Merry Men

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Merry Men
"Let us make a little Merry and stop some Unreasonable behavior"
Leader(s): Eoghainín and his Father
Base of Operations: A forward base in an old Warehouse in the Far part of Westside, near Dearborn
Concept: A vigilante group, with a focus on Recruiting the poor, and those in Gangs to try and refocus them from criminals into Heroes.
Founded: August of 2016
Members: Currently just NPC types, looking for players

"Darlings, I know what you are thinking and I know this will sound so dreadfully droll, but a life of Crime just does not pay darlings, and look at you, you as you stand are just waiting for some heroes to mangle you, if you are lucky if worse comes to worse kill you. And Darlings I can promise you all to well hell is real and just waiting for you. Now I'm not an uncaring man, and I do believe many of you got started in this gang life as you were foolish children, or simply people all too poor that you only felt the way out was to take it with your own two hands. And I know many, even those cape wearing super heroes would right you off as lost causes to society, to batter and bruise and leave you in a cage for the rest of your days; but darlings, I am not an uncaring man. Why many will mock what I do here saying I am casting pearls before swine. I do see the potential for you, to a better world, I say you are diamonds in the rough. We just need to focus your impulses in the right way Darlings, now I do have to ask are you in.... or out?" Eoghainín addressing the first wave of recruits to the Gang.

The Merry Men are actually relatively new on the scene of the world stage. Having started in the most of unusual ways following an encounter with it's leader and a pocket of maniacs in West Side. Once the battle had ended, it appeared the Maniacs had taken a shine to Eoghainín's various quirks and ticks of his personality. Following him around trying to convince him to join their gang or to lead them. Eoghainín's darker side of his nature was at first amused by the offer, but he is truly wanting to be a hero and a betterment for the world. And that was when it dawned on him if he turned these people away what would happen is they would most likely end up in jail, even then possibly crippled or at worst killed. So with this in mind, Eoghainín made up a quick decision and a plan, and a mantra. He would refine these men, hopping that most of them were simply young people who made mistakes, or people so destitute with poverty they became desperate. He could supply them with his connections to the Lands of Legend with the needs to survive, and he could hopefully once that was handled redefine their goals, and turn them into forces of betterment for the world. Eoghainín gave his speech, sold his pitch a few walked away, but the vast majority of what he had impressed opted to say, feeling they rather take their odds under his leadership than as he put it, be left to the eventual fight with super heroes. And so began Eoghainín's game, working to grow his gang, and teach them how to be productive and defenders of the innocent. First task after arming them was to have them patrol the streets near their base to stop other gang related crimes against the citizens.


The base, as the rest of the world thinks is a run down Warehouse on the far outskirts of Westside, near the plots of the city the City sold to Dearborn when they turned from City of Detroit, into the City of the Future. A place with a once overgrown parking lot is now being turned said over grown parking lot into a yard. Some trees are starting to sprout, most likely by the work of Fae hands. As far as the people of the city are starting to learn, by the appearance of standing White stones in some stretch of grass near a parking lot several blocks away, to the stones around the Warehouses, the Stones serve as some kind of "Zanny" Gimmic by the Merry Men to mark their turf. But to those of the Mystical capabilities and lore they can most certainly tell it is indeed a marker of Boundaries, well versed in the magics or in old Celtic lore would see such are the markers of Fae land, most used by the breed of the Fae known as the Dione Sidhe or the people of the hills.

The real base is far more hidden, to those of more mundane of magic hating traits. But mystics might be able to sense or figure out where the real base is. One of the closest of the warehouse has been turned into a room with a portal to the real base. The portal leads to a forest in the Northwestern territories. Where an underground micro village has been carved out for the gang, making a society out of it. And a lair far from prying eyes. The base is in many ways turning into a small village or a hamlet in the ground. Lights both magical and technology cover the caverns. members get their own small apartment like cave. Eoghainín's connection to the land of legends being as sent to earth by his leader's request to aide earth keeps it well supplied.

Mages and mystics would be able to assume this, as this wood is a known in the shadow world of magic as a Fae Leyline. TO the rest of the world it's an assuming forest, the most interesting fact of this woods is in the seventies a business man and a group of hikers vanished in the woods with out a trace, A well publicized vacation due to the business man's fame. The world assumed his disappearance was the fault of super villains, or an accident. The Mystic world would know this is just one of many "Disappearances" The most commonly caused by the fact said hikers or visitors who go missing most often work for black magic societies, like DEMON or the Circle of the Scarlet Moon and seek to weaponize the forest. And the Forest is very much both alive and has a powerful spirit guarding it, which often leads to such attempt ending in the death of those seeking to weaponize the forest. The Business man was the Druid in charge of a coven of the Circle of the Scarlet Moon, his friends who "Vanished" With him were actually his coven and his henchmen, they thought if they went in force they could overwhelm the forest, and they failed.


Currently due to it's relative newness in the world command is Mostly solely under Eoghainín's sole control, as his men adapt from the change of "Thug" To "Robin hood like Vigilante" Eoghainín often defers to his Father's wisdom in affairs he is at a loss for. That being said, as it's so new, Other Player character's are always encouraged, if you want to join the gang let me know.


