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OOC Notes

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The Progeny is a super group much in the vein of THE TEEN TITANS and YOUNG AVENGERS. It is usually a bit more light hearted fare with the usual teen angst and melodrama that can sometimes follow. The members of The Progeny fall in the age range from mid teens to young adults and work together to fight city or world threatening terrors all while hoping to get at least a 'B' on their history midterm exam the following day. The team is very much a 'capes and tights' type group like THE PROTECTORS OF THE WORLD and look to gear their adventures towards that type of notion. They do not murder, steal or start crimes... they might, however, skip school once in a while. I mean, someone has to stop Therakiel, right?

We are not freely soliciting applications unless specified somewhere. This policy of 'please don't come to us, we will come to you' is so that the players can focus more on the role playing and less on the 'business side' of handling the super group. The Progeny is comprised mostly of veteran players who are comfortable with each others play style. From time to time open events will occur which anyone can be part of. In the event of an opening, it will be on a public forum for those to look into. This allows players who are not officially part of the team to still join in on the hijinks. We also enlist a 'no alts' policy and soft cap of roughly twelve members so everyone is familiar with the characters and no one feels left out or 'out of the loop' with what is going on.

The Progeny uses the PROTECTORS OF THE WORLD sub forums. To know more about these teen sensations, please click the logo below!

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The Progeny were formed by a gathering of the old guard of New Vigil alongside new teen heroes who had never worked within a team before. Lash, known as Olevia Alvarez, had chosen to bring together a number of her old teammates for a reunion party. Several of them decided to meet at the downtown teen hotspot known as 'SWING'. As they chatted, little did they know others who possessed special talents were also there. They also could not guess in their midst was an alien princess whose life was in jeopardy as those she associated with attempted to assassinate her. The heroes quickly stepped into action, bringing their talents together in order to defeat an alien militia as well as save the princess. As she departed, the teens exchanged notes and ideas. They realized that they worked well together and the victory would not have had been possible unless they had done this as a single unit. Thus they formed The Progeny, whose purpose was for these young heroes to combat all kinds of menaces they may not be able to individually.

The team was, fortunately, able to bond quickly. The first few weeks were mostly socializing and getting to know each other while fighting petty crimes. They soon found themselves thrust into larger scale adventures, such as saving Westside High School from super-powered gang members. Soon afterward, they took on a new venture and a home of sorts. Arcade - O - Rama, a rundown arcade store set in a five-story building in Westside, was also a fully outfitted underground lair that a villain used at one time. Making it their own, they set out to renovate both it and the store and the area below, turning it officially into their base of operations. They even took in their first additional member, The Silver Scar, a teenage gladiator from another world.

As time has passed, the roster changed as well. Cobalt Crush, Stegoboy, and Maverick left for other ventures while Cait Sith found himself wandering in and out of the Arcade- O - Rama infrequently as he began to explore this world when passage to his own home was lost. Others found themselves welcomed into the family of heroes in their stead. Some included the Templar Faith, the quirky Communick and even the return of former New Vigil member Luctus to the team. HexBane stepped out of the shadows and was inducted into the team's membership, quickly cementing herself as a central figure for this new iteration of the Progeny. Their challenges grew as well, from small crimes in Westside to actually being forced to confront the sorceress Salei, who wielded powers of the gods themselves. The team managed to overcome against this powerful foe, but it came at the cost of the lives of two of their own: Heartbeat and Kl'vin.

The deaths of their teammates hit the Progeny hard, threatening to split the group as each member came to grips with the losses. Ace disappeared and Faith suffered a crisis in her beliefs, while other members simply withdrew from one another trying to cope. But the group's resident "brobot" and new member Deviate fought hard to keep everyone's spirits up. In time, the team came together, stronger in the wake of the tragedy. Together, they managed to save Lash when she was taken by former teammates of the previous Longwang, and in turn helped to reaffirm her wish to be a hero again. Terrific Tiger - grandson of the original namesake - joined, helping to breath new life into the group. With their new resolve and stronger bonds, the teens were able to come together to take on the threat of a gang of supernatural vampires, the Men in White, and the powerful vampire Kostadin the Black.

The Progeny have their sights set high and continue on as heroes within Millennium City, ready to carve a name for themselves next to their adult contemporaries.



The team began its first few weeks spending far, far too much time at Darren's Pizza near downtown Millennium City. It was the 'go to' spot for many of the Progeny and the de facto headquarters, for lack of a better place. While it was good for them to have a place to unwind, it was also unhealthy to eat that much grease and the owners were not fond of Kid Ballistics's insistence at showing off his new weapons every time he arrived. It was quickly realized by some on the team that a place with a bit more permanence was required.


The team has ended up utilizing ARCADE-O-RAMA as their base of operations. Popular in the 1980s, it fell into disrepair after the Battle of Detroit. It is located in a rougher area of Westside and is in a five story brick building. It was purchased through the city as a joint venture through an invented, third-party identity that does not actually exist except on paper. The inside is partially rehabbed at the moment due to the financial assistance of some of the more wealthy individuals on the team. It contains working pinball machines and arcade games that the public can enjoy and doubles as a 'real' establishment that brings in money. It is a local place for teens to hang out, be safe and socialize. The first two floors are the arcade section. The third floor is a warehouse area for spare games in their inventory or ones broken requiring service as well as an office for the property and business. The fourth floor is home to several studio apartments that the team can use if they desire, though they have not been fully rehabbed. The fifth floor is gutted and was not in use until HexBane and Cait Sith wished to expand it as an area for those with magical abilities could gather... most likely unnerving several members in this revelation, but it has proven to be of value. Currently, the building is 'owned' jointly by the remaining original members: Kid Ballistic, Black Ice, Cait Sith, and Lash.

The lower level is where the team spends most of its time. It is the former lair of the villain known as The Pinball Wizard who was brought to justice by Lash and New Vigil member Whitecloak. Realizing that it was just sitting there, empty, the heroine brought it to The Progeny's attention that it could be used as a base of operations by them. Though it needed a bit of elbow grease at the time, the team agreed on it. The lair is accessible though a side panel off the upstairs first floor gaming room or a tunnel that leads out by the docks in Westside.

Arcade-O-Rama has the following in its lower level:

  • Social Hub. There is a decently sized area where the team can congregate and socialize. An 80 inch flat screen television with sound system gives them a good 'night at the movies' with leather sofas and a love seat. A few newer arcade games have been pulled down here as well so that the team can play games without having to go mingle with others if they do not want to. There is a 'Trophy Room' area located upon its far wall that is a large shelving unit.
  • Living Quarters. There are eight rooms located in the underground area that have been re-purposed as bedrooms. They are not large, about twelve feet by twelve feet each. If there are members who need to 'get away from it all' or just avoid their parents for the time being they can go here. Some members do live here permanently and as such have decorated their room to their own specific taste.
  • Kitchen/ Dining Area. It is mostly just a side galley area off the Social Hub, but its a small area that people can fix food and eat in relative peace.
  • Gymnasium. While not extremely large or state of the art, it allows most members to get a work out in that will be beneficial.
  • Tech/ Science Room. This room is basically for the tech geniuses of the team. It allows them to store, work on and test gadgets and other devices that they may use now or in the future. Several prototypes exist in here in various states of creation. It is decently outfitted and contains several things that mirror the labs in the Millennium City Police Department's Science Division.
  • Computer Hub. An area off of the Social Hub as well, this contains the computer systems that monitor upstairs, the downstairs lair, Millennium City alerts and world wide alerts. There is a system in place that will connect to the MCPD or UNTIL for updates if they are needed. It regulates the functions of the lair and protects the team from intrusions with defense systems.
  • Hangar. This actually is a large area that connects the lower lair of Arcade O Rama with the tunnel system that leads out to the Westside docks. The team stores personal vehicles or items there. A side area somewhat off the hangar has been claimed by Kid Ballistic for his arsenal and is a 'no touch zone' for the other members of the team.
  • Arcane Workshop. This area serves as both arcane storage and workspace for Cait Sith and any other members of the group who need a place for magic workings. It is located in the largest storage section within the hangar. Wards have been placed around the space, making it ideal for the containment and storage of magical items.

