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Voodoo Child
PLAYER @JayBee37
Super Group The Progeny
Rank Member
Current Affliations
Former Affiliations The Offspring

Real Name Jill Blackthorne
Known Aliases HexBane
Gender Female
Species Human/Near Human
Birthdate October 31, 1998
Place of Birth Millennium City
Current Location Downtown MC
Relatives Eva and Jason Kramer (Mom and Stepdad); Katie Kramer (Stepsister)

Apparent Age 18
Height 4'10"
Weight 135 lbs
Eyes Pale Blue
Hair Platinum Blonde
Complexion Albino
Build Petite
Notable Features variety of tattoos and piercings

Citizenship American
Marital Status Single
Occupation Student
Education College


Shadow Manipulation, Telepathy, Electrokinesis
Cybernetic Arm, Nanoweave Armor

ProtectorsBox Template

Quick Reference

Description: Jill is a short young woman with blue eyes and extremely pale skin. She is heavily tattoed, and tends to wear clothes that cover her body, not showing that much skin. Goth or punk in her stylings, her hero garb is usually everyday clothing with gadgets, accessories, and light body armor.

Powers:Jill has telepathic and magical powers. Her magic focuses on shadow manipulation and can debilitate her enemies with their own shadows. She can perform other magic as well, but usually needs preparation.

Defenses: Jill often has spells active against a variety of attacks. Her best defense is stepping through a shadow to deny a bad guy a chance to kill her.


Early Life

Jill was born in Millennium City to Eva and Aleister Blackthorne. Like most metahumans, she manifested some hints of her powers early. The infant Jill didn't sleep much, even compared to other infants. She would often focus her tiny eyes on things that weren't there, and scan the empty corners of her room, as if observing something. As a young child, Jill displayed much the same behavior, and was often withdrawn from her peers. She was often described as a "creepy" little girl. She often casually knew things about people she couldn't have. Jill seemed reluctant to show it, somehow understanding the idea of stigma, even from a young age.

Jill's father died in a hit and run accident when she was four. Before he left the house to walk to the bus stop that day, Jill begged him not to go. When Jill's mother, Eva sat her daughter down to tell her the news of her father's death, Jill said that she had had a bad dream of the event. Four years later, Eva met Jill's new best friend, Katie. When she met Katie's father, Jason, they hit it off so well they were married in less than a year. Katie and Jill enjoy being sisters and never call each other "step" anything.

Katie was (and is) brilliant, a certified genius. With her in the house, Jill felt like learning was fun. They skipped several grades together. However, as Katie began to pull ahead, Jill found it more difficult to keep up with her academically. Further, she often felt like the odd person out in advanced placement courses. In high school, Jill decided to take standard classes apart from her sister. Surprisingly, Katie finished high school in two years and made it to college at age 14, though she continued to live at home while working on her bachelor's at MCU. For her part, Jill found social life daunting. The situation wasn't helped at all by Jill's sleep habits.

Since very early childhood, Jill hadn't been able to keep up a normal sleep schedule. She continually had night terrors, vivid dreams that felt real and had terrifying themes. In her early teens, she began to have dreams of what she calls her past lives--many of which she claims ended all too soon in bloody orgies of violence. At her sweet 16 birthday party, Jill vanished in full view of her friends and family. Chaos erupted and terrified party guests fled their own animated shadows. Jill later found herself in her own closet, hiding. To this day she only remember brief glimpses from that day. As a senior in high school, Jill dozed off in class and a similar incident occurred, with her nightmares spontaneously manifesting in shadow form, assaulting her classmates. No one was seriously injured, but Jill was asked to leave school. She would earn a GED later, and started college months before her 18th birthday. She hopes to attain a bachelor's in computer science, the one subject where she did not feel completely at a loss when compared to Katie's genius.

Heroics Begin

Born with little pigment in her body, Jill was labeled an albino. She sunburns very quickly, and has to dress in clothes that cover as much of her body as possible. She has only recently become aware that her albinism could be related to her powers. As she is sensitive to light (especially sunlight), this doesn't seem like an accident to her at all. She is intelligent and driven, but often awkward or reactionary in social situations. Still afflicted by nightmares, Jill has sleep issues and often goes on “runs” or patrols when she can’t sleep.

Jill understands her powers as the manifestation of a powerful, inhuman force. Jill draws power from what she terms the Nightmare (or occasionally, the Dreamer, which manifests itself as a young woman through various, interconnected lives. Jill was born with an odd sense that she had lived this life before. Many of her nightmares are glimpses of past or future lives wherein she dies, often in a horrifying manner. Jill’s dreams hint that not all her previous incarnations have been heroes, and this leaves her wondering exactly what this entity’s goals are. Lately, Jill’s dreams have expanded, and she seems to be having the nightmares of everyone around her. She could dream about having an abortion if a teen neighbor is having a pregnancy scare, or of a kidnapping if someone is concerned about losing their children.

