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"Every man is as Heaven made him..."
"...and sometimes a great deal worse."
Super Group
Rank Agent
Current Affliations Department 17, The Shepherds
Former Affiliations Order of Santiago, Peruvian Inquisition

Real Name Señor Nicolas Velásquez de Segura de la Sierra
Known Aliases The Bat, The Córdoba Treasure, Agent De Ville
Gender Male
Species Homo sapiens nosferatu
Birthdate Confidential
Place of Birth Segura de la Sierra, Spain
Current Location Haynesville, Kansas
Relatives None

Apparent Age Appears to be Late Thirties
Height 6 ft. 2 in./1.88 m
Weight 183 lbs./83 kg.
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Complexion Fair
Build Athletic
Notable Features Scars over heart, and other major organs, as well as random places on torso and arms.

Identity Top Secret
Citizenship None
Marital Status Widower
Occupation Costumed Crimefighter
Education Chivalric, Self-Taught


Super Senses - Super Speed - Super Strength - Disapparation - Minor Shapeshifting - Regeneration - Power & Memory Absorption - Mesmerism

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In 2017, the United States Undersecretary of Mystic Affairs assembled a black ops unit called the Shepherds. They were comprised of some of the best military operatives in the world, from all disciplines and branches of the United States armed forces. The only other criteria for selection was first-hand experience with the supernatural.

Their mandate: neutralize mystic or otherwise paranormal threats to the United States and her citizens, with minimal oversight, and extreme prejudice.

It was this team that discovered Señor Nicolas Velásquez de Segura de la Sierra, former Inquisitor of the Catholic Church in Peru, former knight of Castile, and a vampire.

Rather than slay him like any other monster, Mr. Hargrave, who consulted with the Shepherds as a member of the Trismegistus Council, urged another course of action: a bargain.

The threats to the United States and the world were growing. They needed a new weapon if the Shepherds were to be effective.

Nicolas was isolated, hungry, unable to hunt in this modern world without learning about its customs, and without understanding what he had become. The memories of his past life, centuries old, had become unreliable.

Nicolas came willingly into the custody of the United States government, and agreed to be “housed” at Department 17, the superhuman research facility for the Department of Defense.

The pact between Nicolas and the Undersecretary was made: the United States government would keep him a secret, and would provide him with a steady source of food. Department 17 would help him understand who and what he was, by extensive research and psychological profile.

All this, if Nicolas would agree to be their sword against the evils of the supernatural. He would be at the beck and call of the Shepherds, and potentially any agency, so long as the Undersecretary thought it prudent. Nicolas had no recourse, and agreed.

Nicolas, upon learning more of the world, opted to imitate the closest thing in this age to the stories of chivalry from his time: superheroes. It was allowed - as a cover should he ever be discovered.

Nicolas became Inquisitor, a hunter of evil, as he had been centuries ago.

Were it so simple...


Inquisitor appears as a tall, well-built man in his late thirties. He is a picture of old-world masculinity: always well-dressed, well-groomed, and possessed of an unerring confidence. His Spanish heritage is seen plainly in Inquisitor’s black hair and olive skin. His brown eyes are always deliberate and careful in their movements, and his smile is never given out casually.

Inquisitor walks like he was meant for his costume. His cape flows effortlessly behind him, and his feet, while precise, never seem to move without a sense of grace. Simply watching Inquisitor move is an eye-catching experience.

Even in the midst of combat, Inquisitor can maintain this air of grace and confidence. Men with guns are often dispatched with no less inconvenience than a stroke of an artist’s brush. Or, that’s what Inquisitor would have an observer believe.

Inquisitor is the picture of manners, and always greets people with the politeness they deserve. His voice is rich and colorful, and though he has come to fluency in modern English, he sports a thick Spanish accent.


Inquisitor, on the surface, is charming and polite. He never fails to adhere to manners - and grows to dislike those who do not follow suit. He is a notably curious sort, and prefers to talk about others’ and ideas rather than himself. He is educated in the classics of his time, and is slowly becoming acquainted with those of this age.

He is a great admirer of the arts, especially music and painting, and has an overwhelming infatuation with the modern art of photography. Beauty tends to fascinate Inquisitor like nothing else, even to the point of becoming unresponsive. He will stare at a painting for minutes at a time without a word, or listen to the same piece of music for hours if left undisturbed. When given the opportunity to take his own pictures, he can become absorbed in the task for an entire day, often taking dozens, if not hundreds of photos of the same subject.

