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"You ain't never had a friend like me!" Music-player.png
PLAYER @Feronius
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Rank Member
Current Affliations UNTIL LOGO Transparent.png
Former Affiliations REDACTED

Real Name Aron Johnson
Known Aliases AJ, Blue, Genie, Jinn
(and tons of fake IDs)
Gender Male
Species Human, Metahuman
Birthdate Unknown
Place of Birth Cape Town, South Africa
Current Location Millennium City, MI
Relatives N/A (No Known Relatives)

Apparent Age Mid 20's
Height 5'10" (1,78 m)
Weight 168 lbs (76 kg)
Eyes Amber
Hair Black
Complexion Light, Tans Well
Build Athletic, Toned
Notable Features Turns into a Blue Genie

Identity Secret
Citizenship Flag ZAF.png South African
Marital Status Unattached
Occupation Various Odd Jobs
Education Basic


Air Manipulation, Cantrips, Flight, Smoke Mimicry

Bare-Knuckle Fist Fighting, Escapology, Lock Picking, Pickpocketing, Safe Cracking, Stealth, Subterfuge

Antique Bottle (Vessel), Comm Device, Thieves' Tools

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Aron Johnson, now also known as Jinn, is a former street kid who unintentionally gained the powers of the air jinn. Unlike the tale of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, in Aron's story the street kid ended up with the powers of a genie instead of summoning one. Jinn's vessel fell into the hands of a supervillain at first, but after a few tough years of involuntary villainy he was finally given the opportunity to join the good guys. Now, Jinn dons the mantle of a superhero and steals from the villains instead.


Originally from South Africa, Aron Johnson is a street kid who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks and basically had to fend for himself from a young age. Naturally it did not take long for him to fall in with the wrong crowd, though it never escalated beyond theft and petty crime. Mostly just the conning and pick pocketing of tourists.

While scoping out a shop with the intention of stealing from its owner, Aron's eye fell on a tiny, ornate Arabian bottle under a glass cover. The shopkeeper began a long-winded tale about how the object was found in the Kalahari Desert and said to have once held one of the jinni captured by King Solomon or some farfetched story along those lines. It sounded like a story that came straight out of One Thousand and One Nights. The easily distracted Aron was honestly not paying all that much attention to the old man, he was too busy studying the shiny antique and pondering how much a fence would be willing to pay for something like that.
When Aron later returned to the shop, he of course could not help himself. Straying from the plan to only take the cash and some expensive jewelry, Aron gave in to his impulsive nature. He reached for the small bottle to steal it, but instead something unexplainable happened. That day Aron Johnson went missing in a cloud of dust, he vanished without a trace.

Aron only reappeared months later, in a dimly lit room with a stranger, with no memory since his mysterious departure. He just recalled a swirling, thick blue smoke. Imagine his surprise when he discovered his skin was also colored blue. This is how Aron found out he had been granted the powers (and weaknesses) of a genie. And that his fate was now tied to a vessel, his version of a 'magic lamp', the very same antique bottle he had intended to steal.
It took a bit longer for him to realize that the stranger who saved him was not just his savior, this was his new master. It soon became apparent that his freedom, and even his free will, were no longer truly his. Over time it would also become abundantly clear that his master and newfound father figure was not actually a savior or a good person, at all. Aron had not just turned into a metahuman, he had become the unwilling accomplice of an ambitious supervillain.

A couple of years later, through the assistance of several heroes, UNTIL finally caught up with Aron's master. While the man himself managed to slip away, Aron's Vessel was recovered and his elusive master was forced into hiding. He has remained in the shadows ever since.
After a lot of deliberating, it was eventually decided that Aron would be granted a pardon from all of the crimes he was involved in, along with a conditional release, as he had been an unwilling participant from the start. Because he was deemed too much of a wild card to simply walk free, he was granted his freedom under the condition that he would be monitored.

With the alternative being prison, he obviously took the deal without any hesitation whatsoever. And that is how Aron, finally, got to join the good guys.



