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The East Briar Institute for Higher Learning

A Word From Our Dean

Dear Newly Enrolled Student:

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our institute. East Briar is the leading school in Millennium City for those who wish to master their exemplary talents and abilities. I am confident that you will find our facilities to be more than adequate for your day-to-day needs.


Dean Warwick Nigel Thornberry the 3rd,
East Briar Institute for Higher Learning


Student Life

Dorm Assignments

1st Floor:
101 Ember
103 Timmy(NPC)
105 Gath M'raz
107 Grey Blitz
180 Stoner NPCS
182 Stoner NPCS
184 Watermelon[NPC]
2nd Floor:
202 Shift
203 Mantle
205 Rainbow Soul, Tin Lizzie
222 Mike the Shark[NPC]
255 Tumbler, Twitter Girl
3rd Floor:
301-319 Jock NPCs
320 Reggie, Ron
325 Don, Alan
330 Ozzy, Gerald
339 Dan, Sully
340 Sean, Dean
346 Chad, Quinlan
347 Thad, Brad
370 Mark, Kirk
374 Mick, Mack
4th Floor:
404 The School Ghost (Haunted!)
408 Gloop
413 Designation:Representative
443 Crack (NPC)
444 Nightbringer, Glenn
445 Rough Sally
5th Floor:
502 Erin Winnonah
504 "Pancake", Spess ork kid
6th Floor:
608 Kaleidoscope
615 Trinket
644 John Luke Rogers
665 Becca(NPC)
666 Richard(NPC)
7th Floor:
713 Exitus
719 Veil, Dal
732 Lyraa, Saari
733 Liira, Linden
13th Floor
1323 Luiz
1327 Alexia
1342 Daedalus, Jake
16th Floor
1664 Acyth
1663 Fishtank Boy(NPC)
1675 Ann Marie
1680 Dannyboy, Anthony
17th Floor
1701 Brazen
1722 Felonia
1723 Keith Moyer(NPC)
1742 Craig
1753 Zelkear
1765 Oxyliquit
18th Floor
All of the Snookii.
Building Roof
Idami Dragon & Ember Dragon
Ground Floor Units
Ithiko's Staff [5 Teleioraptors]
Two Warhorses
Off Campus
House MechaKitty v.2
House Alex Benoit
Appartment Tristan(NPC Vampire)
Zurine De La Conche



Name Position
Ethan Schewell Grounds Keeper
Hazmat Larry Janitorial Services
Oog Tailor
OPEN Public Relations
Lou Zephyr School Attorney/Sub. Music Instructor
Torvo School Security Head
Bobs, The [NPCs] School Security: Day
Firebug School Security: Night
Amanda Avian Relations Liasion
Ignatius, Brother Priest, Truant Officer
Crimson Shrike Receptionist
Haveman, Doctor (NPC) Anger Management
Abigail Williams Guidance Counselor
Sarah Asiman, Doctor Medical Liaison
Jorge Sandoval, Doctor Medical Liaison
Kneebreaker, Nurse Medical Liaison
BotBot Flight Simulator Mechanic
ChevBotts, The Cafeteria Staff
Jasmine "Bulwark" Brady Vice Dean, Extracurricular Activities
Chevalier Home Economics[Cooking], Advanced Fencing
Nina Sparrow Ranged Combat Trainer, Gym
Chaed'arr Lorthank Physical Combat Coach, Gym
Vincent Jax Stiles Substitute Teacher
Flora Dark Dance Instructor
Rachel "La Puma" Haven Cheer Coach, Gymnastics
Krioss Swim Instructor
Viathan, Ambassador General History Instructor
Jebediah "The Ghost" Geist American History Instructor
Sandra Miller History Instructor, Home Economics[Textiles]
Mathew Goodbairn Social Studies Instructor
Bosenkraz Sciences Instructor
Sarah Quinn Mystical Arts Instructor
Husk Mechanical Engineering
Jakob "Ithikos" Stroessen II, Dr. Biology Department Head
Natalya "Nattie" Romanova, Dr. Physics Department Head
Kikqkikyl' Metaphysics Department Head
Angus McAlpine, Doctor Magic Department Head
Ephraim Stoffenmacher, Doctor Chemistry Professor
Joshua Fairweather Philosophy Professor
Joanne Speritz Demonology Professor
William Marlowe Cryptozoology Professor
Michel Kleber, Doctor Music instructor


"Why I am the first person asked to beat other peoples kids..." --Chevalier
"East Briar's not like, a normal school, man!" Understatement of the year. --Rainbow Soul & Angus
Hey so is there a West Briar? --Miss Mental
Safe is a ... relative term at East Briar, and mystical arts are as well. --Winterstar
"Shit they should close your school, man." "...Why... do everyone say this?" "Is very nice school." "High too Eat shun" "Everyone says it because your school sounds like a hazard to the general public." --Mechadin, Clones & Duck Vermillion
"It's a super school, so anything anyone wants to take is available... if you can breathe underwater, then underwater basketweaving is a useful skill." Underwater basket weaving never comes in handy, no matter how skill points you put into it. "Well you have to make it with seagrass." --Chevalier & Fleabelly
"The school is run by ancient cult conspiracies and things from John Carpenter's wet dreams!" "No the school is run by a morally grey old man, using a TV character's name to hide from his criminal past." --Reggie & Torvo
Since when did Nigel run the school? His name might be listed as running it, but actually running it? No. --Chevalier
<Giggle> "... Molly iz really in charge ... she just doesn't let on." And if folks don't like it, she steps on the foot.. head first. --Fleabelly & Chevalier
East Briar, Hogwarts for pikies. --Passion Green
Oh... when it comes to class sign-up, Flea is looking for 'becoming a princess 101' they seemed to leave it off the curriculum last semester. "Did she mention it to the staff, it's probably an oversight." --Piffle & Linden
<Chevalier gets emergency phone call in middle of the night ...Fleabelly in concerned voice, "where do we keep the can opener? I can't find it"> "Next to the homework you never started." --Fleabelly & Chevalier
Fleabelly has a plan for next semester's classes... if there is no 'how to be a princess 101', she will write it in on the form in crayon, and show up in a random classroom with disney dvds. --Piffle
"Sir, Miss Murder just took my particle accelerator! Tell her to stop being mean!" (GODDAMN IT! NOW I HAVE TO MAKE A MISS MURDER CHARACTER! I obviously hate my life... >_<) --Kaladria Hui -Grumbles under breath and returns to the Deathray-2000 assembly kit* " Bet there's pieces missing." It was made in China - of COURSE there are pieces missing! Absolutely, any mad scientist, or even a disgruntled one, worth their salt would be able to finish it. "Hmm... so is acme run by heroes, trying to keep the villains down, or by villains, just being villains?" --Kaladria Hui, Ameri-Cat, Chevalier & Piffle
What would mid-terms and finals be? Take over a small country? "Ah, man! Why do I always get assigned Russia?" "You were late." --Piffle, Kaladria Hui & Chevalier
<Giggle> "...Does EBI have any world domination classes?" Those who can do, those who can't teach... so do you want to learn from someone who failed at it? "Good morning class. I am Doctor Destroyer, and today I'm going to talk to you about the 'monologue'." Monologues are the mark of a good villain. --Piffle, Chevalier & Ameri-Cat
-Hands his coffee over to one of the maintenance bott's and approaches this person- If you are a student, you have attained an almost unprecedented level of detention. If you are one of the faculty, I will ensure your wages will be garnished until the ends of time itself... if you are neither, I will show you a world of pain undreamt of in your worst night terrors. Takofanes will weep for your fate. --Chevalier, taking school security seriously!