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Player: @Keioseth
Class Focus: Nemesis (Mastermind)
Power Level: N/A
Personal Data
Real Name: Experimental Shadow Clone #44948
Known Aliases: Siris, Chaos, Shadow Keio
Species: Cloned Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 3
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 142 lbs
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: None
Occupation: Leader of RENEGADE
Place of Birth: Secret Island Base off the Coast of Spain.
Base of Operations: None
Marital Status: None
Known Relatives: Kyran "Keioseth" McIlroy (Clone)
Known Powers
Heightened reflexes, agility, speed, and electricity manipulation.
Known Abilities
Single Sword Combat, Mystical abilities.


Chaosiris looks almost exactly like Keioseth save for three major differences:

1. Darker Skin Tone

2. Black & Red Hair

3. Violet Eyes

He also has several tribal looking facial tattoos.


Chaosiris' personality is something akin to a mix between The Joker, Riddler, Lex Luther, and Vegeta from Dragonball Z. So he's psychotic, highly intelligent, not afraid to kill people, and a very competent warrior.


The story of Siris begins long before his creations…

As some may know he is clone of Keioseth but what you may not know is the story behind him. Shortly after joined the ranks of UNTIL and becoming a member of the Spec-Ops Unit codenamed the “Black Devils,” Keio was sent on a mission with two of his teammates to a suspected VIPER Facility in Northern BC near the Alaskan boarder. After observing the facility for several hours the team was about to call it quits when discovered a ventilation duct while relieving himself. The team leader made the call that Keio should see where it leads, as he was the team’s infiltration specialist.

After almost an hour in the ducts, Keio managed to gain access to the facility and made a shocking discovery. This particular facility seemed to be based around cloning, but not just cloning soldiers and bioengineered monsters that Keio had run into before at VIPER facilities, these were world leaders, famous superheroes, and leaders of industry. Keio relayed the information to his commander and began downloading all the intel he could from the computers, although this tripped an alarm and Keio nearly got caught escaping. While he was wandering around and even while he was downloading intel he was placing explosives everywhere he could and as soon as he escaped he detonated them, sending the facility up in a series of large explosions.

Years later, after Keio’s unit was disbanded when the Commanding Officer for the entire unit had been exposed as a follower of Dr. Destroyer and his XO went insane, Keio was sent on an asinine to transport a crate to a facility in Spain. While onboard, the boat was attacked by several villains, including Razikel (Razputin Keller, Keio’s ex-XO). He teamed up with the heroes he ran into to take out a possible stronghold for Dr. Destroyer’s followers. While on that island, Keio discovered similar cloning technology as he’d seen years before, though there was some major changes one of the most noticeable was the inclusion of some kind of magic included in the cloning process.

Keio was attacked by Razikel and during the battle the cloning machine took samples of Keio’s DNA but was unable to get enough DNA to create a viable clone so it sampled the defeated Razikel. Prior to the destruction of the base the clone was completed and the entire knowledge of the facility was downloaded into its brain. The clone fled the island and disappeared for a year before reappearing in Millennium City during a massive power outage caused by the villain known as Mr. M. At first he helped Keio and the Independents but soon turned on Keio believing him to be an inferior being. He wanted to fight Keio to the death but Keio refused so the clone slaughtered Keio’s parents in front of him. It was then that he took on the name Chaosiris.

Over the next two years Siris plagued Keio and the Independents causing trouble all over the world and racked up a large murder count including several members of the team and eventually Keio’s fiancée and mother of his daughter, Alenna Serentine. At this point Keio finally had it with Siris and tracked him down nearly killing him but before delivering the final blow was stopped his friend Devil Squid. Keio sparred Siris, this act of mercy only infuriated him.

Siris eventually discovered the source of both his and Keio’s powers, an elemental being known as the “Spark Storm” and if he defeated Keio he would be granted access to the powers of the Spark Storm to do with as he pleased. This lead to Siris taking a renewed interest in making Keio’s life and the lives of all of those close to him hell. In one encounter Siris captured Keio to place an enchantment on him so that in the off chance that Keio died his soul would not crossover since if Keio did, Siris’ chance at infinite power would be lost forever. This oddly lead to him saving Keio from Superior when Superior caused Keio to take his own life.

After Keio was resurrected Siris again tried to get him to fight him to the death, but once again Keio refused and Siris destroyed the Meta-SWAT garage in anger. Eventually Siris was tracked down and Keio along with several other heroes made the decision that he was far too dangerous to be allowed to remain alive. They crippled Siris in the final fight on Monster Island and detonated a powerful bomb vaporizing the facility and whatever was inside. Though Siris managed to escape… barely.

Siris showed back up at the wedding of Aeva Marone and Flynn Megantic, this was cut short when Darius instantly saw through Siris’ disguise and after fighting off most of the heroes in attendance Siris planted a bomb but before he could activate the bomb, and midway through his Villainous Monologue, a mercenary hired by Aeva to act as extra security, sniped Siris with a headshot from a nearby building, finally ending his reign of terror…

Or did they?


Keioseth: He was cloned from him.


Electricity Manipulation: Like Keioseth, he is able to store large amounts of electricity in his body for use in many ways. His most common uses for this ability comes in the form of bolts of lightning he fires at opponents from his fists. He also able to supercharge his muscles temporarily for increased speed, agility, and strength.

Shadow Magics: Using the shadow magics he can create "Shadow Clones" which are essentially doppelgangers of who ever he chooses. He can also preform a spell called "Shadow Soul" which allows him to take control of someone.

Electricity Form: He can turn himself into pure electricity.


  • Daikatana

Meta Data

Theme Song: When You're Evil - Voltaire