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Player: LordWisp
"Even the Most dire of combat situations is only a theorem to be solved. If you are as innocent as you say, you shouldn't mind showing your records to the authorites..."
Biographical Data
Real Name: Virth Haven
Known Aliases: Priest, Inquistior
Gender: Male
Species: Alien
Ethnicity: Maffeian
Place of Birth: Core Prime of the Confederated Republic.
Base of Operations: TeeP-k-auesshá
Relatives: Mother, Father, Grandparent, Three Brothers, a sister and their respective spouses and kids.
Age: 95 or so Earth years: he doesn't count
Height: 6'3
Weight: 210
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Complexion: Elf like, with Cybernetics
Physical Build: Muscled, looking lean.
Physical Features: Average Joe, like his Name means back home.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: A long time off world, four years here
Citizenship: Citizen of the Confederated Republic
Occupation: TeeP-k-auesshá
Education: Went to Academy on his Planet
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Magic and Equipment
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Staff, Pistol, Holy Icon
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBox created by @Maekada

"I don't see what the problem is Governor Harvor, I am merely here investigating the fluctuation in your tax forms. If your numerous "Gifts" Of credits received were in true signs of a happy population in service of your work, then you have nothing to Fear from the Inquisition...... Now I know you keep a Mag pistol under your desk, so please keep your hands on top of your desk, we can do this the easy way Or the hard way."

Virth never wanted to enlist when he was younger, being born on Core Prime, arguably one of the least likely planets in the Confederated Republic to ever be attacked. AS he neared his adult hood he was looking into the fields that humans could compare to anthropology, or alternatively a career in the arts. Very much the opposite of one would expect of an enlisted man. More concerned in the study of societies and how cultures could develop into warmongering and the like, Or Simply Music or Stage plays. This changed for him one day, when he would be in what is comparable to late high school for humans when he and his friends were taking a walk through town coming to restaurant to eat. While him and his friends were having an average peaceful day, a Holoscreen on the Diner's wall was playing a news feed of what would come to be known as the Atrocity called the "Sacking of Ripel Four." A particularly cruel invasion and looting of a minor power's home world by the Eclipse Union's Third Fleet, An estimated Sixty percent of the population of the planet was culled in the attack, and the Planets Ecosphere for ever altered. And humanitarian efforts were being made to salvage the race. The news soured Virth's mood for several weeks to come, recoiling into himself for a near month of earth time, before when he came out of it he realized he would enlist and do his part to stop such atrocities. And as such his desires were put on hold.

When he came to the proper age he set his desires on hold to want and stop such affairs and went to enlist. Early on in Basic training his instructor was giving the class the tests to see if they had the aptitudes for the State Church, and as such Virth became cleared for the TeeP-k-auesshá, and as much as he hoped to get put on the front, sadly his magic just wasn't as potent as others to get Front line duty. So he was put on Corruption hunting in the infrastructure as well as stints stationed as Adjunct to a Garrison commander of an agricultural planet. And as such he feared he'd never get to fight the Evil he signed up to stop.

As the years went on, he grew to find his own fulfillment while not on the front he was more than able to ensure the supplies kept flowing to the men on the front by ferreting out corruption, and preempting strikes by finding Corrupt figures in the system working for the Family or the Golden Horde and sometimes just simple Greed. But that did change when the Golden Horde had make a strike at Protectorate space the largest it had been in Centuries, with a doctrine of all hands on deck, Virth Finally got his wish to be deployed to the front lines. And what followed was perhaps the most Trying time of his life. A swift counter attack by the Protectorate managed to stop the Horde's Advance before any worlds fell, but it turned the worlds into contested war zones. Priest was stationed on a formerly small content frontier world, now a warzone riddled with Trench lines, and artillery shelling with the odd orbital bombardment by one of the sides. Virth Spent Several Decades in the Trenches on this world, living in the trenches, fighting day in and day out, running for cover when the shelling started and other such affairs. Eventually the Stale Mate was broken With what has been called the "Campaign of the Start of the New Era" By his people's calendars. A lucky break in the War, that started when Amosa and the Horde sought an alliance with the Unionites to fend off both of their losing wars, only to have the Unionites open fire on the same forces he brought to save the Unionites, turning the War into A 2 V 1 V 1, which Confederated republic forces capitalized on to shatter the backs of both of the Malevolent empires and send them fleeing to far corners of the universe to lick their wounds and rebuild.

