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Soulbound Shadowstepping Sorcerer
Drystan Zauberei
Player: @Keioseth
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
British Government
Real Name
Drystan Binici
Ry, Dry
October 4th
Izmir, Turkey
Cardiff, Wales
Mage's Pages Specialty Store
Small Business Owner, Mystical Consultant for the British Government
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Conemara (Wife), Koray Binici (Father), Astra Binici (Mother)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
165 lbs
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Shadowstepping, Magical Abilities
· Equipment ·
Mask, Enchanted Gloves
· Other Abilities ·
Sorcerer Training, Kickboxing Training, Fencing Training


Drystan has a very playful personality sometimes coming off as a bit childish. He manages to ride the razor's edge between creativity and discipline which seems to aid him with coming up with ways to use his shadowstepping and other magics.



Both of Drystan's parents come from magical families though despite this he had a fairly average upbringing. While his time off from school was usually spent learning the family magical trade he managed to appear as an average kid to his friends and teachers. This was upset one day when he was kidnapped by a former magical business associate of his father's, Cervantes. After several days of being help prisoner he managed to free himself and attempted to escape.

The attempt failed and he soon found himself tied to an alter as the mage summoned a powerful demon named Charos. Promising Drystan's soul in exchange great power Cervantes made a deal with Charos and Drystan was sacrificed. However as this happened his parents showed up with several other mages and interrupted the ceremony. The interruption caused the ritual to backfire and Drystan became bound to Charos and the demon became stuck to his soul.

He was revived and the only major side effects were the ability to see Charos' essence floating near him and being able to hear his voice in his head. Cervantes just barely escaped the attack from Drystan's parents and their friends and disappeared. About a year later Cervantes made an attempt to kidnap Drystan again but he was stopped as Drystan had figured out how to tap into Charos' power and use it to supplement his spells. Frustrated, Cervantes attempted to escape via a teleportation spell but Drystan tackled him causing him to tag along with the mage.

Drystan was separated near the end of the teleportation and ended up splash landing in the River Thames in London. He was know a very long way from his home in Turkey but he was bound to stop Cervantes whatever it took. He crawled his way out of the river and while wandering the streets of the city to find a place to stay he was confronted by a female Gargoyle named Conemara. She mistook him for a demon thanks to Charos' influence on his aura and was rather surprised to find out his was just a human.

She took him to a near by supernatural friendly pub and she listened to his story. As it turned out she was actually looking for Cervantes as well along with a good portion of supernatural entities of the city and she decided that the two of them should work together. Since he was alone in a foreign country he agreed to the team up. After a few days of searching they came across a lead which took them to a graveyard where they met a Hunter named Rudy Kaiser.

Rudy was being attacked by a group of demons and Conemara and Drystan jumped in to help him, though as they quickly found out he did not need their help. Rudy had a unique ability to permanently absorb the powers of demons. After the fight Cervantes attacked the three of them nearly killing all three of them. After retreating to Conemara's flat and talking about what had happened and Cervantes' sudden power increase both Conemara and Rudy pointed out they felt a major demonic essence in the area as they fought Cervantes.

Charos pointed out that he too felt the essence and admitted that he recognized it as a rival demon. He continued to explain that this particular demon was known for wanting to rule the world and would only grow stronger the more people that he and Cervantes killed. Rudy agreed to help them and the trio hunted Cervantes down. Eventually tracking him and a group of powerful mages known as the Order to a large ship off the coast, they attacked and were once again nearly killed. However Rudy managed to get ahold of Cervantes and vaporized them both by overloading his stolen demon powers, as an added bonus it also managed to banish the demon.

What was left of the members of the Order fled and Drystan went back to Turkey saying goodbye to Conemara. After finishing his schooling Drystan made his way back to England to meet up with Conemara and the two hit it off again and eventual began to date. Drystan began studying at Cardiff University and the two had several small adventures during his time there. Sometime after graduating, he and Conemara were tracking a powerful Time Mage and ended up getting sent back in time.

They ended up twelve years in the past and in Millennium City in the United States but the time mage escaped. They knew that the mage was taxed and that they'd have a while to search for him before he'd be able to travel in time again and began searching for him. While searching one day Drystan was almost pick pocketed by a young girl, Andrea, and she quickly learned not to pickpocket a Sorcerer, nothing bad happened to her but she learned a valuable lesson. Drystan saw potential within the girl and took her under his wing while he and Conemara continued to search for the time mage.