Aron is a White African who appears to be roughly in his mid twenties. His exact ethnicity is unknown and probably a bit of a mixed bag. He has warm amber eyes that reflect a glimmer of unpredictability and dark hair that is usually a bit of a tangled or windswept mess. Combined with his mischievous smile and the body of a young god (or technically the body of a genie), Aron is effortlessly good-looking. Unfortunately he is aware of the fact and does not shy away from (ab)using his (super)natural charm if the opportunity presents itself.

To use his actual powers Aron has to transform into his genie form. Which is basically him with blue skin, swirly markings across his body, a subtle point to his ears, bright glowing eyes and a matching genie outfit to boot. The attire usually comes with an excess of accessories, jewelry and some body ornaments; things genies tend to wear and Aron just seldom uses moderation.


Aron is an animated, energetic and impulsive individual. He is both easygoing and easily distracted. Despite the circumstances of his rough upbringing, the not-so-upstanding young man has managed to maintain a surprisingly optimistic outlook on life. And the lovable rogue seems determined not to waste a single moment of his newfound freedom.

Aron is still very much a work in progress, he definitely has no shortage of bad habits. Concepts such as personal possession or etiquette are a little foreign to him. And boundary issues can be tricky to become accustomed with. For the longest time the biggest influence and only role model in his life was a supervillain. Not the most conventional upbringing.

At times Aron does seem conflicted, but considering his rather sudden and drastic transition from serving a villain to becoming a hero it only makes sense. The fun-loving and happy-go-lucky attitude are without a doubt in part also a facade or coping mechanism, a way to deal with the whirlwind that has been (and still is) his life.
Even though he knew he did not truly have any say in the matter, Aron carries the guilt and blame for his past bad deeds. There is clearly a decent guy in there somewhere who genuinely wants to make up for the part he played in his former master's many terrible crimes. But he still has a long road ahead of him.



  • Air Manipulation - Many jinn are associated with an element, typically possessing strong ties to or a mastery over said element. For Aron his powers are akin to that of the air jinn, granting him the ability to control air and command the wind. He can conjure up clouds and (sand)storms in all their different forms and sizes.

  • Cantrips - As a genie Aron is able to use sorcerous tricks that warp reality a little. Most of these charms are simple spells of no great effect. Some examples include lighting candles, fitting a large object into a much smaller container or changing the appearance of his wardrobe when in genie form.

  • Flight - With the power to manipulate the air and for their body to mimic smoke, air jinn naturally possess the ability to fly or simply float in place. His top flight speed is comparable to a storm wind and would probably measure roughly a 10 on the Beaufort wind force scale.

  • Smoke Mimicry - As part of his genie physiology, Aron's body can completely or partially turn into thick, swirling, flameless blue smoke. How else would he manage to squeeze into a tiny metal vessel? His body adopts most of the properties of a gaseous substance, but does not become completely intangible nor impervious to damage. Solid objects or projectiles are easier to evade than, say, explosions or magic.


  • Desire - Having the power of a type of genie that is (theoretically) capable of granting wishes, vividly imagining a particularly strong desire can sometimes act as a trigger for Aron to spontaneously change into his genie form. Not only does this result in awkward moments, it can also compromise secret identities or covert operations.

  • Human - When not in his genie form, Aron does not have immediate access to his abilities. Until he chooses to change into his genie form again, he is just as weak and vulnerable as any other normal human. Though most of the limitations that come with being a genie do still apply regardless of his current state.

  • Inexperience - Aron has not had his powers for long and is nowhere close to mastering them yet. Most genies are centuries or millennia old, his time spend as a genie has only been a fraction of that. He is also relatively new to the hero scene and still getting used to being on the right side of the law.

  • Magic - As a (part) magical being, certain types of spells or warding against the supernatural may also affect Aron. Some sources even speculate that Aron's powers may be the result of possession by a djinn, meaning that it might theoretically even be possible to exorcise or transfer his powers from him.

