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Player: @Heartshaker
We are what we choose to be.
Biographical Data
Real Name: Seth Foster (Currently unknown to others)
Known Aliases: Nightbringer, the Blue Demon, Night
Gender: Male
Species: Demi-demon
Ethnicity: Latin/Demon
Place of Birth: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Base of Operations: The Netherworld/ Millenium City
Relatives: Parents (Deceased)
Age: 19
Height: 5´11´´ (Not counting horns).
Weight: 159 lbs
Eyes: Yellow (black sclera)
Hair: Red with black and white highlights
Complexion: Blue skin
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: Tribal-like tatoos on left side of the chest and left arm
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: As a "hero", about 4 years
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Working for UNTIL.
Education: Attending at East Briar Institute for Higher Learning.
Marital Status: Single.
Known Powers and Abilities
Magic control, enhanced strenght, speed , reflex and stamina
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Special mask, magically enchanted suit
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBox created by @Maekada

Just 14 years old teenagers, Seth Foster and his best friend, Sidney, made a deal with a demon lord know as "The One".After giving them the power they always wanted, he offered a "job" as his most appreciated minions.
However, after a while Seth discovered his new life wasn´t so perfect.Turning his back at The One and all his servants (including Sidney), he has changed sides and now fights for the right reasons.
Seth is gone.There´s only Nightbringer now!

Spoiler Warning
The following details are about a player-created storyline, or is information currently unrevealed about a character.
Please do not use this information ICly unless given permission to do so.



Seth was born from Richard Foster, an employee from a multinational company, and Valeria Díaz, a young university student from Argentina, the country where Richard was currently living and working for his company. They fell in love when they met, despite the cultural differencies. They dated for two years and then they got married. Not too long after that, little Seth was born.
The small family lived in Argentina for a few years. When Seth was about 5 years old, they moved to Los Angeles, Califonia due to Richard´s "company things".

Seth never was a "normal" kid.He rarely played with other boys, and instead prefered to spend his time reading. He was fascinated about magic tales. Although, his parents weren´t worried about his "strange" preferences."We always must do what we want to do", said them.Okay, maybe their son was a bit different from others, so what? That wasn´t bad at all.Maybe he hadn´t a lot of friends, but what was the problem with it?
Truth was, Seth had only one friend.A girl of his age named Sidney, whose mother was Richard´s coworker. In fact, the two families were very close each other, and Seth and Sidney were even closer. Sidney was a lonely, "weird" girl too. She liked reading, too. She was fascinated about magic stories, too.

Over the years, the two kids got closer and closer. They went to school together, they did their homework together, they read together. They rarely make socials with others kids, and their fascination about magic became an obsession. While others kids dreamed with being superpowered metahumans or having a powered armor to fight crime, they dreamed about achieving magical power and use it for good; while others kids dreamed with being like the superheroes on TV, they dreamed with being wizards. Thinking different wasn´t weird for them, but it was to other kids.

When Sidney and Seth get into highschool, they already knew it wouldn´t be an easy ride. They managed to resist social alienation and bullying together. Sidney just get segregated from the "gals groups". Seth, on the other hand, had the bullies to worry about. Always punching him due to the fact he was different, the "magic boy", as they called him, became more bitter with every day.


Every day, Seth and Sidney went to the library, searching for their so-appreciated knowledge. Knowledge about magic and sorcery. Altough, the weren´t too much succesful in it. Library books just had information about some lesser spell and history about important mages. Still, they kept going day and day, and finally, they find something: a new book, black and with no inscriptions on it. After hesitating a bit, they took the book back home, (after the right library procedure, of course). Once in Seth´s room, they opened it. Inmediatly after doing so, the whole room get plunged into an impenetrable darkness.


In the middle of that darkness, two glowing red balls of "light" showed up. They seemed pleased, and the voice that came out from around the teenagers seemed pleased too. The being identified itself as "The One", an ancient, very powerful inhabitant of the Netherworld, trapped into the mysterious book due to His own foolishness.
The entity then talked with the two teenagers for a long time.He explained that, for him, Good and Evil where nothing but points of view.Someone´s Evil could be some other´s Good and so. He talked and talked, convincing them that there was nothing to fear from Him.Finally, Seth and Sidney agreed to listen what he had to offer.

