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Natasha@Pariba: XD kk just wanted to check as i have the memory retention like a collander, clones have special rules when it comes to school security and thumping other students, yes? Tavar@shaelos: as to special rules, only those who are working security are allowed to "thump" other students Chevalier@shaelos: incorrect usage of the dispensation will result in the removal of the clone security forces thumping priviledges

Dance instructor married priest in late july 2018. Rachel "Missy" Winters, AKA La Puma.

Nightbringer@Heartshaker: like they meet and they're all "Mr. Incognithens." "Mr. Anonymson." -S-@Pariba: really strained hand shaking, politely fake smiles... Nightbringer@Heartshaker: "I hear your son carl scored the highest score on his class." "Yes. We're so proud of him. I hear your daughter bethany plays the chelo masterfully." "Yes. Such a prodigy."

all in the driest voices EVER

-S-@Pariba: and the kids are all oblivious Nightbringer@Heartshaker: "we're having a barbeque this weekend. You shold come." "We would be deliiiighted." -S-@Pariba: "Uncle Fred" *deliberate look* "is not invited." Nightbringer@Heartshaker: "Yes. He's a drunk and tends his mouth." and then fred was a jackass who went around revealing everybody's super alter ego

Nightbringer@Heartshaker: Zaltor is Mr. Incognithen and Mr. Anonymson is Detroitman. Fred is his brother, and also Blabbermouth. he has sonic powers, of course. "Hey. Hey, is that Zaltor? Hey, Zaltor, you shithead! We're gonna bust into your evil lair any day now!" "Fred." "Nothing can stop the combined might of Detroitman and the Blabbermouth!" "Fred, please *Zaltor just stands around, pretends he doesn't see or hear him.* -S-@Pariba: XDXDXD that needs to happen parent-teacher interview day! Nightbringer@Heartshaker: AAAAAAH, but when the costumed confrontation happens! "You paaatheeetiic wooorm! You thought your feeble insults could make ME, ZALTOOOR!!! Fall for your ploy and reveal myself openlyyyyy?! Feel the wrath of my newest death ray, 'FRED' !!" *ZORT ZORT!*

Some school groups:
The Thoughtful Assembly of Students for Kickassery (T.A.S.K.)
Football, Fencing, Soccer, Swimming, Lacrosse, Martial arts, Archery and Others (F.F.S.S.L.M.A.O.)
School' Anty-Bullying Board Association and Therapy Help (S.A.B.B.A.T.H.)

Shalara is 21 and has a room in the teacher section. joined jan 18 18.

[Tell] Bulwark@LordWisp: Hrm, Art Club, Culture Club, Xeno Culture Club, Animators Club, Gamers club, Animation (Cartoons/anime club), Sports Club,> <Young Academics Club, book Club, Several "Arts" Clubs, like martial arts, Offical PRIMUS ROTC club.> <Some extra school fairs. Sounds like a full rosters?

(( Yeah, in my minds its basically a slightly wackier version of Sky High, although I also like X-Men/Harry Potter/Willy Wonka on LSD. };op --Winterstar@mlmii
my headcannon is, when contagiously powered individuals come to EBI, the Dean omes out of his slumber and tells them he moment you turn another student or staff, Imma get medieval on your ass." -Nightbringer@Heartshaker
questionable science. "Ok, secret formulas A through Q haven't worked... But R will be the one. I CAN FEEL IT!" And then his kid accidentally sprayed it on bugs. --Default Man@RandomChance42 on "Timmy"

Bubba discovered for eating 23 students souls. Becca, toddler, carries a dinosaur plushie as big as herself. soulless. Becca has intangible powers

"poor" Richard, inept magical student, burned his eyebrows off in magic dueling club. Jenny head cheerleader likes to check out butts. Thermal powers. Lou Cipher's office at the school is floor 6, room 66. Chaed'arr "Green Pea" Lorthank

is the dean a villain? probably.Timmy is 12, grew giant insects as science fair project. his dad is a rich villain. Default Man@RandomChance42: questionable science. "Ok, secret formulas A through Q haven't worked... But R will be the one. I CAN FEEL IT!" And then his kid accidentally sprayed it on bugs.
Winterstar@mlmii: (( Yeah, in my minds its basically a slightly wackier version of Sky High, although I also like X-Men/Harry Potter/Willy Wonka on LSD. };op

Staff: Chaplin, anger management councelor, guidance counceilor, Therapist, Speech therapist. Janitorial, groundskeeping, secretatial, librarian, teachers, assistants, principle, security, chef, others?

how to speak to the press. How to conduct yourself at a fancy dinner. How to conduct yourself when meeting a VIP. How to give a speech. Choral, religious and temporal guidance, general advice Home ec.[Baking/sewing], cafeteria services, the fencing program [school has won local and statewide awards] Teachers: Basic/specialized classes[English/other languages, history, math, social studies, ] Astronomy, physics, comparative biology, Study of known alien species, study of known villainous threats, tactics. engineering, shop class, automotive, full robotics laboratory, care of your power suit. care of your hover bike. Study of known dimensions, study of magical threats, basic/advanced magic classes, magic theory [magical ability not required] Gym, hand to hand, wrestling, cheer squad, football, lacrosse, chess club, dance, melee[heavy/light] ranged weapons[projectiles: mechanized/heavy, guns/arrows] Improvised/primitive weapons, improvised survival, Animal care, drama, arts. Flight/space simulator-aviation training. Rocket science. Astrophysics, How to drive a tank. Yoga. Swim classes. Computer programming, Armour: how to choose what's best for you. First aid. Demolitions/demolitions disposal.

Note to self: look at actual uni course listing. find applicable. make listings look presentable. have "Henchmen: Know when to use them" and "Expendable Assets: when not to be frugal" as lectures. Does "xenobiology" apply to elves? make it funny like a sales blurb!

get pictures of uniforms, dorm building, 'historic Sakura Bridge', Lemurian embassy? add driving directions from Ren cen? Change the dean's name?

mission statements, basic/advanced courses offered, sports and extracurricular activites

Driving Directions:


Parking: Students and staff have a specific lot nearby, a permit is required to park there. a guest lot is on site, adjacent to the head offices. Bicycle parking can be found at the dormatory as well as around campus. Please be advised East Briar is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Student Boarding: Board is avalable for students who wish to stay at the school. We provide a secure dormatory building with single or double rooms, private baths, and a common area on each floor. Laundry services is avalable on site. Food is avalable in the campus cafeteria round the clock all year in the main building. In consideration for students with specific needs floors fourteen through seventeen have rooms that can be indevidualized to suit. Board is an additonal cost.

Student Uniforms: Students are required to wear their uniforms during school hours. We have a selection of them that may be chosen. The price of the uniforms are included in tuition and laundry services are avalable on site.

Healthcare: East Briar is fortunate to have a full service teaching hospital on site that specializes in Meta-human patients. A wide array of services are offered including eye and dental exams, sports physicals, vaccinations and counceling. East Briar takes the privacy of our students seriously and no medical or personal information will be released without the signed consent of a parent or guardian.

Nearby Attractions: Notable sights in the area include the historic Sakura Bridge, a gift to the city from the people of Japan. The park is also notable for several groves of rare trees with blue-purple foliage. Not far from there is the Lemurian Embassy. They offer tours with insight about Lemurian culture and a small but fine gallery of cultural artifacts. MacKenzie park, a local favorite is within walking distance. It has a playground, picnic tables and open areas, it is widely used at any time.