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Player: LordWisp
"Darling let's not do something that's Unreasonable so put that weapon down."
Biographical Data
Real Name: Eoghainín Gealachabhainn
Known Aliases: None yet, The Mad Hatter, The Batter, The Mad Batter are names that are starting.
Gender: Male
Species: Dione Sidhe
Ethnicity: Unseelie
Place of Birth: Fae
Base of Operations: Heroing, and working on a Gangster rehabilition program to turn them into at least vigilantes with good intentions and heart,
Relatives: Mother and Father
Age: Equated to a Human in his early Twenties, but Years in Fae, so he claims they don't count the rest of the years,
Height: 6'4
Weight: 190
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Winter Sky Blue
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Lean with muscles
Physical Features: Elf Like
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: New on earth, Years as a Story Book hero in Fae that he lost track
Citizenship: Unseelie Court, Immigrant to Earth
Occupation: Full Time hero, Gang Leader
Education: What ever passes in Schooling for Fae, and his Father's tutoring
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Fae powers
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Coat, Hat and Bat
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBox created by @Maekada

"Hello Darlings~ Oh no don't be nervous, I know my kind were quite horrible in the past... but I could point out, that we were cruel, but it was not like humanity was any less cruel. Do you know how many men were killed, and women raped in those days by humans when they pillaged, looted and raided each other and the children, the poor children... oh don't give me that look. But all you need to know darling is my people's time in the Land of Legends, that hell you drove us to did help bring us to the ideals of modernity~ And I'm here to help." -Eogh to a UNTIL operative when he was found roaming the streets.


Eoghainín is unsure what year he was born in by human standards as time is far more liberal in the Land of Legends, he could have been born a year ago by human standards but lived countless years and stories. Or he could have been born thousands of years ago by human standards. He is unsure really, not that it bothers him as he puts it "He's free of that hell, And as long as his Queen wants him to help humanity, and needs not his service he's free to serve in Heaven as he puts it, instead of ruling in a land like Hell and it is better." And that's all he has. Most of his past he seems reluctant to go into at great detail. AS he puts it, "It's always the same story in the end, Darling even if the actors change. It always boils down to the same few tropes, and it boils down the fairy tale life, after a dragon's attacked the harvest festival for the fifty time, burning man, women and children in flame, and you battle it and slay it the survivors cheer. And this is assuming Fae isn't in a mood for a change of pace and sends an Army of Trolls and Orcs." So as such much of his History he doesn't speak of, saying it's all the same story, a different day and villain if he was lucky, if not it was the same villain over and over.


But what he does say, is he was Born to a Dione Sidhe in the Service of Mab, and his Father which he only says is his father's story to tell, and Served as a Knight in the Court, in the various tales, inner royalty squabbles and wars with her neighbors. He's seen his Queen adapt over the years, and he's seen how Mortals can twist her mind, and as she tries to adapt to the new age, some mages and spells pulling her back to dark ages, giving him a special vindictive nature to as he sees it, Mages who seek to Mind Control a god to their service. Punishing such mortals harshly as he can. But trying to Balance his nature against the Heroic nature, and his Father's tales of the heroes of Earth's history. And as such was his life. Till the day his queen essentially had a Lotto among her staff to see who to send to Earth as she say it for a "good will mission" Of protecting the mortals. He drew the lucky straw and was dispatched.


Now this section is more heavily out of character, but as far as I can tell after looking into the old Celtic myths, the like of that, the Tula Morn book of CO lore, and the Nature that Oberon is seen as King of the Unseelie, by a Coup lead against Mab for her throne, but due to the nature of CO and imaginal for gods, as best as I can figure with Mab's still popular view after as Queen of the Winter court, would lead to a Situation of.

Titania is Queen of the Summer Court, Mab was the Queen of the Winter Court. Her Son Oberon Dethrones her, taking her Title and Marrying Titania, but A Section of the Courts due to belief and other such affairs would have stayed behind with Mab. With the Logic of "One True Queen," and her son as a "Dirty Snake Usurper." So while Oberon is King of the Fae with Titania with the most of the Fae court presence, there is a small sub court clustered around Mab, Die hard loyalist.

Now I can't say this is the de facto lore of CO, but this is just how I could figure based on the Myths, the Nature of Fae, Gods like Mab and the like, and the fact that Mab has shown to have contact with the hero druid Dweomer and has made him a short time champion to fend off an invasion in the past. So this is by no means the official writers stance, but the best I could figure based on the nature of the setting.

"My son, if there's ever one creature I want to warn you against, it's the Creature known as Sage, He is old like your father, and while he looks harmless and apathetic he is one of the greatest dangers I have ever known, being one of two figures responsible for one of the darkest era of earth's history, the darkness old surpassed by the years where the worms ruled the earth. But with these times his domain of power was all too cliche, and stagnating leading him to give the false Skin of Apathy but if he is ever riled it would be a catastrophe, if you see this Sage, find some shinny baubles to bribe him to leave. He has no care for collateral" Eogh's Father Scholar during his training about what to watch for.


