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Siris' Renegades



Name: Max Collins
Abilities: Military Training and Duplication Power
Rank: One Man Army

Max spent most of his life either as a soldier or a hired mercenary both of which benefited from his ability to create multiple copies of himself, up to 6, effectively turning him into a one-man strike team. He doesn't talk much however and is often used as backup for the twins.




Name: VPD (VIPER Powered Duplicate) SN: #44948 "Chaosiris"
Abilities: Super Strength and Electrokinesis augmented with Magic
Rank: Team Leader

Siris was originally a clone of Seth McIlroy and Raz Keller, he was killed by McIlroy and recently escaped from Hell having gained the powers of a demon.



La Llorona & La Mala Hora

Name: Rona & Mala
Abilities: Chaos Magic and Weapon Creation
Rank: Magical Shock Troops

The 'Twins' are Chaos Conurbites who are made of personified Chaos Magic. They tend to cause massive amounts of collateral damage and while they have never killed anyone they have maimed and nearly killed several Heroes that have gone up against them. While they are insanely powerful this is undermined by the fact that they have the mentality of schizophrenic 10 year olds.



Rhino Tank

Name: Tankred Anders
Abilities: Power Armor Pilot
Rank: Field Leader

He spent many years going in and out of detention facilities as a career criminal then he ran into Lt. Seth McIlroy. Tank and his crew had just robbed a jewelry store when they crossed paths with the young man who managed to foil the escape. While in prison he was approached by a man calling himself 'Siris' and in return for being set free he was to work for this mysterious man.




Name: Ken Yamato
Abilities: Ability to see Blind Spots and Hide in them
Rank: Assassin

Possessing a interesting super power allowing him to see any and all blind spots in a person's vision, Sorrow has made quite a living as an assassin. He is also very knowledgeable with most security systems since cameras can still see him.



Southern Cross

Name: William "Bill" Roberts
Abilities: Super Intelligence, Mecha Pilot
Rank: Tech Expert

The very first criminal that Seth McIlroy ever stopped, Roberts is a 'redneck genius' hailing from the small town of Clint, AR. He has multiple mecha suits ranging in size from 4 meters to his massive Super Southern Cross which clocks in at a massive 200 meters tall. All of his suits are loaded with all manner of weapons from mounted machine guns to plasma cannons to missile batteries. He rarely goes out into the field however and usually is in charge of creating and managing the Renegades robot minions.


Renaissance Systems (RenSys)



Name: Alexandra Seryna
Abilities: Technokinesis, Weapon Proficiency
Rank: Leader

Very little is known about the 'Erzengel' outside of the fact that she is a clone of Alenna Seryna made by VIPER. She has shown technokinetic abilities and the ability to understand and use any and all weapons with the proficiency of a master simply by holding it. She is dangerous, intelligent, and a mystery.




Name: Lance
Abilities: Electrokinesis and Magic
Rank: Enforcer

Blitzkrieg is a bioweapon built from the DNA of Keioseth, he has magi-tech within his body that greatly amplifies his powers beyond that of even Keio's.



Live Wire

Name: Kyr
Abilities: Ionikinesis
Rank: Enforcer

Live Wire is another bioweapon built from the DNA of Thundrax, Arc Thunder, Raiju, and Keioseth who can control, manipulate, and weaponize plasma and can even create plasma constructs.




Name: Karen
Abilities: Psycho-Electrokinesis
Rank: Enforcer

Indra exists within former body of Kara, it was replaced before Keio had the body cremated. She has all of the powers of Kara minus Kara's current power limitations.



Lust Clones

Name: Rebecca Voclain (Original)
Abilities: Lust Manipulation, Telekinesis
Function: Distraction via Collateral Damage

The original Lust was the victim of genetic augmentation and while the mental stability of the clones is unstable, they tend to cause mass amounts of damage before succumbing to their power.



Project Verona

Name: Verona
Abilities: Psychokinesis
Rank: Enforcer

Project Verona is the final product of the experiments that lead to Kara's creation. She is a soulless psychic powerhouse that can easily rival some of the most powerful psychics in the world.



