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Player: LordWisp
"I can't accept the human race is a lost cause as he says."
Biographical Data
Real Name: Jasmine Brady-Giacione
Known Aliases: Bulwark
Gender: Female
Species: Human born Empyrean
Ethnicity: Complicated
Place of Birth: Underground Lair in australia
Base of Operations:
Relatives: Mother, Father, many half siblings
Age: 22
Height: 6'3 give or take
Weight: Rude
Eyes: Dark Blue
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build:
Physical Features: Pointy Mutant ears
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 2
Citizenship: Complicated
Occupation: Administration at EBI
Education: Tutors, and some Schooling on Earth
Marital Status:
Known Powers and Abilities
Strength and Kinetics
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Jasmine's history really starts with her father's history, to which one can look up his file and history on their Page. But the important part is, when her father attempted to himself into some cosmic god entity, heroes interrupted his efforts, and a backlash happened. Either the build up of energy made a cascade that blew all around him away into the multiverse. Or the gods of his dimension were banishing him and those close to him for his hubris, her father didn't know, nor did he waste much time on it. As they say old habits die hard, he would rule a world, didn't have to be his. And even all of the better the people of this earth, were more morally debased, more foolish, all the better to be his pawns and his sheep. So he went to work. Jasmine's mother, is one of his father's best operators for intelligence gathering and covert missions. And so her mother went to the surface from the lair to work as one of her father's spies, assassins, and so forth.

− One night while her mother was working recon in the Big Apple a very tall, broad shouldered, and handsome man, clearly some form of meta human in the bar. And he just so happened to be the kind of man to her taste. Never one to worry to much on her reputation in that regard, she approached the man, and took him home for the night. Of course he never bothered to call her back, but that was fine to her mother, it would just be a complication. But in time it started to show the one night stand had left her with child. Which was a complication but her mother didn't want to do something foolish as in try and recruit the biological father. And if you ask her, he wasn't even that good in bed. Though they did run into each other several times over the few months her mission took. The man clearly knew she was pregnant and had a good odds he was the father, but he couldn't care less.

− But such is the way of her Biological father's people, the Empyerean, they collectively sire hundreds of children a year in their respective cover identities, but don't care for their "Mutts" Unless they show super powers. So as far as her biological father was concerned the unborn child odds are wouldn't have powers, and was useless to him. In time her mother's mission ended and she returned to the lair. Her father, her mother's husband, and the one who raised her, wasn't overly bothered by the revelation of his wife's pregnancy while on deployment with a one night stand. To him it was just one of her eccentricities that she enjoyed in her role of fem Fatale.

− Along came Jasmine, she was treated as much of the same as if Cadaver had been her own biological father, he cared for her all the same as his own flesh and blood. She did develop powers in time, and when she came of age, her father started teaching her how to fight with her powers to apply it to the family trade. And for a time life was easy, happy, and full for Jasmine and her family.

The Trouble started when she turned Eleven, where her siblings easily bought onto the family business, and her father's general lack of any respect for humanity, viewing them as greedy liars, and the vast majority sheep that would go along with the lies, if they were "Paid off" He felt it was alright for him to rule them then. They clearly don't want to rule themselves, they just want the politician that will pay them the most freebies. So to her father the answer was clear. All he had to do to be the world's leader was offer such, with a smiling carefully crafted public facade of a cult of personalty.
Jasmine on the other hand, often argued, loudly with her father that, such talk wasn't true, all one had to do was look at Super heroes, and see there is hope for humanity, if people were so lost as he said, Heroes wouldn't be a thing. Something to which he father would counter with calling heroes foolish, well meaning idealist. They'd bleed, sweat, cry and suffer for the sheep, but if someone came along with the right smiling face, and the right "Bribe" they would throw their heroes to the proverbial wolves to side with the bearer of gifts. They could never reconcile this disagreement. Her Father had completely lost any respect for the average human being that wasn't a minion trained by him, and his daughter was too idealistic to buy into her father's dogma. For years they argued, fought, screamed, and neither able to convince the other of their views. This culmination lead to Jasmine being Banished to a remote, out of the way facility, where she could not endanger the family operations, and lead to her running away from home.


Jasmine's Family is Large, Fifteen total children, giving Jasmine fourteen siblings, some born of her father and mother, and some from mistakes, gathered along her mother's missions. And one of them, Adopted based on the death of one of her father's inner circle. They Generally get along well enough, on the whole, there were a few bad eggs in the family, that took the "High" Of being born into a villain family too seriously, constantly planning fratricide of the others in the family to inherit power. But outside of a few bad eggs, the rest get along well, Jasmine's conflict of Morals not withstanding of course. Her Mother is one of her Father's top agents, and longest existing henchmen, a Sonic Villainess, known as Decibelle.


Jasmine tries hard to be idealistic and carefree. But much to her dismay, the longer she spends away from her father, the more people in the world at large are willing to prove him right. This has caused a low gnawing depression, but she's come to internalize it as. IF her father rules them like he says then they will never learn to be anything more than this, or so that's what she tells herself to keep her optimism up. She tends to be incredibly laid back, fun loving and free, prone of just having a laugh. Though she can get frustrated, and flustered in an angry way, when she encounters authority figures or public officials, that are everything her father said.


Jasmine is a hero, as much as she can be with her full time job, as Vice Dean over seeing affairs at the Private Academy for all ages, with some Nine hundred total students, called East Briar academy. Much of her day is spent on the administrative affairs of a private school, when not out stopping bad guys.


Flight, Regen, Strength, Durability, and a Strange mutation of her empyrean dna, based on the meta human powers of her mother, her mother's powers a strange fusion of low level psionics via the medium of her voice, and kinetic energism her mother can focus with her voice. Given her a far more advanced version of her mothers kinetics


Loves to Sing Has hair down to her legs Something about her healing factor an metabolism goes weird with liquor, and it takes less than you'd think to get her smashed. Is very much her mother's daughter. Likes Pottery and textile art. Likes Ink stroke works. Her Mother was born in north Carolina, and her father is a first generation Sicilian immigrant.


No heroic nemesis yet, just some attacks from rivals of her father's operations