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PLAYER Pallaslogo.png
Super Group Prog12.png
Rank Member (No, seriously)
Current Affliations Star*Guard, Protectors of the World, Champions, UNTIL, UNITY, DoJ, USMC, Circle of Justice, PRIMUS (the accuracy of this list is up for debate)
Former Affiliations N/A

Real Name Miss Pussycakes
Known Aliases Bob
Gender Male
Species Cat
Birthdate May 6th
Place of Birth San Diego, CA
Current Location Millennium City, MI
Relatives Olevia Alvarez (owner)

Apparent Age 6-ish
Height 1 foot
Weight A lot
Eyes Green
Hair Gray
Complexion Hairy
Build Circular
Notable Features Cute

Identity N/A
Citizenship Sure
Marital Status Single and due to a vet not ready to mingle
Occupation Loyal pet, part time superstar
Education N/A


If being cute was a power, Miss Pussycakes could easily take down Dr. Destroyer with one paw tied behind his back
Occasional Hairballs

ProtectorsBox Template

One of Millennium City's greatest defenders, MISS PUSSYCAKES stands ready to vanquish evil. With a "miao miao" here and a "miao miao" there, this ferocious feline is taking the underworld by storm. There are whispers of where its origins begin, perhaps the far far past or even in the reaches of outer space. One thing is for sure is that this critter is a mystery to ALL.

Oh, who are we kidding? Miss Pussycakes is the somewhat bored looking, terribly cute, fairly dim witted, seriously sleepy and extremely obese pet of the Progeny's very own LASH. Just be careful and don't leave anything that could be potentially ingested about... for it WILL be eaten.


Miss Pussycakes started life as Bob the Cat in San Diego, California (yes, Miss Pussycakes is actually male but please don't tell Olevia). The middle kitten in a litter of eight, Miss Pussycakes found himself adopted by the Alvarez family for their daughter, Olevia. Wanting a pony instead, Olevia prayed very hard in the hopes the cat would turn into one. While that wish never came to pass, her love for the tiny kitten grew and grew until her little heart was bursting for love towards her new pet. To nurture this love, the young Olevia started to feed Miss Pussycakes a steady diet of anything. By the age of two, Miss Pussycakes grew from a teeny little baby kitten to something akin to a science fiction sandworm you might read about in a Frank Herbert novel.

Miss Pussycakes made the move across country two years ago when the Alvarez family relocated to Millennium City. He made an easy enough transition as he was never allowed outside the house. He continues to be a source of conversation with Olevia in both New Vigil (formerly) and the Progeny (currently). It was only recently that Miss Pussycakes met the heroes of the Progeny at their base, "Arcade-O-Rama". Interestingly enough, he was used as a discus by Black Ice and later defended Cait Sith during an attack, leading him to seemingly hate the former and like the latter. Olevia later announced that Miss Pussycakes joined the Progeny after the incident, leading to a good deal of eye rolling behind her back and placating to her face. Currently he spends his time daily eating (50% of his day), sleeping (49.99999% of his day) and fighting the forces of evil (.00001% of his day). Fortunately Olevia has not made him a super hero costume... yet.



Fluffy. Big boned. Juicy. Obese. Thick. These are just a few words that might best describe Miss Pussycakes. This feline is a gray Scottish Fold tabby cat with large green eyes and a short, tiny nose. Well fed is an understatement as the cat packs a sizable amount of girth in its stomach. While incredibly overweight, there is no denying that this is one amazingly adorable feline specimen. Most are simultaneously in awe that something that gargantuan can be at the same time one of the most precious things ever. At least that's how Olevia sees it.


Miss Pussycakes is a very laid back cat even if Olevia states otherwise. He's a cat and its mostly in his DNA. The majority of his day is spent lounging about the house, drinking, eating or sleeping. Sometimes he poops. Miss Pussycakes has shown himself to be very loyal to his owner, Olevia Alvarez. When he is awake he can often be found by her side while she is at home. He prefers to be held even though he's chunky as hell and will cry and cry if he is not at times.


A few bits of trivia you may know (or not care to know) about Miss Pussycakes:


  • Olevia believes Miss Pussycakes has super powers of some sort
  • Has mysteriously disappeared on occasion with no real explanation.
  • Can unerringly locate catnip even if hidden.
  • Likes to watch laser pointers (running is for chumps and losers).
  • Enjoys animal related television and movies.
  • Can sleep for 22 hours straight.
  • Eats dust bunnies.
  • Is micro chipped, but has never had to use it, as he is an indoor cat.
  • Is fixed (sorry, lady cats).
  • Enjoys pizza. And ice cream. And honey.
  • Is best friends with the neighbor dog, Bungee.
  • Often is said to be dieting.
  • The dieting is a lie.
  • Allegedly has asthma and seasonal allergies.
  • May or may not have been involved with fighting VIPER as an undercover agent in the past.
  • Enjoys snowboarding.
  • Appears to enjoy the company of Progeny member Cait Sith.
  • Detests Progeny member Black Ice. It may have to do with being hurled at the enemy in combat before. Maybe.


Miss Pussycakes has a number of skills which might rival an experienced hero such as Sparrowhawk. These include:

  • Sleeping: He can do this most of the day and night.
  • Eating: Miss Pussycakes can pack food away like there is no tomorrow.
  • Pooping: The litter box always has a friend in him.
  • Cute Factor: Without a doubt, this cat knows how to pull at his owner's heart strings.
  • Crying: Because he wants attention or food now.


From The Litter Box



"I LOOOOOOVE my sweet Pussycakes! She is easily the cutest, most awesomest baby ever! *makes kissing noises for several minutes*" - Lash

"We have seen much in our travels throughout the universe, but we have seen nothing with an appetite as insatiable as this beast. It is the only living creature we fear, for it's mouth must be a black hole, a twisted tear in space, into some dark void from which nothing can escape." - Galactigal

"I was surprised to find that beneath the layers of fat and fur, there beats the heart of a hunter. It takes a lot of coaxing, but it's there. I'm afraid Lash is going to be very disappointed when she realizes that because Miss Pussycakes is in fact a Mister, he and I will never have babies." - Cait Sith

"I'm still convinced 'it' was the pet of a super villain at some point. Cats aren't overly fond of me, must be the low body temperature, but this one takes the cake. And steals my pizza! Sneaky not-so-little bastard, hmpfh." - Black Ice

"Where I come from, an animal like this wouldn't last an hour. I've been trying to think of ways to weaponize it without Olevia noticing..." - Kid Ballistic

"How this flabby feline has not died from his ridiculous girth is beyond me. Perhaps there is something in its DNA that keeps it somewhat healthy? Hmm...must remember to investigate further." - Stegoboy

"I don't know if it's his size or laziness that keeps him from freaking out, but Miss Pussycakes seems to be alright around me." - Blue Freedom

"The longer I'm around this cat, the more I'm buying into him having superpowers too. There's no way that tub of lard could move about without some kinda superstrength." - Maverick

"There is nothing more cute! NOTHING, DAMMIT!!! I wuv Miss Pussycakies!! Squeeeeeee!" - Heartbeat

"Pussycakes is adorable, but I have to wonder if it's healthy for a cat to be that large." - Faith

She is the most adorable thing I have laid eyes upon." - Plumb

Art O' Pussycakes

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