Inquisitor is not quick to anger - his is a slow, smoldering dissatisfaction, unless his life is threatened. An insult, a rude display, or tasteless action can make a terrible first impression on Inquisitor, while politeness, honesty, purity, and even naïveté will endear one to him. He also has a penultimate respect for skill and mastery of any and all disciplines.

However, these connections are few and far between. Inquisitor sees most people as sheep on their way to the slaughter. He may treat them with respect and kind words, but in the end, they are food if he should require it. Inquisitor’s value of life seems to have swayed since the mysterious happenings that made him a vampire, and it shows. He protects others usually only at the command of his masters, and even then he may need convincing. Such is Inquisitor’s misanthropy, and despite his fascination and adoration of a few select individuals, it runs very deep.

This does not prevent Inquisitor from having a sense of justice, however warped. Despite his downcast opinion of other people, he is quite capable of empathizing with their plights and tribulations, if only because he has suffered his own. He is particularly understanding of those out for vengeance or retribution, though it is not clear why. One may also become unnerved by how easily and readily he understands the mind of a killer. There will be times he characterizes these people, among others, as simply doing as they were meant to. The powers that be, be they governments or gods, are fools to think themselves any different. Needless to say, justice as Inquisitor sees it is a brutal thing, a tool to be wielded by the powerful, rather than some guiding principle.



Preternatural Senses One of the first gifts that becomes obvious to others is Inquisitor’s amazing senses, notably that of smell. He can easily smell someone’s perfume, or sweat, and can pick up trace elements like gunpowder or blood in an environment with only minimal effort. He can hear whispers or heartbeats meters away, sometimes even behind walls, and can see in pitch black conditions that even nightvision goggles cannot penetrate.

Remarkable Speed In short distances, the speed at which Inquisitor can move often takes place in the blink of an eye. Otherwise, his running speed is about twice that of a normal human.

Incredible Strength The vampiric strength Inquisitor possesses allows him to lift over a ton over head, crush bones in a single hand, and bend steel with two.

Disapparation Inquisitor possesses the ability to transform himself into a flock of vampire bats, or a pack of black rats, often for the sake of escape or infiltration.

Shapeshifting The Dark Gift allows Inquisitor to twist and mold his body into frightening, useful, shapes. Most often, this comes in the form of elongating and sharpening his fingernails into deadly claws. But wings, razor sharp teeth, and other monstrous forms are also possible.

Regeneration Under conditions where Inquisitor is well fed, he can heal most wounds in minutes, though burns and wounds caused by silver are more difficult. Feeding speeds this process.

Power & Memory Absorption By drinking the blood of his enemies (or allies), he can temporarily gain powers, skills, and memories from them, often weakening the victim considerably. Previously unknown languages, computer know-how, and even superpowers can be utilized if Inquisitor chooses his food wisely.

Mesmerism With prolonged eye contact, Inquisitor can begin to make demands of a person that become increasingly difficult to resist. The power is far more potent when the subject doesn’t see it coming, and when the command is simple and not an obvious threat. Inquisitor can also use this power on animals, who are more suggestible and less likely to resist if he can maintain eye contact.


Inquisitor's Costume A stylish and gloomy piece of fashion, Inquisitor’s costume was tailored by the famous Felix Kleiner, a notable designer of superhero attire. While he wasn’t made privy to the truth of Inquisitor’s identity, he was as discreet as the government agents that oversaw the process. The costume is form fitting, modern, while still hearkening to the flair Nicolas is more used to. Most notably, it somehow manages not to be affected by his powers, and is fire resistant.

"The Silver Lining" This is the nickname the Shepherds have given to the substantial set of restraints that Inquisitor is to be kept in between his stays at Department 17 and his missions. They aren’t actually pure silver - but an alloy of silver and carbon steel. The restraints include a containment unit, which some Shepherds call "the Coffin", but also shackles for each of Inquisitor’s limbs, hands, neck, chest, and a muzzle for his face.


