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The Amber Arrow
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"You can't always run from your problems. Sometimes, you just have to meet them head on."
Player: @Purplerainman#7869
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
MCPD (Unofficially), PRIMUS (Unofficially), UNTIL (Unofficially)
Real Name
Daniel "Danny" Chase
Gold, Goldie, Rush, GR, Golden Boy, Yellow Blur
August 30th, 1994
Hamilton, Ontario
Millennium City, Michigan
Barlowe Building, Apartment (a.k.a. "The Goldmine")
Professional Mover
Legal Status
Registered Hero (Secret Identity To Public)
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Rodney Chase (Father), Kathy Simon (Mother)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
175 lbs
Body Type
Dark Brown
Light Brown
Olive Complexion
· Distinguishing Features ·
Danny has a somewhat youthful appearance, but otherwise resembles a typical human male with no unique features
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Superhuman Speed and Reflexes
· Equipment ·
(Current) East Briar Suit - Tactical Suit - Scuba Gear - Custom PCD

(Former) Pheasant Suit - Gold Rush Suit 4.0 - High-Tech Goggles - Tech Suit - Vigilante Outfit - Gold Rush Suit 1.0 - Gold Rush Suit 2.0 - Gold Rush Suit 3.0 - Basic PCD
· Other Abilities ·
Improvised Brawler - Capable Scout - Amateur Tinkerer - Diplomatic

Spoiler Warning
The following details are about a player-created storyline, or is information currently unrevealed about a character.
Please do not use this information ICly unless given permission to do so.


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Daniel "Danny" Chase was born in Hamilton, Ontario to Rodney Chase, a Canadian electrician and Kathy Simon, a Trinidad born graphic artist. Being the only child to the couple, his parents naturally had high expectations for Danny. His father especially wanted him to become a strong, confident and successful man that would make the Chase name mean something. As Danny grew however, his parents began to notice that he was a shy, somber and sensitive boy that struggled socially. After this behaviour continued for some time, he was finally taken to a doctor at the age of 10 to find out what was wrong with him. There he was diagnosed with Major depressive disorder and was encouraged to seek further treatment. This revelation was difficult for both his parents to deal with, but his father seemed to be particularly disappointed. In Rodney's eyes, his only son which he had such high hopes for, was just another headcase that would never amount to anything of significance.

Danny's father became cold and distant with him as the days went on, but it wasn't the only relationship that became strained. The growing tension between Rodney and Kathy that had been around for years grew progressively worse until one day when Danny was 12, he returned home from school and found his father packing the last of his things in a moving van. Danny asked his father where he was going and when he was coming back, but all his father said to him was "Goodbye, kid." before he drove off. Asking his mother what was happening, she only told a deeply confused Danny that it was just going to be them from now on. That would be the last time he ever heard from his father. Kathy would do her best to provide for Danny in the years that followed, but she never seemed to be invested in his personal life. Their relationship went from parent and child, to feeling more like strangers that happened to be roommates from Danny's perspective. This would cause him to bottle up his emotions and withdraw even further from experiencing life fully.

After he graduated from high school, Danny got a job as a professional mover for a small company in order to save up money and also began looking around for apartments. A few months later and shortly after turning 18, he left his childhood home and moved to downtown Hamilton in an inexpensive apartment. Life for Danny continued to be bleak and mediocre as he simply spent his days going to work or being at home by himself, all the while still struggling with his depression. This dismal cycle would go on for several years until one day in 2019 while looking online for any new treatments for Major depressive disorder, he came across a recently posted ad asking for volunteers to test a cutting edge drug that could allegedly cure a myriad of psychological ailments including depression. At first Danny was suspicious that any single drug was capable of curing something as complex as depression among other things but after noticing that the testing was being conducted in Burlington, he decided that any chance to better his life was worth taking. He contacted whoever posted the ad and to his surprise, he was quickly met with a response which gave him a time and address.

Arriving at the destination later that day, he found a small and unimpressive looking building with seemingly no activity. Cautiously approaching the entrance, he started having second thoughts and considered leaving until he was greeted by a thin man in a lab coat. The gaunt looking individual welcomed Danny and asked him to come in, which he nervously did. As Danny walked in and looked around, he noticed the space to be in disrepair but also saw various computers and lab equipment. However, there were strangely no other medical personnel or volunteers which perplexed Danny. When he asked where everyone else was, the man responded that too many people would only get in the way and that having one person at a time would allow him to focus his efforts for greater results. Danny didn't know if that was true but figured since he made it this far, he might as well go through with it. In his mind, life couldn't possibly get any worse for him.

The man went over to a table with various materials on it and quickly grabbed a small plastic container before walking up to Danny and handing it to him. As Danny peered inside the container, he found only a single gold coloured pill which confused him somewhat. He asked the man if that was all he needed to take and the man grinned and said to him "That's all that is required of you, my friend." before nodding to him. Danny became slightly apprehensive but being as desperate as he was to have a better quality of life, he took a deep breath and swallowed the pill. Nothing happened to Danny initially and he wondered how soon he would notice a change in his thoughts and feelings but just before he could ask the man what the next step was, his heart began to beat quickly and his body began to shake. Collapsing to the floor and continuing to convulse, he tried to scream for help but found he couldn't. The man didn't seem to react to what was happening and simply stood and stared coldly while Danny's vision began to blur until he eventually passed out.

