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The Dynamic
Arachnid commission.png
"In the cave that you fear, lies the treasure you seek." Itunes-icon.png
PLAYER @somerandomkid500
Super Group The Millennial Guard
Rank Team Member
Current Affliations Newman Consolidated
Former Affiliations

Real Name Kyle Abbott
Known Aliases Arachnid
Gender Male
Species Human
Birthdate October 13th
Place of Birth Millennium City
Current Location City Center, Millennium City
Relatives Franklin Abbott (Father), Dana Abbott (Mother)

Apparent Age 16
Height 5'8"
Weight 160 lbs
Eyes Green
Hair Orange
Complexion Regular
Build Thin
Notable Features None

Identity Secret
Citizenship American
Marital Status Single
Occupation Intern
Education High School


Superhuman Attributes/Arachnoid Physiology (Strength, Speed, Agility, Durability, Reflexes), Psionic Emanations, Premonition, Venomous Quills, Camouflage, Tactile-Senses, Biological Silk Glands, Attraction Field
Spyder-Bot, Spyder-Vision, Arachnid Suit, Arachnid Battle-Armor

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Kyle Abbott is the Arachnid. After noticing his ever-expanding skill in Science, Mathematics, and English in school, Kyle decided to pursue an internship at one of Millennium City's many tech companies like Harmon Industries. After being turned away by numerous research groups in the city, Kyle found Newman Consolidated who gladly accepted him for an internship. It would be here where a series of events would unfold and leave Kyle with a set of spider-like abilities that he used to save Newman Consolidated from a monstrous beast that threatened to kill the company's CEO and founder, John Newman. While successful in his efforts, Kyle was now left with a set of powers that he can't help but use to stop bad things from happening to the innocent people he lives upon. Currently, Kyle works alongside a group of teens just like him known only as, The Kickstarters, it is here where Kyle sets out to improve upon his inexperience as a solo vigilante and become something more than what he already is.

"I think I've learned a lot since getting these powers. But the truth is I don't know what I want out of this life that I live. I don't know why I do it or how I find the strength every morning to get up and know that at some point during the day I'm going to throw on these red tights and probably get my ass kicked or worse. I seriously don't know if I do it all for the thrill or just something else in general, all I do know is that now that I have these abilities its hard for me to sit on my ass and allow for terrible acts like vandalism, thievery, and everything else in between to happen to the innocent people of my neighborhood despite having the power to stop it. I do what I do, not because I have to, but because I want to. I don't think I can fathom how someone got hurt or killed and I was probably right there, right around the corner, and I didn't help because I was scared, because I was trying to be "normal", because I wanted to pretend that I don't have these powers. Well that all changes now because despite my opinion towards the idea of it, I've become more then just some school kid, I'm more than just a vigilante and I'm more than just boring old Kyle Abbott. I'm the Arachnid, and I will do everything in my power to keep my streets safe."


Kyle Abbott from birth and most of his childhood grew up as another fellow resident in Millennium City. He grew up as an only child to a middle-class household that consisted of both his mother and father Franklin and Dana Abbott. He attends Grace Memorial High School and doesn't make a lot of friends, due to him deciding to exile himself from any real social interaction to be more focused on his studies. He quickly made his way onto the honor roll by his sophomore year and was already taking Grace Memorial's college-level courses.

School life for Kyle was very average as he generally went about his day just going to class, doing his work, and heading home but deep down inside Kyle wanted something more, he wanted to become something worth while. With it being only his second year in high school and with still another two years to go before finally leaving Kyle decided that now was a better time then never to look into colleges and think where it would be he would like to go after graduated from Grace Memorial. Deciding not to leave too far from home just yet Kyle set his sights on Millennium City University as his ideal school for the time being until a greater college would be decided upon. With his ever expanding knack for robotics and engineering as well as his more-than-excellent grades in science and mathematics Kyle set out to be come an engineer and likely get a job working at one of the many tech-based companies in Millennium City like Harmon Industries or Dynamic Technologies. Kyle settled on Dynamic Technologies and decided to seek out a possible internship at their company in hopes of likely getting an inside feel of what it is the average is expected to do while there, deciding to go to their offices after school one day Kyle was immediately turned away from the company as they revealed to him that they don't offer internships and that he should look somewhere else. Disappointed and distraught about not being able to get any sort of internship at Dynamic Technologies, Kyle stumbled across a flier advertising a lesser-known company by the name of Newman Consolidated and set out to talk with the employees there in hope of likely getting better luck than what he got over at Dynamic Technologies.

After failing to get an internship from Dynamic Technologies, Kyle found Newman Consolidated, founded by Professor John Newman, John build his company built on the belief that he and his team of researchers could give back to Millennium City following the destruction of Detroit back in 1992. Kyle became invested with Professor Newman's works with cybernetic and robotic technology as he wanted a career somewhere in the field of engineering and maybe getting a job over at NASA since he always wanted to work on the parts and components of a space shuttle. It wasn't long before Kyle was eventually accepted for an internship at Newman Consolidated and was given the run down of the company's creations and ideals. During Kyle's time here he grew very close with the company's founder and CEO, John Newman and looked up to him as a role model and someone he aspired to become in his future.

While interning at Newman Consolidated, Professor Newman revealed to Kyle that his company wanted to expand into the field of genetics research and see to help treating genetic diseases and conditions. While going through the new genetics research wing, Professor Newman showed Kyle a quick glimpse at what both Newman and his colleague Doctor Victor Berlanti were working on in hopes of creating a new rendition on a super-soldier drug created by PRIMUS called, Cyberline. Professor Newman and Doctor Berlanti were working on a new pill-based supplement that would provide the user with temporary super-powers for approximately an hour. Professor Newman hadn't told him yet, but he lately was having second thoughts about this "super pill" as he didn't like how fixated and obsessed Doctor Berlanti was starting to become with it. In the next couple of weeks, Professor Newman eventually confronted Doctor Berlanti and told him about his plans of shutting down the project and discontinuing all research on the "Meta-Growth Hormone", or often abbreviated to MGH. This of course didn't sit well with Doctor Berlanti as he was the one who came up with the sole idea of the Meta-Growth Hormone pills and now to have his whole project shut down was devastating.

