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PRIMUS History

Early in the 1960's American Security was compromised on three separate occasions: Doctor Destroyer's first attempt at world mastery, The Mastermind's attempt to hijack the '64 national Elections, and Dark Aura's subversion of the SAC in a ploy to plunge the world into WWIII. On each occasion, American Law enforcement and security officials were force to stand by and bide their time, unable to go up against the awesome strength of the villains. Each time the threat was averted by the prompt intervention of one or more superheroes. Acting independently or functioning as a group. However, a National Security study of the three incidents pointed out that each time the battle was close and the villain nearly won. the study also concluded that the response of independent, volunteer heroes in times of national crisis could not, and should not be counted upon by the Federal government. The study determined that the government must prepare its own action forces,capable of dealing with such menaces as they arise. The study concluded with two major recommendations. First that a number of official, government recruited and controlled superhero groups be set up, to ensure that an adequate number of heroes are on hand when required. Second, that an Elite security Strike Force be set up for the express purpose of dealing with super-powered threats.
At the same time, another push was on by the nations mayors and governors, who were calling for Federal assistance in dealing with the ever increasing instances of superhuman criminals running amok in the Nation's largest cities. Time and time again, local police would watch helplessly as supervillains looted and destroyed at will. Only the all too-infrequent appearance of superheroes could put a stop to the villains rampages.

In 1964, the Johnson administration moved to answer the problem of super-powered manaces on both the national and local level with the creation of PRIMUS, the
"Primary Response and Interdiction Military Unified Service."
manned by elite troops and equipped with the best and newest weapons had to offer, the small-scale task forces would be stationed in the country's largest population areas to deal with the threat of super-powered criminals. The organization got off to a bad start. Recruitment proved almost impossible; the rapid expansion of the Armed Forces involvement in Vietnam required every qualified individual - the elite soldiers, so necessary to the concept of PRIMUS, were exactly the resources the American military needed most and fought hardest to retain for the war. Additionally, with the startup of anti-war movements, objections were raised again about emplacing federal troops near cities. So for years PRIMUS existed only on paper. Several operations were carried out under a PRIMUS-designated command, but in every case regular troops had to be used. Finally, with the winding down of the war in the early seventies, large numbers of highly-trained military personnel were available for re-assignment and deployment. Recruitment and formation of PRIMUS strike groups at last became possible. To circumvent the protest against the organization, it was decided to turn PRIMUS into a civilian agency under the jurisdiction of the Justice department and the acronym took on a new meaning; the
"Paranormal Research and Investigation Mission of the United States."
All PRIMUS personnel would serve on detached duty, save only for the organization's commander; agents would be deputized as federal marshals and in theory answer to the Attonrey General. It is important to note that the PRIMUS commanding General, General Hawkins, reports directly to the Joints Chief of Staff, and that PRIMUS agaents can be recalled to active duty and returned to their parent service at any time.

A national organization with many similar goals to the worldwide UNTIL, PRIMUS uses Cyberline-enhanced operatives codenamed Silver Avengers.

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The Agencies HQ, PRIMUS Main, is in Washington DC. Both the PRIMUS Commander General Hawkins, and his Chief of Field Operations; The Golden Avenger, have their headquarters there. Other Task forces are stationed in Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago,New York, Miami, New Orleans, and Denver. The PRIMUS training Academy, along with the main research labs, vaults and holding facilities are in Virginia, near Norfolk.

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