Project Chaos

Name: Chaos
Abilities: Absorption/Power Mimicry
Rank: Enforcer

Rivaling the power of Project V, Chaos is another bioweapon built from the DNA of numerous of the world's strongest heroes and villains and is able to freely drain any material, substance, or form of energy, integrating them in his body and enabling him to replicate large particles of the capabilities, characteristics and become stronger in every aspect.


The Other Rogues



Name: Ken Takaobi
Abilities: Powerful magic infused Samurai armor which basically acts like Magic Power Armor.
Affiliation: CEO of Hakken Enterprises

He is a collector of ancient mystical items and a occasional practitioner of the magical arts. While attempting to summon a demon to take out one of his competitors he was stopped by a mysterious man and he inadvertently fused with the demon and destroyed the top few floors of his building.




Name: Adam Murdock
Abilities: Cyborg
Affiliation: ARGENT

A series of cyborgs that ARGENT based off a former police man named Adam Murdock. Each was cloned from Murdock then augmented with technology.



Black Venom

Name: Zihna Tallman
Abilities: Snake Themed Magic Armor and Powers
Affiliation: None

Zihna discovered the Black Venom armor while hiking in Central America and upon contact with it the armor took control of her. It can turn into a giant metal snake.




Name: Chassis Model IV Combat Droid
Abilities: Arm mounted Blasters, Heater Blade, Robotic strength and speed
Affiliation: None

Robot Shock trooper for an unknown master.




Name: Unknown
Abilities: Can cause Dehydration, Starvation, Gluttony Inducement.
Affiliation: None

His true name is unknown but one thing is known, he is not actually the Famine of the legendary Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. He is a meta-human and is wanted in the Deaths of at least 19 people across North America all of which were found shriveled up as if they had died of dehydration or possibly starvation. If seen, please contact your local authorities.



The Fantastic Francois

Name: Francois Warmaul
Abilities: Enhanced Strength and Healing
Affiliation: None

Half-Orc owner of a club Miami, has ties to various crime lords, drug dealers and mob bosses around the country. Dabbles in modeling and photography.



Fatal Falcon

Name: Isabella Smith
Abilities: Sorceress
Team: Order of the Sable Stone Mystics

Falcon is a high ranking member of the Sable Stone Mystics and as such is well versed in the black arts. She specializes in offensive spells and is a fan of large explosions. Caring very little for innocent lives caught in her path of destruction she is a powerful opponent.




Name: Jae Yim
Abilities: Fire based Magics
Affiliation: The Order

A Korean born member of the Illuminati-esque secret magic organization known as the Order. Firebomb lives up to her name and is a master of Fire based magics.




Name: Amirah Fair
Abilities: Geo-Thermokinesis
Affiliation: None

Amirah had a normal childhood but when she developed the ability to control and create lava/magma she went completely off the deep end. She loves destroying things with her powers.




Name: Unknown
Affiliation: None

The Grelith are vicious alien lifeforms not unlike the Xenomorphs, they seem to be some cross between reptiles and plants.



The Hammer

Name: Mstislav Kuznetsov
Abilities: Guns and Muscle
Affiliation: Enforcer for the Cobra Lords

He has a rap sheet longer than he is tall, expert with shotguns and knives, suspect in over 20 open investigations.




Name: April Quirke
Abilities: Power Armor with Chemical Emitters
Affiliation: None

The Heartbreaker suit is designed to somehow steal the love within a person and uses it as power. Her victims, the heartbroken, tend to become very violent and lash out at everything around them.


Jade Dragon.png

Jade Dragon

Name: Samantha Long
Abilities: Chi Manipulation
Affiliation: Enforcer with the Red Banner

Enforcer who is highly trained in Chi manipulation.



Kahlin Strenjik

Name: Kahlin Strenjik
Abilities: Time Wizard
Team: Temporal Order

Kahlin is a master of Time based magics which give him the ability to speed up and slow down time, even to the point of actually stopping time in a select area. He is currently hunting Red in order to use her blood to make a Philosopher's Stone to give him unlimited power.




