survived the crash with his body unharmed, but mentally he hasn't been the same since.

He began to hear a voice. The voice claims to be Penthos, the spirit of mourning. Penthos wants Lyman to stop the suffering. Find the noise and stop those causing it. Penthos says the powers Lyman has are a gift he bestowed; and it is Lyman's duty to carry out his mission. But Penthos doesn't always talk to him, so Lyman tries his best to carry out his work while still enjoying his life.

Inspired by the heroes he had seen and read about, Lyman chose to follow in their foot steps. If there are no criminals there will be less suffering. He chose the name Luctus as a sign of respect for Penthos, as Luctus is the Romanized name of the spirit.

  • November, 1998 : The de Wits participate in an archaeological excavation in Greece.
  • July 7th 1999: Lyman de Wit is born in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  • September 11th, 2001: Lyman experiences his first migraine and levels his house in a tantrum.
  • March 20th, 2003: The Iraq War starts. Lyman experiences another migraine. He is pacified before any major damage is done.
  • December 26th 2004: The Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami devastates Southeast Asia. While on vacation in China with his parents, Lyman experiences another intense migraine and accidentally topples a small building. No injuries were reported.
  • August 29th, 2005: Hurricane Katrina hits the Gulf Coast. Lyman experiences another massive migraine while on a trip in Mexico with his parents. Doctors finally link his headaches and power surges to emotional events.
  • July 9th, 2013: Lyman obtains his GED while working with his parents on an archaeological excavation.
  • January 3rd, 2014: While heading to a dig site in Greece, the de Wit's plane crashes for unknown reasons. Lyman is the only member of his family to survive.
  • January 4th, 2015: Lyman begins hearing a voice claiming to be Penthos, the spirit of mourning. He is told that he was given his abilities by Penthos to end humanity's suffering.
  • January 21st, 2015: Lyman registers to be a hero under the name Luctus - the Romanized name for Penthos.

This timeline will get more and more anachronistic due to time passing faster in the real world than in RP world.


Lyman de Wit lives in a small rundown apartment in Westside. His parents were archaeologists, and were not extremely wealthy, so not much was left for him when they died. He completed his GED early in his high school years so that he could join them on their excavations. After they died Lyman took a job at a local Pawn Shop with a colleague of his parents.

Lyman is an avid soccer fan. Most of his free time while on excavations with his family was spent playing soccer with the local kids. He likes Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, and video games, but he doesn't consider himself a nerd.


Despite, or possibly because of "The Ban", Lyman de Wit acts as a sort of mix between an Avatar and a vessel for the Greek Pantheon's spirit of mourning, Penthos.


Unwilling to simply accept The Ban that would forbid Penthos to step foot on Earth, the spirit of mourning decided to transfer his power and consciousness into an urn before he was forced to leave.

Being a prideful member of a Pantheon stuck in an urn was not a pleasant experience for Penthos, especially as the Greek Empire faded into history and his Urn was buried under thousands of years of time. This was compounded by the massive human population increase that occurred while he was trapped in his vessel. Unable to do anything but mourn for the the exponentially larger amount of suffering, Penthos began to feel as though his charge of embodying the misery of humanity was not his ultimate purpose. He decided that his real duty was to end the suffering. He no longer wanted to embody mourning when the world was so full of it.

His chance to escape and carry out his new purpose came when a group of archaeologists uncovered the ruins in which is urn was buried. The de Wit parents, who were expecting a child, unwittingly cracked the urn while excavating. Penthos seized the opportunity to jump to the nearest vessel, a much more useful one. That new vessel was the unborn child that would be named Lyman.


Lyman/Luctus can 'hear' mental suffering in the form of varying tones. Every sentient being capable of feeling sadness has a noise. Lyman is able to hear nearly every human, alien, etc. on Earth from anywhere on the planet; however, the further away the source is the less distinguishable any particular tone becomes. At any given point Luctus can only successfully pick out sources within a 300 mile radius. He is much more capable of picking out tones if he is familiar with the person it is coming from.