Jill joined the unfortunately short-lived supergroup, the Offspring. She made friends there, like Minnow the fish girl and Kid Harrier, but the mundane world kept getting in the way of teen heroics, and the group eventually broke up. The Offspring gave Jill the support she needed to begin to blossom into the hero she was meant to be. During these months, Jill managed to summon a strange entity from a plane of darkness. The entity's only name was Doomsheep--a fitting name for a football-sized winged sheep made of shadow. Originally Jill's familiar, the creature passed to Katie when Jill died. Well...

Jill was technically dead for a few moments. She nearly perished when pursuing a strange entity called the Ragman through a haunted neighborhood. As one would expect, her parents "flipped the eff out". Jill's stepdad, now an ambassador, pulled some strings and got her some training. An infernal heroine--the Devil's Cheerleader--tutored Jill in the basics of magic. Jill always was good at shadow magic, but she learned a lot from the strange half-demon. Jill took to the magical arts well, learning quickly and intuiting some of the more strange aspects of the practice. When the Cheerleader decided to live off-plane for a while, she said that Jill was ready to progress without the need for a tutor. Jill's combat tutor was Sully, former Navy SeAL and UNTIL recon sniper. For a guy that never had kids, he certainly knew enough about how to motivate Jill as a teenager to do her best. Jill received training that ranged from merely better than average to excellent in topics such as Self-Defense, threat assessment, and survival and evasion tactics.

The Progeny

In recent history, Jill has joined a superteam of teen heroes known as the Progeny. She has several people she considers friends on the team, but finds it difficult to interact with some of the members. Recently, the team lost two members--the Orgoolian, K'lvin and the Malvan, Taffi--in a clash with a goddess. This clash also cost Jill her arm, and has reminded the young witch that she has to maintain focus and control of her powers. The aftermath of the event crystallized for Jill something she'd always suspected but never knew: using too much magic could kill her.

Powers and Skills


Jill is a natural nethermancer. She can step through shadows to visit other locations and pass small objects through them. She can influence natural shadows with concentration, without the need for magic gestures or spells.

More potent abilities include forming shadow tentacles and blades; transferring wounds; and manipulating the bodies of HexBane’s foes. Blasts of shadow tend to create wounds that are frozen and desiccated, with serious damage appearing as disintegration. Jill can also instill the insides of shadowed hidey holes, like pockets, with extra storage space.

Focuses: Nethermancy is frequently brutal to friend and foe alike. Poppets (Dolls), needles, cutting implements, bones, and viscera form the most common focuses.


Jill is a telepath. She has developed the ability to link willing minds, read surface thoughts, and detect lies from unshielded individuals. Though she can technically stretch her powers further, she hasn't developed many of the standard offensive abilities that most "pure" telepaths understand. She does, however, know how to keep hostile minds at bay from herself and her companions, as well as inconvenience or temporarily incapacitate foes.

Focuses: None.

Blood Sorcery

When her friend, Taffi, passed away, Jill temporarily absorbed her powers. Though they have since faded, the experience reminded her of a past existence where she wielded similar abilities. Calling upon her past lives, Jill has manifested blood sorcery in this world as well.

Mu Sorcery manifests as blood red lighting, which can strike single targets or chain to multiple targets. Temperamental, the lightning has been known to target friend and foe alike, so Jill keeps a tight reign on the power. Some of the more finnessey uses of the ability may include reading output on computer monitors, but will only arise out of practice. As Jill’s eyesight deteriorates, this potential seems more and more important. The power involved in wielding lightning and controlling electronic devices often offsets the danger in its use. However, Jill usually thinks of these spells and abilities as more of matters of last resort.

Focuses: As blood sorcery, the only necessary component for this sorcery is Jill’s blood. Other focuses may include most of what is in nethermancy already, bones, etc. along with magical inscription.

Other Magic

Jill is a capable witch for her young age, but she does not have the same exceptional talent for other types of magic, however. Thus she has to study hard. She is young, and has only picked up a small smattering of other spells, though she is well-read with regard to magic in general.


While Jill is technically a normal seventeen year old girl, she does have skills of note, as a result of her teenage crime fighting experiences.