Desperate to save his research, Victor got to trying to round all his equipment and notes and see if he can take it somewhere safe, somewhere where it wouldn't be destroyed. John however predicted that Victor would try and salvage what research was left behind and John got security to get Victor and throw him out of Newman Consolidated. While John didn't want to do this to his friend, he did apologize and told Victor that he should consider himself fired from the company. Now with his research gone and bound to be destroyed by someone who he thought was his friend, Victor got desperate and wanted revenge against John Newman and his former place of work Newman Consolidated. Victor decided to seek out someone or maybe even something to help him carry out his revenge seeing that his former friend betrayed him. It wasn't long before Victor found himself asking the hellish organization known as DEMON for help, pleading that he'd give his body and soul to have the power needed to exact revenge on his former friend. This wish was eventually fulfilled as Victor was taken by DEMON and used as a sacrifice and had his very body, mind, and soul bound to that of an insidious entity of unknown origin, this ritual left Victor with demonic powers from the darker realms of existence and gave him the ability to transform into a green-skinned monstrosity that would soon attempt to end John Newman.

Elsewhere, Professor Newman and Kyle were conversing in Newman's office and talking about Kyle's destined future as he was nearing the completion of his internship, until a sudden explosion was heard coming from another area in the building. Newman and Kyle frantically rushed to investigate the source of the anonymous explosion and then suddenly a fellow, now deceased researcher is chucked at the feet of both Kyle and the Professor as a great, green-skinned monster standing at around seven feet tall approach the two and question if they "love" the new look. It was right-then-and-there that John knew that the beast standing in front of him was a former shell of the man he once called his friend, it was Victor Berlanti. John immediately directed Kyle to get away and save himself, this led to Victor attempting to murder the young teen by casting a fireball and hurling at the fleeing Kyle and while he got away unharmed this only angered John and led to him trying to full on attack Victor in his new form. John of course is easily overwhelmed by Victor's impressive newfound superhuman strength and is hurled into another room of the Newman Consolidated building, desperate to try and save as well as protect himself John takes to using whatever means to talk Victor down and maybe figure out a way to turn him back into his old self. Victor however did not want to go back to being "normal" as now he has all the control and the power to make John feel what he felt when he was kicked out of Newman Consolidated.

Kyle, who had been lucky to escape from Victor's wrath unscathed, couldn't help but feel guilty for leaving his mentor and friend in there alone with something that could easily kill him in one swipe. Feeling like he had no other choice, Kyle decided to go to the genetics research lab and seek out the aforementioned Meta-Growth Hormone pill and use them to possibly save Professor Newman. The pills were stated by Newman himself to only last an hour which was more than enough time to actually tango with Doctor Berlanti and save Professor Newman, after scavenging all over the genetics lab Kyle eventually found some of Doctor Berlanti's research notes on an experimental version of MGH that utilized certain strands of animal DNA, designed to give the user an edge and make them ten times more effective then if they were to use the standard version of MGH. Due to the time constraints Doctor Berlanti only had time to make one pill of the "Animal-Growth Hormone" and it was in fact based on a spider he saw wandering around the lab during the pill's creation, Kyle wasted no time and ingested the Animal-Growth Hormone and wait a few minutes for the pill to take effect.

Back with Professor Newman he is still being pursued by Victor and is finding it quite hard to actually reason with him and try to calm him down. By this point in time Victor is completely enraged at how John has actually managed to survive for so long against him and he newfound demonic powers, casting several more fireballs at John and missing Victor proceeds to echo down the long hallway corridors of Newman Consolidated stating that he will kill everyone and destroy everything that John holds near and dear to him like his wife, family, and the "prodigy" he took in, Kyle Abbott. Victor proclaimed that he will be the symbol of John's pain and suffering, he will be his Torment. Finally catching up with John and literally having him backed into a corner, trapped like a caged animal, Victor now going by the alias "Torment" prepares to roast John alive with his engulfed, flaming clawed hands until out of nowhere a masked figure leaps in and uses his own superhuman strength to lift Torment over his head and throw him across the room they are in. The masked figure turns to John saying its alright and removes his mask for a brief second to reveal that its actually Kyle. Of course John was very confused and wanted to question Kyle on how and where did he get super powers, deciding to tell him sometime later Kyle puts his mask back on and escorts John to one of building's emergency exits where Professor Newman makes his getaway.

Enraged at how this "masked marvel" made a mockery out of him and let his intended victim get away, Torment didn't waste anytime trying to kill Kyle. Kyle and Torment go toe-to-toe in a straight super-powered brawl all throughout the Newman Consolidated building besting each other on every angle with Kyle outmaneuvering Torment thanks to his new enhanced speed and reflexes and Torment outmatching Kyle thanks to his enhanced strength and energy projection in the form of pyrokinesis. Eventually Kyle does actually lose his footing and then Torment takes advantage of Kyle's vulnerable moment to grab him by the neck and pin him against a wall where he remove Kyle's mask and smiles right in his face. Tightening his grip around Kyle's throat and claiming to snap his neck like a twig, Torment states that his always hated Kyle ever since the moment he first walked into Newman Consolidated. Torment begrudgingly tells Kyle about how Professor Newman would talk of Kyle and put him on this pedestal and think of Kyle as the smartest kid on the block, it made Torment feel sick seeing as that before Kyle came along seeking an internship, Victor was the head honcho of Newman Consolidated, he was thought to be the most brilliant one out of the rest of the employees and to have the taken right from underneath him by some sixteen year old punk, was just disgusting. It was then Torment proceeded to tell Kyle that he was going to make him suffer like he planned on doing to Newman, Torment said that Kyle's death would not be quick nor painless but instead it would happen nice and slow.

Kyle, trying to take advantage of Torment's drawn out monologue, reaches for a nearby fire extinguisher that was hooked onto the wall he was pinned against and uses it to knock Torment across the head and break free from his grasp. Kyle drops to the ground where he receives his mask but is then grabbed by Torment and chucked out a nearby window and into the street outside of Newman Consolidated. The brawl continues with fireballs being projected at Kyle and Kyle swiftly evading the attacks. Torment decides to try and crush with a vacant car parked across the street from the building they both exited from and throws it at Kyle who conveniently catches it without even breaking a sweat. Deciding to place the car back down instead of throwing back at Torment, Kyle's is caught off guard when Torment decides to run at him with a flame-engulfed fist which sends him flying down the street they're fighting in.