To view the most current state of the Arcade-O-Rama, see State of the Arcade-O-Rama


The Buster


For adventures both within the bounds of Millennium City and without, the Progeny trust in the Buster, their very own armored personnel transport! Designed, created and funded in secret by team members Ace and Kid Ballistic, this beast of a bus made its debut during the Great Outdoors: Progeny Style when it was used to travel to the team’s campsite.

Though styled after a shortened school bus, the Buster is actually based on a Humvee frame, and its school bus chassis is fully armored and custom machined to fit. The words “SCHOOL BUS” have been cleverly modified to say “ C OOL BUS” on both the front and rear of the vehicle, but otherwise, the Buster appears to be nothing more than a very sturdy short bus.

Currently, there is only one Buster parked in the Arcade’s hangar at any time.

Some of the Buster’s features include:

  • A top speed of 90 mph or 145 km/h
  • Windows enhanced by a glass-clad polycarbonate transparent armor
  • Armor consisting of high-hardened Ballistic Steel armor and Spectra Shield materials
  • 4-Wheel Drive and 4-Wheel Double Wishbone suspension
  • Front and Rear winches
  • Differential disc brakes on all four wheels for maximum control and mobiltiy
  • Runflat devices for continued mobility if tires are punctured
  • Central tire inflation system (CTIS) for optimizing tire pressure on soft ground or pavement
  • Rear exit for emergencies and onload/offload
  • Top port for emergency egress, complete with stirrup mount for spotlight or mounted weapon use
  • Radio and intercom for both interior and exterior broadcast
  • Radar
  • Police Scanner
  • Hidden compartments for weapons, gas masks, food, first aid, etc.
  • Adjustable seats with full safety harnesses
  • Top of the line satellite radio, bluetooth, and CD player
  • Top of the line air conditioning
  • Mini-fridge
  • Cupholders



Team Members:

AceDBed thumbnail.jpg


Name: Harley 'Ace' Davidson
Abilities: ACE Flight Suit, Genius Intellect, Tech and Gadgets
"Let's blow some shit up."

He's the guy who at the age of 12 built himself his first freaking Jetpack. A true technical genius born and raised in rural Tennessee and damn proud of, it would you ever ask him, he wears the title of redneck as a badge of honor. He might not be the sharpest tool in the utility box and he can come off as a tad unrefined due to his rural upbringing and lack of knowledge about social norms in the big city. Though put him in front of any technical equipment and you'll see the magic happen. All his life he's been tinkering away, building amazingly advanced technological marvels out of any old junk he could find.

This includes, of course, his very first Jetpack. A project for his school science fair, this opened up a whole new world of possibilities for Ace as universities all over offered up a spot for the young genius. He settled for MCU and packed his bags. Of course it didn't take long for Ace to think bigger upon arrival. In a city surrounded by heroes and villains it was only a matter of time before he expanded on his flight suit and took up the mantle himself! Not literally speaking, of course, a mantle together with a Jetpack would not end well... Like, in flames, believe it's true!

More recently, Ace has also been chasing military pursuits.


Black Ice avatar2.png

Black Ice

Name: Oliver Black
Abilities: Chemistry Skills, Cryokinesis, Mutant Physiology, Parkour
"I'm serving only one flavour. And I don't do sprinkles."

Oliver Thomas Black was born in London, England. He lived a typical middle-class childhood in the United Kingdom, until his genetic mutation manifested during puberty and turned his life upside down. Winter came early that year.

At the age of 16 Black filed for emancipation and moved to Millennium City, The City of the Future, in the United States.

Oliver soon found himself using his mutant powers for good, hindering the criminals in his neighborhood. He became known by the alias Black Ice and joined a club of young metahumans and heroes in training, New Vigil. This would eventually lead to him joining his current team, The Progeny, which formed the start of Oliver's career as a crime fighter.

After a funny clip of Black Ice bantering and effortlessly wiping the floor with some painfully incapable bad guy went viral, Oliver received the life-changing opportunity to become a corporate sponsored hero. He decided to roll with it.

Black Ice is currently trying to combine his sponsorship with Good Guise, his chemistry study at MCU and, as of late, dating life with his everyday heroics. A slippery slope, even for him.


EWGcommunick prof.jpg


Name: Marc O'Neill
Abilities: Vocal Generation/Manipulation of Radio Waves, Power Jump (via Boost Boots)
"This dial is tuned to Justice! ...or something like that."

When Marc O'Neill's latent ability manifested, he thought he had completely lost his voice from a really bad flu, only to hear himself talk over his father's two-way radio! In a chance encounter, the hero Sabotage directed Marc to an acquaintance who fashioned a set of equipment allowing him to harness his voice.
Communick is still a relative novice when it comes to heroics. His powers being ill-suited for direct combat, he ends up taking a more supportive role on missions by acting as a coordinator and moral support.

During the events of Tried and Tested, Marc found himself accidentally injected with a mutagenic serum that temporarily boosted his abilities.


Faith progeny headshot.jpg


Name: Erin Reyes
Abilities: Divine Healing, Celestial Blasts, Swordfighting
"You shall see the glory of my God not through my words, but through my actions."

Faith is a member of the Modern Order of the Knights Templar, an organization that managed to grow in secrecy after years of persecution nearly annihilated them all. Trained since a young age to use the powers of the divine to heal and protect, she has a drive to help those in need. After years of foreign work -- which took her from the Philippines, then to Indonesia and Sri Lanka -- she's been assigned to train in Millennium City under the tutelage of one of the Order's finest sword fighters in the use of her weapon, Gratia. She now uses her divine powers and growing sword skills to aid the people of Millennium City, and ensure the safety of her teammates.



Kid Ballistic

Name: Sidney Mason
Abilities: Quickdraw, Weapons Expert, Mercenary Training
"There's nothin' loose about this cannon."

Kid Ballistic was raised abroad to be a soldier of fortune, but when his father left him on his own, he came to the United States and became a crimefighter. Raised on a healthy diet of westerns, action flicks, and paramilitary training, this young gun is known for his quick draw, his weaponsmithing skill, and his penchant for collateral damage. For a gunslinger, his aim isn't very good, but "KB" makes up for it by choosing quantity over quality. Why use one bullet when you can use one-hundred?

Though he has a kind heart, it often gets lost in the shuffle between his vices and his personal baggage. But for what it's worth, he has more experience than most of the team combined, and pursues the job full-time, since he doesn't go to school. He helps fund the team's operations (and its pizza consumption) with a small war chest, and can serve as a surprising voice of reason when the going gets tough.




Name: Olevia Alvarez
Abilities: Super Strength, Invulnerability, Flight, Magical Abilities
"Do you think this costume makes my butt look big?"

Lash is Olevia Alvarez, possessor of the powers of the Celestial Dragons. Olevia is the resident popular girl and fashionista at Grace Memorial High School. She came to have her abilities purely by happenstance. During vacation to visit the Great Wall of China, she witnessed their national hero, LONGWANG, be murdered by an adversary. Mysteriously his abilities and powers passed into her, granting her great strength. Taking on abilities she never asked for, Olevia nonetheless has made an attempt to do some good with the mystical traits bestowed to her. Try as she might, though, Olevia's skills in wielding them often backfire. A former member of New Vigil and associate of the Young Renegades, Lash now fights alongside the Progeny in order to perhaps better her skills as a crimefghter.



Strong Suit

Name: Teresa Toledo
Abilities: Metal Manipulation, Armor, Genius Intellect
"I've got thick skin."