Sometime later, he briefly awoke in the back of an ambulance to a paramedic using defibrillators on him. Danny felt a surge of energy rush through his entire body that was followed by sudden numbness, before passing out once more. He regained consciousness in the hospital a day later both scared and confused about the ordeal he just experienced. The doctor explained that Danny appeared to suffer from a form of tachycardia while going for a walk, but that he seemed perfectly fine now. They suggested that he stay for further observation and tests but Danny still being in a daze, refused and promptly called a taxi to return home. After getting back to his apartment in Hamilton, he began to sit and wonder if he should contact the police about his horrific experience. While thinking however, he became distracted as he noticed an odd change with himself.

The general aches he felt in his body from work were gone and his muscles appeared more defined than before. Wanting to clear his head, he decided to go for a walk to the store several blocks away to pick up a few things. Incredibly, he was able to get to his destination far quicker than usual as he was somehow able to move inhumanly fast. Danny was puzzled by this discovery so he decided to go back home to collect his thoughts, and once again managed to accomplish this by moving faster than normal. His mind began racing as he sat in his apartment thinking over everything that happened to him over the last few days. After several minutes pondering everything that had occurred, he concluded that by some twist of fate, the drug he took which was supposed to improve him psychologically instead managed to improve him physically to the point where he could move at incredible speeds. Now for the first time in a long while, Danny Chase was both happy and excited about the future.

At this moment however, what he wanted was answers about the circumstances surrounding this miraculous transformation. Searching online, he couldn't locate any trace of the mysterious ad he answered just one day prior. Not wanting to give up, he travelled back to the place where he met the strange man and received the golden pill to get an explanation about his current situation. But to his shock, Danny found that the building was completely empty and there didn't seem to be any evidence of someone setting up a lab there. Returning home in a state of bewilderment once more, he pondered what his next move should be if he couldn't get the answers he wanted from the person that did this to him. It didn't take long for him to decide that since he was now given these abilities, regardless of how or why, he should use them to try and do some good for society like his personal hero Thundrax. He smiled and realized that now he could finally make a positive difference in the world, find a meaningful purpose for himself, and stop "running in circles" like he's been doing for the majority of his life. It was time to start moving forward.

For the next few weeks, Danny began to practice his abilities in his spare time. He learned how to properly use his tremendous speed and agility both offensively and defensively, and constantly pushed himself to move even faster so he could be as successful in his goal as possible. He also found that his physique changed over time to where the once out of shape young man, was now toned like an athlete. After three weeks of constant training, Danny decided that he was ready to use his talents to fight crime and help people. Throwing together a makeshift outfit from what he had lying around in order to hide his identity, he stopped his first crime in the form of an armed robbery at a convenience store on June 2nd, 2019. There was now a new hero on the streets. Danny would continue doing what he was able to do in the city and two weeks after going into the field, he created a new more "heroic" suit from materials he ordered online and took the pseudonym Gold Rush. Now the goal for him was taking shape even more.

As Gold Rush, he tried to use his abilities to help as many people as possible. This put him in conflict with thieves, dealers, gangs, and even killers and while he was afraid of being in the cross hairs of criminals, the satisfaction of doing good by helping those that needed it along with the excitement of stopping these crimes allowed him to keep going on and eventually get better at what he did. He continued doing various deeds and services to make society that much safer for two months, until he began to feel like he could be doing more to help out. Seeing that the crimes committed in Hamilton were ones that law enforcement could deal with on their own, he made the big decision to relocate to Millennium City, Michigan where the crimes were more serious and the criminals more intimidating. Danny made all the necessary preparations to move to the United States as well as considering that it was a worthwhile decision to make overall and on August 1st, 2019, he was now a resident of Millennium City.

Feeling like a little fish in a big pond, M.C. proved to be a major change for Danny. There was a greater number of heroes that resided there compared to Hamilton, and many of them were far more experienced or more powerful than him. This was a somewhat daunting experience, since he started to feel like he could never measure up to the likes of his idol Thundrax, The Champions or the abundance of other crime fighters that called Millennium City their home. Another intimidating aspect of this move was that the enemies were far more dangerous than what he initially expected. While he was only used to facing common criminals back home, he now had to deal with the likes of super villains, robots, aliens and even demons, which he was of course ill-prepared to handle at that time. All of these factors caused immense apprehension in Danny, and he considered returning to Hamilton where he had more confidence in his own abilities. But he has earnestly tried to overcome these fears and doubts and even though they still remain on his mind, Gold Rush isn't going to run away from this.


