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Player: @savagegreywolf
Homo homini lupus est
Biographical Data
Real Name: Sarah Jumping Deer
Known Aliases: The Wolfgirl, The Savage Sleuth
Gender: female
Species: Human (Lycanthrope)
Ethnicity: Native American (Crow)
Place of Birth: Billings, MT
Base of Operations: Millennium City, MI
Relatives: Mary Jumping Deer (Mother), Billy Jumping Deer (Brother), John Jumping Deer (Grandfather), Arianna D'Alessio (spouse)
Age: 30
Height: 164 cm (6 ft)
Weight: unknown
Eyes: one blue, one green
Hair: black/brown, red highlights
Complexion: fuzzy
Build: athletic
Other Features: frequently barefoot
Identity: Secret (unregistered metahuman)
Years Active: 2009-present
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Agent, Quicksilver Solutions
Known Associates: Razira, Wolfhound, Mutt, Circle of Justice
Marital Status: Married, 2013
Known Powers and Abilities
Controlled lycanthrope transformation, regeneration, heightened strength and speed, exceptional sense of hearing and smell
armor (ballistics armor with leather and chainmail reinforcement), enchanted necklace (exact purpose unknown), recurve bow and arrows with various combat-related functions

A superhero operating out of Millennium City, Wolfgirl is possibly one of the city's most prominent lycanthropes.


Raised on the outskirts of Billings, Montana, on the Crow Reservation, Sarah Jumping Deer was born into a family of natural lycanthropes. The werewolf blood has run in her family for generations, and a story passed down claims they were given this gift by Old Man, the deity who created the world, and charged with protecting the tribe. Sarah's mother was the heroine Moon Spirit, who used her lycanthropy and arcane arts to battle evil in the late 1980s. She was one of many lost in the fateful Battle of Detroit, or so it was presumed. Young Sarah and her baby brother were raised by their grandfather John, who taught them the way of the hunt, and eventually, how to maintain control over the beast within.

Sarah never intended to follow in her mother's footsteps. When she grew older she moved into Billings proper, enrolled in college, and began working at a local business. Her life was relatively quiet, save for the call of the full moon every month.


Early in August of 2009, Sarah's apartment was broken into in the middle of the night by armed mercenaries working for an Australian big game hunter named Oz Lexington, intent on capturing her alive for purposes unknown. Sarah managed to escape, dealing the hunter a nasty scar across his face in the process. Fleeing the city and intent on leading her pursuers far from her family, Sarah traveled on foot to Millennium City, mostly under cover of darkness, planning to disappear in the crowds. She finally reached her destination on August 18.

Two weeks later, the Qularr invaded.

In the ensuing panic and chaos, Sarah, troubled by the cries of terror and pain around her, began aiding the afflicted. As she was pulling some survivors from the rubble, a picture was snapped of her, which ended up on the front page of a national newspaper, which dubbed her 'the wolfgirl'. Frightened by her sudden exposure, Sarah determined to lay low for as long as she could. Which she did, until the end of October. As the Bloodmoon rose, she knew she could not stand by and do nothing. In her quest, she garnered the attention of the hero community. She has not ceased her efforts in the fight against evil since.

(More History to come!)

Reputation and Modus Operandi

Wolfgirl is viewed as upstanding among her peers in the superhero community, and she is feared by the criminal underworld. She operates under a pragmatic code against killing: she strives not to take the lives of those she fights, even when it may be simple or even legally justified, though she will and has if she feels it is absolutely necessary to protect someone's life, be that the lives of innocents, allies or her own.

In combat, she has used a mix of guerrilla tactics, speed, and brute force in order to achieve her goals. She has no compunctions about causing non-lethal permanent damage to criminals, especially violent ones, and she has at times been known to play this up in order to cause fear in her 'prey', threatening to sever limbs or scar them till they are unrecognizable; this sort of thing has usually turned out to be an idle threat, though criminals captured through her actions have on several occasions been taken to the hospital before they were placed under arrest.

She has often tried to avoid the public eye, not really being the type of 'hero' who makes public appearances. Citizens are aware of her, and she has on rare occasions spoken to the press: overall, however, she tends to try to stay away from publicity, a task she has not always succeeded at. The voice of the public has been mixed about her. Many view her as doing good in the community, though there have been some who think she is almost as dangerous as the criminals she hunts. The police have as well been mixed regarding her actions: Some welcome her aid, while others are begrudging or outright hostile to her. None of these have a charge they can bring against her that would not apply to a hundred other more accepted heroes, but a few officers have stated their belief that it is only a matter of time before she crosses the line.



Sarah is a werewolf, but she is no ordinary werewolf: she has inherited her gift from both her mother and her father, who carried a different strain of lycanthropy. The combination of these strains has made her one of the most powerful lycanthropes on the planet.


Wolfgirl's body can heal at a very rapid rate, making her very durable in combat. Bruises and minor lacerations fade within seconds, and she has shrugged off even gunshot wounds and other major trauma in a matter of minutes. It would take tremendous and extensive damage to cause lasting harm to her body.

