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Player: LordWisp
Biographical Data
Real Name: Eoghan Gealachabhainn
Known Aliases: Han, Half-Face
Gender: Male
Species: Fae
Ethnicity: Fae
Place of Birth: Fae
Base of Operations:
Relatives: Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Niece, sister in law
Age: 90
Height: 5'11
Eyes: Bright
Hair: Greenish Teal
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Muscled, but lean
Physical Features: Silver left fore arm, facial scars
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active:  ?
Citizenship: Fae, working on Canadian citizenship
Occupation: Adventurer
Education: Studying
Marital Status:
Known Powers and Abilities
Magic and Strength
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBox created by @Maekada


Born an unknown amount of time by earth standards, due to the variations in the temporal fluxes between earth and Fae. He himself, is ninety years old, which by mortal standards makes him incredibly old, but for a fae standards, he is still quite young. The Young fae was born to a fae elder for a father known as scholar, and a mother, a fae queen of a fauth (Water Fae) lineage. But, what han knows of his blood mother and her extended family due to the machinations of an evil lord of a demesne known as the Duke of Black Fjord. A known alchemical wizard in the lands of fae, which much of his mode of operations include various alchemically derived biological weapons and the like to lay down his enemies. While his father was busy elsewhere with matters of his own adventures and work, His Mother received a summons from allies of her clan, to which she went to aid her ally in defense against the Duke's forces. Given Han's mother was the chief of her Shee, her relatives and older family went with her under her banner. Much unknown to Han's mother and her family, the Duke had recently developed a new more potent form of alchemical fire, closer to the application of Napalm, and several new strains of biological weapons. The battle was fierce, and with a steep price but the Duke's invasion was smashed, and he was forced to retreat to regather his forces, but the Cost was unfortunately much of Han's family, and many of the Clan's warriors. When his father received word, and returned to see his wife and what was left of her family. Finding only his young son, and a few of his wife's cousin's left, with the clan servants. To say the fae practice monogamy is a lie on the best of day, the slightly hedonistic creatures they are. His father had another wife to his name, and his other wife, a Fae noble in and of herself known as Orla, was more than willing to take the young child into her house, and raise it as her own. Through which, Han entered into his step mother's clan, and with an older half brother. But to his mother's credit, Orla would never let such terms, as "Step son" Be used, to her Han was as much her own child as his older half brother.

Raised in Orla's Shee, as another heir to her family and rights, Han has by many rights been raised as a fae prince. But never one to be much of a lay about even in his extreme youth, as soon as he was able to, he sought friends, traveling companions, and left for adventures. For Better or Worse. Having had plenty of great victories, and many sorrowful tales.


Han is a kind person, if prone to a bit of a head strong nature when it comes to certain affairs. Often throwing himself into situations and all that far quite dangerous if he deems the cause is just. And can be Stubborn as any of Irish Sod can be. Fond of a good party, bit of drink, general fun, always up for a bit of friendly competition.


He really doesn't have any grand over arching goals in life, all of much of he could hope to acquire in money and power, he has in terms of his family clan, being as the Fae are broken into a (Loose) Enough caste system, and he was born into the noble one percent of the society, and much unless he takes to petty tyranny and abuses of the clan's peasantry and people, he can't lose this power. So instead in invests his time into hobbies, but primarily fighting, in simplest terms "Evil" and adventuring.


He Travels with a full traditional celtic war kit, general good enchanted weapons, and then a blessed rune blade for when he really needs a particular type of evil foe defeated. Spears, Javelins, Ax, Sword, Shield, Sling, Bow.



Has a Song Dragon, Side kick/partner in crime/familiar
Has a left fore arm of enchanted Silver.
Has Scars around his eyes and nose he tries to hide.
Left eye is milky and damaged.
Is quite fond of the beat nick, ravers look when out of traditional wear.



"Oh, Han- Remind me to fit you for PomPoms when I get back. You'll look GREAT in shortshorts!" --Linden
...oh my GOD Han, NOT COOL! --Miss Mental
"You're on the cheersquad now. this... will be great" --Linden
"Pixie." --Crack
"Hi ham" "You call him Ham" "Did not." "Did too!" "Ham Ham Ham" -- Several Clones
"Haaaaaaan we're friends. You gossip like an old woman. Why do you wanna tell the others?" --Linden
"Han is goin through puberty. He'll grow outta it when his balls drop." *Then she covers her mouth with her hand, real quick* "I mean..." --Cookie Bandit
"I bet Han's got some crazy shit in his stash. Stuff that'll make you think you're a tiger or something. You become able to taste physics." --Mutt
-The teenagers laugh. Kids can be cruel.- "Dude that is so weird." "Your puberty is gonna suck way more than usual." --The EBI Jocks
"Hey Mr. Face of the Half variety. How goes?" --She-Mutt
"Careful, it may be a side effect of your puberty." *Giggling clone* "What am pooobertie?" --Nightbringer & a Snookii
"I HAVE clothes you ... you.." "Then what grew four inch while you---" *Whispering off mike* "...oh." "Oh." "OHHHHH" --Han & Several Clones
"That time of the month where Han gets his pixie period and must wash in the glowy pond. Some guys always get pissy about the glowing and throw stuff at it." "Oh, right..." --Nightbringer & Crack
"...Them does?" *The clones sound utterly blank on this. There is also yelling in the background* "Han say no clothes time" "TURN ON SPRINKLER HOSE" "NO I DIDN"T." --Han & Clones
"...Is the form I'm talking to now not your true form?""...Han, are you actually Frieza? Are you a Saiyan?" --Mutt
"Muscle Elf is my true form." "Elf Barbarian! MUSCLE WIZARD!" *British accent* "What ho, muscle wizard! Might you cast us a spell?" --Han & Mutt
-Does her best impression of Braks singing voice- "I knoooow that I embarass you sometiiiiimes. Like when I threw your Han into the poooool" ` *Stock scream, Splash!* --She-Mutt
-Glenn is a good hunter, and tracks him down eventually. Han smells of silver and regret.- --Glenn
"Glenn wasssn't asssked about ninjasss. And Halffaccce hasss a lot of nicknamesss. Glenn callsss Halffaccce Halffaccce becaussse Halffaccce only hasss half Halffaccce'sss faccce." --Glenn