GR Running Silhouette.png

Danny Chase
Typically shy and withdrawn, Danny has only recently started to come out of his shell. For most of his life he never had any friends but seemingly ever since he acquired his abilities, he has received a boost in courage and poise that has allowed him to find like-minded allies as well as make friends. Danny's main drive in life as a masked hero is to try and aid as many as he can, and he has demonstrated a willingness to make personal sacrifices to achieve that goal in the past. This drive has been with him since he was young, but he's always found it challenging to carry out that desire due to his repetitive thoughts and feelings of despair. With his new abilities, he finally sees himself as being capable enough to help people in ways he never could have imagined.

Throughout his life however, he has also dealt with depression that has caused many difficulties day-to-day including a severe lack of confidence in what he can do. While he has been described as friendly, caring, and even charming by some, he struggles to see any positives in himself as his prevailing doubts and insecurities prevent him from being able to appreciate who he is and what he does. His depression seems to be constant, but fluctuates to different degrees. Some days he is able to socialize and joke around with people while having no visible signs of unease, while other days he finds it a challenge to leave his home and his demeanour makes him seem joyless and hopeless.

But one of Danny's greatest strengths he's exhibited, is his desire to never completely give up on himself. He has on many occasions been a positive voice to his friends and even complete strangers, and has shown a great optimism at times that's in sharp contrast to his generally perceived pessimism. It may be that positivity along with his desire to assist others, that makes him liked by his friends and allies. The knowledge that there are those who are tremendously thankful to him for the good deeds he tries to accomplish provide more motivation to continue on, even though his cynicism does get the best of him at times. Although Danny doesn't really see himself as a "true hero", he has no doubt demonstrated an ambition and even a devotion to try and help out as many as he can, as often as he can.


GR Running Silhouette.png

The Amber Arrow

Speedster Physiology - As a result of the experimental drug he took, Danny's entire body was physically altered. His stamina has been increased to the point where he can stay active and alert for almost twenty hours straight and depending on how much he exerts himself, can use his abilities for around several hours before needing to rest. He possesses highly durable bones and tendons that act as shock absorbers while he runs, now has the upper body strength to lift over twice his own body weight (about 400 lbs) while his leg muscles are strong enough to allow him to leg press approximately 800 pounds and enable him to leap greater heights than a typical human can. His basal metabolic rate (BMR) is at least ten times faster than that of a normal human being, which means his body requires a higher calorie intake than the average person. Because of his accelerated metabolism, he has nigh-immunity to the effects of alcohol as well as various drugs and toxins as they normally burn too quickly in his body to have any effect. Excessively large doses of certain drugs and toxins can still potentially affect him however, but he will usually be able to recover from those effects quite rapidly.
Gold Rush is able to heal at an astounding rate, with injuries usually healing fully anywhere from a few hours to a few days (or less) depending on the severity. His body is also largely immune to the effects of dizziness and vertigo, and he is more agile with a greater sense of balance. Danny's brain can process information at a greater than average speed, allowing him to perceive the world differently. His rapid thought process also gives him some resistance to telepaths, as they may find it difficult to "read" his mind. His reflexes are also far superior than that of a professional athlete due to his quick reaction time.
There seems to be a protective field of sorts (possibly made of kinetic energy) that he generates when he moves at tremendous speeds. This greatly reduces most physical trauma he may endure from friction, and hitting as well as charging into a strong physical object or being. It is also able to surround anything he makes close physical contact with which protects items and people he may hold onto, thus keeping them safe and unharmed as they travel at a high velocity. This same field may also be what reduces the amount of damage that could be done to the environment around him such as preventing a sonic boom whenever he breaks the sound barrier. It should be noted however that this protective field is only generated while moving superhumanly fast, generally while he runs but also when he vibrates his arm to deliver a powerful punch.

Gold Rush Using His Incredible Speed

Superhuman Speed - Gold Rush is capable of running at incredible speeds, far exceeding that of the fastest human sprinter. The average speed he generally applies when patrolling an area is typically around 120-180 mph but with maximum effort, he is now capable of running at a little over Mach 6.5 (approximately 4990 mph) or six and a half times the speed of sound. He is able to maintain supersonic speed for several minutes before needing to rest and replenish his energy. His tremendous speed allows him to run on water, move quickly enough that he can barely be seen by the naked eye, and even dodge or catch bullets out of the air. While running at high speeds, Danny is still able to easily maneuver around without causing any complications due to his remarkable reaction time. Therefore, he's able to turn on a dime without having to reduce his speed as well as stop suddenly if he needs to. Using his speed, he is able to also create hyperkinetic vibrations that can shatter tempered glass and even weaken the structural integrity of various objects made of different materials. He can also throw projectiles at extremely high speeds, which can be capable of causing harm to those with enhanced durability.
Gold is able to throw a barrage of punches in rapid succession and by building enough momentum, he is able to hit with devastating strength which is potentially able to injure beings far stronger than himself. Put simply, the more momentum he builds, the more forceful his hits. A similar effect has been demonstrated by him while standing still, as he is able to build enough kinetic energy to strike with immense force. It's possible that over time his maximum running speed will increase further beyond Mach 6.5, as his initial top speed right after gaining his abilities was only around Mach 0.09 or roughly 70 mph.