Eoghainín is very much of an alien mindset to that of a human, but he seeks to do his best to understand them, and be like the Noble Heroes and Knights of his father's life and what he's known in his time. But his is hard by his standards, as he has to fight his alien mindset to try and view what it means to be the Knight in Shining Armor by Human standards, but being in Fae for most of his life has left him with out many hands on experiences to try, so he's tried. But even now he's confused by Earth's standards. By the Story Book Standards the hero runs the Evil Villain through on his sword, but to do so on Earth would anger the police, or the constabulary as Eoghainín calls it, Adding even more to his confusion, and slowing down his attempt to understand what humans call "Super hero" But he's trying.

The Effect that is trying to be described and carried out by the character actuality is, the Difference between Story book hero, and super hero, along with what it means to be Fae. Humans call it a Capricious nature, but the Actively Malicious can be written up to the times, based on the story of the Fae. Given that the original Fae, were a race of godlings that took the islands from the demonic Formosan, and the Fir Bolgs. they lacked the "Malicious evil of the demons". They were if anything more "Every damn man" Version of the Aeisr, just in time with the coming of the Roman Catholic church things changed.. So they just became the Fae. So the attempt to be portrayed is Capricious, by human standards but enigmatic by theirs. An alien mindset of an extra dimensional creatures.

So Eogh struggles with not only his Alien mindset and thinking, but also the fact that what is acceptable for the hero to behead the Evil Wizard in a story book, and considered the epic conclusion to the tale, that winds the story down into the final chapters like in Fae, to do such on Earth would get him branded a criminal and set him on a conflict path with the super heroes his father so loves, only adding to his layers of confusion.


As much of this is gone over in Merry Men I'm going to recopy the vitals his goals and the like here, sorry if you've read both pages.


Primarily as it stands Eoghainín's group is new, not too overly connected to make many allied organizations.


New Purples

Eoghainín likes to think most of these men could be reasoned with, enough to convert them to his way of trying to turn them into vigilantes, hopping they are not too depraved or amoral to make it work. He views them as simply a threat to combat, and seek recruits from, the threat is from their level of organization.


His primary source of men he hopes to recruit and reform. Over all he feels they are far to chaotic and disorderly to be a threat to the organization, in his mind no different than a band of leaderless orcs.

Cobra Lords

While he holds no real hope of recruits from this gang, he ultimately views them as hopefully the least malevolent of the gangs, and the easiest to thwart, hoping with enough of a display of force against them they'll reign in their behavior.

Black Aces

The one gang while he thinks he could recruit from the one he is most hesitant to recruit from. Having taking the time to read clock work orange the inspiration for these "Black Aces" He holds a real and present fear for their "Hyper boredom" and Fans of the spot of the "Old Ultraviolence." Not only would they be a poor influence on men he hopes to reform from criminal into Vigilante, he can't trust them to behave. So he just seeks the disbanding and defeat of this gang.

Cult of the Red Banner

Of all of the Gangs in Westside this one he holds the most fear over, simply because of their connections to a world wide enterprise and their mystical connections, he regards them as the largest threat, the benefit he has over the other gangs of magical equipment and skill could be negated against these.

The Men in White

While he knows little to nothing about this gang aside what the Snookums Clone has told him, he is keeping an eye out to learn more, deeming them a possible threat.

Second Street Saints

Run by the Vigilante Redcoat, which Eogh views as a Friend, they have decided that their gangs are to be friends and allies.


There are several mystic crime families on the planet and Eogh is keeping his eye on them. The primary focuses of his mystic worries are as follows.

Circle of the Scarlet Moon

The Primary view of the goals of Eoghainín and his gang when it comes to large affairs is the Circle of the Scarlet moon, due primarily to how the seek to pull the old gods that seem to be mellowing and more into human friendly nature back, trying to keep mystic creatures as cruel and malicious to aid their crimes. As long with quite frankly trough black mail and magical powers working to make the Scarlet above the law. Which Eogh finds simply Unreasonable behavior and seeks to destroy it by any means.


While the gang is arguably small, in many ways DEMON is a small cluster of a few hundred cultists world wide, he likes his odds, and the reasons he fights this guild is simply said as needs to be said.

Trigametus Council

While not an enemy of the Council, the Council dislikes how Eoghainín is so liberal and free with his magic has made the Council view him as a threat to their "Masquerade". Where they demand that magic retain a secret. Eogh thinks they are in league with the Circle, as this logic only goes to empower the Circle and make it harder for Heroes to stop the Council for good. So while he's not looking for a fight with the Council, if they make the first strike at him, he'll be all too happy to respond.