Now with Amosa turned into a roaming threat, and the Founding of the Guardians joint team, Priest was sent with a Select few of Confederate forces to serve as Adjunct and officers to help the Guardians under the plan to build good will between earth and the Confederate republic.

Over the years, he buried his original urges for the theater, while his job as a TeeP-k-auesshá, allowed him to study the field humans call anthropology as part of the office, which help keep him sated, his Love for Music and the Theater he started taking up on the side, in the team's base on his off hours, while burdened with far more responsibilities on earth, they were far less threatening war zones, so he had time to re indulge his loves when he was a young man.




Project StarGazer has taken time pondering about what life lives beyond the bounds of the Milky Way and it's local galaxy cluster. Often wondering about what goes on in other galaxies, Andromeda and others. But given the distances of these galaxies StarGazer figures it will be Tens of Thousands of years before Humanity possess the tools to Explore these galaxies. And as such they could only Speculate about what lies beyond these Mega Parsecs of Space.

And for a Time that would seem to be all they could do, till Roughly Seven years ago, it appears as UNTIL has come to classify it the "Balkanized" Nature of the Maffei 1 galaxy spilled forth and into the Milky Way. And from what they have gathered from Diplomatic Envoys and the like has shed lights of an Implication of Warfare and a state of warfare that UNTIL says humanity hasn't seen since world war 1, only on a far larger scale often carried out by what is "Classed by Major" Powers of the Galaxy. But even these terms UNTIL feels does not classify it right from a human standpoint. The Twelve Planet Empire of the Qularr Empire one of the Greatest Dangers to earth, on the Maffei scale of politics they simply call this a "Minor Power" In the way the Continent of North American would be compared to Monaco.

That being said, as Stargazer and the Maffeians have told earth, such a size hardly matters in terms to the Milky Way, as the Major Powers that be in Maffei Appear to be busy and locked into what UNTIL can figure is a near endless Cycle of War. When one War finishes another Major Player seeks to capitalize on the War Exhausted members that just finished fighting, and attacks them... Starting yet another war.

StarGazer Estimates based on the Age the Maffeian galaxy shows the current races as possibly the last wave of great races, unless the nucleus of new stars propagate more. But from Records gathered by Stargazer from the aliens from Maffei. Possibly Hundreds if not A couple thousand various races, but many of the races have some similarities of other planets, with slight changes of adaptation of the planet. Leading to a series of core races and adaptions based on planets, possibly indicating a cycle of societies rising and a galactic wide cataclysm setting societies back. But as it stands there are Currently a Series of Eleven major powers by their standards. The break downs are as Star Gazer can put it is laid out below.

Of the Numerous Major Powers there are only two UNTIL would classify as Benevolent. The Forces as known Confederated Republic, a combination of two of the Great Powers known individually the Protectorate and the United Defense Force. With these two forces combined it leaves the situation as a Sole power, their ally in these more benevolent affairs of trying to ultimately lead their galaxy to peace, with out it being under the single banner of a Tyrannical warlord is the Empire known as the "Monarchy of Harlech". These Two powers it seems are the sole powers working for what UNTIL would call a Benevolent Future for the Galaxy.

Working down from the list of Benevolence to Malicious, there are Factions of the Galaxy that UNTIL Dubs as wholly internally affairs focused, and not becoming focused on external affairs for their own reasons. Of this class The Robotic Automatons known as the Legion, which from as Stargazer was made aware by the Confederate Republic is a race of some form of Automated defense robots, creatued by a Maffei precursor race to fend off an extra dimensional invasion, while the robots were able to drive off the invaders they were unable to do so before the last of their creators had passed. And since then it appears the Robots have rebuilt their master's holdings and city, and maintain them as some kind of testament to their creators. Staying in their own borders to protect their shrines to their creators. The other race like this are the Kashara, a Feline like race while a Major Power, one of the smallest Major Powers in the Galaxy. Their leaders are too afraid to throw their hat in the Ring against the Malevolent forces for fear of being invaded and overwhelmed, and as such take a neutral stances in the war, and seek a route of appeasement of all forces.