Gold Rush In Battle
Improvised Brawler - By using his quick reflexes, Gold Rush has become a capable fighter and is able to hold his own against highly skilled opponents. While by no means an expert, his superior speed and reflexes give him an advantage over most enemies by allowing him to react quickly to their attacks. Also thanks to his strong leg muscles, he is able to deliver powerful kicks which makes him even more of an effective combatant against hardier foes. It should also be noted that since he learned to fight mainly by playing video games, his technique is fairly rough.

Capable Scout - As Danny is able to move at superhuman speeds that can be fast enough to avoid detection as well as cover much ground quickly, he typically tries to scout ahead depending on the circumstance. On those occasions he works with others, he is often employed to do this before the rest of the group moves in. This has however been met with some anxiety by him from time to time, as it means that those he is assisting may be dependant on his thorough and accurate reconnaissance or risk failure with the task at hand.

Amateur Tinkerer - Danny has shown minimal skill and knowledge in tinkering with certain electronic devices ranging from basic remote controls, to arcade cabinets. Although lacking any formal training, he does enjoy reading about simple electronics and will dismantle then try to repair them as something of a hobby. His skills in repairing and reconstructing gadgets varies on the complexity of the mechanism but if given adequate instruction, he is potentially able to handle slightly more complicated apparatuses.

Diplomatic - While he is certainly capable of holding his own in a fight, he often tries to avoid this when feasible and prefers to be tactful instead. This has sometimes been shown both when in the field, and in his everyday life with mixed results. He has also demonstrated an ability to calm a tense occurrence between others and prevent it from escalating into violence.


GR Running Silhouette.png

Danny's Depression

Major depressive disorder - Danny suffers from lifelong clinical depression which can cause him to question and even outright lose his motivation for doing everything from fighting crime, to just getting out of bed in the morning. While perhaps not as severe as it was earlier on in his life, it still prevents him from making decisions as well as causing him to doubt his own abilities. Certain occurrences even if relatively minor, tend to have more of a lasting effect on him. This has been shown to alter his mood greatly, which in turn can cause him to shut down emotionally. One of the more common ways his depression manifests is in his lack of confidence with what he is able to achieve. A prime example of this is how he doesn't believe he is capable of taking on tougher opponents, such as the unrelenting supervillains that appear from time to time, and instead prefers to handle smaller scale criminals, typically leaving the "big fish" to the more capable and seasoned heroes if he can. This of course does in no way mean he will ignore an obvious threat, especially one that can potentially generate citywide damage, but it does cause apprehension in him and makes him hesitant to enter a situation out of fear he could somehow make it worse.

Hyper-metabolism - Like many individuals with superhuman speed, Gold Rush has an accelerated metabolism. He requires roughly ten times more calories per day than a typical human in order to remain at optimal fitness, otherwise his body may begin to feel ill effects including lightheadedness and fainting which can lead to more severe effects on his physical health. It is important to note however that he seems to gain more energy than normal from the calories he intakes and is able to store that energy for varying amounts of time. This means that he doesn't need to constantly replenish his energy every single time he uses his abilities, including for short bursts. Exerting himself, such as when he breaks the sound barrier and does so for more than a few seconds, uses up far more energy than if he moves at his usual patrolling speed, which he can do so comfortably for hours. This does put him at risk of succumbing to exhaustion if he faces more powerful and durable foes that force him to move faster than he typically would for an extended period of time, rather than when he deals with simple criminals with no enhanced physiology.

Human Being - While possessing a unique physiology that does make him more durable than the average person, Danny is still a human being that is vulnerable to many of the various methods of injury that typical humans can succumb to. Also while running superhumanly fast does generate some protection from certain forms of harm, this does not apply when he is stationary.

Impulsivity - Gold Rush has demonstrated at times that he can make impulsive decisions to the point where he will run head first into a situation without a fully formed plan. Generally this is due to him believing that the longer he waits, the more likely problems will escalate rather than simply being impatient.


GR Running Silhouette.png


GR Protectors Suit.png
Protectors Suit - The newest hero suit given to Danny after joining the Protectors of the World. This advanced spandex-like outfit is made of a highly durable material which doesn't restrict Gold's movements. It was created by fellow Protector Peacemaker, and designed by Danny himself.

PRIMUS Database GR Tactical Suit.png
Tactical Suit - A new alternate suit used by Danny to keep a low profile on special missions that require stealth. This tactical outfit is made from a sturdy material that can withstand high amounts of friction while allowing Danny to move unrestricted as well as providing some level of protection from harm. It features a dark grey and black colour scheme with gold accents and has a visor and mask to hide his identity. Made by UNTIL to allow Gold Rush to go on covert missions without the fear of attracting attention as a hero.

