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Player: Pariba
Happy Clone is Happy!
Biographical Data
Real Name: Snookums Brutality
Known Aliases: "Linden Snook" "1A" "A-111A"

"Toaster-Wife" "Greta Linden"

Gender: Female
Species: Augmented Human
Ethnicity: Hybrid-Clone
Place of Birth: Cloning Facility
Base of Operations: World-wide
Relatives: Super Villain Father, Linden,

843 Snookii Clones

Age: 5 months old
Height: 8 feet
Weight: 420 lbs
Eyes: Olive Green
Hair: Chestnut Brown
Complexion: Caramel
Physical Build: Amazonian
Physical Features: Tribal-influenced Tattoos
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public but limited
Years Active: Less then one
Citizenship: -
Occupation: Stalker
Education: Programmed in vitro, East Briar Institute
Marital Status: In Love
Known Powers and Abilities
Super Strength, Limited Flight, Minor Regeneration, Tiny Psionic
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Nanotech augmentations: laced bones, drug stim, body armour, stealth capable, reactive to environment. Large Questiontite axe. Guns. Hand-to-hand.
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBoxSlim created by @Maekada


My name is Snookums. I am a hybrid-clone of a super-villain built to be his equal in every way. I am also a failed experiment: I was created to live for one day. Twenty four hours of blood, terror and glorious battle. I still live. I do not know if this failsafe was accidentally neglected at the cloning facility or deliberately disabled from orders higher up. I have since discovered that everyone involved in my creation was killed. Because of this flaw, my Maker, the man I was designed to please, has come to despise me.

My Maker has undergone many years of DNA refinement, advanced healing, physical and mental training, and has an incredible array of built-in weaponry. I have basic augmentation and use external weapons for my defense. I have an axe I’m particularly fond of. His innate rage fuels his immense strength. I have one-fourth his power and resiliency. He stands twelve feet tall whereas I am a humble eight. Dna isn’t everything.

None the less I am more then a mindless death dealing machine. I am capable of independent action: I am my own woman. I have an additional recombinant strain of donor-dna to aid in the conversion of his XY chromosomes into my double-X. Aside from being female, I have not yet noticed any side effects from this. I have a suspicion that my donor is unaware that her genetic material was used in my creation, and of my continued existence.


The day I was born… the day I was meant to die, shines in my mind as a pinnacle of glory. Together we destroyed a small southeast Asian country. I remember the women screaming in terror, the piles of bodies I crushed under my boots, torrents of blood sloshing up to my knees and as we walked together along the beach the sweet perfume of burning buildings. It was beautiful. It was inspired. It was the best day of my life.

The worst day of my life came the next day. After all that wonderful carnage I was left alone to die. I expected to die- they told me at the cloning facility I had twenty-four hours. I waited willingly to die: my Maker wished it so and I was created to please him. I stayed in the place I was ordered. I discovered hunger, and thirst. Days I waited and still, I did not die. It was very …distressing.

In time I returned to the cloning facility. It was in ruins, everyone involved in my creation dead. I turned to him. He rejected me as the flawed creation I am. As I was not dead and it did not seem that I would be anytime soon, I strove to safeguard my own future. So I embezzled quite a bit of money out of his various accounts, enough to keep me in lavish style for many, many years. I may be less then a year old, but I was not - as the phrase goes- born yesterday.

I still seek to please my Maker… it is the reason for my existence. In my brief life I have learned many things that I was not programmed for in the facility. I have learned I must also please myself. I have made acquaintances and allies. Out of his dna and my own I have created a small army of clones, more tractable then he, in my own image. With them I will cause chaos. I will bring terror. I will revel in destruction. And I hope, one day I will regain my Father's love.

I am Snookums. You will learn to fear me.

Recent Developments:

At this time Snookums is still unfamiliar with emotional responses, those of people around her, as well as her own. As she has no depth of experience to draw upon, she may act inappropriately or become confused, depending on the situation. Her relationship with her Maker also contributes. She seeks independence as her own individual, but is still drawn to him both to please him and to serve him, even when doing so is against her own self-interest.

