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The Amazing
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Super Group
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Real Name
Jennifer King
June 1, 1994
Lake Huron, Michigan, United States
Parent's House
See Above
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Robert & Stacy King (foster parents)
Physical Traits
Extraterrestrial (Unknown Species)
Genetic Construct
The Sun
Apparent Age
5' 10"
140 lbs.
Body Type
Dark Blonde
Glowing Yellow
Lightly Tanned
· Distinguishing Features ·
Glowing Yellow Eyes
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Super Strength
Super Durability
Optic Blasts
· Equipment ·
Reinforced Costume
· Other Abilities ·
Mad Tuba Skills


In the summer of 1994, on the shores of the Great Lake Huron, a meteor very suddenly and very loudly impacted with the Earth, kicking up dust a half mile around the crater. The then-newlywed couple Stacy and Robert King, out on a camping trip to the Lakes, were the first to arrive on the scene to a wondrous sight: the meteor had cracked in half upon impact and, inside, was a baby girl with lustrous yellow eyes. Stacy, unable to conceive because of a condition passed on from her mother, fell in love with the child instantly, and begged her husband to 'adopt' her. Robert, unable to say no to his new wife, agreed, despite his reservations. They both agreed that no matter what, they wouldn't tell the baby what her true origins were. They decided to name her Jennifer, after Robert's grandmother.

Growing up, Jennifer was a strange child. Her attention span was notably short, often shifting from one hobby to another in the blink of an eye, as if she had some insatiable need to know anything and everything that she could possibly learn. She also had a tendency to say and do strange things, often without warning, which frequently resulted in her getting in trouble. Despite this, her parents loved her dearly, and made every effort to accommodate Jennifer's quirks, figuring that they were due to her extraterrestrial nature. She was homeschooled by her mother until the ninth grade, when she was enrolled in The Bracen Institute for metahuman teenagers. By then she had outgrown most of her more unusual habits, and fit in well enough with her peers, even if they did find her a bit... odd.

Now nineteen and graduated from Bracen, Jennifer has shifted her focus towards fighting supercrime as the young heroine, Auroral!

Appearance and Personality

Jennifer King is a nineteen year old girl, with lightly tanned skin and short blonde hair that she keeps styled in a bob haircut. She's just above the average height for an American woman at 5' 10", and has an average, healthy body type, weighing in at just under 140 pounds.

While Jennifer would normally be considered an attractive person, two of her features work to hinder this: the first and most obvious are her striking yellow eyes, combined with a tendency to stare at people. Second and more subtle is that, in short, she's too perfect. Her perfectly symmetrical face, while attractive on a passing glance, trend more and more towards 'creepy' and 'unsettling' the longer one looks at her, due in large part to the uncanny valley effect.

Jennifer is bright, inquisitive, and curious, always looking for some new bit of trivia to gobble up, or trying to make new friends. Socializing in particular is important to her, as she missed out on regular schooling, for the most part, and the bonds of friendship that usually comes with it. She has a tendency to state strange things out of the blue, ramble on, and ask blunt personal questions in public, seemingly without any forethought or understanding of why it might be considered impolite. Because of this, some people tend to find her annoying to deal with, and prefer to avoid her if at all possible.

Despite being a superhero, Jennifer actually takes a pacifistic approach to criminal justice when possible. She prefers to talk down lawbreakers if the opportunity presents itself, only resorting to blasting them away when all else fails. This is tied to a firm belief that all human life is valuable, no matter what that person may have done in the past. The only exception to this are those that would seek to cause death on a widespread scale: Jennifer has an almost disturbing hatred towards these people, far surpassing what most others would deem healthy.

Allies and Enemies

Allies: Unaffiliated

Enemy: Kro'taris

Hundreds and hundreds of lightyears away from the Sol System, there was a planet known as Afaleon IV, home of the peaceful Greulian people. Approximately three thousand years ahead of Humanity in terms of technological advancement, they had colonized every planet of their solar system and played a major part in the galactic community, providing technology mainly aimed towards terraforming and easy colonization of planets normally unsuitable for such purposes. Because of the almost miraculous nature of their equipment, Afaleon IV was frequently the victim of aggressive alien species seeking to take it by force. Each time, the invaders were repelled by a single entity of devastating, then known simply as Kro'taris. Though he wore the skin of an ordinary Greulian, it was obvious to everyone around him that he was so much more. Able to survive in the vacuum of space, and wielding strength unimaginable, he served as the protector of the peaceful people against any that would seek to do them harm. No matter what challenges they faced, Kro'taris was always there to lend his aid.