Knowing that this is a fight he probably can't win, Kyle decides to take to higher ground and reduce the risk of innocents likely getting hurt in all the ruckus him and Torment are causing. Acting on pure instinct alone, Kyle takes to scaling one of the surrounding buildings and tries to make a getaway from Torment, who only super-jumps up to Kyle and rips him from off the wall and onto another rooftop, several blocks away from the Newman Consolidated building. Torment lands on the roof that he threw Kyle on to and the fight continues with both of them completely giving it all and holding no bars in this fight. Kyle of course is still overwhelmed by Torment's supernaturally-enhanced physiology and isn't long before he is tackled from off the roof by Torment and both of them fall back down towards the ground, again, in the middle of street where Torment sits on top of Kyle and begins punching and wailing away at Kyle's face and head tearing away pieces of his mask. Kyle doesn't give up though as he powers through the vicious beating and this time decides to give it his all one last time and deliver the proper blow to defeat Torment once and for all.

Kicking Torment of his chest, Kyle regains his footing and stands partly dazed but still conscious enough to grasp the situation at hand. He charges for Torment using nothing but super-strength fueled punches to hurt and injure Torment, of course this only angers the green beast and he slashes and hacks at Kyle with clawed hands and his misses due to Kyle's quicker reflexes. Kyle keeps trying his best to make sure Torment stays down for good but its too much, his power greatly exceeds Kyle's but luck was on Kyle's side as Champions member, Witchcraft turned up and stepped in to help Kyle subdue Torment. Witchcraft spoke to Kyle and praised him for his efforts, but maybe next time he should perhaps call for help or at least find others like him to help take down an enemy that greatly exceeds one's limits. Shortly after Witchcraft's word of advice, PRIMUS showed up to arrest Torment and throw him into Stronghold. Kyle decided to walk away and try to get home seeing that his help was no longer needed, until he was greeted by a man named, Commander Nathan Hauser. Hauser, like Witchcraft praised Kyle on his efforts but if even remotely thinks about carrying on this whole superhero thing, then he better come with PRIMUS and register his identity with them so he doesn't have to worry about any sort of law enforcement coming after him. But Kyle refused to go with Hauser as he told him that this was a one-time thing and that he shouldn't expect to see Kyle again anytime soon. After that, Kyle walked off but deep down Commander Hauser knew that Kyle would be back, maybe not now and maybe not tomorrow. But soon...

Weeks would go by before Kyle would dare to ever step foot in Newman Consolidated again after what happened between him and Doctor Berlanti, now going by the alias, Torment. After ducking so many of his calls, Kyle decided to reach out to Professor Newman and see if they can meet up some place and talk. Deciding to meet up at Darren's Pizza, Kyle and John spoke briefly about Doctor Berlanti before turning the conversation onto Kyle and his powers. This would soon lean into Kyle's reasoning as to why did he want to meet face-to-face with John in person after the attack on Newman Consolidated. Kyle's powers were in face still with him and never actually left even after their one hour time limit, Kyle wanted to see if that it was possible to get rid of them through some sort of treatment or antibiotic or something over at Newman Consolidated. John didn't want to give Kyle a definite answer to his question but he did say that he would be happy to help Kyle find a cure to his new powers.

Another week would go by before Professor Newman was ready to allow Kyle back over to Newman Consolidated. Luckily during Kyle and Torment's scuffle there was not too much damage done to the building or the labs for that manner so clean up and repairs were relatively quick and the building was back under full operation as normal. John met with Kyle at the front entrance and walked him through the building and brought Kyle to a lab where he would have Kyle demonstrate the abilities he had, so John had an idea for what exactly they were dealing with and how they could treat it. Kyle demonstrated numerous abilities such as 'wall-crawling' and the power to shoot needle-like projections from his fingertips. John would write down all of his observations before giving a Kyle a full body scan to see what is going on with him on a biological level. Once this was all done then it would determine if there is some way to treat Kyle's powers.

After showing off all the abilities he could to John, Kyle decided to take a breather and actually proceeded to tell Professor Newman that he was quite hungry and the two proceed to go out and get themselves a Royal Burger. While on their 'lunch break', John revealed to Kyle that actually his new powers are actually a mixed bag of genetic alteration. Without speaking too loudly on it for others to hear, John told Kyle that really his 'powers' did leave, sort of, when Kyle digested the Animal-Growth Hormone it released a chemical in his body that enhanced his physique and bodily performance to superhuman-levels with the added bonus of giving him some other abilities as well. Shocked to hear this information, Kyle demanded to know more, and was actually quite displeased with the information that he was receiving. John continued on and told Kyle that he's not sure if there's any possible way to 'treat' what he's become now, going on a hunch Professor Newman proceed to tell Kyle that he was in fact, now, a metahuman.

Quickly finishing off the last of their food, Kyle and John head back to lab and check out Kyle's charts to prove what John meant about Kyle's new abilities. It of course turned out that Professor Newman was right and that since consuming the AGH, Kyle has had an increase in muscular density, perceptional improvement, sensory enhancements, and heightened levels of speed and reflexes. As stated previously it seems that after Kyle ingested and then later digested the pill, a chemical was released throughout Kyle's body passing from organ to organ eventually endowing with superhuman-levels of strength and abilities. But with Doctor Berlanti being the head creator of the Animal-Growth Hormone pills it would seem that only he would know how to the reverse the pill's effects, but with him currently detained and locked away in Stronghold, it would seem the Kyle is out of luck. Unable to fathom what he is being told, Kyle is thrown into a rage and is disgusted with out now he has become the very thing he's despised for most of his life since living in Millennium City.

Interested in what Kyle said, John tries to calm him down and get some sort of explanation out of him and figure out what Kyle meant by "becoming the very thing he's despised". Kyle eventually comes to his senses and reveals to Professor Newman that for all his life he's hated the idea of superheroes and metahumans, he feels that they are a nuisance and only make things for harder for the police officers, firefighters, and paramedics. The REAL heroes of this city, not some costumed pretenders in colorful tights using their powers to "help save people". The fact that Kyle is now one of 'their kind' just makes him feel sick to his stomach because the police, fire department, and EMS's are all trained for what they do, trained to deal and handle the sort of work they tackle and the fact that it gets completely negated by a costumed hero must make their jobs ten times worse. Kyle has seen and experience a lot in the past eight years everything from mechanical monstrosities running rapid in the streets to Spoiled duchesses throwing temper tantrums in Downtown every now and then to Costumed maniacs trying to corrupt our local TV broadcast, just to gloat about himself. To put it simply, Kyle wants to go back to the life of a NORMAL, average, ordinary teenager. He does not want to be anything more than that, when it took that AGH he didn't think the effects it would have on him would be permanent and would do anything to get rid of these abilities he now possesses.