Aside these major powers all of the rest of the Powers of the Galaxy that fall into the Major Power are all malevolent in some ways. In the ranks of least malevolent to worst are as follows.

Lunar Dragons , An Empire made of a variety of reptilian races, while vastly isolationist aside for a blood feud with the Crimson Suns, they ultimately in some ways serve to the detriment of the galaxy. Young members of the Noble Castes often leave their empire borders with personal entourages of armed guards and often taking to sell their services as mercenaries among the power conflicts of the minor races, often being a major destabilizing factor in these conflicts, and not worrying of who they work for, often leaves them to back Tyrants and Dictators.

The Heavens Avengers A Civilization of Various Avian races and Slave races they have conquered and leading a campaign for ultimate conquest.

The Pirate Lords While Individual not much of a Threat to any Major Power, or really holding any prolonged holdings, these Criminals have the reputation needed to gather a legion of pirates under their command for quite destructive fits of rampaging.

The Family A far more focused and organized branch of criminals, functioning as criminal crime syndicate of more insidious schemes than direct pillaging. Often lairing in remote or hard to reach locations.

The Separatist A break away faction from the Unitied Defense Force, that are seeking to claim the Galaxy as their own.

== The Crimson Suns An oppressive Communistic Dictatorship with an Iron fist for it's governing and grand reaching Plans to control the Maffei Galaxy cluster.

The Eclipse Union Remnants Remains of the Once Major Power known as the Eclipse Union: an oppressive Nazi-like regime, with doctrine and pamphlets that the Confederate Republic of Planets have circulated old Eclipse Union War time propaganda paraphernalia to the Human Populace, in an Attempt to Counter factions they feel is setting humanity on a dark path, like the Institute of Human Advancement. Hoping to show how similar such hateful talk by the IHA is to a Eugenics practicing War craving race.

The Golden Horde Lead by the Lord of Chaos, known as Amosa, while the Horde works hard at a public Image, as lead by their Queen of some kind of Enigmatic faction out for the Greater Good, the Truth of it is far more insidious as the cover story for the Destructive Impulsive of the Horde's leader, Amosa.


At it's heart the Confederated Republic tries to encourage Autonomy of member Planets, and Minor Powers. This goal as such often leaves it very Decentralized by Desire of the Federal Government, hopping to keep Member Planets and the like feeling as if they have not lost their identity to a larger power and are a respected member, more than just another tally on the board to show the Federal Government's power.

And as such, it has succeeded in that goal. With the most intrusive affair of Member planets being the State regulation on Government Officials regardless of Member planet, Along with an organization they call the "State Church" To regulate corruption. Under the mindset Governments corrupt from the top down, not the bottom up. Such a Practice and the like Stargazer has called publicly "Draconian Government" But The Confederated Republic simple nod and make no public statements when asked feeling to not get down into as they view it a Mud Slinging fight over something petty.

So, in many ways the Confederated Republic is a Melting pot of societies and cultures that vary from star System to star system, With a few constants few and far between, for culture as well. But the State Church is the other.

The Church serves as a third branch of the army. The Army is Broken into Three Divisions, in a soft way Four divisions. The Army, the Navy (responsible for both Wet and Space Navies, but since Strike Craft are so needed for space Affairs, the Air Force affairs have been merged into the navy.), The Church; and in a far lesser affair Planetary Garrisons. Planetary Garrisons are primarily an Army Based affair, but they keep a semblance of Naval affairs for management of a handful of Warships designed to keep Pirates at bay.

The Church is broken into Two, some Argue Three branches. The Church is often taken from military recruits that test positive for Psionics, or a particular strong tie to magical force, that would allow them to learn it in a reasonable amount of time. Those that Test Positive for Psionics go to join the Paladins, those that Test for Magic join the TeeP-k-auesshá, Those that test for both are Encouraged to join the TeeP-k-auesshá, but allowed to join either of their choice.