Terry Toledo is the daughter of 'El Cerebro Ceruleo' and 'Flor de Mayo', members of the 1980s South American super team 'Los Amigos Invencibles'. Born after her family resettled in Millennium City, she was perfectly prepared for when her powers inevitably manifested. At 16, she's developed powerful metal manipulation abilities. However, Terry has never shown much interest in heroics, preferring instead to follow in her father's footsteps as an engineer. Still, things change - when a family nemesis that promises to destroy everything she holds dear arrives in Millennium City, Terry put aside her apathy for capes and tights, and instead obtained the experimental alloys that transform her into Strong Suit.



Terrific Tiger

Name: Hank Alden
Abilities: Metahuman Agility/Strength, Regeneration, Therianthropy (caused by an increase of adrenaline levels)
"Being a hero's a rush!"

Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Hank Alden is the 17-year-old grandson of the first Terrific Tiger (Quimby Williams) and his wife, Jane, Queen of the Jungle (Tabitha Perello). A pretty smart kid, Hank managed to slide by in his freshman and sophomore years at Tigerlily High School. Most of his time was spent in football, where he fought to get promoted from third string to second string on the school’s team. After a fateful game that saw his metahuman powers awaken for the first time (and cause widespread panic in Tigerlily Falls), Hank moved with his grandparents to Millennium City. It was hoped that the boy might live a “quiet” life, removed from the world of superheros and supervillains. Hank, however, had other plans, deciding to join the teenage supergroup The Progeny. What will happen now that Hank has great power and responsibility? Only time will tell.


Plumb thumbnail.png


Name: Plumb
Abilities: Regeneration, Technopathy, Mechanical Manipulation
"I wonder what this does?"

Born in new Pelham, a community of mutants under Millennium City, Plumb was raised as part of the maintenance crew for the group. She is an extremely dutiful amphibian mutant who loves tinkering with mechanical items. She recently found her way into the Progeny as she assisted several members she encountered in the sewers near her area. She is finally learning more about the world above and contributing in her own unique way. With her trusty rusty robot Bob, she looks forward to helping out the Progeny as much as she can.


Backup Members:


Cait Sith

Name: Cait Sith
Abilities: Veils, Shapeshifting, Feline Agility and Senses, Spellcasting
"What else would you expect? I am a cat, after all. A talented cat of course, but a cat nonetheless."

Cait Sith is a cheshire cat, the 13th son of a cheshire cat who calls himself the King of Cats. While most of his siblings and family are tricksters in nature, serving as heralds and agents for various factions of the faerie dimension, Cait's whims and desires have him spending most (if not all) of his time in Millennium City. He is the black sheep in his family since he genuinely wants to help people with no strings attached. Playful, curious, this aloof creature has decided that he will put his abilities to good use by becoming a super hero.




Name: Deviate
Abilities: Kinetic Manipulation, Style
"Beep boop robot noises!"

Deviate is, to all outward appearances, a robotic being. Standing at least a foot taller than most humans, lanky, rail-thin and with a segmented mechanical body, his is a conspicuous presence. His humanoid frame seems awkwardly proportioned, with long limbs, large hands and feet, and a rather bullet-shaped head. While his towering mechanical appearance tends to draw attention on its own, his sense of style (and the fact that he wears clothes at all) seems to garner still more stares and confusion. He has a fondness for bright colors, graphic t-shirts, and unique headwear.

Having spent the majority of his active existence at the SION campus among metahumans and other sapients with extreme mutations, Deviate has a strong tendency towards unconditional acceptance. Faced with the verbal ferocity with which Deviate will fight against social oppression, injustice, and bigotry, some might call him a social justice warrior. This wouldn't be an inaccurate label. He holds himself and those around him to a high standard of morals and ethics, and is not afraid to speak up for and act on what he feels is right.



The Progeny Missions 1-15


  • Old Vigil, New Problems - When Olevia Alvarez, a.k.a. Lash, decides to host a New Vigil reunion party at SWING, the newest teen club in Millennium City, an alien war decides to crash the festivities! The heroes, with new teen allies, must save an alien princess and resolve a conflict that threatens her world! The New Vigil's time may have passed, but the Progeny are just getting started! (Featuring: Ace, Black Ice, Blue Freedom, Cait Sith, Cobalt Crush, Kid Ballistic, Lash, Recluse, and Stegoboy)
  • Fast Times At Westside High - The Progeny are called on to save Westside High School as it becomes overrun with teens exhibiting super speed! Is the experimental serum at the root of these powers a danger to the public… or the teens themselves? (Featuring: Black Ice, Heartbeat, Lash, Maverick, Recluse and Silver Scar)
  • The Peril of the Pinball Wizard! - As the Progeny continue work on their new home, they get their very first first guest - the villain PINBALL WIZARD - and he is none too happy that teenage squatters have seized upon his old hideout… (Featuring: Ace, Black Ice, Cait Sith, Kid Ballistic, Lash, and Maverick, with Progeny Mascot Miss Pussycakes)
  • The Lost Boys - The Progeny chase a tip regarding "the Thirst" - a vampiric designer drug - in their very own neighborhood. What turns into a routine drug bust goes south as day falls to night - and the reign of ADRIAN ARKWRIGHT begins! (Featuring: Cobalt Crush, Recluse, and Silver Scar, with the Protectors' Sparrowhawk)
  • The Progeny Presents: Movie Night! - The Progeny take a night off from disaster and destruction to watch some cheesy comedy and horror flicks, including Dale & Tucker VS. Evil! (Featuring: Black Ice, Cait Sith, Kid Ballistic and Lash)
  • Beers, Bullets and Bratva - When Kid Ballistic's past catches up with him, it means a shoot out at Darren's Pizza to make John Woo jealous - and its many customers duck for dear life! Can the Progeny go toe to toe with superpowered Russian mobsters while keeping collateral damage to a minimum? (Featuring: Cait Sith, Kid Ballistic and Lash)
  • Westside Wendigos - A strange electromagnetic disturbance erupts over Westside, creating a strange portal that plays host to...Wendigos! These creatures of horror and legend attempt to lay waste to the area, only to be greeted by the combined efforts of The Progeny and the Protectors of the World! (Featuring: Ace, Black Ice and Cait Sith, with the Protectors' Armory, the Peacemaker and Razira)
  • Tuna & TNT - When Kid Ballistic insults Cait Sith’s brothers, the two Cheshires curse the gunslinger, and he begins an unhealthy romantic pursuit of Cait Sith himself! The Progeny must track down these trickster twins and undo the spell of unwanted and unrequited love! (Featuring: Black Ice, Cait Sith, Kid Ballistic, Lash, Recluse and Silver Scar)
  • I've Got No Strings - A fracas involving living toys spirals into a mystery that puts the Progeny on the trail of a cursed doll…
    • Little Toy Solider - Pandemonium ensues as an antique toy show at the mall comes to life! The Progeny leap into action to control the chaos, but things turn serious when the man the believe to be responsible is nearly killed… (Featuring: Ace, Cait Sith, Cobalt Crush, Recluse, and Stegoboy)
    • Pulling Loose Threads - MCPD’s Detective Becker meets with Cobalt Crush to discuss Alfonse Morelli, the man believed to be responsible for the toyetic chaos at the Millennium City Mall. (Featuring: Cobalt Crush)
    • Cat's Out Of The Bag - Key evidence in Cobalt Crush's investigation - a doll - goes missing, and all signs point to the Progeny's resident Cheshire cat as the possible culprit! (Featuring: Ace, Cobalt Crush, Heartbeat, and Lash)
    • Puppet On A String - The Progeny split up to search Westside in a bid to find Cait Sith, and a fight ensues when Ace and Kid Ballistic discover him being controlled by - or through - the doll! (Featuring: Ace, Cait Sith, and Kid Ballistic)
    • Master Of Puppets - When Cobalt Crush pinpoints where it ran off to, the Progeny come face to face with the maniacal doll, and may just learn who controls the cursed plaything… (Featuring: Ace, Cait Sith, Cobalt Crush, and Maverick)

