Black Omen

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Time needs to DIIIIE!

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Black Omen
Player: @Doctor_Awesome
{"You face the bleakest of futures. The darkest of Days. The Blackest of Omens."}
Biographical Data
Real Name:  ?
Known Aliases: Black Omen
Gender: Male, if human
Species: Presumed Human
Ethnicity:  ?
Place of Birth: Earth
Base of Operations: Within the pockets of time itself
Relatives:  ?
Age:  ?
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 300lb
Eyes:  ?
Hair:  ?
Complexion:  ?
Physical Build: Power Armor suit seen only
Physical Features: Black armor, White face, Orange head-blades
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity:  ?
Years Active: First sighted 2002
Citizenship:  ?
Occupation: Time Based Villainy
Education:  ?
Marital Status:  ?
Known Powers and Abilities
Partial control over Time. Rewinding and Fastforwarding people at will. Able to create pockets or freezes in time. Is in a Hightech Powersuit which is key to his time altering powers and life systems.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Black Omen suit.
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBox created by @Maekada

Character Background

Black Omen, originally a member of a Chrononaut team at a university, was lost in time due to a systems failure of an undeterminable power. Four men were lost in the rogue waves and depths of time, drifting along the wide expanses of the everchanging cosmos. Eventually the four men seperated down different paths, some possibly doomed to ride the mobius strip until death by old age.

Chrononaut 'X' or Black Omen got caught in the net of an entity with frightening power and clarity about existance itself. The entity cared little about Chrononaut 'X', yet took him as a prisoner or pet. The Entity claimed to be an agent of creation and uncreation, using the swirling vortexes of space and time to create thoughtful life, civilization, exploration only to consume it in an unending cycle of death and birth. After years of capture and torment, Chrononaut 'X' or Black Omen, escaped this terrible force which had wounded him using the strange technology the entity had as his fingertips.

Years of phasing in and out of Time stealing technology and running from his captor, Chrononaut 'X' or Black Omen popped back to where he first exited, the others having long died, in 2002 at the same University his travels began, only two minutes into the future. He killed the Chrononauts that originally saw him off, beginning his mad quest. How can the entity that pillaged and ransacked his very being be allowed to live, to repeat the process over a million existances, cosmos-s, and times?

The only option, to save life and thought from such a grueling fate... an unending cycle of consumption...



Here are some of Black Omen's key powers.

Time Control

Black Omen has the ability to freeze time, and rewind certain events. Unfortunately for Black Omen, he relies on technology. The ultimate source of his power is his cloaking space station called "The Bleakest Dream". Distance or inability to connect with his space station will cut him off from his time manipulating powers and reserve Omen-Bots.

Power Armor

His armor, while built with weapons, is mainly for life support. Black Omen is very old and suffers from cell degredation. He is a Cyborg and his suit acts like another lair of skin. That said, the level of technology incorperated in it is staggering, unlike anyone of the current time period has seen, aside from highly experimental equipment created by the greatest minds of the world today.


Black Omen is also a robotitist, using tools and techniques of the future to make deadly soldiers of his twisted cause. A short list of his usual metallic soldiers.


A key peon in Black Omen's battle against the superpowered. Not much of a threat singularly, they become a decievingly deadly foe when clustered due to their team-action mentality.


A Leader-type Omen-Bot, usually made to look like Black Omen himself. They retain his key weaponry but lack the ability of time control. They do, however, command surrounding Omen-Bots with deadly effiency and adaptability.


A very dangerous and large Omen-Bot. It superceeds all commands except from Black Omen himself. Rarely dispatched into the fight due to the amount of resources they take, they should only be confronted by a multitude of heroes or the body-bag business will get good.

Bleakest Dream

Not technically a Robot by any means, It does serve as Black Omen's key stronghold. It is a space station equipped with a "stealth" technology which is really a Pocket Dimension, phasing into safety through the folds of time. It looks like a massive floating black orb, usually orbiting the Earth's Moon.


Here are several of Black Omen's key weaknesses.

Too high to Jump

Everyone would be hesitant to end time, Black Omen isn't an exception. He backs on arrogance and a superiority complex as a cover to hide his misgivings about ending everything as we know it, leading to loopholes in plans and the like. He's the guy who stands on the ledge and says he's gunna jump for nine hours.

Scientific Mind

Black Omen is not a soldier and depends on superior technology and base trickery to win battles. Anyone with combat experience that can outmaneuver Black Omen will cause him to shelter himself with millions of peon-ic robots while his escape is covered.


Did you know...

Black Omen has a woman in his life by the name of Litany? Strictly work related!

Black Omen has killed several prominant Heroes before his true motives came to light! After his motives came to light, the Hero Trauma died to save time itself, resulting in the destruction of the Bleakest Dream and the apparent death of Black Omen.

Black Omen is dead. Or is he?

Black Omen isn't dead? No. He's dead. But... is he really?

Black Omen is always fighting and slipping through time against the ultimate time patroller, Captain Cronos.