A short while ago her Maker gave her an option. She may strive to prove herself to him, not as a failed clone, but as a “risk worthy of his attention”. Or, she must find a method of Killing herself –permanently- as given enough time she will regenerate from injuries considered quite lethal by most people. If she succeeds in either way, she will be redeemed in his eyes- and possibly regain his affection. For this purpose she has aquired custom medication that will stop her innate regeneration for three hours, but is only effective a few times.

Due to Snookums' meddling in his affairs and the small army of secondary "Snookii" clones she created, he took matters into his own hands. He sought out Snookums' former patron and purchased all the secondary clones. He has killed several of them for his own amusement, and a few of the possibly defective ones who show their own small initiatives have fled from him and are in hiding. She was rather upset by this development, as he regained 100% control when her new "masters" were not around and this has lead to several conflicting orders.

In an attempt to hire on as a mercenary -a profession her Maker explained was quite suited to someone of her skills- she replied to an Argent newspaper add and was hired to guard a locked door in their Millennium City offices for 15$ an hour. It wasn't quite the job she expected. The Snookii took shifts there between classes for several months before finally quitting. Snookums is currently unemployed.

  • Mental Breakdown- Acyth to the rescue.
  • Arrest at Argent & unexpected Emancipation.
  • The Maker's offer to 'help' & her time in the Tube.
  • The rather temporary death of Chevalier & her decision to be brainwashed.
  • "Linden Snook" her life & death.
  • Reintegration.
  • The New School, Dad lives next door, Making Linden, and Molly.
  • Space Rocks, the Island, back to school.
  • School Kablooey, The Cat Hunt, New School Year
  • Answering add: PDF.
  • Bad Trip on Happy Pills, her death, and re-imprinting. Atlus' bunker in Alaska. Back to school.
  • Decision to become a villain. Depowering. Molly kidnapped, 1A shot.
  • "Happy Valley" Retirement Community. Strange magic. The Mermaid. How the clerk Found Religion.
  • Accidental kidnapping, the viper research base. Falls through ice.

Weaknesses & Notable Attributes:

She can injest substances would kill other supers- cyanide or uranium for example- without lasting harm. She, however, can get drunk, and does indeed drink like a fish. But it takes upwards of five bottles of good whiskey for her to get more then tipsy.

Her augmentations are not as advanced as her Maker's but utilize some of his future technology, including nanotchnology, a continual sensor net and drug-stimuli. These augmentations are a part of her body and are always "on"- but she can control their use, save in extreme emergency situation where they will automaticly engage in an attempt to protect her from massive damage or critical injuries. These augmentations cannot be removed.

  • Physically, Snookums has very few weaknesses. She can walk away from being hit by an express passenger train. Like Brutum, her flesh is much denser then an ordinary human and hard enough to bounce light arms fire. She has a slow but continuous regeneration rate that heals any injuries she takes- including ones that should be fatal. It's entirely probably she could survive a small nuclear strike.
  • Emotionly, Snookums is much more vulnerable. She is capable of feeling the entire range of human emotion- but does not recognise most of them when she feels them- nor could she put a name to them to describe them. Very often they leave her upset and confused.
  • Magic is something Snookums has very little defense against. Many of her close associates use magic in their everyday lives: this does not bother her. She reacts badly however, to "too much" magic used around her [or against her]. She will try to leave the area, and failing that will withdraw into herself, using her internal comm system and augmentations to distance herself from the offending magical stimuli- and has on at least one occasion gone into a near-catatonic state.
  • Age is also an issue. Snookums is slightly over five months old. While she was innately programmed with what she needed for survival and her primary functions, she lacks much in the way of social graces, and the understanding of customs, regulations and basic day-to-day living. She knows she lacks in these areas and is attempting to gain mastry of them- but it tends to manifest in awkward situations and gross misunderstandings.

She has a fondness for being told stories and is prone to take life-lessons if they are couched as such. She tends to act "Young" when extremely drunk, frightened or recovering from a serious regeneration cycle. She seeks out the sound of liquid and machinery noise: they are her earliest unconsious memories from the cloning facility she was created in. When she is distressed or unable to sleep she will seek out sources of these noises as a sort of comfort mechanisim. She has a "Lair" in the boiler room of the school which she retreats to, as it is a source of these sounds.

