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I freely invite anyone to draw shiddy crayon pictures of fuzzy elephant, or give her some ridiculous comments. Your hero might have seen her loitering around the big red bridge. :)





Molly Lives here. Best School Mascot EVER!

Molly lives in a enclosed pen on the school property and while it is fenced in, she's figured out how to open the lock and tends to give her self walks around town.

  • The Mastodon House is a building the clone sisters built for her- painted white and looking very much like a doll house with an oversized front door. Inside is enough space for her to lie down, a stack of hay bales, a hammock the clones added, and a small sink and counter top used for food prep. Below are some cupboards for storing things like Molly's shampoo and flea-dip. In the back is a small add-on bedroom, for when one of the clones wants to sleep over. Ethan the former EBI groundskeeper stayed there for some time, now Fleabelly is sleeping there. Her round the clock companion is a tiny grey tabby cat Molly found under a dumpster and rescued named Dingo.
  • Outside is a hose, a closet for shovels and brooms, a water trough and a broad even stretch of grass. The clones sewed several second-hand quilts together to give Molly some blankets and barding for cold weather. They also made her a howdah for people to ride in, but Molly, perhaps understandably, isn't fond of it.
  • Molly is the school mascot and can be seen at sporting events or other school activities. She can be very loud cheering for her team!
  • Molly's food is delivered in partnership with the Detroit Zoo, and they visit her now and then to study her. On rare occasions she has been moved to the Zoo's former-elephant paddock for observation. One other Mastodon shares the paddock, "Sadie" who was lost in time.


Molly is generally quite amiable in her nature and friendly with all... until you make her angry. Threaten her friends, her cat or her food, in roughly that order and you will regret it!

  • She considers the clone sisters as her herd-mates and spends quite a bit of time with them. She did not like them adding purple dye to her shampoo one time, and was quite unimpressed when she turned fuchsia.
  • She found both Fleabelly and Dingo in alleys nearby and brought them both home, Flea to stay and go to school, Dingo to solve the mouse-and-squirrel problem that occasionally infests her pen every fall. She is of the opinion that Flea gives excellent scratches!
  • She has a fondness for AtlusBot the "Bringer of Food" who worked for a time at EBI in the flight simulator room. Even though he himself did not eat, he made sure to bring her a little something now and then.
  • Brother Ignatious is a Jesuit monk who maintains the EBI chapel. He grows roses on the grounds and bribes Molly with pineapples [Her Favorite!] not to graze on them.
  • Chevalier is the school chef and one of the men responsible for bringing Molly to the school. He is somewhat possessive of her, even though he says she is the clone's charge. He makes sure her food shipments arrive on time and the quality is good and occasionally lets her filch a head of lettuce from the open window of the Kitchens when she is passing by in the alley. She thinks stealing his hat and wearing it around town is a fine joke.

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  • Molly loves to hug: a habit that can be quite disconcerting given the enormous size of her tusks! She does this by wrapping her prehensile trunk around the hug-ee.
  • Molly gets annoyed when you call her a Mammoth- she knows she is a mastodon. The clones will give a rambling disposition of the differences between the two if prompted.
  • Molly is not only a cloned mastodon but she is quite smart and is capable or both reading and writing- a fact the East Briar teachers hold over the clones when they do poorly in class. Her writing is very clumsy, given she uses her trunk, but legible and she can usually get her point across.
  • In addition to the usual range of rumbles, honks and trumpets she communicates with body language- her trunk, ears, stance and so forth. In these matters she behaves quite a bit like the Asian elephants she resembles.
  • She has been trained as a war-mount and is not afraid of guns. She has no special armour or shielding and can be injured by them. Please do not shoot the Mastodon!
  • Molly has a bad habit of strolling off to buy Dingo some catfood. She will head to the nearest grocery store, tap on the door and give the manager her shopping list and some bills. She will count the change before heading back.
  • She will also let herself out to have a mud bath under the Red Bridge, a swim, or to graze on shrubbery nearby after dark. She's accidently frightened several people in doing so!
  • Molly loves to play Frisbee! She has several of them but her favorite is a glow-in-the-dark ring that she brings to Psi Park now and then. If no one else wants to throw for her, she'll fling it to chase by herself.
  • Molly once "Borrowed" a baby carrage while the mother was distracted by her cel phone. After that, the clones got her a pram and a mammoth plushie that fits inside it and Molly happily strolls up and down the block pushing "Junior".



