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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This Dossier is played straight, and assumed to be 'As Is' within the Canonical PRIMUS Database...assuming you have the clearance to read it. As such, it lacks any 'secret' concepts and can be taken as spoiler-free. A Spoiler-Filled page may be included at a later date.

Blue Pheasant
Power Level: 40
Meta Focus: Arms
Personal Data
Known Aliases: RECORD SEALED
Biographical Data
Nationality: RECORD SEALED
Place of Birth: RECORD SEALED
Base of Operations: RECORD SEALED
Marital Status: RECORD SEALED
Known Relatives: RECORD SEALED
Known Meta Abilities
Known Skills and Training
Known Assets

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SUBJECT: Blue Pheasant


"Ha ha I'm just another hero, trying to make the world a better place."


One of the many costumed heroes who helps ensure peace and justice in an otherwise perilous world. His mobility and adaptability hint at him being highly trained, with an array of gadgets that may or may not be of his own design. One would be forgiven for thinking this blue, bird-themed hero to be a dark, brooding individual...until he opens his mouth. At that point, it becomes perfectly clear that the Blue Pheasant is quite pleasant to be around. With how socially open he is, the only greater mystery than his identity is how he's managed to keep it hidden in the first place!

Known Actions

<Excerpt From a PRIMUS Investigation dated July Fifth, Twenty-Seventeen>

"BP-File 001:

...The unknown hero, now registered as 'The Blue Pheasant', was able to provide us with the information we needed on Operation Calypso. With their help, we were able to send a task force to dispose of the growing occult threat in Arkansas...but I'm left with many questions:

How did they acquire this information so quickly? How did they acquire this information so thoroughly? How did they contact us so quickly? Why has my request to investigate him been denied?"

The Blue Pheasant first appeared on July 5th 2019, When our operatives struggled to locate the holdout of a group of demon summoners in Arkansas. The costumed hero appeared with detailed maps and a plan of attack, before stepping back to allow the assigned agents to carry out the mission. Since that day, The Blue Pheasant has appeared across the United States, conducting investigations before handing the information over to other heroes to solve. Despite this deliberate disassociation with the victorious results, it hasn't stopped the hero from gaining a small amount of acclaim. The following is a list of events that we can confirm his involvement in:

07/05/17: Possum Grape, Arkansas. Led PRIMUS Operatives to a holdout of demon worshipers.

07/05/17-07/05/19: UNKNOWN. Returned with a new display of skills and equipment.

07/24/19: Church's Ferry, North Dakota. Routed a vampire coven single-handedly.

08/11/19-08/13/19: Savannah, Georgia. Conducted a solo investigation on a group of child traffickers, before passing the information to a group of up-and-coming heroes. Reports show that he monitored them from above, only stepping in to help.

08/21/19-08/24/19: Kentucky. Deployed the 'Ostrich Battle Walker' against a group of brainwashed militants. No casualties, and the villain responsible was apprehended three days later.

09/01/19-10/06/19: Time spent in Millennium City. Actions unknown.

10-07/19-11/01/19: Time spent in the American Southwest. Actions known; Vampire Hunting.

11/011/19-Present: Time spent in Millennium City. Actions known; cooperation with PRIMUS and UNTIL on a Classified project.


<Excerpt From a PRIMUS Investigation dated July Twenth-Fourth, Twenty-Seventeen>

"BP-File 002:

The Blue Pheasant has appeared again, and I've decided to continue requesting an investigation. Nothing has come up yet, but I've managed to acquire some photos to attach to this document. They're not the best, but at the very least we will be able to readily identify him at a later date. However, most of the photographs I received were confiscated for also "containing classified materials", though I fail to see what was so important in them."

The Blue Pheasant stands at an even six feet, but this is a rough estimate that does not account for any changes in equipment. We do not know how much they weigh, either, but comparing their figure with our own agents would give us a rough estimate of One-Sixty pounds. Overall, he is on the leaner side in comparison to other superheroes. They carry themselves with an air of calm focus and dignity; in such a way that compels our agents to stand at attention when he talks. Most sightings of the Pheasant have placed him within the same (or same type of) suit: a jointed, pale-blue bodysuit with an integrated armored breastplate adorned with a dark blue wingspan insignia, a dark blue star on each shoulder, and a toolbelt resting above an armored subligar. Overall, the look has been described as being reminiscent of iron age hero attire. The Pheasant appears to have other suits for varying situations but, regardless of the make and type of suit that he is wearing, two things about the Pheasant's dress are certain; a dull-blue and gray color scheme, and a distinctive full helmet with a wingspan-pattern over the eyes and an art deco-styled plumage in the back.