Department 17 Headquarters A secret underground facility to rival the legendary Area 51, with the highest security and containment protocols, and a dedicated staff of scientists and technicians for studying and replicating superhuman powers. Inquisitor is only the latest tenant, and much of the facility has been tweaked of late to prevent his escape. Fire traps, silver plating on doors, and guard dogs are among the many counter measures put into place. The facility is just outside of Haynesville, Kansas.


The Sun The rays of the Sun's light will not destroy Inquisitor outright, like so many movies would have you believe, but will weaken him considerably, and cause a great deal of pain. Every moment he spends in unfettered daylight causes his powers to wane, his mind to grow foggy, and his hunger to grow. If unable to escape the Sun, Inquisitor will eventually fall into a comatose state, and waste away until, in all likelihood, there is nothing left.

Silver This element can be deadly to Inquisitor, and is always painful. The very sight of silver can put Inquisitor on edge, and a simple touch would be like pressing a hot iron to his skin. Wounds caused by silver cannot be healed by Inquisitor’s normal means, no matter how much he feeds. Only a deep, undisturbed sleep, while well fed, can mend them.

Fire If substantial enough, fire can give Inquisitor pause. His undead form is considerably more flammable than a human's, and prolonged exposure to fire, if it doesn't burn him alive, can begin to have the same effects that the Sun has. However, unlike the Sun or silver, Inquisitor is more able to navigate an inferno, provided he has time to react and has an escape route.

Hallowed Ground & Holy Items Places or objects imbued with a real sense of faith, especially those whose veneration has lasted generations, can cause Inquisitor great anxiety. They may even repel him outright, if the power is strong enough. Any faith, born of pure intentions, can do this, though Inquisitor has a particular aversion to places and symbols of Christendom, most notably Catholicism.

Magic In many cases, Inquisitor may be more resistant to the arcane than your average human, but he is a creature of magic, and so may also have a considerable weakness. Most notably, a mage who understands Inquisitor's vampiric nature may know the royal road to countering his powers, incapacitating him, or destroying him outright.

Animals Inquisitor's nature is constantly at risk of being revealed, but he has many ways of obfuscating his Dark Gift from humankind. Animals however can sense his predatory, cursed state almost immediately. Wolves will howl in the distance, dogs will bark and growl and gnash their teeth, cats will hiss and arch their back, and birds will either fall entirely silent, or flee as he draws nearer.

Hunger If left unattended for too long, Inquisitor's need for living blood begins to be felt, causing anxiety, irritability, and narrowed focus. Such is the way of all animals, though Nicolas has become adept at hiding it, like his other darker urges. However, it takes a turn for the terrifying if he begins to outright starve. Inquisitor's facade of politeness and charm begins to fade fast, and his true nature becomes revealed. In a state where he has gone without feeding for a considerable time, there is nothing he would not do, and no one he would not hunt, to sate his thirst.

Bad Blood Inquisitor may only feast on the blood of living humans or metahumans. Any attempt to feed on the blood of animals, donated blood, or blood from a corpse, induces nausea and disorientation that can prove fatal to Inquisitor if he's already in danger. Not all fresh blood is safe either, because of Inquisitor's ability to absorb powers and memories, he can sometimes take on less beneficial attributes of his food, including acute mental illness, traumatic memories, disease, and even unique weaknesses, such as those possessed by a superhero or villain.

True Nature Aside from an ambiguous feeling that something is wrong, few would guess at Inquisitor's cursed nature by simply looking at him. But upon closer inspection, there are details that can give Inquisitor away. His heart does not beat, his lungs move only to allow him his speech, and his body is room temperature, or lower. His shadow can sometimes appear to have a mind of its own, moving when he is still, or remaining still when he is moving. It may also face the wrong direction in relation to nearby light sources. Some may even see a pair of bat wings accompanying Inquisitor's silhouette, only for them to disappear in a blink, easily excused as a trick of the eyes. When these clues to Inquisitor's nature begin to mount, his ability to hide in plain sight is compromised.


Philip Hargrave A wealthy landowner, advisor to the Undersecretary of Mystic Affairs, and member of the Trismegistsus Council, Hargrave has always felt that his brothers and sisters were unwilling to make the hard choices necessary to keep evil in the hole it tries to climb out of. Thus, Hargrave cozied up to the American government years ago as an advisor, and hoped to marshal even a fraction of its considerable reach and resources against the supernatural perils of the world. From the beginning, he was Nicolas' greatest supporter, and among Inquisitor’s human acquaintances, he is perhaps the closest.