Name: Unknown
Abilities: Vampire Powers
Affiliation: None

While his human name has been lost, Kudlak was born with many strange abilities including that of blood manipulation and regeneration. Even at a young age he terrorized his small community and was eventually hunted down by the town folk. He fled and at some point in time after that he became a vampire and mutated into a more bestial form and seemed to lose what little humanity he had left.




Name: Lorelei Gunnarsen
Abilities: Pyrokinetic/Hydrokinetic
Affiliation: Ryuushii Planetary Navy

Lorelei is soft spoken girl who can kick ass with the best of them. She is Sei’s younger sister and a Ryoushii with pryo and hydrokinetic abilities. Preferred fighting style is dual daggers.



The Master

Name: Fabian Rios
Abilities: Psychic Powers, Expert Chemist
Affiliation: VIPER, RenSys, Renegades

Rios was going to college and took up dealing drugs to help pay for his tuition. He soon came to realize he had psychic powers and that certain drugs allowed him to mentally control people. Taking his knowledge of chemistry to a darker level, he created a drug known on the street as 'Mirror' and with it he could fully take control of and manipulate people.




Name: Meinos Starke
Abilities: Super Human Durability, Enhanced Strength
Affiliation: None

Meinos Starke is a German-Born wrestler turned mercenary with ties to various Mob Bosses around the Unites States. His skin is nearly bullet-proof and has above average strength, favors using his hands in combat.



Mistress Tempest

Name: Lorraine Crest
Abilities: Weather Control, Winged Flight
Affiliation: None

Tempest uses her ability to manipulate and control weather to rob banks and jewelry stores. She has had many run ins with both Keio and Kara and has recently started up a small rivalry with Kara after she stopped her from robbing a bank.



Night Star

Name: Michael Bank
Abilities: Light Manipulation
Affiliation: None

Former Canadian Hero, has the ability to generate and manipulate light, murdered a police commissioner and his family.




Name: Madison "Maddy" Vogel
Abilities: Stolen Technology
Affiliation: Maniacs

As insane as she is destructive, Oddity is a member of the Maniacs who has a love for stealing expensive tech.



The Queen of Hearts

Name: Sally Klein
Abilities: Jet Pack and Gadgets
Affiliation: Jewel thief with ties to the Black Aces

Likes to steal anything expensive, fairly intelligent.




Name: Seimund Gunnarsen
Abilities: Alien Aerokinetic
Affiliation: Ryuushii Planetary Navy

A member of the long dead Ryoushii, he destroyed several dimensions in his campaign to eradicate humans from the Multiverse. Killed by Cosmic Glory and Keioseth II as he attempted to destroy the Earth.



The Skinwalker

Name: Unknown
Abilities: Shapeshifter, Sorcery
Affiliation: None

Skinwalker is a male Navajo witch who uses dark magics to murder people, he is also known to eat the flesh of his victims. On top of his magical powers he also has the ability to transform into various animals, most commonly that of a Coyote. Very Dangerous.




Name: Skyla Conteh
Abilities: Grim Reaper Physiology, Scythe
Affiliation: Assassin-For-Hire

Rogue Reaper and assassin, scythe can manipulate sounds and shockwaves.




Name: Samson Cavallo
Abilities: Super Strength and Durability
Affiliation: None

A 'professional' bank robber, super strength, skin is durable enough to stop bullets and most bladed weapons. Apparently dabbles in Porn.




Name: Emma Bernard
Abilities: Cryokinetic
Affiliation: None

Emma was a struggling college student who turned to stripping to help pay her mounting debt from student loans. She was then kidnapped by Dr. Baojia No who experimented on her giving her cryokinetics. She escaped, killed him, and now hunts anyone who abuses women as Stripfreeze,the Hooker with a Heart of Cold.


Violet and MrPlum.PNG

Violet & Mr. Plum

Name: Violet Vickers and Mr. Plum
Abilities: Girl with a Robot
Affiliation: New Purple Gang

Violet has no powers, created a pulp gangster inspired robot she controls with a mind reading hat.



Zmaj, The Hunter

Name: Zmaj Sekifrel
Abilities: Trained Tracker and Hunter
Team: None

An alien who has recently shown up on Earth to hunt rare Earth species to add to his collection. While evil he is very honorable.


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