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"Braaaaiiii - Hahaha, yeah, okay, enough of that."
Biographical Data
Real Name: Wu Fei Ling
Known Aliases: The Jiangshi of Westside, Fei
Gender: Female
Species: Jiangshi (Formerly human)
Ethnicity: Chinese-American
Place of Birth: Millenium City, Michigan
Base of Operations: Millenium City, Michigan (Primarily Westside)
Relatives: Wu Xi Kong, Wu Lin Tan
Age: 19
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 109 lbs.
Eyes: Black
Hair: Red
Complexion: Pale
Physical Build: Athletic, thin
Physical Features: Lack of body heat, doesn't bleed
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Complicated
Years Active: 2 months
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Vigilante
Education: None
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Undeath, Chi Absorption/Detection, Informal Martial Arts Training
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Wu Fei Ling, by day, is a super-powered crimefighter that takes down gangsters and criminals in Westside by using her cunning, street smarts, and martial arts skill. By night, however, she is the mythological "Jiangshi of Westside", as labeled by the Cult of the Red Banner. During the dark, she preys on evildoers by subduing them and sapping their chi, so that she may remain among the living. For she is an undead creature known as a Jiangshi.


Birth and Abandonment

Born to Wu Xi Kong and Wu Lin Tan, a pair of poor Chinese immigrants, Wu Fei Ling was abandoned at the age of 3 when her parents were no longer able to support her and could not find an orphanage that would take her. Luckily for Fei, she would quickly come across a group of similarly-unfortunate waifs, and grew up on the hostile streets of Westside.

Growing Up

As she aged, Fei Ling quickly became accustomed to her new "family", as well as her situation. To survive on the streets, she had to learn to be quick, smart, and most of all... discreet. She and her friends learned many of the best hiding spots in Westside, and quickly figured out how to steal and pickpocket. In addition, one of her older friends was lucky enough to make enough money doing odd jobs to attend martial arts lessons, which he would share second-hand with his friends, Fei Ling included. These skills would come in handy multiple times when her group of friends would get into scuffles with other groups of young orphans, giving her experience with fighting groups, as well.

The Incident

On March 23rd, 2012, however, Fei Ling would get into trouble she never imagined; a member of the New Purple Gang, one of the baddest gangs in town decided she'd make a good target for a mugging. When she attempted to fight back, the ganger's trigger finger was a second too quick for her... and he shot her, right in the chest. That night, Wu Fei Ling bled to death on the streets of Westside.

...The following morning, however, she awoke and found herself conscious, if unable to feel anything. She could see, hear, and smell, but she couldn't feel her body. She thought she was in Hell, cursed to observe her world but unable to do anything. This only surprised her, when she thought about covering her face to cry... only to cover her face, just as she thought.

She couldn't feel anything, but her body did as she commanded, anyways. It took her multiple hours to stagger to a standing position and get her balance, but she managed to do it, if a bit shakily. However, after doing so, she realized she had a strange feeling, something she had never felt before. She could only describe it as a wrenching hunger, something that gnawed at her very essence. It was then that she was discovered by a passerby, someone who found her staggering in the alley and, in an unusual turn of goodwill in Westside, tried to help her.

Out of instinct, Fei Ling attacked... though it seemed like less of an attack to the good samaritan and her trying to use him as support. Her hands latched onto his shoulders, her legs almost buckling... at least, until she brought her face to meet his and opened her mouth, draining his chi. The feeling had gone, and Fei Ling had taken her first (and only) life. Terrified of what she had done, Fei Ling staggered out of the alleyway and found a place to lie down. She had felt like crying, if her tear ducts were still functioning.

After hours of contemplation and thinking over what she had done, she realized what she had become after recalling an old legend one of her friends had told her about the jiangshi, an undead monster that feeds on people's chi. Swearing that she wouldn't become the monster detailed in the old legends, at least, not truthfully, she decided to fight crime in Westside and do her part to make the hovel of crime and poverty a safer place to live. She would become the creature of the night that evil would fear. Just like that weirdo in the bat costume and tights.

The Moonlighters

More than a month after beginning her tirade of fighting crime and feeding off of gangsters, she was invited to join a street-level crimefighting organization known as "The Moonlighters" by a mysterious man in a black, featureless mask. Though his easy use of blackmail to "persuade" Fei Ling didn't win him any friend points with her, she had decided to join only a few moments after he brought the topic up. Being raised a street rat, Fei Ling knew the benefits of having a group backing you, especially one made entirely of people strong enough to actively take the fight to the gangs themselves.