The Shepherds A myriad collection of specialists, technicians, and special forces operatives from around the world, the one thing that connects every Shepherd is a first-hand experience with the supernatural. Whether the Bloodmoon crisis of 2009, the return of Kigitilik in 2010, or the recent Siege of Pittsburgh in 2017, each Shepherd has seen the horrors of the unknown and lived to tell about it. The Shepherds, dubbed a "Counter-Horror" team by a few of its members, are an elite unit that, under the Undersecretary's guidance and considerable resources, takes the fight to evil's doorstep, blending military experience with super science and mystical know-how. Each member is issued an Iron Amulet when they complete initiation, which helps each Shepherd resist demonic powers and influence. The team has an uneasy relationship with Inquisitor, simultaneously distrusting his dark nature whilst relying on him for backup against the more dangerous entities of the mystic world.

Agent Simon Seguerra When the Undersecretary was hand picking her team of operatives to form the Shepherds, Simon Seguerra was at the top of the list. A former UNTIL operative who had lost an entire team to the cult known as the Bone Children, Seguerra grew weary of what he saw as UNTIL’s feeble attempts to uproot mystic threats, and sought a more direct option. The Shepherds’ small size and minimal red tape attracted him, and his considerable experience as a soldier and leader made him a necessary addition to the team. Agent Seguerra is not fond, nor is he used to, working with Inquisitor, and believes he is as much a liability as a benefit to the Shepherds. But until Inquisitor poses a direct threat, Seguerra will follow his orders, and assist the vampire however the Undersecretary requires.

Dr. Camilla Voss One of Inquisitor’s first stipulations to his captors was that he learn more about who and what he was. Mr. Hargrave and other consultations would help research his vampiric condition. Dr. Camilla Voss would aid in the recovery and integration of Inquisitor’s lost or damaged memories. A psychiatrist by training, with a special focus in memory disorders, Voss and Nicolas have developed a cordial, and perhaps uncomfortably intimate relationship. Voss knows more about Inquisitor, his state of mind, and what drives him than any person living.

Director Gerald Argyle A former Marine, with an appreciation for the place R&D plays in the military, Argyle was selected as the Director of Department 17 after his predecessor, General Clarence Smith, was found to be cooking the books to fund his pet project, an improved Cyberline compound. Argyle’s focus is far more broad in scope, and while super soldier serums are not off the table, he is open to more experimental alternatives, especially of the paranormal variety, given the recent years’ growth of paranormal events. The Director and Inquisitor have a cold, adversarial relationship, like a warden might have with a cunning prisoner. But Argyle abides Nicolas' trickster-like antics, so long as his unique vampiric nature continues to yield useful knowledge.

Undersecretary of Mystic Affairs Melissa Shane





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The Ageless Given Inquisitor's supposed age of centuries old, he sure looks to be a man in his late thirties, and quite healthy.

Glamour Failure Inquisitor's facade of charm, good health, and warmth disappear in the face of his weaknesses. Sun, Silver, objects of faith, and fire can cause him to hiss and recoil like a threatened animal. Dogs and other animals almost unanimously view him as a threat to be warned against, causing any encounter to be a tense one, if not violent. His inconsistent and unnatural shadow can unnerve and bewitch onlookers, and recording devices can give away his cursed nature outright, if they don't simply confuse the issue.

Tall, Dark, and Handsome Nicolas, as it stands, is every bit the handsome devil his Hollywood counterparts might lead you to expect. His grooming is immaculate, his eyes are intense, and he stands tall, especially given the age he hails from. When at his best - that being, when well fed - his skin is olive toned to match his black hair and brown eyes.


The Fog of Ages Inquisitor's past is mired in confused memories, emotions with no reference, and major omissions of important events. Such is the result of having slept away entire centuries. This can lead to an ambiguous idea of who he was, who he is, and perhaps even who he is supposed to be, though seldom does he concern himself with such questions. This state of affairs can sometimes lead to confusion, sudden emotional episodes, and intense flashbacks.