The Progeny Missions 16-30


  • Enter the Power Pack! - A robbery is in progress at the most exclusive jewelry store in Millennium City, courtesy of THE POWER PACK! Fortunately, the teens of the Progeny are just in time to put their power to the test! (Featuring: Ace, Cait Sith, Cobalt Crush, Lash and Recluse)
  • Beach Bash! - The team joins Black Ice for a trip to the beaches of Hawaii, but the supposed photo shoot turns out to be an ambush of paparazzi - and a villainous assault - all put in motion by the heroine RED-HOT, in an attempt to gain Oliver's attention and make herself look good in the process! (Featuring: Black Ice, Cait Sith, Kid Ballistic, Lash, and Stegoboy)
  • A "Family" Affair - Members of the Progeny come together as a "family" for Thanksgiving in a mutual need to stuff their faces full of good food and reminisce - all without explosions. (Featuring: Ace, Black Ice, Cait Sith, Cobalt Crush, and Kid Ballistic)
  • The Huntsman - The Progeny end up in the crosshairs of a ruthless mercenary with a passion for hunting down mutants!
    • Day At The Zoo - A bunch of bizarre animal test subjects are set free by an unknown mercenary at the Millennium City Zoo, only for him to hunt a some of them down again! Can the Progeny wrangle the part-bionic beasts before they escape? (Featuring: Ace, Atomix, Black Ice, Communick, and Strong Suit)
    • Monkey Business - The Progeny and UNTIL Agent Jackson discover researchers that are being held captive and made to research mutations! Their research specimen, a large mutated orangutan, is among the animals that went missing from Millennium City's zoo! (Featuring: Cait Sith, with the Protectors' Kingdom)
    • The Urban Jungle - The old and retired heroes of Millennium City get to enjoy a leisurely visit to the park, and the Progeny have volunteered to look after them for the day! But are the mutants among these golden-agers the target of their mercenary foe, BLOODSHOT? (Featuring: Faith, Heartbeat, Kid Ballistic, and Strong Suit, with Honorary Progeny Grey Blitz)
    • Checking The Traps - With BLOODSHOT in UNTIL custody, the team moves to scope out one of his warehouses in Westside, where they find more captive mutants! But dire news comes, just as Black Ice disappears! (Featuring: Black Ice, HexBane, Kl'vin and Strong Suit)
    • Saving Private Oliver - With the aid of UNTIL Agent Jackson the team tracks Black Ice to a lair in the North American wilderness, but they must go through BLOODSHOT to rescue him! But can they trust their UNTIL ally? (Featuring: Black Ice, HexBane, Kid Ballistic, Kl'vin and Lash)
  • Alligators In The Sewer - Detective Becker of the MCPD reaches out to the Progeny to investigate a number of disappearances. The trail leads the teens into the sewers, and while they meet other teen heroes beneath the city streets, they also run afoul of giant alligator men! (Featuring: Black Ice, Communick, Faith, and Kl'vin)
  • Chrome Clash - Paranoia, missteps, and a case of mistaken identity pit the Peacemaker against the heroine Strong Suit! Both heroes’ teams come to back their comrades, but will cooler heads prevail? (Featuring: Ace, Faith, HexBane, Faith, and Strong Suit, with the Protectors' Fahrenheit, Jinn, the Peacemaker, and Razira)
  • Attack Of The Monsterback! - The Progeny respond to the rampage of a hungry, red-maned beast in West Side! But is all as it appears? Is this simply a monster, or is there more to the story? (Featuring: Communick, Faith, HexBane, and Lash)
  • A Sting For The Swift - The Progeny execute a plan by Kid Ballistic to trap the sinister speedster QUICKSABLE! Masquerading as customers of the National Bank in City Center, the team are ambushed themselves not by thugs in ski masks, but employees of the bank itself, working for the villain! (Featuring: Blue Cyclone, Faith, HexBane, Luctus, and Kid Ballistic)
  • Mall Rats - A day of shopping for the Progeny is turned upside down as giant rats manage to chew through the floor of a sporting goods store! When the rodents of unusual size begin to rampage through the food, the Progeny and a new ally step up to deal with the problem! (Featuring: Atomix, Deviate, Faith, Heartbeat, HexBane, Kid Ballistic, and Lash)

The Progeny Missions 31-45


  • The Spider's Web - The Progeny become the target of the malevolent SALEI, an ancient sorceress with an affinity for spiders, who wishes to remake the world! As misfortune would have it, the Progeny are part of her diabolical plan...
    • The Great Outdoors: Progeny Style! - A simple camping trip becomes a nightmare, as a strange woman seeking to secure the Progeny for a “new age” summons an ominous fog - and a horde of giant spiders! (Featuring: Ace, Atomix, Black Ice, Faith, Fletcher, Heartbeat, HexBane, Kid Ballistic, Luctus, and Silver Scar)
    • The Monsingor - Faith’s call to the Progeny introduces them to Monsignor Mendoza, the man who raised her. He reveals that the villainess was SALEI, an evil sorceress, now in possession of an Aztec mask that will grant her incredible powers. But the Monsignor cuts the youths out of the investigation, leaving them in the dark. Is it for their own good, or are they not trusted? (Featuring: Ace, Atomix, Faith, Heartbeat, HexBane, Kid Ballistic, Lash, and Luctus)
    • A Word Of Warning - The hero Ghostbird and members of the Protectors of the World meet with the Progeny to compare notes about SALEI. They learn, despite being kept from the investigation, that SALEI will likely strike again on the new moon, leaving them little time to ready themselves… (Featuring: Ace, Faith, HexBane, Kid Ballistic, and Kl'vin, with the Protectors' Jinn, Razira, and Sparrowhawk, as well as Honorary Protector Ghostbird)
    • Following Threads Part One - The Progeny and Protectors of the World join forces to investigate SALEI’S evil plot, starting in Mexico City. Their mission: to find Thomas Masev, the archaeologist who found the mask SALEI seeks. But what they find will unsettle them… (Featuring: HexBane, and Kl'vin, with the Protectors' Razira)
    • Following Threads Part Two - Kid Ballistic and Jinn arrive in Libya to seek out Cecie Horner, a smuggler with ties to the Protectors’ resident genie. Horner leads them to a market on another dimension, and offers insight into SALEI’S relationship to her former coven of sorceresses…and where she might strike next! (Featuring: Kid Ballistic, with the Protectors' Jinn)
    • Following Threads Part Three - A larger group of heroes guard Templo Mayor in Mexico, while another seeks Teotihuacan, as SALEI’S chosen night falls upon them. All hell breaks loose at both sites, and as giant spiders and worse fall upon the heroes, only for the Progeny to disappear! (Featuring: Faith, HexBane, Kid Ballistic, and Kl'vin, with the Protectors' Extractor, Miss Mime, and Sparrowhawk)
    • Following Threads Part Four - While events transpire in Mexico, the Progeny find that not even Millennium City is safe - and neither are they! Hordes of SALEI’S arachnids attack during a fall festival. Will they prevail, or be taken like their allies? (Featuring: Ace, Atomix, Blue Cyclone, Cait Sith, Deviate, and Lash)
    • The Gauntlet - The Progeny find themselves in a labyrinth, and three of them are secretly afflicted with a poison that increases aggression. The team comes to blows as they finally find their way out of the maze, while SALEI watches. All seems lost, and a high price may need to be paid to break SALEI’S power once and for all... (Featuring: Ace, Atomix, Cait Sith, Faith, Heartbeat, HexBane, Kid Ballistic, Kl'vin, Lash, and Silver Scar, with the Protectors' Peacemaker)
  • Undertow - Trouble stirs in the waters close to the Arcade’s tunnels when the hydro-powered EDDY and CURRENT hold a contest to see which twin is the most powerful! The Progeny need to stop them, before their competition spills over into people’s homes! (Featuring: Atomix, Blue Cyclone, Deviate, HexBane, and Minnow)
  • Everybody Wants LONGWANG! - A few old friends of the Chinese hero Longwang come stateside, ready to incite an international incident! They aim to bring Olevia Alvarez, the current guardian of the Celestial Dragon, back to China... and it’s up to the Progeny to stop them! (Featuring: Deviate, Faith, HexBane, Lash, and Silver Scar, with Progeny Mascot Miss Pussycakes)
  • The Return Of Miss Majestic! - A teenage superheroine shows up at the Arcade-O-Rama claiming to be one of the original team members of the Progeny. The problem is that no one remembers her! Who is Miss Majestic? And what does her appearance portend for the team? (Featuring: Black Ice, Deviate, Lash, and Strong Suit, with the Protectors' Razira)
  • Black. Oliver Black. - After being contacted by British Intelligence, the team attends a charity event dedicated to young heroes in order to prevent an act of terrorism! It’s super spy time, Progeny style, as the team goes incognito in their best tuxedos and dresses! (Featuring: Black Ice, HexBane, Lash, and Silver Scar)
  • Progeny Team Meeting - Faith calls a team meeting to discuss the team’s base of operations and needed additions, their training regimen, and current events. Served with a side of angst. (Featuring: Black Ice, Deviate, Faith, Kid Ballistic, and Terrific Tiger)
  • Sins Of The Grandfather - When Terrific Tiger is forbidden to continue his heroic work by his grandfather, the original Terrific Tiger, the heroes of both the Progeny and the Protectors of the World back him up. It’s Tiger vs. Tiger, with Hank’s heroic career - and more - on the line! (Featuring: Deviate, HexBane, Kid Ballistic, and Terrific Tiger, with the Protectors' Aura, Cosmic Glory, and Tesseract)
  • Two Hearts Beat As One - Two strange beings from the stars have come to Millennium City study human love and to rekindle their own. Drawn to the bonds held by the members of The Progeny, will first contact go off without a hitch? (Featuring: Blue Cyclone, Deviate, HexBane, and Wildling)