PRIMUS Database GR Scuba Gear.png
Scuba Gear - Used by Gold Rush for any situations that may take place underwater, the scuba gear includes an oxygen tank, re-breather, and a gold and grey wetsuit which includes a mask that covers his hair. It offers some protection from harm, but is not nearly as durable as his main suit. After temporarily losing his powers and acquiring the newer tech suit, he stopped using the scuba gear for a time because of the tech suit's underwater breathing capabilities. He has started using it again mainly due to it being much simpler to manage. Like the tactical suit, the scuba gear was given to him by UNTIL to allow Danny to participate with underwater tasks.

Gold Rush's PCD.png
Gold Rush's Protectors Communication Device (PCD) - A more advanced and custom made PCD that Gold was given when he became a full member of the Protectors of the World. It is an even sleeker earpiece than his previous version, and features a gold a black colour scheme which compliments the hero's attire. It contains the same functions as the first PCD he received, but also includes additional features as well. Danny uses this when he is not wearing his high-tech goggles to stay in contact with his team.

Gold Rush's High-Tech Goggles Mark 2.png
High-Tech Goggles Mark 2 - A new and improved pair of advanced, nigh indestructible goggles that Danny wears when operating as the hero Gold Rush. They contain the same features as the previous pair of high-tech goggles, but they are far sleeker and more aerodynamic. They were created by the Peacemaker.


PRIMUS Gold Rush Tech Suit.png
Tech Suit - Danny temporarily used an advanced tech suit during the time he lost his powers. The tech suit increased his speed to superhuman levels, and enhanced his strength to the point where he could lift a car. It featured a retractable re-breather that allowed him to breathe underwater, and the suit itself was durable enough to withstand the pressures of deep sea diving. It was also far more durable than his typical suit, as it was made from stronger materials. The tech suit however has limitations, including the fact that it could not mimic his naturally enhanced stamina or quick mental thought process. Also while increasing his speed to superhuman levels, it did not seem to allow him to move as fast as he could typically. It was designed and built by his friend Enforcer to allow Danny to continue helping others, and is currently in storage since Gold has gone back to using the scuba gear.

PRIMUS Gold Rush Vigilante Outfit.png
Vigilante Outfit - The first outfit Danny wore when he decided to use his abilities to fight crime. It was made from basic clothing that he had available including a black hoodie jacket with yellow accents, a yellow t-shirt, finger-less gloves, sunglasses, and a scarf to cover his face. The outfit was made entirely to conceal his identity and offered no additional protection. It was only used for a few weeks until he acquired the first "official" Gold Rush suit and is currently in storage.

PRIMUS Gold Rush 1.0.png
Gold Rush Suit 1.0 - The first official Gold Rush suit, it was made from items and materials Danny purchased online. Version 1.0 contained basic padding to help decrease the damage inflicted on Danny, but otherwise offered little protection. It featured goggles that Gold Rush would typically wear on his head unless needed. It was made and designed by Danny and is currently in storage.

PRIMUS Gold Rush 2.0.png
Gold Rush Suit 2.0 - The second Gold Rush suit Danny wore, it was made from durable materials that provided protection from knives and bullets. It had new reinforced boots that were made to withstand constant motion and provided extra support for Danny while he runs. It also featured new goggles that Gold Rush would always wear over his eyes that provided additional protection. While far stronger than the previous suit, it was heavier which made it more difficult for Danny to achieve his maximum speed. It was made and designed by the hero Pressure and has been dismantled for materials.

PRIMUS Gold Rush 3.0.png
Gold Rush Suit 3.0 - The third suit Danny wore when in the guise of Gold Rush, it was identical in function to the previous suit but featured more gold colouring and less armour. It was made by Pressure with input from Danny and has been dismantled for materials.

Protectors Communication Device (PCD).png
Basic Protectors Communication Device (PCD) - An easily concealed earpiece which acts as a method of communicating with other members of the Protectors of the World, that can also be set to separate frequencies to allow communication with different parties as well. This advanced and sophisticated piece of equipment reads surface-level vitals and aural data to determine whether Gold Rush is specifically trying to speak to other Protectors or not. It was first given to him when he became a reserve member of the team, but he has since upgraded to using his high-tech goggles and a custom PCD after becoming a charter member.

PRIMUS Database GR Main Suit.png
Gold Rush Suit 4.0 - The standard protective suit Danny formerly wore as Gold Rush. This fourth version like its predecessors is gold and grey in colour, but is made from an enhanced fire-resistant Nomex and triple-weave Kevlar-lined material that is lightweight and doesn't restrict movement. The suit is durable enough to endure damage from physical impact, blades, and even bullets depending on the range and angle as well as being able to withstand temperatures up to 370°C. In order to stand up to Gold's constant running, his boots are made from a combination of a modified Polyurethane-like material and are plated with a light aluminum-steel alloy to maximize durability without sacrificing mobility. The boots feature custom shock-absorbing gel infused memory foam insoles for comfort. The suit also includes a belt mostly made of the same durable materials as the boots, but it is primarily featured for aesthetic purposes. Although the suit greatly reduces the damage inflicted on him, he is still capable of sustaining moderate to severe injuries if he is not careful. The materials were provided by a fellow hero and it was designed by Danny. It has since been damaged after Gold Rush's encounter with the savage speedster Breakneck.