The Primary Branch is the TeeP-k-auesshá, it has no real direct translation into English. Some Suggested words based on the job description by Stargazer are, Priest, Inquisitor, Chaplin, Tactician, Adjunct and others. The reason for this there is no one job skill UNTIL can clearly tie the job into. Very much due primarily to how overworked the Confederated Republic's military are, the TeeP-k-auesshá serve a catch all of all jobs, in the way Super Soldiers might serve an Earth Nation. Primary function of this job are to police government corruption, handling interplanetary disputes of member nations, supply both magical power and tactical advice to military officers; and serve as a form on console for soldiers in a way akin to a Psychiatrist. But lastly and most important is paper work and affairs of tactical, political and legal affairs if they are deployed under command of a higher rank officer as a Adjunct instead of paroling planets for corruption investigation.

The Secondary Branch is a more easily to Translate to the word of Paladin, more direct combat focused than the TeeP-k-auesshá, focusing on their Psionics heavily, while they do the same corruption hunting and the other affairs of the TeeP-k-auesshá, their primary aspect is on the combat of the job and investigations, or in more "Dire times of war" servicing as reliable super soldiers for Confederated Republic forces.

The Third Branch of the church is not a full branch so much as TeeP-k-auesshá, that lack the requirements for full combat magic, but can still cast spells, they most certainly work the behind the scenes desk work of the church. The ones reviewing officials tax returns and other such work of the government officials and dispatching the other members of the church as field agents to sort it.

Now despite it's size, the Confederated Republic Armed forces are drastically and heavily underfunded. While they lack not for man power, they lack the proper funding to outfit many of them. Often sending many into Reserves, or working in Government owned mines to field the equipment for other troops. Over all the Confederated Republic is broken into Three "Levels" Of planets based on the map, Frontier and Border space, Mid Space, and a vast "Core Systems" Expanse of many many planets. Sadly due to all forms of attempt to stay decentralized not all planets pull their fair share when it comes to funding the Military. Core worlds, due to the fierce defense of the Army, have gone quite frankly thousands of years with out threat of invasion and some haven't even seen a Pirate in Centuries. As such Core worlds have a false sense of security where they only pay the bare minimum to assure the planetary garrisons stay in stock on the off chance, but refusing to pay the rest of the taxes, leaving a near half of the Confederated Republic essentially not paying for the military. Much to the worries of high command, as they realize if the Frontier Worlds fall, in the time it would take to turn the Core Worlds into a Military machine to counter attack would be too late and the Republic would be destroyed. But despite how many times High Command speaks to the public of this, with in an Hour a legion of Core world Governors go on the Media speaking the opposite that it's shameless war mongering by the army. The Governors rather find ways to maximize their individual member planets profits, and trusting in the logic the next guy will pay the bill. And as such much to the Dismay of High Command, the military is backed by Solely the Mid Worlds and the Frontier worlds.

Virth, for what it is worth, Despises the Core World politicians and feels an annoyance he can not bury about the compliance of the Core Worlds Citizens for not caring for their neighbors, assuming it will be the same as it always will be.


The first to discover the wormhole linking the two Galaxies were the Eclipse Union, in a slowly losing war around the thirties as humanity know it. When Union Scouts detected a wormhole in previous thought worthless space. Union command hoped what was on the other side of that portal would be more or less free for the easy pickings to capitalize on their war efforts. Much to the Union's despair the Mineral native to the Maffeian Galaxy cluster that was the basis for their technology was missing in the Milky Way and it's satellites and as such made it counter productive to colonize. So they left it, till they detected the Various super powers of the Galaxy. Now while in their past they Destroyed their super humans in their IHA like goals, they were in no position to balk at their slowly losing war now. Their morals caved. And the race with enough Genetic similarity to theirs that they felt they could capitalize on their meta human genes, were oddly enough humanity. The Union assigned it's top researcher to set up Covert Affairs and a network on earth to study the meta humans for usage in their armies. Their head researcher Arganov was set on the case. And he rapidly set up a shadow infrastructure of Labs, and lackies either through simply bribery of greedy humans, to using his psionics to brain wash others to lastly replacing a select group of people with a Body snatcher grown in his labs. And he was spying on Earth of Decades, covertly collecting meta human samples to experiment for super soldiers for the Unionites. And as such this was the Extent of the Maffeian influence in the milky way, as Arganov used his inventions to cloak the Wormhole in Maffei to hide the link between galaxies.

