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Hi.Pariba here, you can find me in game hanging out.
If I'm not in Champs? Try STO or NWO. Wish they had something like this for those games! :D

  • May have a slight obsession with Elves.
  • Wanders around Champions Online as a Troll. No, really. His name is "Snorri".
  • Is on here for the Lulz.
  • Will probably change this later. :P

*Professional Pest!*


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Page Idea Shamelessly Stolen from Bluhman

Pariba, you're....not an alphabetical clone...are you ok? --@Seanimusprimex

It is a very bad sign when PARIBA forgoes their clone army --@Jeeb51

The Supporting Cast


A baron of the Ghede Loa, Baron Kriminel has taken a fondness to Clone R, his willing Cheval. Often advising her as her "Invisible Friend" he sometimes plays pranks on her sister clones to frighten them. He's fond of the colour purple, Burnt chicken, Gunpowder rum and fine cigars. His chosen weapon is the machete and he often watches situations play out before getting involved.


Pacific Northwest Cannibalistic Forest Demon. Also called "Dzunuḵ̓wa"
More to come.


Cynthia Papadopoulos
A bellydancer working at her family's Greek Restaurant ["Rhodes", in downtown Detroit.] After an attack on the restaurant and a fight with her mother, she's currently staying with Eoghainin.


Jorge Sandoval, MD.
A young doctor specializing in meta-human medicine, he is in charge of the clones medical care at the East Briar Institute's Teaching Infirmary. Originally from Albuquerque, he comes from a large family and sends money home to help out. His mother has passed away. He is a lapsed Catholic.


Once upon a time, as all old stories start, there lived a woman of noble birth. She grew up in old Persia which is a legend unto itself these days. She was trained in the art of music and dance, poetry, reading weaving and embroidery and all the other things a woman of good breeding needed to run a household. She was fourteen. She was to marry a prince and her name was Artazusta. It translates to English as "Delighting in Truth".
She came to dwell in the palace of the king, a building of delicate detail and fine mosaics, surrounded by gardens renowned for their beauty. Artazusta was much loved by noble and servant alike for her kindness and easy smile. But like all things, good times and prosperity do not last and rebellion grew in the lands of the king, until traitors struck he heart of the palace itself! Just days before she was to marry - so the story goes- there was a night attack. One of the royal advisers, fearing for her life took the girl and hid her. He what some call a Magi, with strange powers, and hid her within the confines of an old oil lamp. The adviser died in the fighting and the soon-to-be princess' location was lost. Days turned to months, months to years and years to centuries. Millennia past. The tale of the battle was forgotten, as were the girl's family- even the prince faded from history.

Until one day in what is modern Detroit a young elf-maiden searching for cursed magical items to remove them from the public. She found the lamp and knowing of old stories took it to a boy from Fairyland who rubbed it. Blue smoke poured forth, and fire with no flame, and when it cleared the princess was found on the floor, just as she had been when she was put into the lamp. A quick response by one of the children returned the breath to her and she awoke to a strange land. What she knew was discarded history though several scholars came to speak with her and write down what she could tell them of the land, language and the cultures. Somehow the spell that trapped her kept her from age and death, and allowed her to speak the common language of where she was found. She has demonstrated several powers akin to what some might call a "Genie"- though she herself considers a Jinn something else, more of an angel spirit. The extent of her powers are as yet unknown, and she cannot, unlike the genies of legend, grant wishes.

Artazusta is a vegetarian, and attends school at East Briar Institute of Higher Learning as she works to acclimatize herself. She speaks several archaic languages and modern English.


Pariba used Therakiel's Sword! It's SUPER EFFECTIVE!!! --@OhmegaRanger

"Nobody talks smack about Pari, that's illegal in 49 of the 50 states and in Puerto Rico." --@Athalius

"With a hearty arriba,/ She helps out Pariba,/So she'll never be blue!" --@Thundrax

Just when you thought she couldn't get any more wtf.... Pariba has topped herself once more. --@Shaelos

Plus she's like this incredibly British nerd. --@GrimmwoodBlack

Pariba, tell us a tale of the frozen Canadian north farmland you grew up on... with your father who fell off things or had no understanding of electricity... regale us all with these tales! --@Shaelos

Pariba blew up the planet... again. "DAMMIT, PARI!" --@Shaelos & @Thathoser

Pariba is the hero we need! Pariba is the hero we deserve! :D --@Rotbelcher

So all blame defaults to Pariba. It's all her fault... the Titanic, the movie about the Titanic, that one song about the Titanic, the Avatar movie, the 4 sequels, the Pearl Harbor movie... all of it Pariba's fault. Every Terminator movie but the first two sucking, her fault.
"She's responsible for so much!" Wayne Gretzky being traded to LA, her fault. So yes I could continue but as it is obvious she is the evil harbinger of change and chaos. "Nyarlthhotep?" --@Shaelos & @CuteSquirrel

Pariiiiiiiiiiiiba! Also... PARIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII-bah! --@MantaMan

-Snuggleloves the Pariba- --@Glass-Rose

Pari-pocalypse --@Absonus-Noctis

The Pari Bites back ( Part II of CO Wars) ^^ --@Lillysaturn

Pari creates unrealistic beauty standards for females --@Aukshtaitis

Pariba is the bestest Elder God of them all. Some might say, even more famous then Cthulu. --@Kurafine

...You say that like Pari isn't disturbing anyway... LOVE YOU PARI! >_> *hides* --@Sapphiechu

Pariba is delightfully weird. "The Acceptable and totally welcome brand of weird" --@Thebax & @Kathedral1990

Par is being sassy, help! "She is a snarky one xp" --@Netherfang & @Mr.Plush

I see yyooooooo pariaba pariba --@Olivessence

PARIBA FOR THE WIN! *throws you into the air* HURRAH! --@Generalcupcake#3330

A laughing Pariba >.> I is a-skeered --@Boiled_Taspar

Cooking with Pari, just enough evil for you- Coming soon! --@Fabijato

Also *gives Pariba a hug* --@Boiled_Taspar