Jill has combat training from her dad's old bodyguard, a former Navy SeAL. The first thing she learned was how to handle herself under pressure and multitask. Even though it wasn't mystical training per se, Jill learned how to maintain concentration on several things at once while under stress. Her firearms training included the basics of gun safety, taking cover in a firefight, and the basics of marksmanship--though she was a minor at the time and didn't do much work on the firing range. Combat training included a variety of unarmed self-defense techniques, as well as simple fighting techniques for clubs, batons, and knives. Jill got into excellent shape, as her endurance training was much like a triathlete and involved a lot of running and swimming. She maintains her training now without personal instruction.

Unlike many traditional mages, Jill has nothing against technology and really loves computers. Currently, she is working on a computer science degree (with a focus on cybersecurity) at the local community college. She does have some prerequisites to work on, which may make her take longer than usual to complete her degree.

Jill is good with her hands and brain, and likes to tinker with hacking and similar activities. She still has much to learn about these enterprises, though, and so isn’t very good.


Most of Jill’s outfits contain at least one pocket that is enchanted. Her normal gear includes special magic markers, greasepaint, sea salt and incense for making circles and cleansing ritual areas. She had rolled plastic templates, which she can easily spray with adhesive and use to form a circle or similar magical etchings quickly. Jill also has a small ritual knife on her belt for cutting things and directing energy. She has a larger, legit combat knife for close quarters work if she needs it. Jill carries a variety of components for her spells and rituals.

Cybernetic arm

Jill’s left arm is made of magically enhanced metal. She lost her original arm in the same battle against a goddess that cost her two friends. At the end of the confrontation, Jill channeled too much entropy through her arm, and it withered and burned off up to the elbow. Her current limb is a prosthetic made of enchanted mithril and covered in runes and protective wards to ensure magical energy flows through it efficiently. Included in the arm is an interface for her communicator and a built in mobile device.


The Dreamer

The origin of Jill's power is shrouded in mystery, and no one can say exactly the Source of her mastery of Shadow Magic or why psychic abilities seem so closely-related to them. When Jill uses too much shadow power, the shadows seem to whisper lazily to her. This is audible to any in the area. Using more and more power seems to "power her up", in terms of abilities, as if she is Awakening some sort of Sleeping power. However, when this happens, Jill is less and less in control of what the power does. The power nearly took over in one instance, costing her an arm. Jill is certain that enough of the Shadow will kill her.

Sometimes she can be heard ranting in her sleep about a Dreamer, and the dreams that keep it asleep, for now.

Celestial Light and Fire

As a being of shadow, Jill also has problems with celestial magic. She cannot be healed by celestial means, and attempts to do so actually cause her pain. Celestial fire and light are also more effective against her as attacks. Her inner shadows can compensate against such things, but she has to use a great deal of energy to do so. When confronted by such attacks, Jill often flees. Note that Jill is not evil, and attacks that specifically target evil creatures do not harm her. It is the fact that celestial fire and light are diametrically opposed to darkness, which infuses Jill in significant amounts.


Jill suffers from albinism. Her body does not produce enough pigment. As such, she sunburns very easily, and has to cover up from the sunlight as much as possible. She also has poor vision. She wears glasses often, but these can often be knocked off.

Friends and Allies

Rogue Gallery

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Threat Level:

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Coma Grey (remix of Coma White and Coma Black) - Marilyn Manson

Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance

Nobodies - Marilyn Manson

Incubus - Recoil

Gothic Lolita - Emilie Autumn

Sleepless Lullaby - Bright September

RP Hooks

Jill is tormented by nightmares of her own past, present, and future. She also has nightmares based on other people's fears and anxieties and often tries to check people out if she can figure whose nightmares she is having.

GM Notes

Jill has flashbacks from past lives. Generally, they aren't particularly helpful, though because of her psychic abilities, they can occasionally instill some insight into what is going on. All of this is at GM's option, as Jill can go weeks between flashes to a previous life experience. Often, they can merely be flashes of deja vu, coupled with a sense that something Very Bad happened last time.


Comment Wall

"Jill was the first to step up to my defense when others questioned the source of my powers and my beliefs. She barely knew me at that point. She's been my friend ever since. She's... the first best friend I've ever had. I think that, together, we sort of balance each other out, not just in terms of powers but in personality as well."' ~ Faith

"What's next? Vampires? Werewolves? I'm waiting, reality. *scoffs* Yeah, Jill is - she's alright. Creepy, but alright. Whatever it is she does - whatever it really is? It's useful. I wouldn't mess with her. Unless she pulls that voodoo crap on me again..." ~ Kid Ballistic

"Jill's pretty badass. Though I worry it's not healthy. I also don't think she likes me very much." ~ Luctus

"HexBane's powers are the stuff of nightmares. Though regardless of her somewhat unsettling, finger wiggling powers, she strikes me as a pretty tough chick." ~ Black Ice

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