Seven Years ago, the Unionites tired of waiting for Arganov's slow approach gave a command for a more direct approach, leading to a Few small elite strikes lead by the Unionite Leader Atrox Plaga, which were driven off by super heroes. But the nature of Atrox leaving the Command field lead the UDF to look for what could be keeping his time, and a heavy sweep pattern found the Wormhole. Along with the Leader of the Golden Horde, catching the interest in the commotions in the North Discovering the Wormhole. And much like the Unionites he took an interest in the "Super Human Culture" Of earth, but instead of seeking to recreate them The Chaos being found the heroes fun to "Play with in his games.". And As such the Budding Confederated Republic gave chase. And when they found what their criminals had been doing to earth felt sorry for their mess putting earth in danger, and made diplomatic overtures to Earth to make amends. UNTIL Was not quite as receptive as hoped, but PRIMUS took a wager with a team of their backings and the Aliens, known as the Guardians and Diplomacy was started.


A place for comments about him by people, heroes and villains... if he is important enough for that.

"Best Phone Dad!" -Clone B-226T
"Mister Priest is AWESOME" -Clone W-234I
"He has a hologram thingie in his arm. How cool are that?" -Clone Q-559V
"Virth. I like this name. Viiiiiiirtttth." -Clone C-881K
"Wait, Someone adopted my clones....? And no one told me!?" -Snookums
"You adopted the clones? Oh, good, you had me worried for a moment there, thinking you might have married one. Uh, no offense." -Nightbringer
"YOU ADOPTED THE CLONES? God have mercy on your soul." - Angus MadRune
"Oh right, so silly of me. Alien combat priest guy orders a computer with the world's third creepiest name to "deliver a time out" and some lady finds them all dead. How ever could I come to the conclusion that they were dead?" -Miss Mental
"Priest, do you ever entertain the idea of a healthy session of heavy duty lobotomy?" -Angus MadRune
"You're like a Bajoran Prophet guy... but with Linear Time." -Miss Mental
"It is but one of several paths that may come out of current politics. Priest, I would caution you about sharing your wisdom with the humans as guidance, not judgement." -Mystech
"Why do things always sound like they've gone to Hell when you're involved?" "Dude's name is Priest. Nuff said." -Duck Vermillion & Donny Brook
Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh P-priest? -Miss Mental "Eyyy! Priesty Boyo! Just greetin' ya. 'Eard ye got righ' fockered up th'o'her night" -Black Mamba
Okay so take the pope, Put 'im in space. Whether he wears the pope hat over the space helmet or squished under it is up to you... -Miss Mental
"He ain't got nothing better to do. Also, stalker dad syndrome. I can't believe people actually use this thing." -Crack
"Mister Priest, why do you always answer the phone?" -Clone W
"Now, now, cool off, Reverend Gratuitous Slaughter..." -cackled the wizard- -Angus
"Hi Dad" -Snookums
"Er, wow, we are beating up feminists... Priest, while you are a boring old sod, tagging along with you always ends up being hilariously unhinged." -Angus
"The hell did they fit two hundred and fifty seven in your basement? Guiness record of sardine clones or something? They told me after." "That was a little disturbing honestly, opening the basement door, like some kind of Children of the Corn stuff.” --Killer & Priest, in Priest's new house.
"Pooter is pretty cool though. But he shitposts all over the internet, he is THE perfect internet troll. Like if that AI from the terminator series had a sense of humor" -Killer
"June.. Twenty First? But... it's my first set and twin baby girls, I'll probably have them a little early." -Puma, on her expected date. "He's not even listening to you, he's just going on about some kind of Spore fanfic. Ugh." -Crack


A place for art of him, are you HAPPY NOW PARIBA
Yes. :) --Pariba
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Is actually a good singer, and not a half bad actor. Is working with the MCU theater department on a remake of Mel Brook's History of the World, playing the part you would expect.

Is quite partial to the works of Paul Williams. [1]

Finds himself unexplainably a fan of Disney movie songs.

Really Loves the theater.

Really is a big Anthropology nerd.