PRIMUS Database GR Pheasant Suit.png
Pheasant Suit - A newer special nano-fiber suit. It is more lightweight than the 4.0 suit, allowing Gold Rush to reach his maximum speed quickly and without restricting his movement. However while it is still durable, it is not as strong as the 4.0 suit forcing him to choose speed over protection. It was designed by Danny's friend and mentor Blue Pheasant to be used as a back-up to his primary suit. This suit has since been damaged by a trio of supervillains that Gold Rush attempted to stop from robbing a bank.

Gold Rush's High-Tech Goggles.png
High-Tech Goggles - A newer pair of goggles Gold Rush uses in his heroic exploits. While appearing identical to his older pair, this version is made with cutting edge technology and includes an HD integrated HUD, data uplink and features alternate vision modes including a zoom function, infrared, and night vision to increase its versatility. Being made of a durable carbon-threaded silicate, they are also nigh indestructible and offer greater protection to the hero's eyes. The headband contains more refined vital sensors and precision piezo acoustic technology which acts as a means of communication to his teammates in the field. They were designed by the intellectually gifted inventor and team member Peacemaker after Danny became a charter member of the Protectors of the World, but have since been placed in storage along with the 4.0 Suit.

GR New Suit.png
East Briar Suit - A recent Gold Rush suit acquired by Danny after joining the Protectors of the World, it was made using spare materials including carbon fiber twill and Kevlar found in the workshop of East Briar Institute. Created by fellow Protector Sinsonte Azul with input by Danny.


GR Running Silhouette.png


Since moving to Millennium City, Danny has met many friends and allies. Some of them include:

  • Thundrax - The legendary Canadian hero has interacted with Danny on more than one occasion. It is unknown if Thundrax is aware of Danny's double life as Gold Rush, as they have only conversed while Danny was in his civilian persona.
  • Blue Pheasant - An experienced and mysterious hero that has become a friend and mentor-like figure to Gold not long after they met. Blue Pheasant has provided Danny with some training, advice and equipment that has helped him become a better hero.
  • Atomac - A hero who is able to alter his size and density, Gold Rush and Atomac have become fast friends after encountering each other at Carl's Gym. Already having respect for Atomac as a hero prior to meeting, Danny has now come to appreciate him as a person as well.
  • Joan - A dragon-human hybrid that is as funny and caring as she is tough and strong. Never one to give up or cower from those that wish to cause others harm, Gold knows that you are in good hands when she is fighting beside you.
  • Linden - Gold Rush met the clone hero Linden during his first year in Millennium City, and has had the opportunity to get to know her better over time. While he feels she may be a bit chatty and crude in the field, he still sees her as being friendly and also capable in the face of adversity.
  • The Peacemaker - Only meeting this power armoured genius by sheer happenstance after investigating a wrecked vehicle, Gold Rush was invited to join the esteemed Protectors of the World by the Peacemaker after helping him to rescue a kidnapped teammate.


It was inevitable that trying to fight crime would cause Gold Rush to make enemies. Among the worst of them include:

Carter Slade
GR Enemy Carter Slade.png
Real Name: J.J. Sullivan

The clever and brutal leader of the Outlawz street gang, Slade was the first personal enemy of Gold Rush. Being a normal human, many (including Gold himself) underestimate him and what he is capable of. His tenacity combined with his gang's use of military-grade weapons, makes him a deadly foe.
[Currently Incarcerated]

GR Enemy Bone-Chiller.png
Real Name: Billy

A mentally unstable and disfigured cryokinetic criminal. Not much is known about him, other than his motivation seems to be revenge for his feelings of rejection by humanity.
[Currently Incarcerated]

GR Enemy Varanus.png
Real Name: Clarence O'Neil

Was a simple security guard, until he was experimented on and became a powerful humanoid lizard. His mind now warped, Varanus wants to make "lizard-people" the dominant lifeform on Earth.
[Currently Incarcerated]

GR Enemy Techla.png
Real Name: Roberta Maria Calver

The self proclaimed "super genius super villain", Techla looks down on others she sees as having an inferior intellect. Although human, she uses technology of her own design to commit her crimes.
[Currently Incarcerated]

GR Enemy Freakshow2.png
Real Name: Unknown

One of the more ghoulish enemies Gold Rush has faced, the savage cannibalistic woman known only as Freakshow has deadly motives that are seemingly just as mysterious as her past.
[Currently Incarcerated]

GR Enemy Artillery.png
Real Name: James Leonard Owens

An ex-marine and ex-con proficient with firearms, James decided to become a gun for hire called Artillery after being dishonourably discharged from the Marine Corps. He has since formed a group of deadly mercenaries to assist him.
[Currently Incarcerated]

Claudia Blood
GR Enemy Claudia Blood.png
Real Name: Claudia Cruor

A powerful and ancient vampire that harnesses dark magic, Claudia Cruor or Claudia Blood as she is often called wants nothing more than to conquer humanity. She has remained silent for centuries before deciding it was finally time to rule over humans with an iron fist.
[Currently Incarcerated]