The One said that he once walked in the human world, with intention to rebuild it as a place where knowledge would be rewarded and ignorance, punished.However, the corrupted and imperfect mortals kings were afraid of that could happen to themselves and their power if He would succeed, and they banded together enlisting the hep of a group of mages, they were able to defeat him in battle and imprison him within the book through a ritual sacrifice.
But now, at last, after waiting endless Moons, they, two worthy young mortals, opened the book and He could manifestate into their world once more. However, The One wasn´t THAT pleased. No, He wanted to be free. He wanted to go home, for the spell had Him imprisoned, unable to reach His land in the feared Netherworld. And those two kids were going to help Him. In exchange of unlocking their magical capabilities with "a little something extra", he entity asked them only that they would use it to release Him from the accursed book.

Choosing to liberate some strange eldritch entity is not something that's done everyday, however, so The One understandably gave them a week to make up their minds about the deal, so that they may think things through and be sure they wanted to go through with it.
Those two teenagers were tormented enough.Aquiring the magic they always wanted just for sending a creepy being back to his dimension? "Great deal!", they thought.With such a power, the days of suffering bullying an hatred would be over! None of those stupid boys from the school would dare to make funny of Him, and every gal would be pleased to be Her friend! The kids opened the book together again, saying "We agree" .They opened in some determinated page while The One´s voice praised them for their wisdom.

Saying the words written and hand in hand, Sidney and Seth felt the magic getting into their bodies. The left side of their chest (in Sidney´s case, her left breast too) and their left arm were covered by stranges tattoos, the magic graned to them far exceeding their wildest dreams. Following trough came the release of The One, wich seemed ever so easy with their newly gained abilities. A portal appeared dragging the blackness out of the book, The One' excited voice coming from it, thanking them profusely. Furthermore, He asked if they'd take a gift from Him for his release. Without thinking, the two agree to get even more power, being dragged within the portal themselves. Within the Netherwolrd, The One gifed them with so demonic power as to actually transfrom them into demons themselves.



The One was a very thankful demon. He gave them both a huge legion, lots of material presents and even their owns "Nether Corners": small portions of the Netherworld wich could only be accesed by his or her owner, and whoever they would like to come in. The two of them quickly adapted to their new lifes, forgetting their families, families that believed they were dead.
Within the next months, they set destruction and chaos upon the city. "The Purple Duo", as they were called (due to Sidney´s soft red and Seth´s light blue skins) soon drew the attention of some anonymus magic organization members, who were in the city for some reason.
Upon battling them (and obviously, defeating them), the idea of their new names came to them.They weren´t really originals, but instead picked up lines tat the mages dropped in the battle.
Sidney chose Death Rose, because she was "Deadly as Death itself" and "kinda beautiful as a rose".
About Seth, he renamed himself Nightbringer, due to "have brought the darkest hour to this peaceful city".
During the time as a team, Nigthbringer and Death Rose, alongside with their minions, commited dozens of different crimes: Random killing, arsons, attacks on comicbook stores and, in one occasion, they set an orphanage on fire because They were "bored".


It hasn´t been stablished why Night chose to change sides.He talks about some entity, which he dubbed "Redemption" had something to do with it.What this "Redemption" exactly is, nobody knows it, and Night is clearly not telling.This entity spoke within Night´s head over the months on The One´s service, until the day when he choose to leave his new life.
It´s known that evenually Nightbringer left The One´s side and started fighting for "the other faction".This, however, wasn´t so easy: Rose chose to stay with The One.This led to a battle bewteen each other: Their friendship was over. Rose won when she cursed Night´s lungs, making them unable to process a single atom of "Non-Nether oxigen" without giving him an agonizing pain.
Rose then cast Nightbringer back to The One´s feet, were he was almost captured by Him. It was in this moment when "Redemption" appeared, saving Night and taking him to an unkwon plane. There, Redemption made a magical mask that would allow Night to breath outside of the Netherworld.
With this, Redemption sent Night back to the Earth, where he fought Rose once more and in this occasion, he won, and sent Rose "down there, forever."
After this, Night left Los Angeles with his recently created "Nightbringer hero suit", searching for a place to start over again.When he heard about Millenium City, he decided to head on that direction.
Upon arriving the city, he found himself in the middle of an attack over it. Without hesitation, he fought alongside the defenders of the city. After the end of the "invasion", Night was approached by UNTIL officers with orders to capture him and take him to Stronghold. Despite other´s protests and declarations about he being "one of the good guys", Night agreed without resistance and was taked in.
Prior to be jailed, he was stripped of all equipment, excluding the mask, after proving that he needed it in order to breath and that it didn´t have any others special features. During his stay there, Night just sat down in the bed, staring at his chained limbs. After a week, Night was visited by an UNTIL agent that presented himself as "Major Tom". He offered him a place in an "special project", and a way to get back into action as one of the good guys.Night agreed without thinking it twice.