The Progeny Missions 46-60


  • The Ghouls Of Westside - One of Westside’s newest gangs harbors incredible powers, and more than one terrible secret. But are they the monsters they appear to be?
    • Cry Little Sister - As Halloween looms over Millennium City, members of the Progeny begin following up reports of break-ins at pharmacies around Westside. They encounter a group of ghoulishly-garbed individuals during their search, and learn their monstrous secret... (Featuring: Atomix, Black Ice, HexBane, and Moonbeam)
    • Come For Me Brother - The Progeny respond to an attack on a prisoner escort in the old Westside transit tunnel at the north-west of the district. The teens soon discover they’re squaring off with the vampire perpetrators of the pharmaceutical heists, as they try to free their “brother” from custody! (Featuring: Blue Cyclone, Deviate, Faith, HexBane, and Kid Ballistic)
    • Unchain Me Sister - A shaky truce between the Ghouls is seemingly broken when the vampire gang take the crew of the cargo ship Demeter hostage! The teens arrive and discover they’ve fallen into a trap, set by none other than DOCTOR KAUFMANN and KILLSHOT! (Featuring: Deviate, Faith, HexBane, Kid Ballistic, and Terrific Tiger)
    • A Soul To Sell - A video circulating the dark web reveals an attempt by DOCTOR KAUFMANN to sell the Progeny’s ally, Terry, in a perverse auction! Can the teens rescue their vampiric friend from the MEN IN WHITE’S clutches? (Featuring: Cait Sith, Deviate, and Terrific Tiger)
    • Love For Your Brother Part One - Cait Sith is captured by the Ghoul Julian, who is enraged at the capture of his brothers. The Progeny race to confront him in a homeless shelter, but in taking on the younger, they meet his greater: KOSTADIN THE BLACK! (Featuring: Deviate, Faith, HexBane, Kid Ballistic, and Terrific Tiger)
    • Love For Your Brother Part Two - After managing to fend off the vampire lord, the Progeny find themselves in the middle of an all-out riot in Westside, perpetrated by DOCTOR KAUFMANN and KILLSHOT! Other members of the Progeny go toe-to-toe with a behemoth called MEGIDDO and a swath of escaped criminals! (Featuring: Blue Cyclone, Lash, Sublimate, and Wildling)
    • Love For Your Brother Part Three - The Progeny assist Julian in helping civilians escape KOSTADIN THE BLACK’S lab. But the lab’s guardian is still alive, and hungry. The harrowing chase below ground forces the team’s new ally to make an ultimate sacrifice… (Featuring: Deviate, Faith, HexBane, Kid Ballistic, and Terrific Tiger)
  • Once Upon A Time - A mysterious entity with the power to remake reality takes an unhealthy interest in the team’s leader, Faith, and traps her and the team in stories of yuletide and yesteryear! Fairy tales become nightmares as the teens fight fiction itself!
    • The Nutcracker Part One - The teen’s find themselves transformed into toy soldiers, stuffed animals and dolls, beset on by the MOUSE KING and his GENERAL MAXIMOUSE! Can the Nutcracker Prince and the Progeny fight off a transformed KILLSHOT with their new powers? (Featuring: Deviate, HexBane, and Silver Scar)
    • The Nutcracker Part Two - Meanwhile, a few of the Progeny have been cast as members of the MOUSE KING’S - actually DOCTOR KAUFFMAN’S - army! Can they escape from behind enemy lines and reunite with their changed brethren!? (Featuring: Ace, Kid Ballistic, and Lash)
    • The Nutcracker Part Three - The part of Clara is played by Faith, and the team struggles amid a tiny warzone to escape this new world - either on the mysterious narrator’s terms - or their own! (Featuring: Deviate, Faith, Kid Ballistic, Silver Scar, and Terrific Tiger)
    • The Sleeping Beauty Part One - The Progeny stake out Hearth & Hearts, a local homeless shelter in West Side. Their goal? To find Faith’s stalker! Will the team be able to find him? Is he the one and only narrator, HERR DROSSELMEYER? (Featuring: Deviate, Kid Ballistic, and Terrific Tiger)
    • The Sleeping Beauty Part Two - With the help of the Protectors' Fahrenheit, the teens are able to enter HERR DROSSELMEYER’S next story, the fable of Sleeping Beauty, with Faith trapped as the titular character! One of the Progeny’s greatest foes appears as the evil faerie CARABOSSE. Can the young heroes defy SALEI a second time with their changed powers? Can Kid Ballistic reach his love in time? (Featuring: Blue Cyclone, Cait Sith, Deviate, Faith, Kid Ballistic, Silver Scar, and Terrific Tiger, with the Protectors' Fahrenheit)
    • Swan Lake - Ross L. Meyer - or HERR DROSSELMEYER - aims to finish his pursuit of Faith by spinning the Progeny into his last tale: the famous Swan Lake! Unfortunately, the lovers die at the end of this tale. Will the third time be the charm for these desperate heroes? Can they finally put this reality-twisting stalker behind bars? (Featuring: Deviate, Faith, Kid Ballistic, Lash, Silver Scar, and Sublimate)
  • The Lionbacker! - A local festival honoring heroes is interrupted when a bully from Terrific Tiger’s hometown is transformed into the hulking LIONBACKER! Luckily the intrepid hero Starlet is on the scene to help the Progeny subdue this beastly baller! (Featuring: Black Ice, HexBane, Kid Ballistic, Starlet, and Terrific Tiger)
  • A Race Against The Witch Of Time! - The Protectors of the World have never been better! Rising from a small team in Westside, these once-young heroes have inherited the mantle of the world’s greatest heroes! Now a more mature force to be reckoned with, the former-Progeny can’t help but feel that not all is as it should be… (Featuring: Deviate, Faith, Heartbeat, Kl'vin, Lash, Sublimate, and Terrific Tiger)