Circuit Board
GR Enemy Circuit Board.png
Real Name: Richard "Dickie" Chow

A common criminal with an inferiority complex, Dickie Chow stumbled upon a missed shipment crate from VIPER containing the prototype S.H.O.C.K. suit. Now with power at his fingertips, he decided to use the suit to further his criminal activities as the villain Circuit Board.
[Currently Incarcerated]

GR Enemy Breakneck.png
Real Name: Matthias "Matt" Domanski

A sadistic speedster that has only recently faced Gold Rush after a violent robbery attempt. Danny evidently made quite the impression after their first encounter and is now on the top of Breakneck's ever growing list of people he wants to suffer. With abilities similar to his, Breakneck may prove to be the deadliest of Gold Rush's foes so far.
[Currently Incarcerated]

GR Enemy Mokele-Mbembe.png
Real Name: Parfait Bengana

Cunning, ruthless and an expert hunter from the Congo who uses both science and magic to augment his physical prowess in order to hunt more dangerous game, he takes the name of the legendary creature that supposedly lives near the Congo Basin. He has now decided to come to Millennium City in order to hunt what he considers the greatest challenge on Earth, the superhuman.
[Currently Incarcerated]


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Gold Rush tries to stay out of the spotlight as much as he can, and as a result he is not well known to the public. Also having only been operating as a hero since early June 2019, he has yet to truly make a name for himself anyway. He only wants to do good in the world in whatever time he has, and fame isn't really on his list of priorities. His general shyness further plays a role in his avoidance of being in the public eye as well as his fear of being scrutinized by the populace. This usually leads to him making a hasty exit at the scene of an incident that required his assistance as soon as the danger is removed, everyone is safe, and help has arrived. Of course this doesn't mean he will immediately leave after helping out, but he does tend to get anxious the longer he has to remain at the location where large groups of people, especially the press, may gather. In any case due to his low self-esteem, Danny finds it difficult to accept compliments and praise. This means that even if the the response from the public was mainly positive, he would simply feel like their admiration is misplaced and that he was undeserving of it. That being said, the handful of individuals that do know of his heroic exploits seem to think of him as a decent person who is genuinely trying to help as many as possible.


"This is gonna make me sound old, but working with Gold Rush really takes me back to the days when I was still new to the scene and figuring out stuff with my own powers. There's still that sense of optimism and desire to do something good with what he has. If he can work on his confidence and get beyond selling himself short, I think he'll go very far. Future teammates?" - Atomac

"...But he will always be Respectable Hair Man, to me." - Linden

"He's the most human out of all of us, both literally and figuratively. Just wish he'd give himself more credit for, y'know, saving the world" - Joan


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Nice Guy - Even while dealing with personal struggles like depression on the average day, Danny is still generally seen as being very kind and polite to others. He typically uses terms like "sir" or "ma'am" when addressing new people, regardless of age or social standing. Many, including himself, joke that he is just being a typical Canadian who is overly polite to people.

Thou Shalt Not Kill - As the hero Gold Rush, Danny has a strict no kill rule that he adheres to. Exceptions are only made when "killing" the undead and artificial beings/constructs that may be considered alive by some. While it has been brought to his attention that he may have to kill at some point when the fate of many rests upon it, he generally dismisses it and believes there is always another way besides killing.

Willfully Weak - Due to his abilities which let him move far faster than any regular human, Gold Rush is also able to create serious damage to certain objects and people if he isn't careful. Punching a normal person at Mach 2 would prove fatal to them for example, which means that Danny has to be constantly aware of how fast and hard he hits someone or he risks seriously harming or killing them.

Good Is Not Dumb - Being the typical hero that doesn't kill and wants to save as many innocent people as possible, Gold Rush often gets underestimated by his enemies who think he will be a pushover. While it's true that he won't go so far as to kill someone, he has been demonstrated on occasion to injure opponents enough to stop them from carrying out their evil intentions upon others. This includes dislocation of a knee in his battle with a villainous speedster.

Apologizes A Lot - Perhaps as a result of his good manners or his low self-esteem, Danny does often find himself genuinely apologizing a fair amount for his words and actions. This can occur even if it's for something relatively minor that most people wouldn't care to apologize for and has lead him to even apologize for apologizing at times, much to the annoyance of others.

Small Steps Hero - Moral dilemmas often arise when trying to help others, and Gold Rush is well-aware of this fact. Danny personally chooses to do what he feels is right today, even if that could mean something bad occurs tomorrow. He is willing to save one person from being killed by a car, regardless of the fact that that person is a serial killer. He does still wrestle with these types of decisions, though he truly feels it's right.

Working-Class Hero - Not all heroes are born with trust funds or have endorsement deals giving them all the money they need to live. Danny is one such hero that works a regular nine-to-five job as a professional mover, and generally refuses to use his abilities or heroic persona to make money.