Musical & Artistic Tastes:

Snookums has very little knowledge or experience in the areas of the arts, philosophy or music, other then what she was programmed with to please her Maker. Her fashion sense is atrocious and she does not know how to dance. She can, however, sing, and is appreciative of Willie Nelson, David Bowie and Alice Cooper, among others. She does have an unexpressed fondness for Bob Marley, and sometimes plays him as a comfort mechanisim on her internal comm.

The Secondary Clones:

There is a definate link between Snookums and her secondary clones- not quite a hive mind, not quite telepathy. She can open or close the link between the clones, and they feel her [and each other's] strong emotions, and to a lesser degree thoughts. This is emphasised when several of the clones gather and repeat the mantra of "We are Snookums. We are one." Recently the secondary clones have become much more independent, and their individual natures are showing through- or at least to people who spend time with them. They will deliberately try to act "interchangeably" as well as putting on a "Dumb clone" act when needed. Currently there are 843 Snookii left, out of the original 1000.

Art & Music:

Snookums' un-official theme songs:

Liath GoldStar.png
Liath GoldStar.png
Alice Cooper
Killed By Love
Liath GoldStar.png
Alice Cooper
Clones [We'reAll]
Liath GoldStar.png
David Bowie
Cygnet Committee

Arts: I love you guys!

Genfrienddrawsnooky sketch.png SnookumsbyCartun16.jpgSnookumsbyGenzaio.png Snookumshardynorthcross.jpg SnookumsbyFlare.jpg

Character Sheet:

I will be making Snooky a simple Hero Systems character sheet, when I get off my lazy duff. That write up will go here. :)


"She's more then a little unstable and very unreasonable at times. But I'm okay with her." - Krioss, Former EBI Lifeguard

"Over time, her program conflicts with her lingers on, with the phrase of "Only One Day", repeating like a broken record. It clouds her thoughts sometimes, causing her to lose grip of things around her. One way to help stop this, is to keep her mind occupied with tasks, thus causing her to focus more on them, than thinking of the original programming."
"So far, she has had mentalists try to help her fix this conflict, but to no avail has it helped. She even dove into the mind of a military man, in which he tried to guide her away from that programming, but it did not help either. Her only chance of freedom, is for her break the bond." -Billy Rizer, P.D.F.

"A darling child, who is not aware of her own strength. Not as innocent or as imbecilic as she would first appear, although she does have her moments. Perhaps the most levelheaded of her sister's, granted, that is not that difficult a task.... What do you mean that was recorded?" -Chevalier, EBI Chef

"I question my initial investment at times when it comes to dealing with her and her sisters, then other days am thankful I did, even if it has brought no profit my way. It's an odd thing to see them try to figure things from their own perspective of the world. It can be hard to tell that they're actually trying to adapt socially at times, but then they make it obvious soon after." - Kagewoe Erasus, Former Mercenary.

"When I first met Snookums, she was nuttier than a bag of squirrels smuggled into a peanut butter factory." -Chevalier, EBI Chef.

"I suddenly feel like there's a massive thing I don't quite get. .. are you the Overmind Queen??" -Hieratic, Supplier of Jelly Beans & Fine Antiques

"I think Snookums is the exception to policy when it comes to cloning." -Warblade, Not-so-Evil Alien Overlord

"Snuukoms. I meant to spell it like that." -Zelkear, Small Surly Alien

"Snookums" obviously being a reference to the ancient Sumerian goddess of apple pies and walking into walls. --Mad Rune

"Why would a Clone be a lesser person?" -Ryder Mason

She's a spawn of mad science and Lucifer --Nightbringer

"You'll always be your own worst enemy. Unless you're a chicken who can clone itself. Remember that. Words to live by." -Ryder Mason

"It walked in and started talking, I was like "wait, what?" "Usual response when a Snookums speaks, yes" "PFFT" -Snookums, and Chevalier

"I was. I was VERY good. I'm the best damn lab assistant a supervillain geneticist could want! I even cook!" Clearly, as he decided to marry you. -1A & Priest

"She's fine folks, just too much poor craving food, and stubborn, her and her husband are getting her sorted out, then heading home." -Priest via Hero Radio.

Can't sleep, Snookums will get me *D:* -Acyth