The Progeny Missions 61-75


  • Destination: Summer Justice! - The Progeny participate in a promotional wrestling match! But the show takes a strange turn when their opponent coughs up a strange...bug? (Featuring: Black Ice, Silver Scar, Terrific Tiger, and Wildling)
  • If You Want Peace... - Faith calls the Progeny together at the Arcade to discuss important news regarding KOSTADIN THE BLACK, who has survived his encounter with the teens and is marshalling an undead army, from labs all across the world! (Featuring: Black Ice, Deviate, Faith, Kid Ballistic, Starlet, and Terrific Tiger, with the Ghouls' Elias)
  • Laser Tag! - The Progeny take on supervillains that can’t kill them for a change with a game of laser tag! They take on each other, Qularr, and even super villains, all fueled by soda and pizza! (Featuring: Deviate, HexBane, Minnow, and Terrific Tiger)
  • The Siege Of Pittsburgh: Road Trip Into The Black - Whispers of all-too-familiar shadows lurking in Pittsburgh drive the Progeny to investigate in PIttsburgh! Their intuitions are deadly accurate, as a monstrosity of KOSTADIN THE BLACK ambushes them on the highway! (Featuring: Black Ice, Faith, Kid Ballistic, Strong Suit, and Terrific Tiger)
  • Deck The Halls! - It’s Christmas time, which means the Progeny gather to decorate the Arcade-O-Rama and catch up. Drama, gossip, laughs, and smuggling in more and more eggnog ensue, including Strong Suit’s traditional South American variation of the holiday drink! (Featuring: Black Ice, Communick, Faith, Kid Ballistic, Lash, and Strong Suit, with the Protectors' Thundrax)
  • O Christmas Tree! - The Arcade is decorated, save for one important feature: the Christmas tree! The teens put one up, string it with wonderful lights, and adorn it with ornaments - some made by Kid Ballistic himself, out of used ammo casings and grenade shells, among other things. The holiday spirit grows, as the eggnog flows! (Featuring: Black Ice, Faith, Kid Ballistic, and Silver Scar)
  • A Dunge-I mean A Sewer Crawl! - Hot on the trail of a young rogue magician, the Progeny take to the sewers! Their pursuit leads them to a new ally: Plumb! (Featuring: Faith, Lash, Plumb, Silver Scar, and Starlet)
  • Just Gotta Ignite! - The skies are ablaze with fireworks as the Progeny gather on the Arcade’s rooftop and ring in the new year! Resolutions are made, that will undoubtedly derail. Ace adds to the fireworks display, and the year is finally sealed with an unexpected, but long anticipated kiss… (Featuring: Ace, Black Ice, Faith, Fletcher, Kid Ballistic, Lash, Plumb, Silver Scar, Starlet, and Strong Suit, with Progeny Mascot Miss Pussycakes)
  • The Kung Fu Wizard - While Lash explores the origins of her superhero identity, the team investigates a Chinese drug ring peddling a new, power-boosting mutagen! But as per usual, things get far more complicated…
    • Flavor Of The Month - The villainess RED-HOT initiates a ritual to summon Longwang - and Olevia - to do her bidding, and the Progeny, with the newest member, Monster Mash, rush to break their friend free of her new “BFF”s control! But the ritual has unintended side effects… (Featuring: Ace, Faith, Kid Ballistic, Lash, and Monster Mash)
    • Tried And Tested - A new drug is on the streets that causes powers to be the point of killing the user! The Progeny are able to find buyers, but face both a ticking clock and supercharged powers as these misfits enjoy their own supply! (Featuring: Black Ice, Communick, Faith, Kid Ballistic, Lash (as Betty Bullets), Plumb, and Starlet)
    • Trouble Is Brewing - The superpower drugs continue to flood the streets, and the Progeny continue their investigation. Despite the warnings of a few doom & gloom fortune cookies, the heroes seize upon a warehouse used for moving the drug, and encounter a small army of monkey-sized martial artists! (Featuring: Ace, Communick, and Strong Suit)
    • Recipe For Disaster - The team finally tracks down and confronts the mysterious drug baron known as THE ALCHEMIST. With the unlikely help of RED-HOT (under the conditions of a date with a certain cryokinetic), can the Progeny take this seemingly harmless, elderly man in without incident? (Featuring: Communick, Faith, Lash (as Pretty Kitty), and Starlet)
    • What It Boils Down To... - The team “debriefs” over the busting of THE ALCHEMIST’S operation. But many questions are left unanswered: is Communick addicted to his drug? What will Faith do with her sword melted down? And will Black Ice go through with his date with RED-HOT? (Featuring: Ace, Black Ice, Cait Sith, Communick, Deviate, Dragonfly, Faith, HexBane, Kid Ballistic, Plumb, Silver Scar, and Terrific Tiger)
  • A Song???? Of Ice And Fire - The teen heroes interrupt a mugging in progress, perpetrated by the sonic siren DELILAH and the fog-spreading, umbrella wielding DIANA. With a new ally, Feuerdrache, can the Progeny put things right? (Featuring: Communick, Feuerdrache, Lash (as Karate Girl), and Terrific Tiger)
  • Frozen In Time - The Millennium City Center Civic Organization has decided to host a small Winter Arts festival in Sakura Park. It'd all be so perfect, except a villain with ice in his veins has decided to show up and ruin the fun, intent on turning the park into a living ice garden! Can this ICE SCULPTOR be stopped, or will our heroes chill out...permanently? (Featuring: Ace, Feuerdrache, Starlet, and Strong Suit)

The Progeny Missions 76-90


Pallas001 com by poisonicpen-d9jui88.png
  • A Force To Be Reckoned With - A brutal slaying, seemingly just the latest in a rash of butchery, is about to spark a gang war right at the Progeny's doorstep! Can the team come together to survive the onslaught of the merciless FORCEBRINGER? (Featuring: Ace, Black Ice, Cait Sith, Kid Ballistic, and Terrific Tiger)
  • Villains Got Talent! - There’s a new talent show in town! The only catch? It’s for villains only. Aiming to crash this event, the Progeny don new identities as AGONY INC. and enter the show to make sure nobody advances to the next round! (Featuring: Ace (as Sky Conqueror), Dragonfly (as Mantis), Plumb (as Plumberella), Silver Scar (as Captain Cock), Starlet (as Deadheat), and Terrific Tiger (as Raw Meat))
  • Heists & Homewreckers - With Black Ice and Kid Ballistic turning up on the arm of socialite KELLY GRAVES, and Ace missing, the boys’ better halves spring to the rescue! But can the girlfriends take on the likes of their mind-controlled boyfriends to save them? (Featuring: Ace, Black Ice, Dragonfly, Faith, Kid Ballistic, and Lash)
  • Winter Warzone! - What is pitched as a snowball fight outside of town becomes a full on war game run by Kid Ballistic! The young gun unveils his winter training course, complete with traps, tunnels, and treacherous terrain! Two teams (Blue Team and Orange Team, naturally) of Progeny set against each other in an extreme game of “Capture the Flag”! (Featuring: Ace, Black Ice, Cait Sith, Communick, Dragonfly, Feuerdrache, Kid Ballistic, Silver Scar, and Strong Suit)
  • OPERATION: Spring Break! - When the body of Faith’s Templar colleague is dredged up dead from the waters of Vibora Bay, it falls on her shoulders to pick up a case he was working on prior to his disappearance and death. What does that mean for the Progeny? A road trip, of course.
    • Part One - The Progeny meet to discuss Sergio Loreto, who was investigating a local jazz club in Vibora Bay. He disappeared during his investigation, and now that his corpse has been found, Erin is asking the team to help her finish his work!
    • Part Two - After a nearly 18 hour drive, the team must infiltrate the Django, a jazz club beneath Vibora’s Maskelyne Hotel. Some members case the club, others go undercover. Their target? A known DEMON artifacts broker named JOCELYN CROSS. (Featuring: Black Ice, Dragonfly, Egress, Faith, Kid Ballistic, and Terrific Tiger)
    • Part Three - With the team's mission completed, there's nothing left but the debriefing - and by debriefing, that means Starlet made arrangements for the team to stay at a decent motel so they could properly celebrate Spring Break with time at the pool! (Featuring: Ace, Black Ice, Dragonfly, Egress, Faith, Feuerdrache, Kid Ballistic, Lash, Plumb, Silver Scar, Starlet, and Terrific Tiger)
  • Reality Bytes - Plumb discovers one of the Arcade-O-Rama’s old machines is displaying a call for help on its screen! The team powers it up, and immediately find themselves caught in a digital catastrophe modeled after their first villain, the PINBALL WIZARD! (Featuring: Black Ice, Communick, Lash, Plumb, and Terrific Tiger)
  • Legacy's End - Tigers may be top notch hunters, but it only makes them more appealing prey. The villain LEGACY is after the Progeny’s resident furry phenom, and only Terrific Tiger and his friends can stand against her!
    • Prologue - A swarm of what can only be described as man-sized animals - rats, felines, bats, and more - have descended on Chinatown, and appear to heading northward. What's driving these creatures? And, more importantly, can they be stopped? The Progeny believe they are up to the task. (Featuring: Plumb, Starlet, Strong Suit, and Terrific Tiger)
    • My Old Home Town - The villain LINEAGE, with the megacorp ARGENT, are after Terrific Tiger, and have resorted to mutating citizens of Tigerlilly Falls in an attempt to draw him home. Can he and the Progeny turn the tables on these villains? (Featuring: Dragonfly, Egress, Silver Scar, Strong Suit, and Terrific Tiger)
  • Forgetting History - A trip to the museum becomes more exciting than anticipated when Feuerdrache touches the runes carved into an old Viking boat...and the owner JOKUL awakens! (Featuring: Ace, Dragonfly, Feuerdrache, Silver Scar, Starlet, and Terrific Tiger)
  • A Full Plate - The Progeny convene to organize their thoughts, and take on a whole heaping serving of trouble! Friends gone bad, friends being hunted, and mysterious bug-controlling women are all on the menu, and the Progeny are hungry for solutions. (Featuring: Ace, Faith, Kid Ballistic, Lash, Plumb, Silver Scar, Starlet, and Strong Suit)
  • Bound In Matrimony - When supervillains are gunning for you, life seems even shorter, and the two paramours Kid Ballistic and Faith finally tie the knot after a short, and almost secret engagement.
    • The Wedding - In true superhero tradition, the ceremony is interrupted by supervillains: the geriatric villain BENDO and his BENDO-BAND of up-and-coming millennials! Though they may have picked the wrong wedding to crash… (Featuring: Ace, Black Ice, Dragonfly, Faith, Kid Ballistic, Plumb, Silver Scar, and Terrific Tiger)
    • Reception At Flat-Top's - The team gathers at Sid & Erin’s favorite diner in Westside for a less-traditional, but no less heartwarming wedding reception. Amid flapjacks and omelets and burgers, the Progeny come together to celebrate and reminisce in equal measure. (Featuring: Dragonfly, Faith, Kid Ballistic, Silver Scar, and Starlet, with the Protectors' Thundrax)

