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Player: Pariba
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Super Group
Firewatch Initiative
· Other Affiliations ·
Moose Scouts!
Real Name
Liira Zoi Larran
Gonna buy me a Cake?
Illegal Elvish Immigrant
East Briar Institute of Higher Learning
Millennium City
Proffessional Pest
Legal Status
Marital Status
Boys have Cooties! COOOOOOTIES!!
· Known Relatives ·
Too Many to List!
Physical Traits
Dark Elf
My Parents?
I'm not a robot...
House Zoi Larran
Apparent Age
82 Lbs
Body Type
Nut Brown
· Distinguishing Features ·
Abnormally Perky Personality
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Warlock-in-Training: Wild magic. Likes to spit Acid
· Equipment ·
· Other Abilities ·
A love for costumes, a knack for finding good bargains at the mall & an apparently magical back pack.



  • Likes: Pizza [thin crust, pineapple, tomatoes, black olives, pepperoni]. Practical jokes. Sporks. Wifflebats. Guns that shoot explosive amunition. Youtube. Monty Python.
  • Bad Habits: taking others belongings with no intent of returning them. Is a bad liar. Spits acid on things [and people!] and doesn't use a napkin. Has Hexed the vending machines at her school so they dispense beer [and Catnip] at will. Was trained to be deceptive and evasive since infancy.
  • Favorite Colour: Cobalt Blue.
  • Theme Song: Incense and Peppermints by
  • Favorite Movie: ?
  • Age 12.5 human years/ 43 years &3 months by the Elvish count. Not the same but are equivalent. it's confusing.
  • Has very little understanding of Human culture, other then history books and Movies. Hasn't figured out yet mass media is often not 100% accurate. She speaks&reads English well but has a limited grasp of metaphor and slang- she takes them literally and gets rather confused.
  • Is currently attending boarding school at East Briar Institute of Higher Learning. Is unused to the structure the school provides. Has a small garden of eleven secret herbs and spices near the back parking lot.
  • Has joined the Moose Scouts as an after school activity. Is selling boxes of cookies to fundraise a trip to the Lemurian Shark Petting-zoo.
  • The Swear Jar. Fines people for bad language. It seems to be more effective then her Lemonade stand last summer. It's five cents for swearing [edited, real or made up bleeping.] A Quarter for the word "Harlot". [Caliga owes her 16.75$] And a fifty cent fee for any information no one really needed to know. [TMI] She takes cash, credit and paypal, no personal checks or debit please. Has a notebook in which she keeps her tabs of who owes what.

On Being Chevalier's Sidekick:

She gets to wear an awesome costume, bash badguys around the knees with her Wifflebat of Doom and after they save the day, the city, the world? They go out for a Gelato. That's hard to beat!

She also sorts Chevalier's mail, tidies the kitchen and runs small errands. He doesn't cut her any slack at the school however and she often is set to scrubbing things with her roomate's toothbrush for Detention.


  • Uncle Chan'go -The Healer. Lives in Arizona, Father to Saari. Liira is his foster-daughter.
  • Aunt Jalisa -Chango's wife, recently returned form the dead. Most everyone is a bit apprehensive about her.
  • Aunt Zavita -a wizardess, sometime spy. Lives in Japan.
  • Cousin Lyraa -Teenage[ equivalent 16]. Her parents were killed in a tragic accident when she was a baby. Goes to the same school, has joined the Cheersquad. Is Liira's dorm-mate at school.
  • Cousin Saari -Teenage [equivalent 14]. Blood-Daughter to Chan'go. Is studying to be a wizard. Has tamed the Monster Under her Bed, calls him "Pinky".
  • Bubba- a stray Gnasher Liira found in a west-side alley and kept. It [he?] got loose within the boarding school several times and is believed to have been killed in the recent terrorist destruction of the EBI dormitory building.


"Your evil laugh needs work, you sound like a overcaffeinated chipmunk on helium."- Chevalier, EBI Fencing Instructor.

"It is not my child." --Eoghainin

"Is... is her dinosaur offering me drugs?" -Rocket Roxie

"She is forty seven by human years more than legal to drink, but as her kind are close to mine in some ways, she's still a child to me. I'm trying to be a responible adult, Darling~" --Eoghainin

Watch out for the Cookie Bandit's deadly right-hand man, the Big Yellow Bird. *In a totally flat tone.* Nom-nom. -Angus

"They have my wallet... I know it... and when the cookies show up, unasked for, I will receive my wallet... empty." -Eoghainin

"Care to expand a little. Because the only one that felt it necessary to let me know was a pickpocketing elf from Disney World." -Angus

...How can you be a Japanese elf? I thought they were from like. From Fairy World. "Her family lived in a remote area, she was born there." "Yeah, also you got legends of human-like spirit folk all over the world. Elves by any other name, yeah." "More Dimensional Refugees, that found a kind set of people to let them live there and open a tea house." "Awesome. Good folks, sounds like." -Miss Mental, Han & Epic

"Purple Halitosis! What's she been eatin'?" "Skittles." "Taste the PAINBOW, Muthaf--ka!" -Albert E Cat & Liira