Enhanced Strength

Wolfgirl's supernatural strength exceeds most other lycanthropes. Though it has not been formally tested, she has been witnessed lifting objects up to one ton in weight off the ground, and has even been witnessed destroying sheet metal with her claws.

Enhanced Speed and Endurance

Wolfgirl has the ability to run at speeds in excess of fifty miles an hour at full sprint. She has regularly been seen maintaining a high speed for an extended period of time. The exact limits of her endurance are unknown.

Heightened Senses

Wolfgirl's senses of hearing and smell are superhuman, and she has used these to great advantage in tracking her prey. Her eyesight, though not beyond ordinary human limits, is exceptional: 20/10, as tested in early 2011.



Wolfgirl is a competition-level archer, having been a hunter for most of her life. She can hit a moving target with great accuracy.

Controlled transformation

Wolfgirl has, through years of training, learned to maintain a great level of control over her lycanthropic transformation. By the time she was an adult she had learned to be able to maintain her human form through a full moon, and even to be able to transform under a new moon. It appears that this discipline has lent her some measure of defense against psychic assault and suggestion, though it is not absolute.



Wolfgirl has created a combat suit for highly dangerous situations. It consists of a ballistics vest over a leather suit reinforced with chainmail. This, coupled with her natural regenerative powers, serves to protect her in situations which would ordinarily be too hazardous for her to tackle on her own, while still being flexible enough to not restrict her full range of movement, giving her an extra edge in combat.

Enchanted Necklace

A necklace given to her by her mother when she was very young, Sarah wears this almost constantly. While no one knows this but her mother, this necklace has been enchanted to ward Sarah from danger. The few minor defensive spells Sarah seems to be able to cast are actually only a manipulation of the effect of this necklace.

Bow and Arrows

Wolfgirl has recently begun carrying a recurve bow into combat. In addition to broadhead and blunt tips, she also carries a variety of special function arrows, including some that release a smokescreen upon impact and one with an explosive tip.


As a lycanthrope, Sarah has several weaknesses, a few of which are relatively common knowledge.


Silver, in elemental or compound form, has an adverse effect upon Wolfgirl. If she remains in contact with it for a short amount of time she will begin to develop a rash, much like an allergic reaction. Extended contact will begin to develop welts, and if long enough, will eventually start to damage the tissue in a manner similar to a burn. If it enters her bloodstream it will begin to hinder her regeneration and weaken her. At higher concentrations it can lock her out of her lupine form. With a high enough dose, the toxicity of silver could be fatal.


A somewhat less well known weakness, wolfsbane is a plant that produces an extremely powerful poison known as nepaline in very large quantities. Any poison in high enough doses can adversely affect a lycanthrope, but nepaline seems to be toxic enough to completely overpower werewolf regeneration with a relatively small dose. It can also be used to slow a lycanthrope's metabolism to the point that other agents, such as mind-altering chemicals, can be successfully administered. Nepaline is very poisonous to ordinary humans as well, potentially leading to death in a matter of hours.

Monkshood, a plant related to wolfsbane, also produces nepaline, but in much lower quantities.

Moon Phase

As a lycanthrope, Wolfgirl is affected by the phases of the moon. Her powers grow stronger as the moon grows full and wane as the new moon approaches. Some werewolves cannot shift out of their human form at all during a new moon, though Sarah has through years of training learned to control her form no matter the phase of the moon. However, the strength of her powers still rises and falls with the phases of the moon, leaving her at her weakest during the new moon.

Opinions: You Have Em, Now Post Em

Despite having what some might consider to be a fearsome appearance, Sarah is kindhearted, dependable, and the best kind of friend that a person can ask for. - Razira

Wolfgirl? What about 'er?... ooh! Right! Eh, I suppose she's alright. I mean she's competent and she's fun to hang out with but she get's all emo all the time. Greh... in fact, tell her to give me a call when she's got a whole family of .44's lodged in her leg... eh, actually come to think of it she's kind of a poseur. I know she's been through a lot but chicky there needs to Butch the hell up a bit. Wait, what do you mean "can I quote you on that?" Are you recording this? GIMME THAT TAPE RECORDER! I! SAID! GIM- *Brief Sounds of struggle before the recording cuts off* - Wolfhound

“Kind, dependable, loyal... Wolfgirl. What else do I really gotta say? It's really kinda funny that the only one in the pack whose always been an animal is probably one of the most human of us. While the rest of us are off snarlin' and howlin' and clawin' peoples faces off, she's the one we can look to on how a werewolf CAN be. Havin' that kinda stability around is comfortin', y'know? She can be a little too serious at times, but I'm sure as hell not gonna hold that against her. You know she's only like that because she cares. All in all, she's a good friend, and a good person to have at your side.” - Mutt

"I might have been more impressed if I didn't have the pleasure of my first impression of her being her fearsomely growling, snarling, clawing and lunging at thin air while hallucinating. As far as I'm concerned I'm still at only 99 problems." - The Doctor

"Sarah's been fighting the good fight longer than I have, and I don't see her slowing down at all. She takes impossible odds and transforms them into victories, and she's just as compassionate as she is unstoppable." - The Peacemaker