The Progeny Missions 91-105


  • Red, White & Black - The Progeny step up to the big leagues when they join the Protectors of the World and the mysterious Initiative Black in taking the fight to the ruthless MEN IN WHITE and other gangs of Westside, to take their town back!
    • Ghosts Of Winter Past Part One - The Progeny respond to shots fired at Millennium City Thrift and Exchange, but find roaches, spiders and more creepy crawlers instead of gunmen. The mystery woman controlling these arthropods is revealed, and warns the the teen heroes - before setting the exchange on fire! (Featuring: Black Ice, Faith, Kid Ballistic, Strong Suit, Terrific Tiger)
    • Ghosts Of Winter Past Part Two - The Progeny rush to save hostages taken by the MEN IN WHITE! Bugs on the scene implicate the mystery woman from before, but they have worse problems: Faith’s powers reveal one of the hostages to be a vampiress in who bears a grudge against the heroes! (Featuring: Faith, Kid Ballistic, Lash, Starlet, Strong Suit, and Terrific Tiger)
    • For Whom The Bell Tolls - A routine patrol takes a dramatic turn when the Progeny arrive at the scene of an explosion - and find the superassassin KILLSHOT menacing Faith and Kid Ballistic! (Featuring: Dragonfly, Faith, Kid Ballistic, and Terrific Tiger)
    • Seek And Destroy - With Faith in intensive care, the Progeny and others visit to wish her well. But the nightmare isn’t over: armed attackers storm the hospital! It’s the...MEN IN RED? (Featuring: Ace, Black Ice, Faith, Kid Ballistic, Lash, and Terrific Tiger)
    • Enter Sandman - While carnage ensues on the ground floor, Kid Ballistic’s instincts pay off, moving a barely responsive Faith to a supply closet in time for KILLSHOT and more MEN IN RED to pay her room a visit. The botched assassination becomes a fight for their lives! Is there any hope for the teen heroes against this master assassin? (Featuring: Faith, and Kid Ballistic, with Initiative Black's Warhound)
    • Fade To Black - KILLSHOT is dead, by Kid Ballistic’s hand. Monsignor Mendoza returns to lend Faith a healing hand, while the Progeny, Protectors of the World, and Initiative Black wonder at what comes next for Westside. (Featuring: Ace, Black Ice, Dragonfly, Faith, and Kid Ballistic, with the Protectors' Captain Adamant, Centurion, and Fahrenheit, as well as Initiative Black's Warhound)
    • SUMMIT Hospitaller - Monsignor Mendoza is murdered by KOSTADIN THE BLACK, and so the Progeny are invited to meet with the Protectors of the World and members of Initiative Black to take stock of where they stand regarding KOSTADIN THE BLACK and his shaky alliance with the MEN IN WHITE.
    • Operation Soccer Dad - In the early morning hours, members of the Progeny take the role of security personnel while Initiative Black's own Agent Rothschild and his newly acquired nondescript white van infiltrates gang territory to set up a number of monitoring devices! (Featuring: Black Ice, Kid Ballistic, and Starlet, with Initiative Black's Cold Shoulder)
    • First Contact - The Progeny arrive at the old Harrow Fish Market and Restaurant, fully expecting a confrontation with the MEN IN WHITE. Following a lead provided by CARRION, the team's mission is to destroy a drug dubbed Oracle, invented by KOSTADIN THE BLACK himself. But is it really as straightforward as a drug bust? (Featuring: Dragonfly, Faith, Feuerdrache, Kid Ballistic, and Strong Suit)
    • Grin Row Part One - 1185 Clark Avenue has another name: Grin Row. It’s name is begotten from its smiley-faced graffiti and tenants: ZOE LOFT’S band of sadomasochists and criminal schizophrenics, the MANIACS. The Progeny are the tip of the spear for taking the fight to these crazies, and one team makes a daring entrance on the building’s rooftop. (Featuring: Black Ice, Communick, and Dragonfly)
    • Grin Row Part Two - While the first team inserts from the roof, another team takes on the MANIACS in Grin Row’s basement, amid a grisly dogfighting scene! Will the amassed crazies prove too much? (Featuring: Faith, Kid Ballistic, and Strong Suit)
    • Warehouse Shuffle - The Progeny take on the BLACK ACES next, in the frigid wintertime. The teens must stop a shipment of Chinese HJ-12 anti-armor missiles from falling into the wrong hands! (Featuring: Black Ice, Dragonfly, Kid Ballistic, and Terrific Tiger)
    • Chop Shop Rumble - After learning of a push into MANIACS territory by the BLACK ACES, lead by a figure identified only as MR. SLAB, the Progeny mount an assault on Burg's Auto, a custom automotive shop situated in the lower Westside, and a favorite haunt of the BLACK ACES! (Featuring: Black Ice, Dragonfly, Faith, and Strong Suit)
  • Grand Opening! - Super Latte, a popular coffee shop in City Center, is celebrating the Grand Opening of their new shop in Westside! It's a chance for the Progeny to catch up after a busy summer, while enjoying quality coffee with other superheroes! (Featuring: Black Ice, Communick, Dragonfly, Faith, and Kid Ballistic)