A side effect from the time magic left Drystan and Conemara slightly phased out of the timeline which resulted in them not aging. In doing some research, Conemara found the spell the time mage had used and one of the possible effects was this phasing, the phasing would cease once they got back to the date of when they were sent back in time. Which meant the couple got to relive the early 2000s.

Drystan continued Andrea's training even after he defeated the Time Mage and stopped his plot to actually end the world on December 21st of 2012, apparently he meant to go back a few months instead of over a decade. Eventually Andrea left to find hr place in the world and Conemara and Drystan returned to Cardiff and opened up a mystical supply and bookstore, naming it the 'Mage's Pages'.

Drystan lent his services as a mystical consultant to the British Government on several occasions making a name for himself with the high levels of the government.

Powers & Abilities



Drystan can teleport via shadows/darkness, merging into shadows/darkness and appearing anywhere else from the same element. Essentially he can use shadows as doorways and uses this as a way to either close distances between him and an opponent or increase the distance depending on whatever type of attack he's going for.

  • A subset to this power allows him to hide within shadows, a significantly powerful light can however force him out.

Magical Training

Thanks to his up bring and training for his parents he is adept in several forms of magic. While he is most versed in Utility and Offensive magics he knows a few healing spells just in case he is injured.

  • Elemental Spells - Mostly focused on Fire and Shadow/Darkness based powers as they are easiest to generate thanks to Charos' influence.
  • Utility Spells - These are pretty simple, everything from granting him night vision to tracking people.
  • Defensive Spells - Most of these consist of barriers and shields to prevent or reduce injury.
  • Flight - Using his magical energies he can fly.

Physical Combat Training

Everyone should know how to handle themselves in a physical fight because you never know when somehow you'll lose the ability to use your powers or just use the training to supplement your powers.

  • Fencing - His parents had him trained in fencing and it was offered at his schools growing up. He is well versed in using foils, epees, and sabres and has been known to summon them in combat to use.
  • Kickboxing - He started this a few years back as a way to stay in shape though he sometimes uses it in combat.


  • Enchanted Gloves - His gloves are enchanted to aid in spell casting.
  • Enchanted Mask - A mask he designed to help him see through illusions.
  • Potions - Attached his legs are several small vials holding potions that either he or Conemara have made.
  • Talismans - Along with potions he also has several talismans mostly for luck, protection, and banishing evil spirits.


Pokemon Weaknesses: His fire spells are worthless in water and his shadowstepping and other shadow and darkness abilities are weak to light powers and holy magic.

Only Human: He might have a demon bound to his soul but if someone were to shoot him or there was a explosion or anything that could kill normal human, he'd also be killed.

Sanity Check: Charos sometimes weighs heavily on his mental state.

Family, Friends, & Allies



  • Conemara - a female gargoyle and Drystan's wife and partner.
  • Koray Binici - Drystan's Father, a well off Turkish businessman and magic practitioner.
  • Astra Binici - Drystan's Mother and a professional sorceress.


  • Rudy Kaiser - A monster hunter with the ability to absorb demonic powers, deceased.



  • Charos - the demon bound to his soul, is an annoying prick but he's been around a while. While he can act as a weight on Dry at times, he really isn't much of a threat.

Known Associates

The British Government - He offers consultation on any magical threats that the government may come across.

Known Enemies


Kahlin Strenjik

Name: Kahlin Strenjik
Abilities: Time Wizard
Team: Temporal Order

Kahlin is a master of Time based magics which give him the ability to speed up and slow down time, even to the point of actually stopping time in a select area. Once defeated by Drystan and Conemara after sending all three of them back in time 12 years.




Name: Gustavo Cervantes
Abilities: Dark Wizard
Team: The Order

Seeking to gain great power and hopefully prevent himself from dying, Cervantes sought out the aid of several demons. Eventually making a deal and bounding with a demon known Migalyt he attempted to gain enough people through the people he killed to takeover the world. Killed by Rudy Kaiser.


RP Hooks

  • Runs a mystical book and supply store in Cardiff, Wales.
  • Originally from Izmir, Turkey.
  • Graduated from Cardiff University of Business.
  • Offers free mystical consulting to the British Government.



  • Enjoys seeing stand-up comedians.
  • Likes watching prank videos online.
  • Favorite Food is roasted lamb.


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Meta Information

Live Action


Rei Yanmi - A former PnP character of mine and the basis for what became Drystan.

Nightcrawler - Basic concept of the shadowstepping is similar to Nightcrawler's teleporting, how he uses it in combat also inspired how Drystan fights.

Doctor Strange - Magical bad ass.

Personal Soundtrack


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