Heroism Won't Pay The Bills - Since Danny doesn't possess a vast amount of wealth as some other heroes have access to, he does occasionally struggle with working enough to support himself, while also finding enough time to put on a mask and help others because his heroic activities are strictly voluntary.

The Mentally Disturbed - For as long as he can remember, Danny has suffered from depression which affects his day-to-day life. This has interfered with his heroic duties at times, and is difficult to treat due to his hyper-metabolism which causes anti-depressants to be ineffective.

Heroic Self-Deprecation - Caused mainly by his depression and low self-esteem, Danny finds difficulty in realizing the good deeds he has accomplished. Even with feats ranging from stopping common criminals to defeating super villains, he seldom has a good word to say about what he's achieved.

Fragile Speedster - While his enhanced physiology does make him slightly stronger and more durable than the average person of a similar age, height and build, Gold Rush is far from being Thundrax in terms of raw physical toughness. The same can even apply for when he is moving at superhumanly fast speeds as someone who is strong or skilled enough may be able to destabilize him, depending on how fast he's moving at the time.

Secret Identity - Danny tries to separate his personal life with his heroic alter-ego, but this has varied. Initially after becoming Gold Rush, he wouldn't reveal his real name or face to anyone. However after moving to Millennium City and meeting other heroes, he became more open about it. This has shifted again in recent days as he's become more tight lipped about his personal life, and heroic persona.


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  • Although searching for him not long after gaining his abilities, Gold Rush to this day has never found the mysterious individual that gave him the drug and forever changed his life.
  • It's possible (though not known for sure) that it was a combination of the drug and the defibrillators that gave Gold his powers.
  • Was mentioned in a newspaper article back in Hamilton early in his career, referred to as "Yellow Blur".
  • One of the people Gold rescued during an attempted bank robbery was evidently quite the artist, and posted a rather detailed sketch of him online.
  • In 2019 while in Vibora Bay, Danny was badly beaten by a large group of the New Shadows gang but managed to escape. His face was bruised and his goggles were cracked as a result. He's developed a deep loathing for the vampiric gang ever since.
  • Doesn't like it when pompous immortal beings repeatedly complain about "mere mortals", especially when they are actively choosing to be around them.
  • Owns an old camcorder that he used for recording footage of his initial training just after gaining his abilities.
  • His earliest memory was around the age of two, where he remembers seeing Thundrax on the news during "The Battle of Thunder Bay".
  • Suffers from Somniphobia (fear of sleeping) out of concern that the enemies he's made will find and harm him in his sleep and because while he is asleep, he's just as slow as everyone else.
  • Kinetik is his favourite member of the Champions, but he claims it has nothing to do with them both being speedsters. He also has a Kinetik costume which he wore around Halloween 2019.
  • Seems to have anxiety when it comes to dealing with telepathy and magic in their various forms.
  • Even though he is Canadian, he does not like hockey.
  • Doesn't really like or allow photos of himself, although one blurry image was taken on a cellphone that may or may not be him.
  • Holds much admiration for the Canadian hero Thundrax. He even owns a costume.
  • Is admittedly a big fan of Prince.
  • Gold's first encounter with the savage speedster Breakneck left him badly injured and while the physical wounds healed quickly, the psychological ones still partly linger.
  • Danny eats a few Champs Mach 10 bars everyday in order to get the high amount of calories he requires due to his hyper-metabolism.
  • He lives in an inexpensive basement studio apartment in Westside. Since it acts as his only HQ, he jokingly refers to it as "The Goldmine".
  • During his second encounter with the villainous speedster Breakneck, the 4.0 suit was ripped over the chest area which Gold temporarily patched with duct tape.
  • Recently managed to accelerate slightly over Mach 6.5 (4990 mph)


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Miscellaneous Stories

Dystopian Future Stories


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  • Gold Rush is the spiritual successor to a previous speedster I created named Vector. The only main commonality between the two are their powers however.
  • The name "Gold Rush" is an obvious play on words.
  • The first Gold Rush suit is loosely based on Wally West's Kid Flash suit from Young Justice.
  • Also the tactical suit is based on the Darkwear stealth equipment worn in season three of Young Justice.
  • The main or version 4.0 suit shares some similarities to the costume worn by Booster Gold in DC comics, but this is not intentional.
  • I made it a point to not include any electricity or lightning to do with Gold Rush. This includes not generating electricity when he runs as well as no lightning bolt symbols.
  • Using "Chase" as a surname was done for two main reasons. It was the name of a childhood friend of mine, and it is a pun as giving chase to something typically involves running.
  • Certain elements of the character are lifted from my own life, including race, country of origin, and love of Prince.
  • While I may increase his top speed, I will not make it anywhere close to the speed of light akin to the Flash.
  • Was the third character created in Champions Online. The first was during a trial years ago, and the second was one done just to test out game play.
  • The speedster Gold Rush is closest to ability-wise would probably be Kid Flash (Wally West) specifically from Young Justice as he may not be as fast as certain other beings with super speed like the Flash, who is able to approach or surpass the speed of light.

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