  • Ownership - Whoever possesses a genie's vessel, may gain control over the genie. The limits of Aron's freedom are subject to the whims of his current master. Furthermore, a genie is unable to do anything that will cause direct or intentional harm to their current master. These commands even trump mind control.

  • Summons - Whenever someone rubs his vessel, Aron is summoned and forced to appear at its location. Regardless of where he is at that time, even if the genie and the vessel are in different dimensions, planes or timelines. This can at times be a major advantage, but more often than not being summoned is not in Aron's favor.

  • Tethered - Aron's powers are bound to his vessel. While there is no limit to the distance that separates the genie and its vessel, Aron has to return to his vessel periodically if he wants to recharge his magic reserves or recover from serious injury. Even just being in his genie form will very slowly deplete his magical energy over time.

  • Vacuums - As Aron's body does not become completely intangible, he can not enter or escape from an airtight space through magical means. His power is also incredibly diminished in places with little to no air, such as submerged or underwater locations, the vacuum of space or at extremely high altitudes.


  • Antique Bottle (Vessel) - All genies are bound to some form of metal vessel. This can be any kind of receptacle, from oil lamps to flutes, (water)pipes or even teapots. In Aron's case his 'magic lamp' is a tiny bottle of Arabian design, traditionally used to contain kohl powder; It is basically a fancy makeup bottle. Aron is extremely protective of it. The ornate bottle is at least several centuries old, carved out of precious gold and set with semi-precious stones; most prominently its bright orange carnelian gems. (Carnelian is believed to bring good luck to its wearer and protect them from bad energy, as well as poverty. It can also boost one's sense of humor and help calm one's temper.)

  • Comm Device - The standard UNTIL issued earpiece and corresponding wristwatch communications device. Independently the earpiece still functions as an audio input and output device, but it does not offer a display nor does it provide access to many of the watch's extra features; possibilities that are comparable to a state of the art smartphone device.

  • Thieves' Tools - A compact toolkit, often bundled in leather, that pickpockets and/or burglars tend to carry. Aron's toolkit typically contains a (or several) set(s) of lock picks, a probe for traps that doubles as a mini-crowbar, a small file, a tiny mirror mounted on a metal handle, a set of narrow-bladed scissors, sometimes a few small bags of sand and a pair of pliers. Though tools may be exchanged or left out depending on what the situation calls for. Aron also likes to supplement his kit with blue smoke flares.

Jinn f.pngALLIES

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"Midnight Mauler", "Sister"

Potw ato.png

"Big Mac", "Lil Fella"


"Cap'n", "Hardass"



Fahrenheit Title3.jpg

"Weatherman", "Trenchcoat"


"She Wolf"


"Boss Lady", "Titmouse"

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THUNDRAX col final.jpg

"Thundaddy-O", "Thunder Buddy"


"Hot Wings"

Jinn g.pngNEMESES

Jinn nemesis1.jpg

The Ifrit

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One Who Enlarges

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The Marid Sisters

Jinn nemesis3.jpg

The Cyclops

Jinn nemesis4.jpg

The African Wizard


Lords of the Jungle

Jinn h.pngTRIVIA

  • Aron is sometimes called Harun by other jinn and some of his nemeses. This is not his jinn name nor a legacy thing; it is simply the Arabic form of Aaron. He does not care for it.

  • Changing into his genie form comes with a free change of clothes. His go-to looks are typically colorful costumes in Arabian or African fashion, the genie classics. When Aron changes back he ends up wearing the same thing as before the change occurred. Wardrobe malfunctions have been known to occur.

  • Genies may originate from African and Arabian culture, but Aron does not understand a word of Arabic. He does know how to communicate in English, Dutch and Afrikaans though.

  • Like many other mythical creatures, genies are known to have treasure. Add Aron's penchant for kleptomania in the mix and you got yourself one notorious hoarder and mess maker.