Powers and Abilities


Fei Ling is dead. All of her body's functions have ceased, and if she had a medical examination, she would be legally identified as deceased. However, her soul is bound to her body by powerful magic, which weakens if she doesn't consume the chi of living beings on a regular basis. Because her nervous system is dead, electricity passes through her harmlessly. Since she doesn't breathe, she doesn't have to worry about drowning. The blood in her body has all been drained after a few incidents with lost limbs and decapitation. All of her current senses (sight, hearing, and smell) are simulated via the magic binding her soul to the body. This also allows her soul to command the body without using the nervous system, though the magic doesn't simulate a sense of touch or taste.

Because her body is dead, Fei Ling does not need to eat, drink, sleep, or breathe. While she can still eat and drink, the substances will not pass through her digestive system, and sit in her stomach in the same state they were in when they went down her esophagus. However, because her brain is also likewise dead, she actually cannot fall asleep. While this would normally have an effect on the human mind, all of Fei's cognitive functions have been delegated to her soul, and as long as she has a steady supply of chi, her "mind" won't degrade from lack of rest. This allows her to function at all hours of the day.

Because her body would decay and rot, otherwise, minor wards have been put on her body to place her body's cells in a sort of stasis. They don't degrade into simple molecules and atoms despite being dead cells, and can easily be fused back together with magic, technology, or, more commonly, Fei's chi abilities (see below). These wards simply protect the cells from decay and do not allow them to function.

Combat Training, Experience, and Tactics

Fei Ling was trained informally in martial arts by one of her friends. As such, she is fairly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and has used these skills since she was a young child, partaking in brawls with other orphans and even some minor gangs. This has given her the experience in using these skills in fighting groups as well as learning the most effective ways to fight whenever, wherever. In a similar vein, this has also given her a bit of a tactical mind, as she's learned that the best way to fight is to end it before it begins. She is experienced in laying traps with limited resources, and giving herself the upper hand before the fight starts. While she's hardly the most intelligent person on the planet, she is clever and resourceful, often getting the job done with as little as possible.

Chi Abilities

Being a creature that primarily feeds on chi, Fei Ling has learned to utilize this force in multiple ways. She commonly uses up spare chi reserved in her body for the feats that use up chi to perform, draining chi in excess so she can use them.

Chi Draining: Fei Ling's primary chi-based ability is that of draining the chi of her opponent. All living creatures possess chi, and, as long as she's in close quarters with them, she can drain their chi from them. However, as she has to concentrate on doing so, this usually leaves her wide open and often does this after she's knocked out her target.

Chi Detection: As a jiangshi, Fei is capable of detecting living creatures by "smelling" their chi. While she could technically use this to track down a single person, the range of her detection is short (50 meters) and she has to actively try to detect the presence of chi in order for it to work.

Chi Healing: Fei Ling is capable of "stitching" together any damage her body has taken with her chi. "Regeneration" would be an incorrect term, as she doesn't so much regenerate her cells, but repairs the damage done. Damage from burns to tears and cuts are easily repaired, for example. If her arm was shredded to pieces, it could be repaired, but the process would be slow and use up lots of chi.

Inhuman Strength, Speed, & Agility

Because the restrictions the brain places on a person's muscles no longer apply to Jiangshi's body, she can use the full extent of her body's strength. This has resulted in physical abilities that would normally be dangerous for any normal human to use. As her body must constantly repair the damage done by using this level of strength, however, using these abilities slowly drains her chi reserves. Jiangshi is capable of inhuman feats of strength, speed, and agility; this is commonly utilized in her jumping ability, which is her primary mode of transportation, likely inspired by the jiangshi of myth, who hopped around to travel due to the rigidity of their limbs.

Experienced Rogue

Fei Ling, since she was a child, has used guile and underhanded tactics to bluff, trick, and generally outsmart others, whether to steal food or escape from an enemy. She has years of acting, lying, disguising, and sleight of hand experience and, while not officially trained, she is skilled in infiltration and information-gathering, having multiple connections among the homeless, poor, and orphans around Westside.