Until, one day, the Greulian sun went supernova.

The catastrophe was induced by a secret superweapon brought to bear against Kro'taris and his charges when the alien species wielding it was chased away by the cosmic defender, resulting in heavy losses for the invading people. In retaliation for those they lost, and to repair their reputation at being defeated so easily, they made the decision to wipe out the Greulian people as a whole. And there was nothing Kro'taris could do but watch - he survived the supernova, but the planets in its path were not so fortunate. In one fell swoop, everything he had fought to defend was gone.

Something snapped within Kro'taris that day, driving him mad with grief and despair. He departed on a quest for revenge, everything else about him consumed in the fire of his rage except for that single need to make the others feel the pain that reverberated through his body with every beat of his heart. He traveled from star to star, seeking out those who had wronged him, and destroying the planets of those who would dare stand in his way. In time, he would earn his reputation as Kro'taris, the World-Shatterer. It wasn't long before his arrival was met with open aggression, as the people of his targeted planets fought to protect themselves - most often, to no avail.

His search continues to this day, all shreds of the man he once was gone, replaced with the the all-consuming fury of a burning star.

Powers and Abilities

  • Solar Powered: Auroral is solar-powered; she is capable of surviving without food, water, and oxygen, so long as she is regularly exposed to solar radiation. Spending extended periods of time without exposure leaves her powers severely diminshed. She can also expend her 'battery' through constant heavy exertion, forcing her to spend time recharging.
    • Optic Concussion Blasts: Auroral can fire solar-powered beams of concussive force from her eyes, making it one of the few powers not directly provided by her telekinetic field. Though the blasts are most often fired in narrow beams (about the diameter of her iris), she can funnel more energy into the attack, making them strike a wider area.
    • Superhuman Senses: Auroral's senses of sight and hearing surpass the levels of a normal human. Her vision is telescopic, meaning she can willingly 'zoom in' with her eyes, allowing her to see great distances. Similarly, her hearing is parabolic, meaning she can focus her hearing on a certain sound, or in a certain area.
  • Tactile Telekinesis: Most of Auroral's powers are the result of an invisible telekinetic field that surrounds her body, providing her with increased physical capabilities as well as protection from various hazards.
    • Super Strength: Auroral is superhumanly powerful, far beyond what her physique would suggest. Because her strength is a result of a telekinetic field, she theoretically has no upper limit to her strength - however, because she's young and her powers are still developing, she still struggles to achieve some feats that most veteran bricks can accomplish with ease.
    • Super Durability: Auroral's telekinetic field protects her from most small arms fire, repelling the bullets away from her body before they make direct contact. The weight of the attack, however, still passes through the barrier, meaning she can be knocked around with ease, since she's not as dense as more conventional bricks.
    • Flight: Auroral is capable of flight underneath her own power. She can normally attain speeds close to the speed of sound, though she requires a bit of build-up time to reach that level. It is unknown what speeds she can attain in the vacuum of space, as she's never attempted to travel past Earth's atmosphere.
    • Superior Life Support: Auroral is able to survive in extreme conditions without any noticeable detriment to herself. This includes the high pressure depths of the ocean and the vacuum of space, as well as either temperature extreme. As long as she can maintain exposure to sunlight, she also does not require food or oxygen.

Skills and Equipment

Auroral does not rely heavily on an particular skills or equipment while engaging in superheroic activities, with the exception of her supersuit. The costume is created with a highly durable material that allows it to withstand the average wear-and-tear of crime-fighting activity, while still being flexible and comfortable enough to not inhibit Auroral in a fight.

Auroral also seems to be particularly protective of the sash that she wears as a belt; she's mentioned in the past that she views it as a good luck charm, but refuses to explain where she got it from when directly asked. Most just assume that it's one of those things she's weird about, and don't pressure her for more information.


  • Auroral owns a pet guinea pig named Beebo.
  • Auroral knows how to play the tuba, and is actually pretty good at it. She took lessons during her homeschooling years.
  • The sash Auroral wears is actually a gift from a dear friend who went missing a few years ago. It's her most cherished possession.
  • As of today, Auroral is still unaware of her origins, and believes herself to be an ordinary metahuman.


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