Kyle did eventually complete his internship with Newman Consolidated although some would say it would've just ended early all together after the incident involving Doctor Berlanti. Still though Kyle felt incomplete and different being that he now has powers he probably has no way of ever getting rid of and now has to pretend like he's normal even though he's not. With at least three more months before school lets out, Kyle decided to skip taking the bus back home and actually walk home and give himself time to think. Lost in his own though Kyle walked down the street and must've wandered into a bad part of the neighborhood his school was located near because he happened to notice a woman being swarmed by a bunch of thugs who wanted to try and take her purse and maybe something more if no one was around to help her. Kyle began to countdown the seconds in his head, the seconds until this woman was just a mere few steps away from possible death or worse, then it finally hit him and Kyle decided to waste no time and get over and help that lady, it would make zero kinds of sense to let the worst happen to this woman because Kyle was too afraid to do something. And without a second thought Kyle raced across the street he was on to get to the woman's rescue.

Calling out to the hoods to leave the girl alone Kyle acted quickly and used his reflexes and speed to his advantage to quickly outmaneuver the thugs and eventually put them in their place. But Kyle was still unsuccessful because while he was able to stop the thugs, one of them still got away with her purse, the lady called out to Kyle that the thug took her purse and was getting away, wasting no time Kyle got right to chasing the man on foot. The man had no powers of his own but must've been well-versed in parkour as he led to chase to a rooftop where Kyle eventually followed suit and continued on after him, taking the chase to the rooftops of the City Center neighborhood. It was also hot on this day and Kyle had decided to wear a t-shirt and shorts this day and then suddenly, out of nowhere, Kyle started to feel this strange 'tingling' sensation in his body and all across his arms and legs in between running and jumping from roof-to-roof trying to catch this purse snatcher, and then finally Kyle's eyes began to burn as if someone dumped an entire body of rubbing alcohol in them and then there was a blinding yellow light that just engulfed his field of vision and before he knew it Kyle was plummeting towards the ground after light got too intense for him to focus, while in the process the purse-snatcher got away.

Waking up several minutes later after failing to capture the purse-snatcher, Kyle stumbled back onto his feet and straggled his way back home on foot holding a hand over his eyes to block out the sun's intense beam of light cast down upon him. After making it home Kyle called Professor Newman and told him that he needed to speak with him immediately, stating that he thinks these new powers of his are getting worser by the minute. John was able to meet up with Kyle several hours later and Kyle also had decided to wear a pair of sunglasses to his meeting with John as the he still found that even in the evening the sun still left his eyes incredibly sensitive. For the next several hours John would try to run as many tests as he could on Kyle and was able to deduce that Kyle was manifesting abilities that were all-the-more-similar to that found in most species of spiders. John figured out that Kyle had developed a few enhanced senses, such as an enhanced sense of touch, or feeling. John purposed that this sense of touch had become so acute that maybe Kyle's body was trying to somehow replace or limit his eyesight by making him extremely sensitive to sunlight. From here John just told Kyle to as long as the sun is out, always wear a pair of sunglasses or something that can filter out the sun's harmful rays from his line of sight or else he may be in danger of going blind permanently.

Kyle, now very distraught about his current situation, had felt that his life was literally being turned upside down and there was nothing he could do about it. Sure he had wanted to use this powers just to help save both Professor Newman and his company from the monstrosity Doctor Berlanti had turned himself into, but at the same time for what cost? Kyle's own biology was slowly changing with each day that passed. First it was the super-strength and durability, now it's this new enhanced sense of touch as well as the limiting of his own sight to the point of where he must where sunglasses just to decrease the risk of blinding himself. Kyle had now become the freak he had never wanted to be. As the days dragged on after first acquiring his powers, Kyle became more and more depressed as there was essentially no cure for what he had become and began to reflect back on how he had this utter hatred for "metahumans", or "enhanced individuals". Now he is just one amongst their ranks, all that's left is for him to be "transformed" by some tragedy and use that as a motivater to take up a colorful costume of his own and superhero name. Of course though, as luck seems to have it Kyle was again forced to use his powers to become something he's not after learning of a potential threat that was just within his local neighborhood.

The local Channel 8 news had reported a dramatic development in which a criminal armed with some kind of foreign, advanced technology had been using his gadgets to wreck havoc amongst the people in City Center. This criminal was actually a blue-collar worker by the name of Tobias Hayes who was forced to turn to a life of crime after he lost everything he had come to own and build for himself in the form of a small business that he owned which was later destroyed in a superhuman brawl. Tobias had also took the risk of not filing for any kind of insurance during his business's short-lived duration, so he was left with absolutely nothing. With nowhere else to go Tobias sought out Wayland Talos who provided him with proper resources he needed to exact revenge on the "heroes" of Millennium City. He took to wearing an exo-suit and wielding powerful, explosive weaponry and was eventually dubbed as the Mad Bomber by most media outlets. Elsewhere Kyle decided to get in touch with Professor Newman, seeing if he had heard on the news about the Mad Bomber, which he definitely did. While John knew that Kyle was definitely going to be reluctant as well as likely to refuse the offer, John figured that maybe Kyle is capable of probably stopping this madman. Kyle was of course immediately taken back by this as he knew it was pure insanity to up against a guy armed with weapons that could blow him to kingdom come. John would try to get Kyle to relax a bit before finally revealing a specially-made suit for him. The suit was red and dark gray with a green trim to it's overall color scheme as well as it had a mask and bodysuit that covered would cover most of the user from head to toe except the gloves and boots were lacking in well...coverage. The Professor would explain this away as a temporary solution to Kyle's enhanced sense of touch, as well as the suit was created using the finest fabrics made to withstand most small caliber bullets and was also fireproof as well. This was going to be Kyle's 'costume' and hopefully he would accept the offer and use it to save the citizens of his neighborhood. Kyle, while he was still very unsure of this current situation, he accepted John's offer and took the suit and went out to locate the Mad Bomber and hopefully put and end to his villainous schemes.