  • Molly is a clone, artificially created but born of a mother elephant. She was raised by Asian elephants and a good many of her behaviours still stem from this "herd mentality." Her early history after this is uncertain but it is generally known the men who helped with her creation are in prison in Canada. Further details remain classified.
  • She was trained as a war-mount for a would-be villain who greatly desired charge into glorious battle atop her. His goal was to "Free Canada from the Spanish invaders." As Canada is not, and has never been threatened by the Spanish, he was quickly stopped and Molly confiscated.
  • Though Chevalier's connections, she was given over to the East Briar Institute as their official school mascot, and as the clone girls pet. [It was quietly felt they needed to learn responsibility with something they couldn't hug to death by accident.]
  • July 14 is the date the clone girls celebrate their Decanting, with cake and a [very] large party. Because Molly is a clone like them, they've included her in their celebrations for the last several years.



  • Molly has had several offers to buy her. [No, please don't ask.]
  • She was loaned to a petting zoo in upstate Michigan for a month after the clones accidently stole a prize duck. [Dingo ate him, poor fellow.]
  • She was kidnapped on the return trip, and driven over the border into Canada. Luckily she and Clone Z were rescued by a agile off duty Mountie and saved. They were given complementary coffee and doughnut holes at a nearby Tim Hortons before being returned to MC.
  • Molly once led several super-heros to a house in the suburbs that was the scene of a DEMON cult ritual. Even though they were too late to save anyone, the police were very grateful, and she made the papers.
  • Molly once left a "gift" in the open topped convertible of a man who cut her off in a crosswalk.
  • She has been given citations as a "unleashed dog in the park" and another for "double parking on the sidewalk". [Both cases were dismissed.]
  • Molly was kidnapped a second time and taken to a private zoo in the UAE. The clone Snookums had been found shot nearby and after some difficulties Molly was freed and the man who took her mysteriously disappeared. [There was some talk about him being eaten by a Eryops in another part of the exhibit, but no one knows for sure.] The local sheik is quite the fan and hopes to visit her in MC one day.
  • She accidently wandered into the school cafeteria while one of the walls was damaged. The repair-droids were very efficient and she was stuck there for two days until the school chef acquired a chainsaw and forcibly cut her a door.
  • She once walked off with a woman's pram, to push the baby around the lawn. The clones promptly got her a little pram and a wooly mammoth plushie "Junior" to put inside so that wouldn't happen again.
  • Some years ago Molly was kidnapped for a third time, coming back from the petting zoo by a deranged hunter wanting to try his own version of "the Most Dangerous Game", and used Molly and her clone as bait. The school chef arrived to 'discuss' matters and shortly they, and another hostage, with her pet Liger, were free to go.
  • She loves to play Frisbee and will walk herself to nearby parks to play "catch" with local dogs. Thundrax' dog Hobo is great at the catching part, bringing it back to her, not so much.
  • She once decimated a swarm of vampires attacking the city with a broken broom. They came at her one by one through her pen door and she efficiently, [though with much confusion as to what was going on!] staked them, enough for several civilians who had taken shelter with her to get to safety.
  • She appears regularly in parades occurring in Millennium City, usually with a very silly feathered hat in EBI colours, and several clones atop her throwing candy.


Static, and the sound of somebody whispering under their breath? Something like 'Christ, I don't think I've ever seen something eat /that/ much...' --Ceps via comm-chatter
"Being trampled is not on my bucket list" --Irios 2016
"You're a BIG Doggy!" --Happy the Flowerbot
"Did they pulled the mammoth's snout again?" --Nightbringer
"Hehe. Molly's hose tickles." Trunk." "Saywha?" "It's called a trunk. "Hehehehe. Truuuunk." *one of the students tries to hug the trunk, then falls to a side* --Random EBI Students
-Night is awake-ish.- "Uh? Whus goin' on? Whyss there an elephant in the room?" --Nightbringer
<giggle> ... Molly iz not a kitty! Molly is a wooly mastadon! ... <smiles proudly> ... I live with her! *She tries to repeat after her* Wally Master Don? --Fleabelly & Shalara
"We are far from defenseless, if you'd direct your sight towards the rooftops..." I wouldn't fling that shit if I were you, that gets on Molly's pen... you know Molly has a feisty new friend?" --Quinlan & "Chief" about the rooftop catapults.