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Player: @Mickenzy
Character Build
Class Focus: DPS
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: N/A
Biographical Data
Real Name: Kristen McCormick
Known Aliases: Chinook
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Medicine Hat, Alberta
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: some cousins, aunts, uncles
Age: 22
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Eyes: green
Hair: brown
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: pierced ears, burn scars on forearms
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Neutral Good

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Identity: Known
Years Active: 2
Citizenship: Canadian
Occupation: dental receptionist
Education: some college
Marital Status: single
Known Powers and Abilities
super speed, developing wind-related powers
Equipment and Paraphernalia
lightweight armor
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Chinook is a Canadian speedster, mixed martial artist, and member of the Moonlighters.


Chinook stands around average height with a somewhat wiry athletic build. Her hair is almost always kept up in a perky ponytail to keep her hair out of her eyes when she puts on the speed. Her hero outfit is a set of tech-modeled armor from SeymourTech, painted red and very dark purple with a Canadian maple leaf crest displayed prominently on the chest plate. When not heroing, she seems to lean towards darker, more subdued clothing in a semi-classy fashion.

On her forearms are matching burn scars that are vaguely hand-shaped.


Kristen is generally upbeat, friendly, and polite. While she seems to have a substantial amount of bravery and a strong drive to keep moving forward, it's easily detected that her self-confidence is lacking in some areas - particularly areas that garner attention from other people. Overall, she's adventurous and down-to-earth, although she has an intense fear of being buried alive and isn't fond of putting her head underwater. She may have the wind taken out of her sails from time to time, but she usually bounces back pretty quickly. She does not suffer extreme embarrassment very well; in fact this tends to make her somewhat aggressive under the right circumstances. People that get to know Kristen better will start to see that there's a hidden layer of sadness beneath her usually sunny exterior.


As a hero, Chinook doesn't have much in the way of history since she's relatively new to the scene. About five years ago, when she was seventeen, she was on a skiing trip with her parents. A freak snow storm blew through, catching them unprepared, and unfortunately an avalanche ensued, burying Kristen and her parents. While trapped beneath the snow, it didn't take long for Kristen to grow delirious with hypothermia and she suspects she lost consciousness. While she was under, she was visited by an (as of yet) unidentified primal entity that seemed somehow connected with wind and the element of air. When Kristen awoke in the hospital after being rescued, she was informed that her parents didn't survive the avalanche and that she was very lucky to be alive, herself. Stricken by the tragic loss, she was a long time in recovering; however, as she was in the process of trying to carry on with her life, she discovered the gradual development of her superspeed. After some reflection on the matter, it would seem that whatever spirit-entity visited her beneath the snow granted her a blessing of some sort.

Over the next few years, Kristen spent time adjusting to her newfound ability and seeing how far she could push it. In her estimation, she still hasn't reached her top speed although she's currently clocking in at 150 mph at top speed. Eventually, after experimenting with some small-time crimefighting in her area, she took a page out of one of her role model's books and applied for permanent resident status so that she could move to Millennium City and truly join the ranks of superheroes. She decided to take the name Chinook, after a type of wind in her region, in honor of the entity that granted her ability.

Eventually, she learned that the spirit that grants her powers is actually tethered to her. Those with spirit sight can see it hovering just past her shoulder, but it has only truly manifested once when she was near death after the Moonlighters' old HQ had collapsed.


Chinook's only real power is that of her super speed, however she is also a well-practiced mixed martial artist. For now, that combination seems to be highly effective for fighting crime at the street-level. After some discussion with a particular shaman, it would seem that she possesses some as-of-yet-locked potential in terms of ability. A checklist of developing powers is compiled below and will be added to as things progress:

-super speed (currently up to 150mph)

-ability to hear relatively nearby conversations on the air/wind

-can summon/direct gusts of wind


Kristen doesn't employ much in the way of equipment; her hero-ing outfit is composed of a lightweight metallic armor that covers her upper body and slightly below her hips that's designed to absorb light to medium impacts. On her back is a compact, stealth-model jetpack that usually only has just enough fuel in it to allow her to reach somewhere that's usually inaccessable - it's rarely used. The other object she keeps with her is a bear tooth necklace given to her by Ursun that allows her more easily communicate with the wind spirit attached to her.

1st Update: In an unfortunate turn of events, the jetpack exploded after being penetrated by a bullet and has yet to be replaced.

2nd Update: After being trashed for the third and a fourth time, Chinook looked into acquiring a new suit. With contact info provided by Astraea Ling, Chinook met up with Adriana Seymour who told her that she qualified for a hero initiative program that would pay for a good portion of the new Questionite-composite armor, with the rest paid for personally by Dragonfly/Joshua Steel (the man backing the Moonlighters).


Having only been living in Millennium City for a couple of months, Chinook is still working on developing friends and contacts in the hero community. Thus far she's met her role model, Thundrax, and has formed close relationships with Charger and Elegy (the latter of whom she is currently dating and living with). Notably she was investigating a metahuman serial arsonist that goes by the moniker, Blaze, but he has since been apprehended with the help of the Moonlighters.

Other notable acquaintances: Jiangshi, Violet Mask, Mr. Blank, Ghost Owl, Astraea Ling, Charity Corren, Impsblood, Riptide, Counterstrike, Ursun, Ul'thurga, Nightchild, Cobalt Crush, Katerra, Priest, Avro, Turncoat, Dragonfly/Joshua Steel, Adriana Seymour, Swordsaint, Ripclaw, Ivory, Scrapyard Girl.


Very close. Like a sister. Still too nice. - Violet Mask

Canadagirl! I remember her! She's fun! We sang at a bar one time! and she's named after a fish or a river or something." - Impsblood

Good girl. Too good to be doing what she does. She'll go through dark times like the rest of us. Perhaps darker, due to her personality and outlook. It will change her, it will break her and it will build her up anew. She's too far gone to be convinced to get out before it's too late. All I can do is watch life kill her and act surprised when it happens. All I can do is watch her bleed and bandage her up when it's too late. - Mr. Blank


Amanda Michaels

Theme Song

Rebellion in Dreamland by Gamma Ray