After weeks of the Mad Bomber going unseen by the public eye finally he made his move yet again, this time targeting the news station in Westside. Now was Kyle's chance to use his powers for something great, to save potential victims of the Mad Bomber so they can live to see their family and friends for another day. Kyle quickly put on the suit given to him by Professor Newman and headed out to intercept the Mad Bomber from completely obliterating the entire building. Kyle, using the buildings in the area along with his ability to jump pretty high, jumped atop the Mad Bomber's exo-suit and quickly disabled it causing both of the rivals to plummet back to the Earth directly in front of the WCOC news station. Kyle an the Mad Bomber were quick to battle it out with Bomber using his large assortment of gadgets to try and outmaneuver Kyle, but Kyle was faster and smarter than the Bomber was and in very little time was able to defeat within the hour of when he planned to have the entire WCOC building destroyed in. Reporters from inside the new station rushed out to meet with Kyle, not only thanking him but also immediately asking him multiple questions of who was he and did he just so happen to know who the Mad Bomber's true identity was. Kyle, stumbling on his words decided to flee the scene and go about the rest of his night and around 24 hours later after Kyle had defeated the Mad Bomber the local newspaper as well the news in general had taken to calling him, The Arachnid.

Of course Kyle immediately resented all of this publicity but of course now he has to live with it since he's is now a superhero. Professor Newman congratulated Kyle on his efforts with stopping the Mad Bomber but he was needed down at Newman Consolidated immediately as somebody important needed to speak with him. Kyle made his way down to Newman Consolidated and was greeted by Commander Hauser, the same man he spoke with after his fight with Torment when Kyle had initially gotten his powers. He was also here to congratulate Kyle but also came to tell him that again he is still going to need to register with PRIMUS if he wants to continue his superhero adventures any farther, because if not then he going to be labeled as a vigilante and may have a lot of negative run-ins with the police. Kyle for the second time refused as again if he is to keep up with this superhero stuff, then he's going to try his best to keep his head out of anything too major for him to handle. Commander Hauser only nodded his head and proceeded to tell Kyle that the registration act isn't strictly enforced and he doesn't have to register but was only here to notify him of what is to likely happen he proceeds to go any farther as a vigilante. Kyle only told the Commander that he understood and Hauser proceeded to leave the building and told Kyle that he would be seeing him around, snarkingly referring to him as "Arachnid" before completely exiting the Newman Consolidated building.

For the next several month Kyle would proceed to do what he said he was going to do, stop small street crimes and keep his head out of anything directly tying to metahumans. Kyle, under the guise of Arachnid, gained a big following on social media with a lot of people coming to question who was the spider-themed vigilante and where did he come from. There was also the occasional person who came to question was he horribly disfigured under the mask that he wore and that's why he decided to have it cover his entire face, either way whether Kyle had liked it or not Arachnid was here to stay and was always going to be the person who looked out for the little guy as there needs to be more heroes like him looking out for the citizens of his neighborhood, also during the summer of 2017 Kyle would also join a team. A team of heroes that were also like him, young and were willing to use their powers responsibly for the betterment of both themselves and the safety of the civilians they swore to protect. This group of heroes have come to call themselves The Millennial Guard and from this day forward Kyle remains apart of their roster and proceeds to use his powers to help those who can't help themselves, this was his story, his adventure, and his truth. Who is Kyle truly at the end of the day? He is...centerright


Outside of his Arachnid identity, Kyle is a very reserved individual who really isn't one for crowds. He is more of an introvert and tends to be the most silent out of a group of ten or so people but may be the more outspoken person if that group of people is cut down to five or less. He is a very intelligent science enthusiast, capable of inventing and building his own miniature robotics since he was six years old. He also gathers both science and comic books in his room, although he honestly prefers the science books rather than the comic books.

Kyle is a friendly but shy and awkward individual; he is happy to talk but often stumbles on his own words in a conversation. It takes him time to actually get used to seeing people in order for him to overcome this hindrance in social interaction, but on the upside he is usually very impressionable to authority figures due to his maturity and level of intellect he tends to show. He is not the smartest or one of the most smartest people on the face of the earth but he is still incredibly wise for a kid of his age. Most things he has come to know came from reading books or documents that he may have gotten to take a look at during his internship at Newman Consolidated.

As Arachnid, Kyle is courageous and capable, being able to come up with clever strategies due to his scientific expertise. This of course is due to that he knows his face is completely covered and he can get away with saying or doing just about anything since he knows no one knows what he looks like. He also is more outgoing when under the mask, being able to do things he probably wouldn't do in his civilian identity. He generally annoys his enemies, not with fast-talking humor and quips, but with the validity of how a certain metahuman's powers may work and how they don't exactly obey certain laws of physics or any form of science at all.


Rsz arachnid-civilian.png
Rsz arachnid-final.png

Kyle Abbott would be described as a limber, skinny teenager around the age range of sixteen to eighteen years old. His skin is light-complected and his overall build can be seen as lean, where he doesn't have a lot of muscle but still appears to be fit for a teen around his age. He stands at 5'8" and weighs around 160 pounds. He carries a posture and attitude that is both mature and lighthearted, like he wants to make sure he impresses whoever it is that first meets him. Kyle has short reddish-orange hair that is often times worn in a very combed back and neat style, quite the departure from the more 'unkempt' and straggly haircut most often worn by his peers. He speaks in a light not-so-deep voice and the manner in which he speaks can sometimes be described as 'laid back', or to put it simply he often sounds like nothing really excites him too much and is rarely ever heard yelling or screaming. The clothing Kyle tends to wear is very casual, usually consisting of no more than a shirt and pair of jeans but again he still likes to make himself look presentable and not too sloppy a he is a firm believer on having only one chance to make a first impression.

In his Arachnid guise, Kyle wears a skin tight red, dark gray, and green suit that covers him from head to toe (partially). Red is the suit's primary color and takes up a majority of the suit starting from the mask then to the torso, gloves and boots. The secondary color is a dark gray which situates along the sides of the suit and on the pants as well. Finally there is the green which for the most part runs along the gray areas of the costume. Kyle utilizes a 'full mask' which protects his identity and also aids in his light sensitivity issue he has. While the mask lens are dark, they work in a similar manner as the typical pair of sunglasses where Kyle can see out of them but no one can see in, not even sunlight. Also due to his costume be constructed nearing the summer season the suit is also outfitted with a 'moisture pump' that is designed to keep Kyle cool in hot weather as he would (obviously) succumb to a heatstroke if he continued wearing his suit in the blazing heat for prolonged hours at a time.


"A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow." – William Shakespeare

FILE 001



Real Name: John Ethan Newman
Powers/Abilities: None
Occupation: Scientist, Researcher, Business Owner

"John Newman is the founder and CEO of Newman Consolidated. Newman is my mentor who for the past few months has trained me in how to use my powers and has been using his resources at Newman Labs to help aid in my adventures as Arachnid. If it wasn't for Professor Newman I wouldn't be where I am today. And for that I thank him.