The Progeny Missions 106-120

MISSIONS 106-120

  • The Wayward Cait - The team is struck hard when a friend is turned against them. A magical heist begins a path that is sure to be exciting, though perhaps tragic…
    • Ambition's Debt Is Paid - Yet another museum visit goes awry when the Progeny run afoul of the latest of thefts across the city! The perpetrator? Cait Sith! With his twin brothers, TRYGUL AND BYGUL, the cheshires aim to steal the Book of Leinster, and the Progeny are forced to take on their friend! (Featuring: Cait Sith, Dragonfly, Kid Ballistic, and Silver Scar)
  • A Night At Slaughterhouse Video! - It's a dark and foggy night when the Progeny respond to reports of crazies in Halloween masks assaulting the Millennium City Shopping Mall. Yet those crazies turn out to be much worse than anyone could have foreseen, and the Progeny find themselves fighting for their lives against horrors of the silver screen! (Featuring: Black Ice, Dragonfly, Faith, and Kid Ballistic)
  • A Chance To Go Home - The Progeny’s warrior extraterrestrial, Silver Scar, leads his teammates through a gauntlet of gladiatorial battles against the best (or worst) the universe has to offer, all for a chance at attaining the desires of De'thuum's people: freedom.
    • Prologue - It's an early morning at Dockside Seafood, the Silver Scar's usual choice for breakfast cuisine, when he is set upon by a five strong group of...alien gladiators? The Westside docks quickly become a battleground as the Silver Scar fights for his life against defeated foes from his past! Can the Progeny get to him in time? (Featuring: Dragonfly, Faith, Kid Ballistic, Silver Scar, and Strong Suit)
    • De'thuum's Debriefing - Silver Scar gathers his team a week after the incident at the waterfront, with important information about the aliens who attacked him. What else? News of a Malvan tournament, whose first place prize could lead to his - and his people’s - freedom! (Featuring: Dragonfly, Feuerdrache, Kid Ballistic, Silver Scar, and Starlet)


  • Fashion Maven: Allegedly a former fashion designer, Fashion Maven stated he 'made a deal with the devil' to acquire powers. This remains to be seen if this is in fact true, but he possesses several supernatural abilities. His primary ability is that his body is constructed/ composed of an unknown amount of sentient bolts of colored cloth. Each cloth can be used to fly, bind and harm victims as well as possessing the tensile strength of titanium.
  • The Pinball Wizard: Current name unknown. The Pinball Wizard was the original owner of the Progeny's current base. He was supposedly brought to justice by Lash and somehow escaped custody. He returned to discover that the teen group was using his lair for their own purposes and tried to forcibly evict them. He suffered a head wound during the melee which rendered him an amnesiac. The Pinball Wizard displays magical abilities such as matter transformation, duplication, invisibility, arcane blasts and minor elemental control. He typically wears a suit of dark metal armor with a red hood and cloak.
  • Bystryy aka Speedy & Zhidkoye Testo aka The Batter: Two members of the Russian Mafia. While Speedy displays enhanced reaction time and super speed abilities, The Batter wields kinetic properties he can channel through objects to give him enhanced durability, strength and stamina. The Batter can also use his weapon to propel kinetic energy directly outwards if he smashes his bat into something. The duo were brought to the United States in order to kill Kid Ballistic for things both he and his father had done against their crime family. Speedy typically dresses in an all black track suit and has a bald head. The Batter has a buzzed head (black hair) and wears silver shades at all times.
  • The Power Pack: A gang of superpowered criminals who spent their days holding up banks and robbing fancy stores. Consisting of the de facto leader and Cryo-suit wearing Avalancer, the Low-level Speedster and Dynamokinetic Hypercharge, the Pyrotechnician and resident creep Burnout and the surprisingly mellow Metal behemoth known as Powercore. The Progeny first faced off against these while protecting a local jewelry store from being cleaned out, but that will certainly not be the last the Progeny has seen of the nefarious quartet.
  • Trygul and Bygul: Two of Cait's older brothers who originally crossed over from Faerie with a group of frost giants. They cursed Kid Ballistic with a love spell after he insulted them, but the Progeny were able to defeat the Cheshire cat twins and their giant posse. During the course of the fighting, their means of returning home was shattered. The twins agreed to lift the spell, in exchange for their freedom. Now they are roaming the human world, bearing a grudge against Cait and his team. Both twins possess the same skill set as Cait, allowing them to take advantage of shapeshifting, illusions and magical spells, though they certainly outclass their younger brother. Typically seen in cat form only, they look like large domestic cats, with black fur and teal colored stripes. True to Cheshire cat lore, they both bear terribly wide, toothy mouths.
  • Red-Hot: The crazy 'ex-girlfriend' that Oliver never even dated. Red-Hot, her real name is Eleanora Russell, is an international supermodel and superhero, possessing calokinetic powers that her daddy bought for her sixteenth birthday. In truth, she could not care less about helping people and behaves more like a villain. She will stop at nothing to gain the media's attention and views The Progeny, especially Lash, as her biggest competition in the battle for Oliver's affection.
  • Bloodshot: Bloodshot, or The Huntsman as he is also known as, is a ruthless mercenary whose favored targets are mutants. He collects them, hunts them for sport, sells them to the highest bidder or uses them as a resource. The Huntsman has been used as a bogeyman tale for mutants, but it is definitely not a story suited for young children. Bloodshot is known to supplement his arsenal of heavy weapons with power stolen from mutants, by having himself augmented through gruesome surgical procedures.
  • Monsterback: A beast the size of three men, and the strength of ten, "Monsterback" has an appetite for destruction, as well as high-calorie food. His origins are mysterious, but the creature appears to be Bobby O'Hara, a defensive lineman for the Stewartville Giants, who transformed into the hairy monster during a game in West Side. Monsterback doesn't seem to fall into any one category of monster: his feet are able to grasp things, like an ape, his teeth are reminiscent of a wolf's, and stranger still, his fur seems to rattle when aggravated, making a strange "hissing" sound that usually precedes an attack. Despite Monsterback's feral demeanor, he seems capable of speaking, and displays a certain machismo, as he usually attacks whatever appears strongest in the vicinity, and doesn't stop until he's won.
  • Quicksable: Quicksable is a rare breed. A youth with a mind for crime and cruelty, and a speedster entirely on the wrong side of the law. Sable aims to climb to the top of the underworld, and perhaps higher, and stops at nothing to achieve his goals. Many of his crimes are meant to be shows of status and power, to prove that Quicksable is the fastest, the most cunning, and the most fearsome of criminals. Dressed in a black and purple costume to protect himself from the rigors of super speed, Quicksable's face is almost always obscured. The criminal can run, fight, and think at incredible rates, and also violently vibrate his molecules to tear solid materials apart. At times, the villain's youth is laid bare, as Quicksable falls prey to his need to prove himself, a weakness Kid Ballistic has exploited in the past, making the two bitter rivals. Now that the Progeny has taken him down, Quicksable may come to view them all as enemies.
  • The Alchemist: Passing as the simple owner of a picturesque spice shop in Millennium City's Chinatown, Mister Fu - a seemingly harmless, tiny, old man - is known as The Alchemist on the streets. A feared Asian drug baron with the mighty power of chemokinesis; the ability to manipulate the state and reactions of (non-organic) chemical elements. As if that was not bad enough, Mister Fu is also a Kung Fu master who favors the style of the monkey. Or, as Starlet calls it, a Kung Fu Wizard!




"I would be a much different person than I am today were it not for the Progeny. Before I met them, I kept people at arm's length. I was... friendly to people, but didn't allow myself to form friendships. And then I joined the team. It was rocky at the first, but eventually, they grew to accept me for who I am, and I began to open up more to them. Now I can't imagine where I would be without people like Kid Ballistic, Lash or Silver Scar in my life. The Progeny is much more than just a group of friends to me: they're my family." - Faith

"We're a team. Feel free to fill in the mushy details; warm and fuzzy isn't really my shtick." - Black Ice

"It turns out, when you think you have a lot to teach other people, it usually means that they have even more to teach you. That's what joining the Progeny ended up being for me." - Strong Suit

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