Luctus becomes more powerful when he is around suffering. These powers include enhanced physique, celestial fire, and regeneration, as well as the ability to fly. These powers all scale with the amount of mental suffering around him. Luctus is also able to transfer a nominal amount of physical pain from others to himself. This power does not seem to change with his others powers.

  • Enhanced Physique: Luctus can run faster, jump higher, punch harder, and see further than the average human. This power scales much less than his other powers.
  • Regeneration: Luctus does not regenerate much faster than a normal human if there is no suffering around him. On an average day Luctus can recover from major cuts and burns in around a half hour. At his peak Luctus may not seem to have wounds at all, even when receiving them. He cannot regenerate lost body parts.
  • Celestial Fire: The fire does not burn. Luctus can conjure a celestial fire to smite the wicked. It produces the painful sensation of burning without actually damaging tissue - though this is by choice. He allows it to melt through objects and obstacles if it suits his needs.
  • Flight: Luctus can fly at around 100 miles per hour when not empowered. When empowered he can focus solely on flight and is able to fly at hypersonic speeds.
  • Relentless: Even if his body is battered and broken, Penthos has the capacity to control Luctus' body and continue on fighting. Penthos can even prevent Luctus from dying. This usually ends with Luctus being out of commission for lengths of time while recovering.
  • Angst RADAR: To Lyman, everyone's sadness has a unique sound, much like the difference between voices. If he is familiar with a person's sound, he can generally locate them. If he is trying to find someone in immense distress, he can find them.
  • Magical Outfit: As part of his deal with Penthos to work to make the world less miserable, Lyman required that he be able to wear a costume to hide his identity. Penthos, ever impatient, creates it out of celestial magic. This allows Lyman to change clothes on a whim.


  • Constant Headache: Lyman is almost perpetually nursing a mild headache. Volatile emotions can incapacitate Lyman if he is not prepared for them.
  • Happy Fun Times: Lyman's powers rely on the emotional distress of the people around him. He has extreme range of power. He can tap into the misery of people across the globe. However, his powers scale with his surroundings. If no one is sad around him, he isn't much of a force.
  • Hearing Voices: People tend not to like people who hear voices - especially when that voice doesn't agree with 21st century morality.
  • Pissed Off God: Penthos doesn't appreciate when Lyman does typical teenager things like flirting and teasing. Lyman seems to get worse headaches after teasing friends.
  • Relentless: Even if his body is battered and broken, Penthos has the capacity to control Luctus' body and continue on fighting. Penthos can even prevent Luctus from dying. He knows this for a fact, having tested it.


Compassionate Critic

Enigmatic Empowering Entity

Pretty Boy

Orphan's Ordeal

Jerkass Facade

Muscles are Meaningless

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Pride - Manchester Orchestra

Amen - Jeff Rosenstock

Quiet Little Voices - We Were Promised Jetpacks

I See Failure - Antarctigo Vespucci


  • Is named after Lyman Hall, a delegate from Georgia and signer of the Declaration of Independence. His parents were history buffs.
  • He can play multiple string instruments, including guitar, ukulele, and mandolin.
  • He likes to draw.


Comments from other heroes go here.

"At first, I was not sure how I felt about Lyman. Now that I've come to understand him, and the nature of his abilities, a bit better, I see him as a young man who shows incredible strength to bear the burden that he does. I cannot imagine what it must be like to feel, to hear the emotions of others. The fact that he has not lost faith in humanity entirely speaks volumes of his character." - Faith

"First off: he NEVER came to my New Vigil reunion party, which I was totally bummed about. But hey! He is back around anyways with the Progeny, so there's that. He seems to be a bit distant like there's a lot on his mind and I think I hear him talking to someone who may or may not be there. Either way, I've signed Miss Pussycakes up for some online counseling classes so maybe she can help him out. He seems like a great guy at least when I talk to him." - Lash

"Lymanade! *laughs* He's alright. He's gotta get used to pain though. It's not going to get better, especially in this line of work. But I know what it's like to have another person's voice in your head. When you add magic to that? Life's hard enough without hocus pocus getting in the way. So I respect him for dealing with it and not being a complete nut." - Kid Ballistic

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