FILE 002



Real Name: Nathan Hauser
Powers/Abilities: None
Occupation: PRIMUS Commander

"Nathan Hauser is a commander within the organization known as PRIMUS. He was tasked with capturing and detaining the threat that was 'Torment' who made his first appearance in Downtown, Millennium City attempting to destroy the Newman Consolidated building. Thanks to the aid of Kyle during his own first appearance under the name 'Arachnid', Commander Hauser promised that he would be keeping a close eye on the hero after his initial rejection to register his identity with PRIMUS if he wanted to continue onward with his hero adventures.


"Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster." - Sun Tzu

Threat Levels:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
Not worth any action. Let the cops take care of it.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
Minor threats. Usually common meta-criminals.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
Could prove a personal challenge, but not much else.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
Moderate threats. Worth looking into.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
Dangerous. Definitely ones to look out for. Usually for low-to-moderate powered mercenaries and assassins.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
Dangerous nationally and internationally.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
High-Level Threats. Capable of posing a real danger to governments, organizations and super-teams.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
Worldwide threats. Must be immediately investigated. Reserved for cult leaders, terrorist organizations and the like.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
World Annihilators, must be stopped at all costs.

FILE 001



Real Name:
Powers/Abilities:Same as Arachnid's
Origin: Science
<font size=1px
Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


FILE 002



Real Name: George Reynolds
Powers/Abilities: Toxin Generation & Manipulation, Toxic Breath and Bile Upchuck
Occupation: Megalomaniac
Origin: Science
Motivation: Unknown

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


FILE 003



Real Name: Korambi
Powers/Abilities: Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Durability, Ice Generation
Occupation: Megalomaniac
Origin: Science
Motivation: Unknown

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


FILE 004



Real Name: Unknown
Powers/Abilities: Shapeshifting
Occupation: Thief, Deceptionist
Origin: Natural
Motivation: Influence

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


FILE 005



Real Name: Spithra
Powers/Abilities: Shapeshifting, Bio-Plasmic Generation
Occupation: None
Origin: Alien
Motivation: Revenge

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


FILE 006



Real Name: Victor Berlanti
Powers/Abilities:Demonic Transformation, Superhuman Attributes, Pyrokinesis, Accelerative Healing
Occupation: Former Scientist/Business Owner
<font size=1px
Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


FILE 007



Real Name: Unknown
Powers/Abilities: Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Durability
Occupation: Bank Robber, Maniac
Origin: Science
Motivation: Unknown

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██



  • Arachnoid Physiology: Upon Kyle getting his powers, his body was given a more enhanced physique and performance level than that of any normal teenage boy of his height, size, and weight. He essentially possesses the proportionate powers of a human with spider-like abilities. He even gained enhancements over his normal human senses that also includes an extraordinary sixth sense which grants him heightened awareness of his very surroundings and tells him if something in the area is "off".

  • Superhuman Strength: Kyle's strength is vastly more superior than any ordinary humans he can bench approximately 7 tons and punch people so hard that the force can throw a person off their feet. His incredible strength allows him to lift cars and throw them great distances. He, again, is far stronger than any normal human and is able to kill a regular human with a single, glancing blow if he was willing to.

  • Superhuman Speed: Kyle can move faster than an ordinary human and is adept at dodging quickly. Kyle's speed allows him to respond to certain stimuli far quicker than how a normal human would and still have time to process the information in time to still move super-humanly fast to avoid what may be heading towards him. He can also achieve running speeds that allow him to surpass any vehicle.

  • Superhuman Agility: As Arachnid, Kyle has shown to move, jump, and perform all sorts of flips and somersaults without difficulty. His reflexes also allow him to react to impending threats and move with far better swiftness than the most skilled gymnast. His inhuman agility and dexterity allow him to jump to great heights, run up walls, and perform parkour maneuvers not possible to those with normal physiology.

  • Superhuman Durability: Kyle's body is physically resistant towards impact force, his durability level allows him to survive falls off of three story buildings and walk off extremely powerful hits from the toughest of opponents with little-to-no serious injuries.

  • Superhuman Reflexes: Kyle's enhanced senses allow for enhanced physical responses to stimuli in his environment. His reflexes are the of result of enhanced sensory input.

  • Attraction Field: Kyle's body amazingly emits a 'natural' attraction field that draws anything with range of him, towards him. Further studies at Newman Labs showed that this is either some form of telekinesis or gravity manipulation. Kyle has also shown to mimic a spider's 'wall-crawling' ability with this power by attracting himself towards a wall and simply running or walking up it, although he prefers running since its quicker and wastes less time. This ability can also be shared among others within range of Arachnid, effectively granting them "wall-crawling" powers as well, albeit for a temporary time until they leave the radius of his Attraction Field.

  • Biological Silk Glands: Kyle has organic 'silk glands' in his body that manifested as a result of the Animal-Growth Hormone. The shimmering silk Kyle produces just so happens to contain elements exactly similar to that of the golden orb spider's silk, which is stated to be one of the strongest substances known to man. These glands are located in each finger on both of Kyle's hands and their overall strength is determined by Kyle's own blood sugar level. They can be as strong as nylon when Kyle is in perfect health but are not unbreakable, but if Kyle is in poor health the silk can wear away like soggy toilet paper.

  • Camouflage: Much like a sand spider, Kyle has an ability that allows him to blend into his environment. This is not invisibility but in fact chameleon-like camouflage power that Kyle's body adopts the same look and color whatever it is he may be standing in front, beside, or behind of. However the power best works while he is standing or sitting idly, any slight movement he makes doesn't uncloak him but makes his "outline" more visible to the naked human eye.

  • Tactile-Senses: Kyle is able to pick up the slightest vibrations through air currents via sudden changes and disturbances in the air. This also extends into perceiving small vibrations through both the ground and solid structures, Kyle can even sense structural weaknesses in certain solid materials as well. Because of this ability Kyle has designed his suit with fingerless gloves and toeless boots so he can properly pick up this sorts of natural occurrences.
    • Superhuman Equilibrium: Thanks to his Tactile-Senses, Kyle possesses the ability to achieve a state of perfect equilibrium in any position imaginable. He seems able to adjust his position by instinct, which enables him to balance himself on virtually any object, no matter how small or narrow.