No one knows what The Blue Pheasant Looks like under that helmet. This has led to more than a few of our Assault Agents coming up with their own theories. It has reached a point where there is now a multi-team pool where they are placing bets as to the Pheasant's appearance. Some believe that he has the look of a grizzled veteran, or that he is hiding some sort of disfigurement. Others believe he's 'handsome, like every other superhero'. Other, more extreme, ideas are that he is a robot...not to mention a few Agents claiming he is a woman (despite the Pheasant's own statements saying otherwise). Regardless of the speculation of our agents, we won't know further until additional information makes itself apparent.

...And, as a reminder to our agents, you are not to approach the Pheasant and attempt to de-mask them; they were polite enough to let the last agent who tried off with a warning. However, further attempts might deprive us of their assistance.


<Excerpt From a PRIMUS Investigation dated September Fifteenth, Twenty-Seventeen>

"BP-File 003:

...The Blue Pheasant is not like other, similar Vigilantes. He's prone to socialize, and readily gives out small pieces of personal information to others. Despite this, none of it has given me anything to work on; no locations to start in or clues to follow up on. But I do have to wonder how he manages to keep his identity a secret in the first place. He might choose his words well, but I'm starting to think he has help...but from where? From who? I've been instructed not to be concerned; that he is a non-issue to National Security and a convenient, albeit infrequent, resource...but that only increases my suspicions. I'll be keeping my investigation a secret from here on out...with any luck, the Pheasant will let something I can use slip."

The Blue Pheasant, despite his relatively recent appearance (and re-appearance), carries himself as a seasoned veteran. He is calm and polite, rarely ever talking down to someone unless he believes it justified, and will seamlessly take charge of a situation. Despite this, however, he actively moves to take the backseat during any situation, and will instead provide assistance and instruction. This has been his method of working with us and with other heroes. The Pheasant is also known to instruct and lecture up-and-coming heroes, freely providing them with insight and an outlet for advice. To that end (and, perhaps, in spite of the stereotype heroes like him hold), he does not shy away from socializing with others and is quite liberal in giving out personal information...yet it is always done so with choice wording. By skill or by luck, he has never revealed anything that one could use to track down information about his true identity, though it is also unknown as to how truthful he is outside of his investigations; he could be telling lies he believes helps those around him, but this is speculation.

Skills, Assets, and Attributes

<Excerpt From an unofficial PRIMUS Investigation dated September Seventh, Twenty-Nineteen>

"BPO-File 001:

It's been two years since the Pheasant disappeared; there were sporadic appearances and rumors across the globe, but now I have begun hearing reports of the Pheasant within Millennium City, Michigan. Maybe he's trying to blend in; plenty of dark-colored, gadget-throwing, grapple-abusing, martial arts-using vigilantes out there. As far as we can tell that's it, but I can't help but feel that there's something more to him. I can't quite explain it, but the way he moves Forced, fake even. Maybe it's nothing; the video footage I have is all of poor quality, and all eye-witness accounts may be exaggerated, but if they are true...? The Pheasant may well be hiding more than just his identity. I have a contact in the city, perhaps they will be able to fill me in on the details."

Paragon of Investigation: The Pheasant has proven himself a capable and adaptive investigator; this has been more than proven from the thoroughness of the reports he has provided us. Photographs, charted maps, analyzed samples, documentation...his dedication to a complete case file is impressive for certain. We have reports from law enforcement in the Millennium City area that can attest to his ability to assess a crime scene and follow up on his own deductions with speed and discretion. While his skills alone are impressive, we have found that providing additional support, resources, and facilities only enhances his skills further. While initially hesitant to allow us to do so, the higher-ups have allowed us to keep doing the record.

Jack-of-All-Martial Arts: The Pheasant has training in multiple martial arts...but has no known mastery over any individual form. We have reports that he has traveled the globe to train in Karate, Wing Chun, Krav Maga, Caci, Vibora Carmesi and more...but none for any major length of time. Despite all of this, he has adopted concepts of these sampled forms and combined them into a style all of his own; one that focuses on minimal movement, while maximizing his results. To this end, we have verifiable proof of the Pheasant outmaneuvering metahumans with superspeed and destabilizing opponents near triple his own weight. Our own instructors have taken note of the Pheasant's performance and begun looking into ways to incorporate his approach to martial arts into our own programs. So far, they have found the core of the Pheasant's style quite similar to their own, and have requested we try to ask the Pheasant to meet with them for a training exercise...our own reports also show that UNTIL has attempted to do the same. However, despite his capabilities, some of our instructors believe his movements to be stiff; as though he is holding back more than he should.