Human Body

Because her body, while dead, is still very much a normal human's body, it's susceptible to damage just as much as any normal human. Her bones can be easily broken, her flesh can be easily torn or damaged, and she is often prone to getting her limbs ripped or sliced off. Being separated from the main body makes her limbs inactive, and if someone were to slice or tear off all of her limbs, she'd be rendered helpless.


Because her soul is bound to her body via powerful magic, equally powerful magic can dispel these bonds and turn her into a simple corpse. There are minor wards meant to prevent this from happening, but a powerful enough mage might be able to get past them.


Fei Ling simply isn't book-smart. If presented with a problem that might require a bit of a specialist touch, she'll most likely be dumbfounded about what to do, other than "punch it and see if it works". She doesn't even have experience with computers, nor can she read or write, so when it's time to do something other than fighting, scouting, or planning, she usually leaves that to others.


On Work

Wu Fei Ling, at first, seems incredibly laid back. She jokes around almost constantly, almost always has a smirk, grin, or smile on her face, and doesn't seem to take much of anything seriously. Insults are something she takes in stride and rarely lets them get to her. She even jokes around with her status as an undead creature, which has twisted her sense of humor to a somewhat morbid degree. However, when shit hits the fan, her personality takes a total 360, where she becomes dedicated to the task at hand and shows off her clever, tactical mind. She is difficult to distract when she needs to take things seriously, and though she isn't above cracking a joke or two in the midst of a fight (it helps cool the tension), she stays totally focused and almost never underestimates a foe.

On People

Ever-friendly, Fei Ling is usually willing to look past first, second, and even third impressions. While she isn't naive, knowing that some people she just isn't going to get along with (like villains and criminals), she usually tries her best to find out the meaning behind people who are cold and mean. She knows that sometimes life is just cruel and can twist a person's mindset similarly. If they aren't immediately breaking the law or attacking people, she's usually willing to talk, first.

On Herself

Fei Ling knows she isn't perfect. She knows there are many things she can't do. Still, she doesn't care and just decides to be who she is. If people don't like her, well, that's their issue. She has no qualms with herself, except maybe being dead, but even that doesn't bug her much. She likes who she is, and if people don't like her, well... their loss. Until someone mentions her height. Standing at a very short 5'3" for a 19 year old, Fei Ling has something of a height complex. If someone points out her shortness, she has a tendency to get very whiny, and will constantly bug the offender until they either reassure her they were either kidding or that they don't really think she's short.

Friends, Allies, and Enemies


Mom (Divael) - The woman who saved Fei from the brink of death, the two met up in Sherrera's Bar one evening and discovered this fact. As Natasha was responsible for Fei's second chance at life (or unlife), Fei has taken to calling her "Mom" in honor of this happening, despite their relatively close ages. Fei is willing to pay Natasha back for saving her life, and is more than ready to leap to her aid at a drop of a hat.

Maple (Chinook) - A fellow member of the Moonlighters, the generally upbeat and bubbly Chinook has quickly become a favorite teammate of Fei Ling's, and she enjoys the Canadian superheroine's friendly behavior. The two have been meeting in private more often, as Chinook is teaching Fei Ling how to read and write, and Fei is teaching Chinook how to dance.


The Moonlighters

Jiangshi has been conscripted into the crimefighting group known as "Project Moonlighters", or just "The Moonlighters". While she has allied with these people (although not by choice), she's yet to see if any of these people will be friends or enemies.

Bossman (Mr. Blank) - While "Bossman" himself hasn't won any friendship points from Fei Ling due to him blackmailing her into joining, he has her respect for not only finding out about her status as a jiangshi, but organizing the ragtag bunch that is the Moonlighters, people who'd likely never work together otherwise. With his recent status as being supposedly deceased, Fei keeps an outlook that it's all a scheme on Blank's part.

Barky (Lycan)

Ms. Secretary (Astrea Ling)

Thinker ("Jack" (Fear Factory))

Medic (Panacea)

Hooter (Ghost Owl) - Ghost Owl is someone Fei considers trustworthy, and feels that if she got the time to know him better, that they could possibly be friends.

Sunshine (Violet Mask) - Violet Mask, whom Fei endearingly calls "Sunshine" due to the girl's generally cold and stoic behavior, is someone Fei Ling wants to open up. As of late, she has been trying to get closer to Violet and become friends with her as the first step.