  • Psionic Emanations: By casting small strands of invisible, psionic webbing into his environment, Kyle can feel "psychic vibrations" reverberating through them just like a spider can feel regular vibrations through their webs. This allows him to sense the presence of other people in his vicinity, pinpointing potential attackers over a distance.
    • Premonition: While its nothing like a "danger sense" per se, Kyle's Psionic Emanations also grant him an enhanced level of premonition. With this Kyle usually is able to detect or sense something "off" in the area around him, whether it be the people he's near/surrounded by or just the overall environment in general. Some could say this is just a weaker variant of a danger sense though considering how something bad does usually happen after this feeling begins to kick in.

  • Venomous Quills: Kyle possesses the ability to produce biological needle-like protrusions from his body that are also venom-tipped. Once these quills are fired outward from his body and hit a target, the venom is pumped into the bloodstream and causes complete paralysis over the target's entire body that lasts for about 20 minutes. These needle-like protrusions can also be fired out as ranged projectiles through Kyle's fingertips.

  • Disease and Infection Immunity: Kyle's immunity, digestive, and other organ systems are enhanced far beyond that of a normal human's. His is completely immune to every form of disease brought on by bacteria, viruses, or even parasites. His immunity even goes far beyond this by also granting him immunity against some, if not all, known poisons, toxins, venoms and allergens.


  • Expert Roboticist: Kyle is well-versed in the field of robotics and hardware design. He helped in the building and construction of the Spider-Bot and input his own designs for some of its defensive, offensive, and utilitarian capabilities. Ever since he was the age of 6, Kyle has even created A.I. just by the simple deconstruction of one thing to turn it into another thing.

  • Skilled Inventor: With his knowledge and expertise in mechanics, robotics and engineering Kyle has constructed some impressive pieces of tech, usually from household materials. Thanks to his "associative" position over at Newman Labs, Kyle often takes advantage of his access to their labs and aid in the building of new technology that will be both beneficial to him and the civilians of Millennium City.

  • Near-Genius Level Intelligence: Kyle has what is classified as a near-genius level intellect, and has an I.Q of 160. While he himself doesn't consider himself to be a genius in any way, shape or form, Kyle is perhaps more intelligent than most of his peers. Having been able to create miniature robotics as young as six years old using only just a couple components he stripped from other household materials like TVs and video game consoles. His intellect even impressed the likes of more experienced and trained individuals in the field of engineering and physics like, Professor Newman.

  • Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Kyle has extensively trained himself in a mixed form of fighting styles as well as properly supplement it with his superhuman strength, speed, and reflexes. He often uses the environment to his advantage as well to make some of his attacks against foes more effective and take advantage of their (probable) slower reaction time to certain stimuli.


  • Photosensitive Eyesight: Kyle's new powers cost him his eyesight slightly. Much like an actual spider, Kyle's eyes are now extremely sensitive to sunlight exposure and wears darkened eye lens in the mask of his suit to counter-balance the "flare" effect for when his eyes pick up too much light at once. He even has extended to wearing sunglasses when in his civilian identity.

  • Accelerated Metabolism: In order for his body to keep up with it's new 'enhancements', Kyle exerts a lot more energy then that of a normal human for that he is usually winded after a long day of fighting. While his appetite is not on par with that of a speedsters he will need to eat far more calories and intake more nutrients than what any average human would need.

  • Only Human: Kyle, while he does have super-powers they are nothing along the lines of indestructible or invincible. He can still be harmed by conventional weapons ranging from knives to firearms.

  • Sensory Overload: Kyle's Tactile-Senses are, well sensitive, and sudden sonic attacks or vibrations in the air will slightly throw him off and distort the information he would be receiving through his fingers or toes. Same will go for his Spider-Instincts as well as his enhanced reflexes and equilibrium. If Kyle is to be fighting more people at the same time his body will begin to struggle, trying to keep up with the constant amount of sensory input it is picking up all at once.

  • Blood Sugar Control: Due to his organic silk glands, Kyle must be wary of what it is that he eats. The strength of his silk is determined by how healthy he keeps his pancreas operating at, if Kyle is to eat too much junk food then his pancreas will pump out lesser amounts of the insulin and other hormones needed to produce the silk and as a result Kyle will cause him to fire weaker silk strands. But if Kyle keeps himself on a healthy diet then his silk will operate to its full potential.

  • Inexperienced Combatant: Kyle, while he did train in how to use some of his powers in a lab, he does not have any form of combat training whatsoever. His fighting "technique" is somewhat instinctive and improvised as it emphasizes the use of his superhuman strength, speed, agility, and reflexes.

  • Exposed Fingers and Toes: Obviously due to his Tactile-Sense Kyle's fingers and toes are exposed and lack any protection from things like glass, rocks, pebbles, etc. While his super durability allows them to stay completely intact and in one piece, even when falling from the highest of distances, they are still completely vulnerable to people just stepping on them.


Arachnid Suit

Arachnid Suit: Originally donning a crudely made 'proto-suit', Kyle eventually received his own costume given to him by Professor Newman and the brilliant minds at Newman Consolidated. The suit consists of a red, gray, and green color scheme and is the generic skin-tight costume most common with superheroes. Kyle's costume was constructed to attune his new powers primarily his Tactile-Senses and sensitive eyesight, the suit covers a majority of Kyle's body mostly due to his Tactile-Senses running through most of his body and sudden gusts of wind can actually throw off his equilibrium. Also, due to the suit being created closer to the summer season it has 'moisture pump' that regulates cold water throughout the suit and keeps Kyle cool during hotter days of the week. Lastly, the suit is tear resistant and also has an unknown material woven into its fibers to provide Kyle with enough protection to survive small caliber bullets and bladed weapons.

Arachnid Battle-Armor

Arachnid Battle-Armor: Ever since joining the Kickstarters and having his hero life become a lot more prominent than usual now, Professor Newman designed a state-of-the-art battlesuit made just for Arachnid in case of emergencies where his usual spandex suit will not suffice. The armor consists of metallic tan and and brown color scheme and grants Arachnid with primarily a few weapons meant specifically for crowd control as the idea of an underage teenager running around in a weaponized suit of armor wouldn't be the best idea given that Arachnid is still yet to register with ASPRA. As far as capabilities go, the Battle-Armor is equipped with tanglecoil launchers meant to restrain the most powerful of enemies, a helmet which allows for Arachnid to see in multiple fields of vision such as night vision and infrared as well as a filter that allows for breathing in oxygen-less environments, the suit also adorns a brown undersuit that utilizes a nano-carbon material which still allows for free range movement while the bulk of the suit is still mostly with metal attachments, this undersuit also is bullet, fire, and electric-proof as well.