"Listen to me, Liira. You must ignore feelings. Do you know who has got a lot of feelings? The Snookii have a lot feelings, they have so many feelings that they would club each other to death with golf trophies just for the fun of it. We are professionals. Professionals have standards: be polite, be efficient, have a plan to kill everyone you meet. Because in this business, you just may have to." -- Chevalier, EBI "Cook" discussing "ethics" with his apprentice, Liira
Han looks over. "Hello Bandit." -Han
"Hm?" *He looks down and notices her just when he's grabbing his anti-angry spirits stuff.* "Aaaaaaah, 'tis you, elk girl. What brings you here tonight?" - Mr. Wong of Westside
"What did you call me??" "Acid spitting cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuur!!" -Liira & Han


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Family & Friends


Liira's oldest cousin, looks 16, actually is 87. Attends EBI. Captain of the cheer team. Parents are C'liss and Zavita. She was Hand-fasted to Han as a joke played on one of her clan-uncles. Han proposed for realon April 12 2018, the clones kidnapped them both to the First Church of Elvis on April 16 and had them married. Both families attended.
She suffered physical changes when jokingly tried on a set of ancient epic magical armour.




Liira's older Cousin. Looks 14. Attends EBI. Parents are Chan'go and Jalisa. Partially deaf, wears a hearing aid. Likes to cook.



Liira's Aunt. Roughly 100 elf-years. Wife to C'liss, Sister to Zinfandael. Trained Battlemage. Lives in Japan.



Elvin Healer. Father of Saari, husband of Jalisa. Fled for his life, emigrated to Arizona. Is under a curse.



Elvin Noblewoman, wife of Chan'go, mother of Saari. Recently raised from the dead.



Elvin wizard. Fled for his life, emigrated to Arizona. Has a pet bird. Thinks the three cousins should be learning things to make them better "Marriageable Assets" rather then Heroing.



Albino assassin. Twyleth Teg. Clan Skyfire. Lives in the northern highlands. Has pet Dire-wolf Geri.



Wife of the Archduke Rast. Clan Gryphonblood. Mother of Dorsai and Samildinach. Visits Earth regularly for business.



Elvin Rebel. Distant cousin to Gloriana. Fled to Earth to escape possible execution.



Sea Elf. Bathman to the ElfKing Pellinore. Has family living in Tonga. Loves to surf, has a pet Octopus named "Buoy".



Snorri Jotnarsson
Huldru [Norse Troll] Lives in a cave at the edge of Archduke Rast's lands. Likes wrassling bears, Dwarven ale and Lutefisk.



Black Dragon. Likes her humaniform because it's just so convenient. Cousin/mother/sister[?] to Viridian, Indigo and Crimson.




Blue Dragon. Keeps a semi-reptilian form but is a known shapechanger. Primarily lives on an elvin ranch in Arizona. Is snugglebuddies with a smaller gold dragon.

Selected Notes on "Elfland":

  • It's not a very nice place to live. A variant of the European-style Feudal system- Roughly 10% of the elves are nobles, everyone else isn't. [This includes 99% of non-elves.]
  • Nobles [Also high ranking soldiers & rich merchants] are often sent to Earth [AKA. the Iron-world] for education. Most elves can't read. Most live in the equivalent of Earth's 16th century Europe. Tradesmen, Craftsmen, Merchants, Soldiers, Sailors are commonly found in the cities, Herdsmen and farmers in the countryside.
  • Most have no plumbing [hot water, sanitation. Most would have an outhouse of some sort.] Pasturization is not widespread so milk and raw foodstuffs can [and do] cause severe illnesses. The water is often not safe to drink straight from the source: it is boiled, or mixed with wine or beer.
  • There are few "doctors"- most of those are earth-trained, generally in the King's army. Healing is done by magical aid, often the "laying on of Hands". Most Healers are sent to Earth to learn proper medicine, before this practice was implemented most had the anatomy skills of a first year med stdent. They average 1/ 3 days ride, more reside in the cities. Herb use: Mint, sage will get elves mellow, used as a sedative. Willowbark will releve pain, but can kill the user more often then not. Many elves are allergic to it and other common earth plants.
  • Transportation: most people walk or ride mules or ox-carts. In the north Irish Elk are common. In the south, dromedaries. Horses are for the wealthy. Long journeys have a coach-route between the cities and notable towns. Occasionally [especially in avalanche-possible areas or known bandit areas] magical horseshoes are used to speed the trip. They are incredibly expensive so are very uncommon.

  • "Elves" and "Elfland" is a convinient way of explaining who they are and where they come from as it requires less explanation then a "Long lived magical being from another dimension from a parallel world". As most Earth-people have heard of Elves from children's tales, or video games or Fantasy novels, simply saying "elf" is usually enough to get the idea across.
  • Elves don't call themseves "elves". The terms they use do not, however, translate well. There are also pixies, selchies, Fauns, Satyrs, and a wide rariety of creatures recognisable from human myth & legend also found in "elfland". Many are openly hostile to humans.
  • The Elvish Language has many dialects. To the Human ear it sounds like a mix of Gaelic and Arabic- vaguely similar, but obviously not either. Most elvin nobles [As well as some merchants or soldiers] will have some familiarity with English, some will also speak one of more of the more common languages. [Russian, Japanese, German, etc.]

  • The northern Elvish Kingdom could be considered it's own empire as it covers most of the northernmost contenent. Large swatches are heavily forested.
  • The southern Kingdom is much smaller, most of it is arid desert little settled save by nomads.
  • There are several even smaller kingdoms and principalities scattered between these two. One notable one is "Drowned Ys", the main home of the Sea-elves.