Master-at-Arms: The Pheasant has demonstrated a high affinity for weapons and equipment usage, both improvised and manufactured. Reports have shown the Pheasant to have spent some time in Japan and Australia, only to return Stateside with a newfound degree of skill with bladed and throwing weapons (the later of which becoming a cornerstone of his current fighting style). There are also instances of him wielding a bow and in disarming targets, hinting at a skill in firearms...but there has yet to be a recorded instance of the Pheasant firing any form of lethal ammunition. His ability to make the best of a variety of tools, vehicles, and equipment only reinforces his philosophy of adaptability.

Prepared to Win: The Pheasant's true potential comes from combining all of the above factors. His ability to analyze a situation, combined with his philosophy on combat, have guaranteed him an untarnished record of performance. He certainly keeps files on those he investigates, and likely develops a battle plan to counter them when and if needed. One can only assume the Pheasant never willingly enters a fight unprepared or without information. In these instances, he is likely to attack first and at the opponent's most crucial point of weakness, and then follow up if or when needed. Thankfully, we haven't had any of our agents on the receiving end of these instances...yet. Some of our agents have attempted to hold him for questioning, despite our advisory otherwise. Thankfully, the Pheasant has not injured any of them.

Hidden Skills: We know little about the Pheasant's full capabilities. More information will be added as they are displayed.


Utility Belt of Holding: The Pheasant uses a variety of small tools, either handheld or thrown. The following list will include those currently known:

  • Cable Launcher (x2; max length 300ft each)
    • Standard hooks, for grappling and rappelling.
    • Blunt-tip hooks, for long-range, non-lethal takedowns.
    • Adhesive, blunt-tipped hooks, for pulling light targets.
    • Spear hooks, for direct attacks or for grappling hard surfaces.
  • Spherical Items
    • Smoke Bombs (impact-based)
    • Gas pellets impact-based; induces drowsiness within human targets)
    • Foam charges (impact-based; hardens into a cement-like substance when used with the following item.)
    • Frost Pellets (Impact-based)
  • Feather-shaped Items
    • sharp-edged throwing knives
    • Smoke bombs (impact-based)
    • Adhesive foam charges (self-activating in the event of a collision; hardens into a cement-like substance when used with the following item.)
    • Frost charge (See above information)
    • Adhesive explosive charges (armed; timer based)
  • Arrows (if using a bow)
    • Blunt-tipped Arrows
    • Gas Arrows
    • Grapple Arrows (For long-range usage)
  • Miscellaneous Items
    • Mimic Disc (throwing disc that emits sound)
    • Mimic Beacon (throwing disc that rapidly deploys an inflated doppelgänger. Emits sound)
    • Bull Whip (Full Length: Twenty Feet)
    • Wrist and Ankle Binds
    • Notepad (Yellow pages; writes in small print and in Capitalized Print only)
    • Pen (x12; nondescript)

'Crane' Sword: Perhaps named so out of irony, but the Pheasant is known to utilize a Cane Sword on occasion. There appears to be nothing special about the weapon's appearance or make other than the quality of the blade. However, the Pheasant only appears to use it while in the matching suit and only against other swordsmen.

Extraction Cestus: A pair of battle gloves with retractable syringes for the acquisition of genetic samples mid-combat. It is unknown if these tools can also be used for injecting opponents with substances.


"Ostrich Armored Walker": The Ostrich is a bipedal walking tank that was initially designed by a PRIMUS contractor. While the idea was scrapped, the Pheasant was able to secure the only prototype made. Standing at ten feet in height, it has been retrofitted with a larger-scale cable launcher and riot cannon. With urban usage in mind, the Ostrich has only been seen once: it was deployed in Kentucky to counter a group of armed militants attempting to take over a state armory. No one was injured in the conflict, being suppressed with riot foam, but it was found out that the group had been brainwashed. In any event, the Ostrich proved itself a capable anti-personnel tool.

"Cassowary Assistant Drone": The Cassowary is a bipedal walking robot assumed to be of the Pheasant's own design. Based off of the Ostrich, the Cassowary is a mere thirteen inches in height, and is equipped with a taser and cable launcher. It also carries inside itself medical supplies and seemingly an onboard AI that can provide recon assistance to the operator. It can be clipped to the Pheasant's toolbelt and deployed down paths too small for him to navigate.


The Pheasant uses a variety of different suits. We have few 'official' names to denote the following suits, but will update the list if a name is ever provided:

Pheasant Suit: A recent update to the first documented suit of the Pheasant, he has exchanged the brighter blues for dark greys and replaced the utility belt with a more advanced one. The suit itself is more durable than the original, featuring a specialized nanoweave with concealed plating designed to bend and flex with the body. The most noteworthy update, however, are the arm-mounted grapple launchers that have been installed in the suit. This change was likely to keep the hands free while performing other tasks. The helmet, despite the change in paint, appears to be the same...but, as before, the helmet itself is a mystery.