Eogh hopes he can reform the impoverished of the world that take to crime, out of desperation or being raised in gang culture and reform it to a force of good. Ultimately intending to find a way to turn them into some kind of Enterprise of vigilantes. But small steps must be made before one can take great strides. As well as helping out Heroes, Primarily his father's worries of Takofanes and other World Ending Villains.


He works with earth guns, bat and with his magic, as well as heavily enchanted clothing with magical defensive wards. And it works for him, how to warp his magic to accent those weapons. But if someone could convince him to go to Fae would find his equipment there is far more that of a Spell sword, or a Knight in Shining armor, full chain undershirt, breastplate and all, with a flowing Cloak. He's left it in Fae and didn't bring it to earth as he says "It's simply old hat darling".

Eoghainín owns several weapons of assorted natures that he can choose to use. Most often he will be found with his whimsical Bat-saw in hand, but it isn't always the most suitable. That being said...

Rune Sword: The "Blade of a Six Ages and a Dozen Names" is a gift from his Father. This heavily enchanted rune-blade can be both a sword or a spear depending on the need at hand. It carries multiple damage-effects, however only one can be called upon at a time.

Bat-Saw: Perhaps his favorite weapon, and the one he is most known for using, this simple wooden bat-and-sawblade combo is the most silly of his armament. Looks are deceiving as this bat has been enchanted for durability, strength and a cutting edge that can rip through steel. It can still be used as a normal baseball bat when he goes to play sports.

Pressed-Leaf Spear: The "Coir", otherwise affectionately known as the "War Crimes Spear" this item is made of the enchanted leaves of a now-deceased Hellfire Dryad. Pressed between metal plates for strength they have both a cutting edge [Vorpal] and Psi-damaging abilities [Bypasses mental defenses]. Can be used in melee or thrown.

Wooden Weapons: "Gearr" Hand-carved of Holly-wood. They cause a Disruption effect that is blocked by "Energy field" defenses. Can be found as both daggers and light javelins that are suitable for throwing. Will not set off metal detectors.

Magical Sling: The "Fios Millíní", the sling itself is magical, built to be sturdy, but the ammunition is more important. Sling stones are made of various materials: carved Holly-wood [Disruption] "Energy Pellets" [similar to a laser construct, good against technical items] and Pressed-Leaf.[A special item made of enchanted leaves that have a sharp cutting edge and damaging psi-capability]

Magic-dampening Bracer: While not technically a weapon, this armguard has the unusual effect of dampening the wearer's magical abilities, both innate and spell-made. Eoghainín mostly uses it to perform simple tricks, feats of slight-of-hand and warriors skill. The applications for subterfuge are obvious.

A highly trained warrior, Eoghainín has learned many abilities over the course of his long life, some of which, while seeming almost miraculous, can be duplicated by anyone with enough skill, patience and practice. He has displayed the two feats listed below publicly.

Spear Hopping: Upon which he leaps onto a positioned spear or staff and can balance on the tip, even while it is being carried, in mid-air or otherwise in use.

Spike Walking: The ability to maintain his balance and walk along the tips of sharp objects [nails, wrought iron fence, sword blades, etc.] without falling or injuring himself.


Has dabbled with various Arts, Sports, Music in a land tech locked like Fae he needed something to pass the days between a new story for himself. Dabbling in a bit of everything just to pass the time, you can only stare at the trees so much for entertainment.

Till such time as changed it is best to picture him as James from team rocket's voice with an English accent.

Loves his Bat-saw, calls it "Delightfully Demented" Feeling a kinship to a bizarre weapon, having not only stolen a series from gang members, has had a dwarf make him a stock pile.

For as theatrical as his power looks where he conjures a base ball and smacks it with the bat at a target, it is not a ball actually an eldritch blast.


Eogh at his best
Fan art from the Clones
Eogh & his Runeblade


A place for comments by toons, Players feel free to add them I'll put some I enjoy

"He sounds like a Child Molester" Rude, untrue, but funny Tidalforce@auidre

"He's Demented" OOC comment by @Cartun

"I picture him sounding like James from Team Rocket." OOC comment by @riltmos

"Him did not like our Casserole Surprise. Said were too salty." -Clone F

"UGH! That is SO not fair! He stole my bat idea! I was using wifflebat with nails since like FORever!!" -Liira

"Yeah great, a neighbourhood watch led by a fairy wielding a baseball bat. It's like this city isn't even trying anymore." - The Doctor, of the Men in White

"But you IS a violent nutter. You keeps a Bat saw on yer shoulder. BAT! SAW!" -Liira

"That's all commendable, Eo. But that doesn't magically make a bat-saw legal to open-carry." -Redcoat

"It ain't like yer hard to find, y'know. You smell of Elfland. Like pine needles an... um. Toothpaste. Kinda." -Liira

You got girl scout cookie-conned, Eogh? -Angus

"Son. We need to talk. I want to know your intentions toward my daughter..." -Petros Papadopoulos

Who's plotting against you, Babe Ruth? -Angus

"He sings~?" -Wyvern