Manipulative Bastard Even in the most civil of atmospheres, Inquisitor is mindful of people's motivations, and how best to turn them to his advantage. He is very careful when applying this talent of his, which stretches back to his mortal days as an actual Inquisitor. Sometimes he does this simply to fulfill his curiosity. Sometimes it is a matter of survival that drives him to turn the perceptions and drives of others to his needs, such as when he needs to feed. In addition, there is little holding Inquisitor back from manipulating others towards their own demise, if he feels just in doing so.

Wicked Cultured It would be easy to mistake Inquisitor's manners and taste as affectation, or the result of an old money upbringing. But Nicolas actually hails from an era where politeness, protocol, and proper procedure were the language of the time, and status was a penultimate concern. Inquisitor's appreciation for fine art and the classics of literature, while outdated, are a strong force behind his behavior.

The Unfettered Aside from his real, tangible weaknesses and personal flaws, there is little in the world these nights that can give Inquisitor pause when it comes to achieving his goals. First among them is to feed and remain fed, but even his other motivations can and will be pursued with a terrifying level of focus, unabashed by moral considerations or the feelings of others. His sympathies only go so far, and what may cause others to reevaluate, are naught but curiosities to Inquisitor.


Above Good and Evil The bulk of the world's thinking beings tend to put their world in categories of good and bad, or good and evil. Inquisitor may appear to hold a similar worldview, but in the end they are only words. While certain situations are preferable or praiseworthy, and others are distasteful or unpleasant, that is about the length to which Inquisitor is willing to go. He sees the world in not black and white, nor does he see it in gray. He sees it as a great swath of red, where the lines between beauty and horror, right and wrong, and even life and death are blurred beyond recognition.

Embodiment of Vice In the end Inquisitor's existence is bound by survival, and the enjoyment of (un)life's panoply of pleasures it has to offer. Though he exists as a prisoner of the United States government, and as a creature that many dedicate their life to hunting and destroying, Inquisitor savors any chance to enjoy the finer things in (un)life. The sweetness of a certain memory, found in the blood of a victim, the coolness of a midnight breeze by the sea, or the sound of a finely constructed and expertly tuned vihuela. These are some of the things Inquisitor lives for, when he can.

Nay-Theist The Inquisitor very much believes in the Judeo-Christian God, and believes Him to be unworthy of the awe and faith he demands. While it is not foremost among topics he discusses with acquaintances, Inquisitor will, at times, speak of God as no different than he, or any other being. Or, rather, that he and all others in the world are like Him: violent, selfish, and prideful.


Flash Step Witnesses, what few there are, can attest to Inquisitor's swiftness. Over short distances, he may appear to transpose or teleport. In fact, his bursts of speed can happen in the time it takes for a human eye to blink. Unprepared foes beware - if you can see Inquisitor, it may already be too late.

Hypnotic Eyes It is not simply Nicolas' animal magnetism, but a gift imparted by his vampirism that can entrance other simply by looking into his eyes. Given enough time, and the element of surprise, it can allow almost complete domination of a target, but is just as easily broken by loud noises, bright lights, or putting distance between the subject and Inquisitor.

Horror Hunger The thirst for living blood can and will overcome Inquisitor if it is not slaked regularly. More and more it will call to him, until all pretense of human artifice and civility are gone, and nothing but a hungry monster is left to its desires. These occasions are not pleasant for Inquisitor, to say nothing of those who are near when it happens...

Kryptonite Factor Many of Inquisitor's weaknesses are brutally effective, and instantly so. The rays of the sun, the touch of silver, and the aura of holy objects will incapacitate the creature, making his death a certainty if one is enterprising.

Power Parasite Incomparable pleasure and quenched thirst aren't the benefits of drinking living blood. The blood of living creatures touches all aspects of their being, including their mind. This means that, magically speaking, there are imprints of a persons emotions, memories, skills, and even super powers in sanguinem, which Inquisitor can take as his own, for a time.

Sliding Scale of Undead Regeneration Under most instruments, including thermal imaging, heart monitors, motion detectors, and brain scans, Inquisitor is undeniably dead. Yet he walks among the living, and at the best of times, is otherwise indistinguishable from a living human. In addition, his undead body heals from wounds, often much faster than the living do, and he does not receive scarring or permanent injuries, so far as he can tell.

The Strength of Ten Men Inquisitor's strength is remarkable, and he is able to easily render a human to pieces or a pulp. He may also make short work of car doors, prison bars, handcuffs, and body armor.