Spyder-Bot: Kyle's Spyder-Bot was given to him by Professor John Newman. The Spyder-Bot was created for when Kyle can't infiltrate a location or area in person. The Bot is outfitted with cloaking technology so it can go unnoticed by humans, metahumans, and cameras as well as super-technologies. Spyder-Bot is also connected to the SOCRATES infrastructure and any message SOCRATES is to broadcast out to the city will be sent to Spyder-Bot and redirected to Kyle via a comm-link he has set up in his mask.


Spyder-Vision: Spyder-Vision is what Kyle dubbed the camera lens in both his mask's eye lenses and the Spyder-Bots 'eyes'. Spyder-Vision allows Kyle to see what the Spyder-Bot sees as well as capture and record both pictures and videos and send them back to Kyle via a video feed in his eye lens. He will occasionally use the recorded evidence for himself or send them to the MCPD if the crime is way beyond Kyle's control.



"Everyone has their theories regarding the origins of this "Mechanon" character. Look I can't say much of anything since I wasn't even born yet during the time of his previous attempts to try and rid Earth of "organic life".

"Well I have my theories as well. Its quite simple actually you see following the destruction of Detroit back in 1992, the newly dubbed Millennium City experienced a 'renaissance' of technological advancements that would not only help metahumans but normal citizens as well. But if you look back far enough recorded documents of Mechanon's past attacks on Detroit at the time state that the mechanical monstrosity was utilizing tech far beyond their creation after 1992."

"What is it that I'm saying? Isn't it obvious? Mechanon is clearly not from this time. There's no way somebody of this time period build Mechanon, it just doesn't add up. I'm putting my money on that he is from another point in time in which technology has advanced significantly enough for beings like him to exist and have it not be abnormal in any way, shape, or form."

Gadget Boy

"Gadget Boy...Ugh...I've heard of this squib. I'll be honest he's not the greatest person in the world. He has a superiority complex and proclaims himself as the smartest person in the world. Hey bud, if you're SO smart. Why don't you provide a solution on how to stop ALL the bad stuff going on in the world right now? Oh what that? You can't? Because you're too busy being a self-center (bleep). Oooohhh well then sir, I suggest you to shut the (bleep) up and keep your negative thoughts to yourself."

American Superhuman and Paranormal Registration Act

"Okay, first things first. I'm not saying I WON'T sign up for this registration act, I'm just saying I'm not signing up for it right NOW. I'm seventeen years old currently and not of legal age to be signing anything just yet without an adult present. Now once I turn eighteen in October of 2017 I will definitely sign up.

"Right now I shouldn't be getting into too much trouble since I am mostly street-level and nothing I do should be so drastic that I'll be sent to court for it. So basically if I can keep my head low for most of this new year, I should be fine until my eighteenth birthday when I finally do sign up with PRIMUS and the ASPRA."

~ Documented January 10th, 2017



  • Go to Grace Memorial High School? Kyle is a sophomore-going-on-junior there!
  • Kyle is a frequent flyer at many of the Royal Burger establishments all over the city. You likely have seen him there on occasion.
  • His ventures have been mostly street-level. Maybe if you're a cop or streel-level hero yourself, you may have heard of Arachnid?
  • The occasional newspaper has featured some of his escapades (mostly in the backpages). You've likely seen something there about him.



[1]Nerd Action Hero: Kyle is definitely this.

[2]Badass Bookworm: Whether in costume or not, Kyle has a tendency to try and use his brain to help him get out of certain jams or situations.

[3]Comes Great Responsibility: Ever since gaining his powers, Kyle has tried desperately to live up to the expectations that have been made of him both with or without the mask.

[4]Good Parents: Unlike most other superhero origins, Kyle still gets to see and speak with his parents and is on good terms with them.

[5]Kid Hero: Kyle is definitely still a kid by law and does have to be home by a certain time.

[6]Part-Time Hero: Kyle means well as Arachnid and love to help people and stop bad guys, but he still favors his normal life as a high school student.

[7]Red Is Heroic: Kyle put in a request for that the suit he wears currently has red as the base color. He did this so the citizens know what to look out for when they see that someone is coming to their rescue.

[8]Science Hero: Thanks to a comm-link connection set up in his mask, Kyle keeps in contact with Professor Newman and often is given advice on how to stop a crime in other ways then just using his powers.

[9]Socially-Awkward Hero: Kyle fits this trope by ten-fold due to him being a very reserved individual.


End of Me - Ashes Remain (Main Theme)

On My Own - Ashes Remain (Fight Song)

Be Somebody - Thousand Foot Krutch

Heavy - Linkin Park

Human - Rag'n'Bone Man

Undefeated - Skillet


  • Arachnid doesn't consider himself as to having "spider powers"; He says they're more like "enhancements that happen to mimic some spider's abilities".
  • Contrary to what some may think, the Spyder-Bot as well the Spyder-Vision is actually based on the RC Jumper from Watch Dogs 2.
  • Kyle is another one of the minority of people that despite magic clearly existing, he doesn't think its anything "real". He often purposes that its nothing but manipulation of this physical plane on a molecular level.
  • A lot of Arachnid's rogues gallery consists of villains that do not really have a vendetta against him, but instead his mentor Professor Newman. If they kill Arachnicide then it will shake Newman to his core.
  • He often tries to distance himself from other spider-themed heroes and such, particularly due to how similar a lot of them are to each other. Including himself.
  • Originally Arachnid was supposed to be a mercenary/assassin who was well versed in a variety spider venoms and poisons, but obviously that idea was scrapped.
  • Arachnid is not (yet) registered with the American Superhuman and Paranormal Registration Act (ASPRA), thus making him a vigilante. Because of this is actively chased down by the police where-ever he goes.
  • He is a fan of up and coming electronic rock band, Starset.
  • Before ever gaining his powers, Kyle has spent some time on internet forums speculating the origins of the cybernetic super-villain, Mechanon with other conspiracy theorists .
  • He has a bit of an intellectual rivalry with Suzuki Katsoru a.k.a Gadget Boy.
  • A possible voice actor that would be used for Arachnid would most likely be Adrian Petriw. Mostly known for his voice acting of teenage Tony Stark in Iron Man: Armored Adventures.
  • If Arachnid was to have a live action face claim it would be that of Judah Lewis'.
  • Kyle seems to be very fond of Joseph Campbell's concept of Hero's Journey.