Today, Nightbringer is a respected "hero" who works for UNTIL, as a way of "pay his debts"( and that keeps him away from Stronghold, too!). He has signed up in an special branch created by UNITY. He also attends to an special school named East Briar Institute for Higher Learning, where he learns to control his powers and use a different magic. He´s now versed in the ways on the Arcane, neutral magic, wich he uses instead of the dark one..


As a weird hybrid between a mortal and a demon, Nightbringer has a few usefuls skills. This includes:
Magic: Night can use and control magical energies in his own favor. In the past, he only worked with dark or demonic magic; However, since his redemption he tries to not use this abilities and instead he usually relies on arcane magic, or, as he call it, "the neutral magic".
Enhanced factors: Night can take way more than the average man, and he has been capable of lifting heavy trucks (however, if magic was or not involved it´s uknown). He can also react faster, his body has a higher resistance to hits, cuts and bullets, and he´s pretty fast, especially when flying.
Flight: He can fly.And he flies fast. Pretty fast. He loves flying, and usually he fights without touching the ground.
Intelligence: Night could be considered more intellgent than standard. It's hard to say, however, mostly because he gets distracted easily and sometimes can't follow a conversation if not really interested on it.


Altought Night may be a pretty good opponent, he CAN be defeated if you play your cards well:
Holy: As a normal demon, Night can´t stand be touched with holy things (powers, objects, people. Simply touching the door of a church may cause his skin to be burned and hurt. However, his arcane enhanced suit protects his skin from this, so he can walk inside a church without suffering (except if someone throws holy water a his face!).
"Mask Factor": If Night becomes privated from his special mask in this plane of existence (A.K.A. our dimension), the lack of a demonic je ne sais quoi in the air causes his drawing of breath to hurt. Within a few minutes, he will start feeling an immesurable agony. His breathing will get heavier inmediatly, and his fighting capability will be severely decreased. He can, however, still fight and cast magic, but surely he´ll be more worried about recovering his mask. This option about dealing with him is not recomended: He will not hesitate on doing whatever possible to get his mask back. You have been warned.
Simply hitting him: Hit him repeatdly and hard enough and you won´t have to worry about crosses and holy water.(tested by many already).


Ruthless: Night will not hesitate on killing, maiming or seriously injuring someone if necesary. Neither he´ll hesitate in letting someone die, or being sacrificed if with that the "greater good" is achieved. In other words, for Night, the end justifies the means.
Food: Night doesn´t need to eat nor to drink, since he draws his energies from the Nehterworld. Despite this, he often drinks alcohol. He also has stated that he has a weakness towards chocolate.
Super-Ego: Every demon has a great ego.And so do mortals. So, a being who is half demon half mortal has to have a pretty huge one, right? No? Well, he does anyways.
Willpower: Well, you neeed really much willpower to choose to face a demon lord who has given you everything you wanted instead of letting things as they are, yes? Night´s determination is huge, and it will be hard to make him do something against his will.


"Also tell Night he still owes me that damn whiskey fer savin'is arse when he tried fockin' wit' that doomlord on 'is own!" --Black Mamba
You really shouldn't be letting students have hellhounds. Or hell anything. Hell things generally don't scream "reformed" --Miss Mental
"It's a poetic-er name than 'the party of seven days'." "Where's your sense of poetry?" "I don't have one, I'm not a girl." "Yes, you are." "How'd you know. You haven't seen me naked." "Yes, I have. Half the school has." "your point being?" "I... don't know." --Crack & Nightbringer
"Ahh, yes. The Demon Sirpunchable, of course you would be on this channel." --Priest
-He points at the elf.- "And that was like, a veeery long time ago. I was a different guy then. I'm a different guy now. A good one." "With boobs." *She nods, smiling* --She-Nightbringer & Liira
"Are you always this insufferably high on your own image of yourself, I've seen your file." --Advent Arms
"JESUS FRICKEN CHRIST... Since when was "Holy water works on Demon" A classifed military secret." --Han