Super Reflexes Though he hasn't the training of a martial arts master, Inquisitor's reaction time is inhuman. The limitations of a living creature such as nerve response or muscle restraint do not apply to him. This isn't to say he cannot be caught unaware or that he is impossible to hit. There are many ways to mitigate Inquisitor's excellent reflexes, and he is not always of the right state of mind to properly react, even if his reaction is faster than most living creatures.

Super Senses The noise and humors of the human body can hinder ones senses, but not Inquisitor's. His smell is inhumanly attuned to even the faintest odors. His hearing can trace the softest footsteps and beating hearts. His taste is so refined as to read a person's thoughts and feelings through their blood. Changes in air flow and pressure can be intuited through his sense of touch. His eyesight is crystal clear, and able to see in the darkest conditions.

Super Toughness Inquisitor's undead form has a hidden resilience. Mundane attacks by way of bullet or blade can certainly damage his body, but seldom is it permanent or life threatening. Unless pursued in extreme excess, or with silver or holy accompaniments, these wounds hardly give Inquisitor pause, even if they can cause him pain.

Voluntary Shapeshifting Inquisitor can turn his body to his will, and adapt long, razor sharp claws, additional teeth, leathery wings, or other perversions of the human form to attack or escape. He can even will himself into seemingly many creatures, including bats and rats.


Beat It By Compulsion While a far cry from the absurd "counting rice" legends, Inquisitor is possessed of more than a few odd compulsions, including the need to take dozens (or hundreds) of photos of the same object when behind a camera, or to listen to a piece of music for hours at a time before moving on. Whether this is part of his cursed nature or a quirk of his personality is hard to tell.

Camera Fiend Since learning of the modern marvel, Inquisitor has developed an obsession with the camera. It absorbs his attention when he has the chance to leave his captivity, often spending hours at a time taking pictures, sometimes of seemingly random or mundane objects. He is curious about developing film himself, and wishes to have his own darkroom, though he bides for the opportune time to make this request. Of all wholly modern vocations, photography is the one he knows the most about and can openly relate to.

I Do Not Drink Wine Inquisitor, in the few situations he might be asked, will always politely refuse to eat or enjoy refreshments. It pains his manners to no end, but drinking and eating anything but living blood causes him to vomit in a grisly display no more than an hour later. Inquisitor may force himself to eat if there is no recourse, but will have to find a place to regurgitate the offered meal, lest he make a most distasteful display.


Betrayal The explorative sessions with Dr. Voss have revealed little, but between what she can garner from word association, hypnosis, and dream analysis, it seems Inquisitor has all the marks of someone who was betrayed long ago, in a most terrible fashion. "Leaked" behavior and Freudian slips when discussing the Catholic Church, his deeds as a Castillan Knight, and his wife hint at a powerful resentment. The scars on his body seem to corroborate this supposition. But sifting through the mind of a centuries old man is a tall order, and the mind of a cursed vampire even more so.

Church Militant Nicolas remembers enough to identify as once having been a knight of the Order of Santiago, who was named an Inquisitor and helped enforce the Inquisition in Peru. Much more than that he cannot, or will not say.

The Godzilla Threshold Inquisitor's very existence hinges on the idea that the threats of the supernatural are growing, and that the only recourse is to fight fire with fire. Thus far, the Undersecretary, the Shepherds, and Department 17 all believe Inquisitor is worth more (un)alive than dead. He has proven to be a useful asset, if not a potential horror in the making. For now, the risk is viewed as necessary.


Blood Lust It would be a fatal mistake to assume this is simple hunger. But the thirst for living blood is a far deeper, far more depraved need. It isn't only for the sake of his survival, though that is a component, and a substantial one at that. But living blood is, to Nicolas, the finest of foods, the most euphoric tonic, and a primordial pleasure. One that Inquisitor will sometimes enjoy just for the sake of it, let alone for his own subsistence.

It Amused Me A profound and twisted curiosity sometimes takes Inquisitor, where he will simply observe or contrive events for the sake of seeing how they play out, even if they pose a danger to others. Many things, including the macabre and the depths of human depravity, fascinate him. Though signs point to the Nicolas of centuries past being an inquisitive and curious person, the nature of this new drive seems altogether unnatural.