Original Pheasant Suit: The standard suit that the Pheasant is seen wearing. It features a jointed bodysuit, an integrated breastplate and subligar, and is made of a semi-resilient material that can protect the wear from heightened levels of heat. It is not, however, particularly durable otherwise.

Crane Suit: A suit made in the image of a Samurai, but with modern day materials, the Crane Suit offers heightened resilience to attacks while remaining flexible and adaptable. However, due to the sash around the hip, there is no room on the suit for the Pheasant's signature Utility belt. There appears to be no reason to the sash outside of aesthetic purposes, so the Pheasant's willingness to go into a combat situation without one of their signature tools has left our agents in a mixture of confusion and awe.

"EMU" Powered Exoskeleton: A suit designed for combat against metahumans, it sacrifices the Pheasant's slim look for a bulky suit of power armor. The suit appears to be entirely self-enhancing, without any on-board features or weapons.


Human?: The Pheasant has made multiple claims that he is an ordinary human. While one can assume the standard ways to take down a human would work, not all of our agents believe he is telling the truth. A group of heroes in Millennium City claim that he is a robot, and that they have seen him without his helmet...but they have not verified these claims in any manner.


<Excerpt From an unofficial PRIMUS Investigation dated October Sixth, Twenty-Nineteen>

"BPO-File 002:

I was reprimanded by my commanding officer; my friend in the area ratted me out! I'll be on unpaid leave for awhile...but this only confirms my suspicions; he knows someone -within- PRIMUS. But who is it? Who is -HE-!? I'll have to be more careful with who I trust in this matter, but I promise that I -WILL- find out your identity, Pheasant! I -WILL-!"

Perhaps the only thing more impressive than the Pheasant's abilities would be the web of connections he has made for himself. Through charisma, Bartering, and other means, the Pheasant has gained quite the following...both good and bad. The following lists are incomplete, by simple virtual that we do not know the full extent of these connections, but they will be updated as new information comes to light.

NPC Connections

PRIMUS - The Pheasant has been an unconventional asset to us for two years. With any luck, this relationship will only continue moving forward.

UNTIL - We do not known, to what extent, that the Pheasant and UNTIL have been in contact with each other. However, we have been able to convince the Pheasant to continue supporting us over them in our investigations.

Foxbat - The Pheasant is on surprisingly, or perhaps alarmingly, good terms with Millennium City's biggest nuisance. Footage has shown the two participating in a throwing contest, running off with twenty (non-stolen) pies and donating them to a charity, and even (oddly enough) fighting crime together. That said, the two have fought more than not...but rarely has the Pheasant ever taken the criminal in to custody. When asked, he has simply stated that he is giving 'newer heroes' a chance.

Redsnake - The Pheasant appears to have studied under Redsnake in the art of Vibora Carmesi. However, they appear not to have become friends during that time.

Speed Streak - A French metahuman with a fondness for cheetahs.

Blackbird and Bluebird - Two tech-oriented twins from California, it would appear that the Blue Pheasant trained the duo for a period of three months before departing from the area.

Friends and Allies

Protectors of the World - It appears that the Blue Pheasant gained the attention of Sparrowhawk, head of the Global Superhero Team known as the Protectors of the World. We do not know about his individual connections with its members, however.

Katrina Mirinova - Multiple sightings have placed these two in close proximity together. We do not know what they are talking about, but one of our Projects was recently hit with an unknown raid around the time the two came into contact. Our investigation, however, determined this to be a coincidence.

Gold Rush - A new hero, only starting in late-July Twenty-Nineteen. The two have often been found in each other's company, and the Pheasant appears to have taken them under his wing. While not a formal mentor-sidekick relationship, the Pheasant appears to have provided Gold Rush in both advice and in equipment.

  • Gold Rush's Friends - a group of roughly twelve superheroes of no major affiliations, Blue Pheasant has largely integrated with this group socially...aside, perhaps, with one or two of its members. Some of the group's members are a Half-Dragon named Joan, the Zyncho named Blair, the Greenlander called Frostborn (though the two are not currently on good terms), the amnesiac Ireum Ebosso, and the teenagers L.E.M. and Cody the Griffon.

Vixen (Vivienne Xen'thalas) - The Pheasant's connection to the Alien Princess is unknown, but there seems to be some form of contact between the two of them.


Character Opinions

"Have something to say about this helmeted vigilante? Put it here!"

"Blue Pheasant is a really good guy, not to mention wise. In a way, he's sort of like my mentor. No I'm NOT a sidekick!" - Gold Rush

"The blue bird is pretty cool, though sometimes he gets on my nerves by telling me not to do stupid shit."- Joan

RP Hooks

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