Rebel (Ripclaw) - While Fei Ling doesn't care about Ripclaw's tendency toward drink and drugs (things she herself has recreationally used in the past), his tendency to completely disregard others' feelings and duties tends to irk her a bit. If only he knew when to be serious, he might be someone she'd hang out with more...

Jim (Ul'thurga)

Camopants (Sky Wake) - One of the few Moonlighters with an open sense of humor but knowing when to get serious, Sky Wake (whom Fei Ling has dubbed "Camopants" due to his camouflaged suit) is someone she feels she could easily get along with. Also, she totally doesn't think he's a ninja. He's an Italian martial artist.

Ms. Optics - Though reluctantly, Fei has given up on trying to befriend the cold heroine Ms. Optics, and their relationship has become one of mutual dislike, to the point where Fei no longer uses a nickname to refer to her, something that she considers endearing.

Blue (Nightchild)

Bach (Elegy) - Fei isn't quite sure what to think of Elegy. He's nice and polite, but she knows so little about him that she's suspicious of his true intent. After all, the Moonlighters picked him up while he was attending a villain's convention.

Kool-aid (Racer Red)


Howler [At Large]

Cree Richards was a normal girl, until one night, she was turned into a werewolf. This didn't deter her from trying to live a normal life, however, and she even eventually learned to control her transformations. Aside from her new werewolf abilities, Cree was a normal, stereotypical teenage girl. She thought about boys, loved shopping for clothes, but most of all... she was a die-hard Twilight fan. Believing it to be the fate of vampires and werewolves to fight for all eternity, Cree made it her life goal to become lifelong rivals with a vampire... However, she couldn't find any vampires in Millenium City that wouldn't laugh her off as a joke or make fun of her. Hearing rumors of a jiangshi in Westside, Cree quickly discovered that jiangshi are sometimes known as "Chinese vampires", and decided to settle for the jiangshi. Now, she's found just who the rumored "Jiangshi of Westside" is, and is dead-set on becoming her rival. ...No pun intended.



Main Theme: Ni Lin / Against the Grain (Jay Chou (Translated lyrics)

Appearance: Sparking (Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten)

Battle Theme: Pandemonic Carnival (Koumajou Densetsu: Scarlet Symphony)

Trouble! : Vampire Killer (Castlevania Chronicles)

Battle vs. Strong Enemy: Ubertreffen (Pop'n Music 14)

RP Hooks

  • Was your character a gangster at some point? They might have had an encounter with Fei Ling, or knows someone who did!
  • Is your character an orphan that grew up in Westside? They might have known Fei Ling from when they were kids and possibly fought her or alongside her!
  • Is your character someone that hunts supernatural beings and undead? They might have heard of the rumors of the Jiangshi of Westside!

Comments and Opinions!

Leave your character's opinion on Fei Ling below!

"My chi does not taste like almonds." - Mr. Blank

"She's nice. Could've given a worse nickname. I guess." - Violet Mask

"I feel a bit safer knowing that, having saved Fei Ling myself, I created a being that helps to keep the criminals of Westside in check, potentially saving people herself. It's a reassuring thought that saving someone may cause them join in the effort... Keep at it, Fei!" - Divael (Natasha Roy)


  • Fei Ling actually leads a small, ragtag group of orphaned children in Westside, herself, now that she's all grown up. These kids admire and look up to their "Auntie Fei", and she often gives them lessons in martial arts. They're one of the few people who know she's actually undead.
  • Despite knowing how to speak both English and Chinese (having grown up in Chinatown), Fei Ling can neither read nor write either of these languages. None of her friends could do either of these things, and so nobody could teach her.
  • Fei Ling carries around an old, worn Game Boy (the old Game Brick, yes) that one of her closest friends gave to her. He claims he had nicked it from someone's garbage, but Fei Ling carries the old handheld on her at all times. It is, to date, her only private possession, aside from her clothes. Her only game for this system that she has is Super Mario Land. She often plays this while she's bored.
  • Fei Ling seems unconsciously aware of the 4th Wall from time to time; she sometimes makes jokes at the expense of the players, though she often questions why she made such comments or quips. Despite having no access to the internet or most forms of popular media, she's also oddly genre savvy...
  • After a few run-ins with ARGENT, Fei Ling is not fond of them, or at least the soldiers they employ. The quip about "funeral arrangements" was not funny at all.


Disgaea-style Cut-in