I Just Want To Be Free As Inquisitor gains his bearings in the new world, and becomes more aware of his cursed nature, confidence follows, and with it, the need to be free of restraint and the agendas of others. Such fuels the prodding and testing of his superiors, the machinations that, at best, stymie the efforts of the Shepherds, and at worst, threaten to shatter everything they've built...

Quest for Identity Nicolas, though he seems to embrace his dark nature, still feels a drive to understand more about what he is, and who he used to be. It is a calling, deep from the fog of lost memory, that beckons him to delve into his past. Whether salvation, actualization, or further damnation resides there, remains to be seen.


Bullet Proof Fashion Plate Inquisitor's costume is finely tailored - and engineered to withstand ripping and tearing, even from sharp objects. It is also made fire resistant.

Black Site Inquisitor's quarters at Department 17 are an immensely well kept secret, and highly guarded against his escape. He is allowed monitored respite from his confinement (that doesn't include being turned loose on other monsters), and a few luxuries, including books, music, photography, television, and most important of all: fresh blood.

#1 Dime At present, Nicolas' most prized possession is a Canon AE-1. While unremarkable for the time, it was one of the best selling cameras of the 1970s and 1980s, and still produces quality photos. It has been difficult, but Nicolas has begun to learn the ins and outs of the device, quite a feat for someone who has trouble using a telephone.


The Cowl Inquisitor prefers to hunt from the shadows and hide in plain sight, setting up his ambush several moves in advance. When he strikes, it should be when the prey least expects it, and be over before it has even begun. But if a person is aware of Inquisitor's presence, he is not above using fear to his advantage.

Nominal Hero Inquisitor helps people, in most cases, because he is told to. He had no intentions of becoming a supernatural tool in the United States' Swiss Army Knife, but has little choice in the matter. Though he prods his boundaries, and may toy with his superiors, he is, for now, bound to service as a hero - of sorts.

Secret Identity Inquisitor's identity is kept under wraps from all but Department 17, and the Undersecretary. He has many nicknames and aliases. All this despite his past being horribly unclear, and despite the last person to have known Nicolas personally being dead for over five centuries.


Enemy Mine Inquisitor is not terribly predisposed to his allies in the Shepherds or the Secret Protectors. In fact, in any other context, these people could easily become either predator or prey. But so long as he needs their resources to feed and learn who he is, and so long there are greater evils in the world, he remains an ally.

Fish Out of Temporal Water Nicolas is a man out of time, having missed the latter half of the millennium. No person living has intimate knowledge of him, his accomplishments, or his family line. Very few understand his culture, and Inquisitor's progress understanding the modern world has been slow. Furthermore, his cursed nature sets him even further apart from the living. He is an isolated creature, and sees himself as singularly removed from both modern and living man.

Shipped In Restraints Though their arrangement is mutually beneficial, the relationship between Inquisitor and his benefactors is a cold, cautious one. The Shepherds and Department 17 do not underestimate Inquisitor's ability to wreak havoc and perpetuate horror. Inquisitor is careful not to trust the motives of those holding his leash. Every moment Inquisitor is monitored in some way, and any time he is not actively engaged in an operation, he is restrained.


Disturbing Presence There are many things about Inquisitor that might unsettle, surprise, or otherwise disturb someone. One way or another, he always appears a little off. Whether by the howling of nearby dogs, the movement of his shadow at the corner of one's eyes, or his lack of biometric readings - Inquisitor does not seem normal or ordinary.

"It's worth a thousand words..." Inquisitor is obsessed with photography, and on the rare occasions he is able to roam (relatively) free, he indulges in it for hours before moving on, often upon a single, simple subject.

In Sanguini Veritas If your character is human, and is bloodied, you can bet Inquisitor will notice. They will notice him notice. It's a facade that is extremely difficult to maintain, and perhaps ultimately impossible, but the mere sight or smell of blood begins to draw Inquisitor's true nature out. It seldom ends well for those who witness it.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time Inquisitor, being in the "employ" of the Shepherds, is often dispatched to places of mystical or otherwise paranormal significance. Where monsters and perversions tread, so too does Inquisitor. If your character is an investigator, or a hunter of creatures like him, places of horror and tragedy in great supply are Inquisitor's hunting grounds.



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