  • One of Aron's many guilty pleasures is listening to and (loudly) singing or lip syncing along to cheesy, old skool pop songs or any other songs he deems catchy from whatever genre. It should come as no surprise to anyone that songs from Disney movies regularly appear on his playlists.

  • In theory, a genie with Aron's powers is said to be able to grant wishes. However, as a young genie this is a dangerous ability he has yet to master and something he will probably not be able to (successfully) pull off for many years or even decades to come. It is currently just wishful thinking.

  • It would appear Aron's ageing may have become a bit skewed, after reaching his physical prime his ageing almost seems to have ground to a halt. It is still unclear whether it relates to the fact that genies, or at least the inside of their vessels, sort of exist outside of space and time. Or if it is simply a result of his boyish charm.

  • Much to his dismay, Jinn is seldom allowed to pilot the Protectors' jet; The VALRAVN. It would seem not everyone on the team appreciates his fondness of sudden, oftentimes unnecessary aerial manouevres. He has also made it his personal mission to, someday, try on (read: joyride) the suits of his various power armor-donning team members.

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Jinn i.pngHOOKS

  • African Roots - Those from Africa and Arabia may have heard of Jinn, though most likely through infamy and ill repute.

  • Life of Crime - Jinn still has connections in the criminal underworld, there is no shortage of people he wronged either.

  • Street Rat - Aron spend most of his early childhood on the streets of Cape Town, with only short stays in orphanages.

  • Supernatural - To anything with the ability to detect magical energy a genie's presence is fairly easy to pick up on.

  • UNTIL - As a condition of his pardon and freedom, Jinn agreed to be monitored by UNTIL and to check in regularly.

Jinn k.pngGALLERY



  • Jinn - Character Reference Sheet


Jinn j.pngCOMMENTS

"Jinn? When it comes to a man who knows all about wishes and control of the wind, he's the one to go to. I can trust him on the field and that's about it. If only he would stop hitting on me and remember that I'm married... " - Cosmic Glory

"We may have differing opinions when it comes to the importance of proper etiquette, but I consider Jinn not only a very capable, smart, and trustworthy member of our team, but also a dear friend of mine. Please do not tell him I said that or I will never hear the end of it. Speaking of never hearing the end of something; I refuse to take fashion advice from someone who thinks harem pants are a sensible choice of dress." - Fahrenheit

"Jinn cracks me up. I know, I know, we're supposed to maintain an air of professionalism, but it doesn't hurt to have some comic relief around the Barlowe, y'know? And perviness aside, he's an alright guy." - Tesseract

"I'm sure Jinn has his... uses. There's no denying that combination of his abilities and unpredictability is quite effective. But if he tries to pet me again, I will not hesitate to bite him." - Cait Sith

"I think he'd uh... I think Jinn would be pretty funny if, you know... If he dialed it back on occasion, so to speak... It's, um... Not always so endearing." - Extractor

"I'm not sure what to make of Jinn. He acts more like he would belong...well, with The Progeny, as opposed to a globally renowned group like the Protectors of the World. He seems to be very creative in the application of his powers, if his attempt to tamper with Ace's flight pack in a gas form is any indication." - Faith

"Jinn summed up in one word: annoying. Jinn summed up in two words: extremely annoying. He came to us more as a favor to UNTIL to provide a watchful eye, but I think he's acclimated... slowly... to the idea of being a full fledged hero. There are equal parts of charming and infuriating mixed into his DNA, for sure. Jinn gets the job done at the end of the day, however, which is really all I can ask. The team building component we are still figuring out. It is, ah... a definite work in progress." - Sparrowhawk

"I call him the Indescribable Jinn. Because he is. I'm glad he's with the team... most of the time!" - Thundrax

"Jinn is a very... interesting character. Part of me wonders what Sparrowhawk was thinking when he was added to the team, while another part knows that I would miss the goofball if he left or if something happened to him. Either way, he's part of our collective for better or worse." - Razira

"He's a liability. But a useful one. You go to war with the army you have. And we have Jinn." - Captain Adamant

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