While most of the gang are just humans he recruited and is seeking to help, he knows to run such an occurrence would be troublesome alone. So he sought for his connections and leader to send him some help.

Forge Smith:
A Dwarf who won't say his name, and Eoghainín does indeed keep the secrecy of the creature probably worried about his name being circulated to those in the mystic world of ill intent. Oversees the work of Construction of the bases, and the forging of specialty equipment and supplies. A short surly dwarven man with a large red beard, fond of cigars, often seen with an eye patch and a tool belt over his leather overalls and covers.

Thing One & Thing Two:
A pair of Brownies that work under the Dwarf's gaze to work on the base, and keeping it clean. Eoghainín seems to have given them an earth name for the same reason as he refuses to say the dwarf's name. Instead choosing for a little bit of play with Doctor Seuss.

A Fir Dirrag that Eoghainín uses to keep tabs on the front base when he is away, using the Fae's skills in illusion and the like to watch the door, and keep from infiltration of other gangs in stolen uniforms to far more serious threats of ill intending mages to learn their secrets of the organization.


Having conferred with earth equipment and the forges of his home, Eogh was able to devises a few ideas of equipment for his men. The Forge Smith primarily making outfits out of weaves of materials akin to Armor, to fit the motif of the design the gang was going for.

Aside the armored costumes and the Armor the Gang have Wooden enchanted masks, Bats that serve as both a form of a mace weapon as well as having some basic enchantments for ranged attacks and other powers.

And lastly far more conventional earth equipment pilfered from other gangs, and ammunition for these weapons made by the Smith.


Baseball uniforms older style of closer to the old days of the sports, made of the armored weave. Undershirt a thin armor plate under that. Baseball Cap, A wooden mask of various intricate designs of Fae work. Armed with either a base ball bat, or a saw-bat, at least a side arm of a pistol, and some being equipped with more if the job depends on it.


Primarily as it stands Eoghainín's group is new, not too overly connected to make many allied organizations.


New Purples - Eoghainín likes to think most of these men could be reasoned with, enough to convert them to his way of trying to turn them into vigilantes. He hopes they are not too depraved or amoral to make it work. He views them as simply a threat to combat, and seek recruits from, the threat is from their level of organization.

Maniacs - His primary source of men he hopes to recruitment and reform. Over all he feels they are far to chaotic and disorderly to be a threat to the organization, in his mind no different than a band of leaderless orcs.

Cobra Lords - While he holds no real hope of recruits from this gang, he ultimately views them as hopefully the least malevolent of the Westside gangs, and the easiest to thwart, hoping with enough of a display of force against them they'll reign in their behavior.

Black Aces - The one gang while he thinks he could recruit from the one he is most hesitant to recruit from. Having taking the time to read Clock Work Orange the inspiration for these "Black Aces" He holds a real and present fear for their "Hyper boredom" and Fans of the spot of the "Old Ultraviolence." Not only would they be a poor influence on men he hopes to reform from criminal into vigilante, he can't trust them to behave. So he just seeks the disbanding and defeat of this gang.

Cult of the Red Banner - Of all of the Gangs in westside this one he holds the most fear over, simply because of their connections to a world wide enterprise and their mystical connections, he regards them as the largest threat. The benefit he has over the other gangs of magical equipment and skill could be negated against these.

The Men in White - While he knows little to nothing about this gang aside what the Snookums Clone has told him, he is keeping an eye out to learn more, deeming them a possible threat.

Second Street Saints - Run by the Vigilantee Redcoat, which Eogh views as a Friend, they have decided that their gangs are to be friends and allies.


There are several mystic crime families on the planet and Eoghainín is keeping his eye on them. The primary focuses of his mystic worries are as follows.

Circle of the Scarlet Moon

The Primary view of the goals of Eogh and his gang when it comes to large affairs is the Circle of the Scarlet Moon, due primarily to how they seek to pull the old gods that seem to be mellowing and more into human friendly nature back, trying to keep mystic creatures as cruel and malicious to aid their crimes. As long with quite frankly trough black mail and magical powers working to make the Scarlet above the law. Which Eogh finds simply Unreasonable behavior and seeks to destroy it by any means.


While the gang is arguably small- in many ways DEMON is a small cluster of a few hundred cultists world wide- he likes his odds, and the reasons he fights this guild is simply said as needs to be said.

Trigametus Council

While not an enemy of the Council, the Council dislikes how Eogh is so liberal and free with his magic and this has made the Council view him as a threat to their "Masquerade". Where they demand that magic retain a secret. Eogh thinks they are in league with the Circle, as this logic only goes to empower the Circle and make it harder for Heroes to stop the Council for good. So while he's not looking for a fight with the Council, if they make the first strike at him, he'll be all too happy to respond.


Eoghainín hopes he can reform the impoverished of the world that take to crime, out of desperation or being raised in gang culture and reform them to a force of good. Ultimately intending to find a way to turn them into some kind of Enterprise of vigilantes. But small steps must be made before one can take great strides.


"I never seen so many people buy my MooseScout Cookies so fast. Don't their boss feed them?" -Liira
"I am on fire." Stated matter of factly. -Eoghainin